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The Phutapie Family[note 1] was a family of assassins and spies hailing from Asmodean. One of its most prominent members, Mariam Phutapie, became famous as one of the Kingdom of Lucifenia's Three Heroes.


Early History[]

At some point during the EC 400s, a member of the family was born and trained in information management and espionage. She later participated in the Secret Information Unit of Asmodean. After she adopted her daughter Mariam Phutapie, Mariam was enlisted in the military and was trained to be a soldier. Mariam served as a general and later fled from her duty, and country, to Lucifenia in EC 477.[1]

Story of Evil[]

Afterward, Mariam served the Lucifenian Royal Family and eventually became one of the Three Heroes. In EC 491, Mariam became the Head Maid and adopted Ney Phutapie.[2] Mariam was later betrayed and killed by her foster daughter during the Lucifenian Revolution in EC 500.[3] Five years later, Ney was knocked into a coma during a battle with Kyle Marlon and soon after killed by Abyss I.R.[4]

Hell on Earth[]

After the destruction of the Third Period, all the dead members of the Phutapie family residing in the Heavenly Yard were dragged back down to the earth as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[5]

Known Members[]



Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The name Phutapie reversed spells the English word "epitaph", a short text honoring a deceased person, typically engraved on a gravestone.




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