"If it wasn't for Lady Julia, I should've been a dead woman a long time ago."
―Phoebe Aymieux[src]

Phoebe Aymieux was the servant of the Abelard Family. Indebted to Julia Abelard, Phoebe dedicated her life to serving the Lucifenian senator and criminal organization leader as her chamberlain. After her master adopted the orphaned Lemy, Phoebe acted as the boy's chief caretaker.


Early LifeEdit

Born sometime during the 6th century EC, Phoebe became indebted to the politician Julia Abelard for her life,[1] and was hired on as her servant in Rolled, Lucifenia; there, she cleaned house and served her master's needs.[2] During her time there, she became aware Julia was the leader of the criminal organization Père Noël.[1]

Servant and NannyEdit

"Don't speak too loud. Phoebe'll begin to worry."
―"Ney" warning Lemy[src]

After Julia adopted the orphaned Lemy on December 27, EC 600, Phoebe began taking care of the child while his mother was busy working. In EC 602, Lemy told Phoebe that he was hearing a mysterious disembodied voice talking to him. Chiding him, she instead believed he was suffering from headache and advised Julia to call a doctor. In EC 606, Phoebe saw Lemy come home from Milanais Theater with a cut on his mouth and was told that he'd fallen on the road.

On August 18, EC 609, Phoebe stayed at the mansion while Julia and Lemy went to her presidential inauguration. Afterward, Lemy returned home and changed clothes to head to the inauguration party at the Lucifenian Palace in Lucifenian; although Phoebe tried to leave with him, the boy told her he'd go on his own.[2] Much later, Phoebe learned Lemy became the new assassin for Père Noël, "Fifth Pierrot," and that the boy was responsible for the prostitute murders occurring toward the end of the year.[1]

On September 2, EC 610, Phoebe noticed Julia constantly meeting with officials to combat the scandal regarding her following the arrest of Kaidor Blankenheim, having sent Lemy to spend the night at an inn. Once all the visitors left, she oversaw Julia taking a nap before heading to the parliament building at noon. The next morning, Phoebe received Lemy and made him breakfast, before Julia joined them and she poured her master some milk.[1] Late into the night of January 26, EC 611, Phoebe was arrested by the World Police on suspicion of involvement with Père Noël.[3]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Phoebe was a loyal woman dedicated to Julia Abelard. Feeling her life was indebted to her, she served Julia wholly and faithfully, acting as the caretaker for the Abelard home; additionally she was undaunted by Julia's criminal activities in Père Noël.[1] Her dedication to Julia extended to her adopted son, Lemy, and Phoebe made sure to care for the boy as his nanny in his mother's place when Julia herself was busy with her public and private careers. Likewise, she remained kind and loving toward the Abelards throughout her tenure as their servant, quietly supporting them both

The servant wasn't superstitious and therefore heavily skeptical of the supernatural and paranormal, considering tales of ghosts and the like laughable or rooted in a more rational cause.[2]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As their servant, Phoebe was well-versed in the personalities and habits of the Abelards, providing for their needs and luxuries whenever required.[2] Due to her position, she was also extremely knowledgeable about everything that went on in the household, including its criminal activity.[1] Phoebe was also capable at cleaning and cooking.[2]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Julia Abelard: Phoebe's employer. Owing her life to Julia through some circumstances, Phoebe was intensely loyal to the politician and ran Julia's household with care and precision. She was also willing to serve her despite her connection to Père Noël, instead aiding and abetting her crimes.

Lemy Abelard: Phoebe's charge. Due to his being Julia's son, Phoebe took attentive care of the boy while his mother was away, showing him the same loyalty she showed Julia. She additionally took greater concern towards Lemy's health and even helped take care of his friend Rin Chan.



  • Phoebe is described as having wrinkles.



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