"INDEED! The chief executive of the Akuna region of the Freezis Foundation Firm’s Maistia branch, Perrier Cutie Marlon, IS ME!"

Perrié Cutie Marlon was the manager of the Akuna region in the Freezis Foundation's Maistia branch. Setting up business in Jakoku, she directed trade between Jakoku and the western world from Enbizaka. Following the great fire that struck Enbizaka, the businesswoman invested in the town's reconstruction.


Early LifeEdit

"Despite this, Perrié gave large quantities of financial aid for the revitalization of Enbizaka. I’m not clear on why, but—Huh? She was trying to buy the shogunate’s favor so that they might grant her requests?"
―Kagura regarding Perrié[src]

Born sometime during the EC 800s, Perrié eventually married a member of the Marlon Family,[1] and also became an employee of the Freezis Foundation's Maistia branch due to her blood ties to the Freezis Family.[2] Around this time, the foundation experimented on her body and successfully imbued her with youthful vitality.[3] She also birthed a son and named him Penry.[4] Perrié was later made manager of the Akuna region. In EC 832, she traveled to Jakoku and set up business in Enbizaka; she then began directing trade between Maistia and the island nation.

Sometime after, she learned that Penry wanted to start an international court.[4] At the end of EC 838, Perrié headed to the shogunate headquarters on the Enkoku main island to discuss expanding trade with the nation; despite her insistence, the shogunate refused to open Jakoku's borders to wider trade. After learning a great fire swept through Enbizaka while she was away, killing many foundation employees and causing her to lose funds, she agreed to invest in the reconstruction of Enbizaka as a favor to the Izami magistrate.[2]

Return of the TailorEdit

In EC 842, the samurai Anan Octo and his servant Bufuko Tsukimoto came under Perrié's employ. Later that year, she was greeted by a woman she didn't know, Kayo Sudou, who hid her face as she approached; while there, she thanked Perrié for her help in rebuilding Enbizaka and allowing her to continue being a tailor. Brushing off her thanks, Perrié learned that the woman had come to deliver a package for an acquaintance. She then watched as the woman and Bufuko greeted each other before she went for a run down the hill.[2]

During this time, Perrié received threatening letters from the Crimson Robed Masses, although brushing them off. Later that year, she was visited by Kai Miroku, who had come to accept her payment for the goods she ordered due to his wife being ill. After she paid for her clothes, Perrié explained how there was currently a boom for kimono in Maistia, and expressed her dissatisfaction with Jakoku's isolationist policy that restricted trading.

When Kai brought up the Crimson Robed Masses, Perrié dismissed them as a threat and the two eventually discussed Kayo Sudou, with Kai explaining how he hadn't even met the tailor due to the feud between the Sudou and Miroku families. As Kai prepared to leave, Perrié mentioned her intention to go hunt a mermaid, having heard that eating a mermaid gave a person immortality. Perrié then rushed off with a harpoon to begin her hunt.[5]

Enbizaka Murderer ScandalEdit

Over time, Perrié continuously attempted to catch a mermaid with no success.[6] In spring of that year, she negotiated a clothing order with Mei Miroku. She later heard Mei had been found murdered the day after. A few months later, Perrié negotiated another trade deal with Mei's daughter, Miku, listening to the girl reveal she was pregnant with the child of the rival Yarera-Zusco Firm's manager, Kiji Yarera. She later heard the girl's corpse had been found the very next day.

During the investigation of the murders of Mei and Miku, Perrié was visited and interrogated by Constable Uibee, with her trade deals with the Mirokus called into question. Indignant, Perrié insisted that the trade deals had been carried out without issue and Anan intervened to vouch for that fact. She also was witness to Anan sharing Miku's pregnancy with Uibee, to her initial disapproval. When Anan later inquired about her connection to Elluka "Ma" Clockworker, Perrié told him Elluka was a close friend and Levin missionary, threatening him not to not pry when he brought up her rumored strange abilities.[3]

Perrié later employed a man, Inukichi, at the trade house.[6] Following the execution of Kayo Sudou for her murders, Perrié departed from Jakoku along with the rest of the Freezis presence in Jakoku,[7] given a return order from headquarters in Marlon. As she boarded the ship with Anan, who also intended to leave for Maistia, Perrié proclaimed her desire not to give up; she also chatted with Anan about the possibility that the swords he sought were in Evillious, among other things, before they departed.[8]

A decade later in EC 852, Perrié had the USM send a fleet to Jakoku in order to forcibly open its ports; met with resistance from the Crimson Robed Masses, Perrié's forces wiped them out.[9]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Despite my APPEARANCE I am SPLENDID LADY with SON in my homeland! And I am LEADER of this trading house! You WATCH YOUR TONE!"
―Perrié's enthusiasm[src]

Perrié was a boisterous and dauntless woman. Despite her small stature, she often spoke in a loud voice. She also thought very highly of her position as manager of the Freezis Foundation Firm's Enbizaka branch, and took pride in her work. Because of this, she was devoted to the business and worked to expand it;[2] this caused her to become frustrated by Jakoku's isolationist policy which impeded the branch's growth.

Aside from this, Perrié was particularly daring; considering herself a member of the Freezis family due to their distant relations, she took to heart their motto of never giving into intimidation, and she also spent time hunting mermaids despite how foolhardy such actions seemed.[5] Despite her seemingly aggressive temperament, Perrié was a compassionate woman, investing large amounts of money for the restoration of Enbizaka.[2]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"Well, with her…Each person has their own strengths, you know. But Perrier-san’s ability in trade is something to behold. Though as her connection to the actual Freezis family is rather weak, she was shafted here to this backwater–Oop, pardon me."
―Ma regarding Perrié[src]

As a member of the Freezis Foundation, Perrié was an expert at business, able to expand the company's foreign trade with Jakoku despite the nation's isolationist policy.[5] She was also a capable diplomat, able to strike partnerships with local businesses despite not being completely fluent in the Jakokuese language. In spite of her petite stature, Perrié was quite athletic, able to run sizable distances and carry heavy objects. Due to the Freezis Foundations' experimentation, she was exceedingly youthful for her age.[2]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Elluka "Ma" Clockworker: A close friend of Perrié's. Wanting to discover the secret of her immortality, Perrié befriended Elluka and became fiercely protective of her when Anan questioned her authenticity as a missionary.

Anan Octo: An employee of Perrié's. Working closely with him, Perrié maintained a friendly relationship with the man, although not above threatening him once he questioned Elluka.

Kai Miroku: Perrié's trade partner. Perrié struck business deals with Kai and dealt with him in a polite manner, engaging in small talk with the draper.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Perrié is inspired by American commodore Matthew C. Perry, the admiral who forced Japan to open its harbors to the rest of the world; interestingly, Perrié's initials are the same as Perry's but reversed. 
  • Her middle name is derived from the slang term "cutie", referring to an attractive or endearing person.
  • Her surname, Marlon, is derived from Mammon, the patron demon of Greed.
  • Perrié's belief regarding the "mermaid" may be inspired by the myth of the Ningyo, the Japanese equivalent of a mermaid whose flesh is believed to grant one immortality when consumed; Jakoku, where Perrié attempted to catch said "mermaid", is inspired by Japan.


  • Perrié is described as being petite and having a child-like appearance.[2]



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