The Periods[note 1][note 2] were the separate worlds that existed in the Evillious Chronicles universe, each with their own distinct rules and characteristics.



At some point, humanity began populating the First Period, Earth; due to their technological advancements, they were able to spawn a digital world known as the Second Period.[1] The humans inside the Second Period, the earthlings, also developed incredibly advanced technology.[2] Later on, the people of the First Period introduced Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome to the Second Period; some time after, the First Period was destroyed.[1]

As the Second Period faced similar destruction due to the rise of HER, multiple spaceships filled with scientists were sent out to find habitable planets.[2] One of them, the Climb One, was then brought into reality by Behemo Barisol; the crew inside then came upon the destroyed Earth, thinking it was a new planet.[1]

Third Paradise

The earthlings then decided to create a new species of humans rather than merely repopulate onto the planet. They designed the new species with a template for their societies to follow, and supplied them with forests, lands, seas, and all the creatures for the new world. After the world's completion in BT 528, the new humans founded numerous civilizations in the different regions of the ground world, dominated by the Magic Kingdom Levianta.[2] Meanwhile, the sun god Sickle created an afterlife for all humans who had died in the third world using the world's moon, dubbing it the "Heavenly Yard".[3]

Over the centuries, the realm's various powers rose and fell. In EC 014, the vessels of sin were released into the world and caused numerous calamities throughout the following centuries.[4] After humanity became entrenched in a worldwide war, the nation of Elphegort developed a prototype Punishment weapon and used it to destroy the Third Period in EC 999.[5] Right before the world's destruction, Sickle meddled with parallel worlds, causing distortions to appear in the Third Period as well as other worlds.[6]

Afterward, the world began merging with the Hellish Yard and all the human souls of the Heavenly Yard were pulled into the ground world.[7] In EC 1000, the irregulars Adam and Eve created and traveled to a repeat of the Third Period using a Re_birthday; the same was done by the irregular twins Allen Avadonia and Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche, except to make a completely new world: the Fourth Period.[8] By the following year, many of the souls in the Third Period moved onto the latter, while some stayed behind.[9]


First Period

The First Period[note 3] was the first world located on Earth. Its technologically-advanced people created the Second Period, although the world and all of its inhabitants were eventually destroyed.[10]

Second Period

Main Article: Second Period

A digital world created by the people of the First Period. It prospered for some time until its destruction from Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome, with only a small handful of its inhabitants managing to escape.[2]

Third Period

Main Article: Third Period

The third world located on Earth, sometimes referred to as the "ground world". It acted as a boundary between the Heavenly and Hellish Yards. Its land prospered for over 1500 years before its destruction by Punishment. Once the world ended, its land turned to deadened earth. Afterwards, its boundary disappeared and it began merging with the Hellish Yard, shifting the balance of power away from the Heavenly Yard and causes all its souls to be pulled into the Third Period's land.[7]

Fourth Period

The Fourth Period[note 4] was the fourth world created after the end of the Third Period, located in a separate world.[9] Identical to Earth, it was created by Allen Avadonia and Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche, the two being irregulars invoking the Heavenly ending of the Four Endings. It eventually adopted modern technology as well.[8]

Third Period (repeat)

A repeat of the Third Period, created by Adam and Eve's Re_birthday. It existed parallel to the Third Period, and was traveled to by Adam, Eve, Maria Moonlit and Gammon Octo. It appeared to have roughly the same history as the Third Period.[8]

Unnamed World

An unnamed world existing parallel to the Third Period, native to giants. One of its continents, Silgareds, eventually fell into chaos; Banica Conchita traveled there around that time using Neo Black Box to terrorize its inhabitants as part of the Graveyard ending.[8]

Configuration and Laws

The periods were separate worlds, save for the First and Third Period, which were both on Earth. Earth was governed by the laws of physics, while the Third Period was additionally governed by rules made by the scientists who established it,[2] as well as rules made by the gods who watched over the world.[3]

Due to the nature of the Heavenly Yard and the Hellish Yard, the two exerted a natural pull on the human souls of the Third Period, with the ground world itself creating a metaphysical boundary between them.[7] At least partially rooted in the advanced technology of the Second Period, magic was also part of the makeup of the Third Period and made anything theoretically possible for its users, if given enough power and time to utilize it.[2] Travel was also possible between the different worlds.[6]


Conceptualization and Origin

  • The First, and Third Period are Earth; they are referred to in-narration as "periods" (時代), denoting stretches of time.


  • The Levin Bible's account of the periods, containing fabrications by Levia and Behemo, largely warps the truth in regards to their true natures and creation.
  • The Fourth Period is the setting for mothy's other novels, Unlock City and the Story of Evil series.
  • One of mothy's novel series, Torture Tower Doesn't Sleep, also appears to takes place in a world parallel to the Third Period, traveled to by Amostia.




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