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A list of other magic techniques in the Evillious Chronicles.


Antidote Spell[]

A type of spell, presumably created during the days of Magic Kingdom Levianta. It could be used to counter the effects of poison, such as Gift.[1]

Capture Spell[]

The capture spell[note 1] was a type of spell associated with Elluka Clockworker. As with the case of her using it on Platonic, it kept the subject bound and unable to escape.[2]

Change Eye Color[]

A type of spell associated with Elluka Clockworker. When used, it allowed her to change the color of her eyes; the spell wore off after a certain time, and thus needed to be periodically cast to maintain its effects.[1]

Control Body[]

A type of spell associated with Irina Clockworker. When cast on a target, the spell suppressed the target's consciousness, allowing Irina to puppet their body and use it as an extension of herself.[3] The spell had its setbacks, with the target's consciousness being able to reemerge and resist her control.[4]

Create Barrier[]

A type of spell associated with Elluka Clockworker and the spirits of Held's Forest. As with the case of the forest spirits, the barrier created by the spell could be set over a large area, and prevent those with powerful magic from entering said area.[2] When employed by Elluka, the barriers could be made smaller, and used as a shield from attacks.[5]

Demon Contracts[]

Main Article: Demon Contracts


A magical covenant forged between the Demons of Sin and their hosts. A demon contractor had access to their demon's powers at the cost of being influenced by them.[6] Among the contractor's powers was undergoing a demonic transformation, gaining them their demon's physical traits.[7] The demon contractor was also automatically healed of their injuries by the demon, making them invincible unless killed with the power of another demon.[8]

Gula Disease[]

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A magical disease generated by the Demon of Gluttony. Those who became infected suffered from distorted appetites, causing them to crave even the inedible. Said individuals could survive the disease by satisfying their appetites over a period of ten years,[9] although a medicinal cure was eventually developed by Dr. Puerick Rogzé.[10]


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A type of spell associated with Eve Zvezda resulting from her being an inheritor of Levia Barisol.[11] When cast on a target, it allowed the user to influence their beliefs and memories, altering the way they perceived reality.[12]


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A type of spell that could only be performed by a set of irregular twins. The spell was activated by the user saying its name aloud and putting their hand on their chest.[13] It was used to destroy the world and remake it anew,[14] although it could be applied in other ways as well.[15]


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A type of spell associated with the Demon of Gluttony and its inheritors and contractors. It allowed the user to reanimate and control the dead as an army. The corpse soldiers it produced were mindless monsters that could be defeated by trained individuals, although they were still capable of overwhelming their targets due to their number.[16]

Seal Demons[]


A type of spell that countered the Demons of Sin. By wrapping paper around a demon's vessel, the spell effectively imprisoned the demon there, taking away any power it had on humans. Removing the paper also removed the seal's effects.[17]

Summon Ice[]

A type of spell associated with Hanma Baldured. It could be cast over an area or on multiple targets, trapping them in ice. The ice generated by the spell would eventually melt, and although targets were not immediately killed by the spell they had limited chances of survival while waiting for the ice to thaw.[18] Simple ice spells could also be taught to individuals with limited magic potential, as with the case of Nemesis Sudou.[19]

Transform Appearance[]

A type of spell associated with Eve Zvezda resulting from her being an inheritor of Levia.[11] As with the case of Eve using it on her hosts, it allowed her to change their appearance to match hers.[12]


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