The Octo Family[note 1][note 2] was a family of tailors hailing from Asmodean. Following the Jakoku Civil War, the family settled in the eastern nation of Jakoku as a samurai clan, reigning over the Izami region.


Early HistoryEdit

In Beelzenia's Asmodean region, one brother opened a tailor shop in Lasaland, while the other married a descendant of the Loop Octopus Clan and had a daughter, Lukana, in EC 116. Due to Lukana's prophecy of Mystica having a drought in EC 126 coming true, the child became the talk of the town in Asmodean for a short while.[1] In EC 136, Lukana was abducted by Duke Sateriasis Venomania while returning from the Lasaland New Year Festival.[1] After being freed later that year,[2] Lukana bore the Duke's daughter.[3]

Rise in JakokuEdit

Afterward, Lukana's daughter gave birth to two children; one child's lineage eventually settled in the Kingdom of Elphegort; said lineage led to Zenon Octo, who served in the Asmodean military before being exiled and becoming a mercenary.[4] After being employed by the Lucifenian Royal Palace, Zenon, renamed Gast Venom, was defeated and killed by Germaine Avadonia during the Lucifenian Revolution.[5]

The other child's lineage later branched into two, one leading to the birth of Gaou Octo in the sixth century EC. After winning acclaim by the end of the Jakoku Civil War in EC 549, Gaou was made the magistrate of the newly united nation's Izami region and the samurai family began safeguarding the Twin Blades of Levianta.[6]

Gaou's descendant, Gato Octo, later sired four children.[7] The eldest daughter, Kagura, was tasked with protecting the Twin Blades;[6] two of the other children eventually sired Gakuga and Anan Octo.[7] Kagura later had her body stolen by the Demon of Envy at age sixteen,[8] trapped in the Twin Blades while the Demon fled and eloped with Nagare Sudou; the family subsequently disowned her.[7] Gakuga was disowned sometime after and later married Kayo Sudou in January, EC 838.[9]

Following the great fire that swept through Enbizaka at the end of the year,[9] Gakuga was recovered by a traveling monk and, suffering amnesia, joined his profession.[10] Around the same time, the Octos took in Kayo until the tailor recovered from her burns in early EC 842; during that period, Anan was tasked with finding and recovering the Twin Blades of Levianta.[7] Magistrate Gato later convicted Kayo of murdering the Miroku Family toward the end of the same year.[11]

Return to EvilliousEdit

Later on, Anan journeyed to Maistia and Evillious in search of the Venom Sword, recovering the vessel before dying in the Evillious region. His grandchildren Nyoze and Gammon eventually became part of the Leviantan military.[12] In EC 978, Nyoze was convicted of murder by the USE Dark Star Bureau director Gallerian Marlon.[13] Later that year, Nyoze escaped and hid with his lover Nemesis Sudou in Rolled,[14] Lucifenia before being killed by the assassin in December of that year.[15]

Around that time, Gammon founded the rebel organization Tasan and helped spark the Leviantan Civil War in August of EC 983.[16] Following the conflict, he reorganized Tasan as a political party in the USE.[17] Sometime during the EC 990s, Gammon attempted to infiltrate Evil's Theater and was captured by its inhabitants, forced to act as their "Gardener".[18] Gammon was later killed when Nemesis destroyed the world in EC 999.

Hell on EarthEdit

After the destruction of the Third Period, all the dead members of the Octo family residing in the Heavenly Yard were dragged back down to the earth as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[19]

Known MembersEdit



Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The surname is derived from the Greek and Roman prefix octo, meaning "eight"; it is likely a reference to Tako Luka and Lukana's representative Vocaloid, Megurine Luka.
  • Many of the family's members are also represented by Camui Gackpo; the family's being a samurai clan in Jakoku may be a reference to Gackpo's samurai aesthetic.


  • Due to their heritage to the Loop Octopus Clan, several members of the family throughout history inherited the Prophetic Dream ability.[20]
  • Due to their relation to Sateriasis Venomania, descendants of Lukana Octo passed down the genes to develop Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome for some time;[3] some were also immune to hypnosis,[21] and could sprout wings and fly.[6]




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