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Neo Apocalypse[note 1] was a terrorist political movement existing within Holy Levianta. Founded after the original Apocalypse, the organization focused on overthrowing the Levia sect-dominated Levin Church and enacted numerous destructive acts throughout the religious capital.


Four Horsemen[]

Collaborating with Abyss I.R. while under the influence of the Twin Blades of Levianta and its demon,[1] Mikhail Asayev contacted members of the radical Meta sect within the Levin Church and the four refounded the original criminal organization in EC 508, rechristening it with the name Neo Apocalypse as the New Four Horsemen.[2] Focused on overthrowing the Church, the organization committed numerous terrorist acts in an attempt to gain a political foothold in Holy Levianta.[1] It was eventually disbanded following the incident.[3]


Neo Apocalypse remained infamous in history, recognized for the terror it brought Holy Levianta.[2] Years after it was put down, Julia Abelard founded her own criminal organization, dubbing it "Père Noël" in similar reference to Pale and his organization.[4] Despite the group's efforts, the dominant Levia sect continued to suppress other factions' "heretical" doctrines, including the followers of Meta.[2]

Organization and Structure[]

Similar to its namesake, Neo Apocalypse was led by four ranked members known as the New Four Horsemen; a majority of these members were cult followers of Meta Salmhofer.[2]



Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The term "apocalypse" is derived from Greek, meaning "uncovering" or "revealing" and is used in contemporary times to refer to a great change or destruction, often the end of the world.
  • The "Four Horsemen" members are based on the Four Horsemen depicted in the biblical Book of Revelation, acting as signs of conquest, war, famine, pestilence, and death to foretell the second coming of Christ.
  • The term "neo" is derived from the Greek word neos, meaning "young, fresh, new or recent".




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