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Mystica[note 1] was a town in southern Asmodean and a residence of the noble Ferdinand Family, situated near the foot Misty Mountains. Originally part of the Beelzenian Empire, the arid and year-round hot town struggled before falling victim to the mysterious disappearances occurring throughout the region. It late became part of the independent Asmodean nation.


Early History[]

At some point, Mystica was founded below in the arid climate of southern Asmodean and became a small town in the Beelzenian Empire. At some point, the Ferdinand Family was appointed as marquis to the town.[1] In EC 126, a ten-year-old Lukana Octo told everyone in Mystica about a sudden drought she foresaw in a dream and was ignored by the townsfolk.

During that time, Elluka Clockworker visited the town to meet with Marquis Ferdinand and conducted her business there before leaving. Shortly after, the town experienced a heavy drought for months. On the verge of collapse, Elluka returned and performed a ritual to bring massive rainstorm to the town, saving the inhabitants. Afterward, Lukana and Elluka became the talk of the town for the succeeding years before the rumors eventually died down.[2]

Venomania Event[]

Around late January of EC 136, the townsfolk noticed that Lukana hadn't returned from her trip to Lasaland for its New Year Festival and began to worry.[3] As more women from the around the Asmodean region began to disappear, the town became anxious about the mysterious event and Marquis Ferdinand joined in helping investigate the disappearances.[1]

In early April, EC 136, Duke Sateriasis Venomania visited the town to conduct errands at the Misty Mountains.[3] While there, the Duke slaughtered the entire Ferdinand household in his mansion and abducted Lilien Turner from the town; with practically all of the townsfolks' memories of the Duke's visit wiped shortly after, its anxiety continued to increase by Lilien's miraculous disappearance.

Afterward, the dead marquis' nephew took his uncle's place to oversee the town, moving into the massacred mansion. During the following summer, Count Karchess Crim visited the town to question the Marquis about the recent deaths and abduction of Lilien Turner. He later recruited a witness of the Duke's abduction, Rajih Assad, to help with the investigation.[4]


Following Asmodean's independence from the Beelzenian Empire, Mystica became part of the new nation and continued to prosper as a small town. In EC 477, during Asmodean's war with the Kingdom of Lucifenia, the Golden Dragon Unit of the Asmodean army passed through the town en-route to the Babul Desert.[5]

World's End[]

In EC 992, Mystica and the rest of Asmodean were annexed by Elphegort and the country was renamed "Tasan-Elphegort".[6] In EC 999, Mystica was completely decimated by Punishment. Following the end of the Third Period, the destruction site merged with the Hellish Yard along with the rest of the ground world.[7]


Ferdinand Mansion[]

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The estate of the Ferdinand family's marquis. The home was quite large and was surrounded by a wall along the edge of the property.[8] It also contained a secret room, used by the marquis of the home in EC 136 to hide his collection of Maylis Beelzenia's personal belongings.[1]



A space in the town that served as an open gathering place for the buying and selling of wares. Market vendors would set up their merchandise on stands, blankets, and stalls for the inspection of customers. A wide range of products were sold in the market, such as weapons, produce, and articles of clothing.[1]

Octo Tailor Shop[]

A shop run by the Octo Family for the selling and tailoring of clothing. Often a member of the shop would be posted outside to try and attract customers.[9] The shop was affiliated with another one in Lasaland, also run by members of the Octo family.[2]

Turner Bakery[]


A small bakery where the Turner family baked and sold goods, especially bread, which doubled as their abode. The bakery included a kitchen in the back for baking the treats and a counter out front for dealing with customers.[3] The shop's upper floor had bedrooms where the family members could sleep.[10]


The fields where farmers and their families from Mystica worked.[8]

Misty Mountains[]

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Mystic Mountains.jpg

A mountain range surrounded in fog bordering Mystica. It had been near the southern border just before the Babul Desert and a site of ruins of the old Magic Kingdom Levianta.[5] Among its ruins was an altar which hid a tomb.[3] Despite having been villas for Leviantan nobles, the ruins were never made a national conservation due to lacking historical value to the country itself.[5]

Known Inhabitants[]


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The town's name is possibly derived from the term "mystic" (ミスティック); it may also be derived from the word "mist", alluding to the Misty Mountains situated nearby.




  1. ミスティカ