"If I die, then someday when Banica has grown up you tell her that her father was a wonderful man who died seeking the height of food."

Muzuri Conchita was a Duke of the Beelzenian Empire and the sixth head of the Conchita family. Famed as a gourmand among the nobility, the duke accepted the legendary baemu into his home for his daughter Banica's birthday celebration. Inadvertently cursing his entire household, Muzuri unintentionally brought his family to ruin.


Early Life

Muzuri was born into the Conchita Family sometime in the EC 200s. After the death of Duke Tasute Conchita, Muzuri succeeded him as the sixth head of his family and one of the Five Dukes. Later on, Muzuri embarked on a diplomatic engagement with the prime minister of Elphegort. During their meeting, he met the prime minister's daughter, Megour, and instantly fell in love with her. Determined to marry her, he overcame numerous obstacles and eventually succeeded in his endeavors. During his career, his became well renowned as a gourmand for his eating habits.[1]

Cursed Banquet

"Today is Banica’s birthday celebration. You should treat the others to your heart’s content!"
―Muzuri treating his servants to the baemu[src]

In November, EC 296,[2] Muzuri sired a child, Banica Conchita, with Megour preventing him from naming her "Muraramurajakotasupopopo." Later, with his chamberlain Ron Grapple, he oversaw gifts from the lords of the Beelzenian Empire arriving at his mansion to celebrate the birth, including trinkets from Duke Oruhari, Sir Yocaski, and Empress Juno Beelzenia herself. As he talked with Ron, Muzuri was alerted to a new gift of livestock that had been delivered to the mansion and had Ron go out to check it, learning it had already been moved to the barn.

Muzuri entered and was directed to the estate's pigs, recognizing the newly arrived red pig as the delicious baemu of legend. Growing excited, he explained to Ron and the stockman that it was an extremely rare kind of Tasan pig which the Emperor of Tasan was known to eat. Learning the pig had merely appeared on the cart, he determined the pig was a gift from the gods and declared they would eat it for dinner tonight, before the other guests for Banica's birthday celebration arrived.

He then had the pig brought to the kitchen and informed the cook of his plans. As they discussed how to cook the baemu, the animal suddenly went wild and Muzuri slew it with his sword. After cleaning up, he left the cook to his work and went to wait with his wife. He was later brought back into the kitchen by the head cook, who showed him a wine glass that had been found in the baemu's stomach. Although puzzled, Muzuri examined the undamaged glass and, further convinced of the pig's divinity, listened to the cook's concerns that more debris were in the pig's stomach and it might be risky to eat it.

Despite the cook's protests, Muzuri insisted on eating the baemu, including the stomach, to fulfill his long-held dream. He briefly discussed the dinner further with the cook before returning to the dining hall. Once the cook served the dishes, Muzuri had first taste and, after affirming how delicious the baemu was, treated all of his servants to the meal as well. As the entire household ate the baemu, he persuaded Megour to try a bite despite her nonexistent appetite; he also tried to feed some to their infant Banica, before being stopped by Megour.[1]

Ten Years of Gula

"I don't know whether the incident of this time is the same as your current one, but if you hold off the disease—no, this "curse" as you call it, for ten years, you might be alright."
―AB-CIR to Duke Muzuri[src]

The next day, Muzuri was alerted that the head cook was found dead; as Ron reported his suspicions that the baemu was the cause, he had the entire household examined and regained his composure after no more incidents occurred that day. When more of the staff began to die over several days, Muzuri was approached by the family doctor again and learned that he had found hay and cutlery in the bodies of the stockman and chef. With the doctor not sure how to treat their unknown illness, Muzuri was advised to take counsel from AB-CIR, a mage; although enraged at the idea, Muzuri summoned him the next day.

After introductions, Muzuri explained to AB-CIR the mysterious deaths plaguing his housegold; once asked, he also told him about how everyone had eaten the baemu and he had found a wineglass in its stomach. Told the glass was the source of the illness, Muzuri had Ron bring it forth and he learned how the pig was a contractor with the demon inside the glass; having eaten the pig, Muzuri and his household had contracted the Gula disease.

After being told the history of the disease, Muzuri was told that, although people would continue to die, they could still survive if they kept their stomachs full for the next ten years. AB-CIR soon left with the wine glass and Muzuri instructed the rest of the household on his counsel. Desperate for survival, Muzuri imposed heavy taxes on the people and confiscated goods to feed himself and the servants dying one by one in his household, all while resisting impulses to eat the inedible. Six years later, he watched silently as on one occasion Megour shoved food down their young daughter's throat and then continued his meal.

In EC 306, two months prior to the ten year period being over, crop failure caused famine and starvation across Muzuri's territory. Muzuri oversaw the daily deaths in his mansion as a result. One day, as he looked upon the corpses of his servants, Megour wandered in with Banica looking for food. As she conceived of eating one of the corpses, asking her husband for his sword to use as cutlery, Muzuri refused, appalled. Megour then attacked him for it; too weak to resist, Muzuri was driven to kill Megour with his sword instead.

In the following two months, Muzuri was one of the only members of the Conchita household to survive the disease, alongside Banica and Ron. Due to his policies leading to the famine that struck his territory, Empress Juno stripped the Duke's authority over his territories and Muzuri became debilitated from anxiety.[1]

Later Life

Muzuri later betrothed his daughter to Prince Carlos of the Marlon Royal Family in June of EC 311 per Empress Juno's instructions.[3] After the engagement was cancelled in February the following year, Banica returned and Muzuri grew weaker as the years passed. Sensing his impending death, Muzuri summoned Ron to his quarters in August of EC 321 to talk.

After hearing that Banica had gone out to the trauben fields, Muzuri learned from Ron that Juno intended to return the Conchita province to the family due to Banica's contributions. Deciding that Banica at least would rule the people well, Muzuri then asked Ron if he bore a grudge against him for letting him eat the baemu and was told that none of the household ever bore him ill will for letting them taste that delicious meal. Touched, after resolving to go apologize to Megour himself, Muzuri began to entrust Banica's care to Ron before he finally succumbed to heart failure and passed away.[4]


Following Muzuri's death, Banica inherited his title as one of the Five Dukes. His daughter later contracted with the demon responsible for the curse Muzuri inadvertently brought in, and Muzuri's former territory and family line ended again in ruins following Banica's apostasy and later autocannibalism.[5] Muzuri's grandson from Banica became adopted by a servant to Empress Juno afterward and eventually led to the famed hero, Germaine Avadonia.[6]

Historically, Muzuri's murder of his wife was credited as being the cause of heart failure like himself and he became well known as the father of the legendary Banica. In the USE, Gretel, working as a waiter at the Graveyard restaurant, regaled customers with stories of Muzuri's experience with the demon-possessed wine glass, as part of the waitron's tales of Evil Food Eater Conchita.[1]

Personality and Traits

"Absolutely not! I won’t be letting the likes of Earl Vincent and Duke Oruhari have a taste of my long-awaited Baemu! I alone will eat it, and I’ll brag to the others later!"
―Muzuri's enthusiasm regarding food[src]

Muzuri was a stubborn, passionate, and jovial man with a love of foods. Becoming a well renowned gourmand, Muzuri developed an obsession with tasting the world's rarest and most delicious foods, as well as entertaining himself with gourmet meals on a regular basis. As a result, he would become excited when faced with an opportunity to eat a rare food and was convinced that the rarer a food was the more delicious it was bound to be. As part of this, Muzuri was a generous man that wanted to share these treasured meals with his family and staff. After being cursed by the Gula plague, however, Muzuri's love of food deteriorated as he ate purely for survival and was attracted to dangerous, inedible "food".

This pursuit of the world's cuisine also lead Muzuri to become reckless as he lived life with a strong passion. The duke was often stubborn and couldn't be dissuaded by anything if he set his mind to any one goal. This occasionally manifested in his temper and Muzuri could lash out at individuals under stress; always carrying his sword at his waist, he would sometimes end up drawing it from its scabbard and threatening someone with it if in a rage. As the Gula disease ravaged the household, Muzuri's temperament worsened and he became desperate to survive with the others, ignoring his responsibilities and heavily taxing the populace.[1]

Skills and Abilities

"No... I should rejoice for finding a solution alone. So we'll be all right if we continued eating for ten years?"
"With his Lord Duke's position, it would be possible. You could collect the territory's food even if it's by any means—right?"
―Duke Muzuri and AB-CIR[src]

As a Duke of Beelzenia, Muzuri had a vast wealth in lands, livestock, and the taxation of his subjects, and consequently was able to live a very luxurious lifestyle. Additionally, he had many connections in the Beelzenian nobility and was friends with several prestigious feudal lords; his family's blood ties to the Beelzenian Imperial Family, as well, allowed him privileges and attention that other nobles did not have. However, after being stripped of his authority due to its abuse worsening the famine in his territory, Muzuri was largely powerless and completely subservient to the will of the imperial family.

In part because of his wealth as Duke, Muzuri was able to accumulate a wide array of rare and delicious foods, and subsequently had developed his palette as a connoisseur of fine cuisine. Famed among other gourmands for his knowledge and appetite, Muzuri was well educated on the rare foods of the world and their history. He was also trained in swordplay, carrying the weapon with him at all times and able to kill a wild animal with a well-placed strike.

Despite his education and refinement, however, he had a poor memory when it came to the finer details of social politics. Instead, he trusted such details to his chamberlain and was unable to recall them offhand. While a big man in relation to his diet, Muzuri was physically weaker than his wife Megour. Muzuri also suffered from anxiety, as well as heart disease.[1]

Character Connections

Megour Conchita: Muzuri's wife. Muzuri held a strong attraction to Megour at first sight and worked hard to obtain his marriage to her; falling deeply in love with her, he wished to share with her all his greatest experiences and love for food. After their household was cursed with Gula, Muzuri was heartbroken by his wife's transformation and blamed himself for her cruelty. Recognizing that she had gone insane, Muzuri saw no other choice but to kill her, despite his love for her.

Banica Conchita: Muzuri's daughter. Muzuri was overjoyed at Banica's birth and loved her completely, wanting to spend all his time with his daughter and sharing his joys with her. Despite this, after the family was cursed, Muzuri resigned to watch Banica suffer as long as she was alive by the end of the ten years; after surviving the Gula, he continued to be concerned about her welfare and died proud of her accomplishments.

Ron Grapple: Muzuri's oldest chamberlain. Muzuri trusted Ron greatly and shared a close confidential relationship with the servant, confiding in him his occasional frustrations and consulting with him over the concerns of the household. As well as this, he relied on the chamberlain to keep track of important details and the hiring of new servants.


Conceptualization and Origin

  • Muzuri's name is a torsion of the English word "cannibalism", with the reverse of his Japanese name making up the "lism"; the name of his daughter, Banica, makes up the "canniba" portion of the wordplay.[7]
  • Conchita is a Spanish diminunitive of the name Concepción, meaning "conception"; the history and culture of Beelzenia, Muzuri's native country, is partially inspired by that of Spain.


  • When asked about the origin of the name "Muraramurajakotasupopopo" that Muzuri wanted to name Banica, mothy stated: "Ask Mr. Muzuri."[8]



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