The Moonlit Residence, later referred to as the Abandoned House[note 1], was a small house situated in the Millennium Tree Forest. Originally used as a home by the Moonlit Family, it was later abandoned after the deaths of Adam and Eve and fell into disrepair. Over the following centuries, it was used as a hideout and meeting place for various groups.


Early HistoryEdit

Several years before the establishment of the Evillious Calendar, the residence was used by Adam Moonlit and his new wife, Eve, becoming a woodcutter couple. In EC 001, Eve went out into the forest and later returned home with the stolen twin children of Meta Salmhofer. As Eve reached the front door, Meta grabbed onto her cloak, prompting Eve to lash out and kill the witch. After revealing what transpired to her husband, the couple adopted the twins and raised them within the home.[1]

In EC 014, as a result of the famine plaguing Elphegort after the Levianta Catastrophe, Adam and Eve took the children out from the house and abandoned them in the forest before returning home. The twins returned home later that night and killed their foster parents; after splitting Eve's Original Sin into seven fragments, the twins scattered them across the world.[2] They then slept within the residence before setting out in search of their parents.[3]

Story of EvilEdit

Around the early EC 490s, a group of bandits used the house as a hideout.[4] In January of EC 492, they kidnapped Chartette Langley from the nearby Lucifenian. While the other bandits went out, Eugen was left guarding her and was eventually convinced to reform by the captive. Soon after, he returned the girl to her friends, Allen and Germaine Avadonia, and abandoned the residence.[5]

In January of EC 499, Elluka Clockworker used the house to shelter Michaela, Gumillia, and herself over the next month, teaching them the basics of human society and the art of magic. They later left the residence in April.[6] The following year, Germaine used the property to house the key members of the Lucifenian Resistance in preparation for their planned rebellion.[4] After the start of the revolution, the house was left abandoned again.[7]

Toragay EpidemicEdit

In November of EC 609, Elluka and Eve entered the residence for their private talk. During the meeting, Elluka invoked her Swap Technique to draw Eve's soul from her vessel into Elluka's own body in an attempt to dissolve her spirit into Elluka's soul. After their battle resulted in Elluka's pink light consuming the home, the mage left the residence to return to the Millennium Tree.[2]


In EC 964, Nemesis Sudou was born in the house and soon after abandoned by her mother Ma.[8] Nemesis then lived in the house for several years until being arrested in EC 978.[9] In EC 982, Gallerian Marlon acquired the abandoned property in the Millennium Tree Forest and had the building demolished to construct a movie theater.[10]


Once the house was torn down, Adam and Eve's skeletal corpses were discovered and the judge had a graveyard built around the theater grounds. After its completion, the Venom Sword and Kayo's Scissors were stored inside the theater.[10] Gallerian then created a documentary showcasing the vessels of sin he had collected.[11] In EC 983, Ma stored Gallerian's remaining collectibles in the theater and resided there with them and the vessels that later awakened.[12]


Dining RoomEdit


The main room of the cottage. It contained a table, several chairs, and dining utensils, as well as basic adornments and lamps for lighting.[13] After it fell into ruin, some plants grew through the rotten floorboards,[2] though the furniture remained usable.[6]


The residence's main kitchen for preparing food. It also contained an oven fueled by a red-bricked fireplace.[14] After it fell into ruin, its cooking utensils remained usable.[6]


The main room where the residents slept. It contained at least one bed. After it fell into ruin, the bed remained usable.[6]

Known InhabitantsEdit



  • While Nemesis Sudou was left alone in the home, she heard the disembodied voices of Hänsel and Gretel telling her that she was "abandoned".




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