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"For on a dark night such as this a scary bear comes out."
―Eve Moonlit[src]

Moonlit Bear is a song released by Akuno-P on June 22, 2009. It is the fourth song of the Original Sin Story and the sequel to Escape of Salmhofer the Witch.


One night in the forest, a young woman discovers two "apples" lying on the ground during her walk. Overjoyed, she picks them up to take home to her husband, noting she must hurry because bears liked to come out at night. Suddenly, the woman is pursued by a "bear" and she begins to run, although knowing deep down that the two fruits were the bear's beloved treasures. She stumbles through the forest, lost, and begins to cry along with the bear and the fruits. Finally, however, she arrives home safely.

Upon arrival, the woman shows the apples to her husband. Horrified by the sight, he reminds her that their own children are already dead, instructing her to return these ones to their real mother. Realizing that she'd kidnapped a baby boy and girl, the woman screams in horror at her "unforgivable sin." As her husband insists that she can still fix it, the woman admits that it is already too late; outside the house is the dead "bear," in reality the children's now dead mother. Beside the corpse is a glass bottle filled with milk.


暗い クライ 森の片隅
赤い アカイ 果実を拾った

これは キット 神様からの


今日は 月がとてもきれいね
早く ハヤク お家へ帰ろ

こんな暗い夜には コワイ熊が出るから

せっかく見つけたのよ ようやく見つけたのよ
誰にも ダレニモ 決して渡したりしたくない

花咲く森の道 私は駆け抜ける
このまま帰れば 私もあの人も

ところが後から 怖い顔をした
お願い 許してください

わかっていたの 本当はこの果実が

私は走る さまよい走る
熊の姿は 月に照らされ

正しい道は すでに失い
それでも走る ただただ走る
私は泣いて 熊も泣いてた

やっとたどり着いた 愛しの我が家
私の抱えた 果実を見て

「いいかい 僕たちの子供はもうすでに

いつか真実が その牙と爪で
その暖かい やさしい果実を

神様私は 許されぬ罪を

「無理よ だってもう…」

家の外で横たわるは 一匹の熊(一人の女)の亡骸
傍らには ミルクの満ちた小さなガラスの小瓶…

Kurai kurai mori no katasumi
Akai akai kajitsu wo hirotta

Kore wa kitto kamisama kara no
Suteki na suteki na PUREZENTO

Motte kaereba yorokobu kashira?
Ureshi sugite naichau kamo ne

Kyou wa tsuki ga totemo kirei ne
Hayaku hayaku o-uchi e kaero

Konna kurai yoru ni wa Kowai kuma ga deru kara

Sekkaku mitsuketa no yo youyaku mitsuketa no yo
Dare ni mo dare ni mo kesshite watashitari shitakunai

Hana saku mori no michi watashi wa kakenukeru
Akai kajitsu wo kakaenagara
Kono mama kaereba watashi mo ano hito mo
Kitto shiawase ni nareru hazu

Tokoro ga ato kara kowai kao wo shita
Kuma ga watashi wo oikakeru
Onegai yurushite kudasai
Minogashite kudasai

Wakatte ita no hontou wa kono kajitsu ga
Ano kuma no takaramono da to

Watashi wa hashiru samayoi hashiru
Kono shiawase wa watasanai
Kuma no sugata wa tsuki ni terasare
Kuroi kage ga watashi ni semaru

Tadashii michi wa sude ni ushinai
Soredemo hashiru tada tada hashiru
Watashi wa naite kuma mo naiteta
Futatsu no kajitsu mo naite ita

Yatto tadori tsuita itoshi no wagaya
Kare wa yasashiku hohoen dakedo
Watashi no kakaeta kajitsu wo mite
Totemo kanashii kao wo shita no desu

"Ii kai bokutachi no kodomo wa mou sude ni
Kono yo ni wa inai n da yo
Kono kotachi wa hontou no
Okaasan no moto e kaeshite agenasai"

Itsuka shinjitsu wa sono kiba to tsume de
Watashi jishin wo hiki saitemo
Sono atatakai yasashii kajitsu wo
Doushite mo hoshikatta no

Kamisama watashi wa yurusarenu tsumi wo
Kono te de okashite shimaimashita
"Ima nara yari naoseru" to
Ano hito wa iu kedo

"Muri yo datte mou..."

Ie no soto de yokota waru wa hitori no onna no nakigara
Katawara ni wa MIRUKU no michita chiisana GARASU no kobin...

In a dark dark corner of the forest
I picked up red red fruits

These are surely wonderful, wonderful
Presents from God

If I carry them home will we be delighted, I wonder?
Maybe so happy we’ll cry

The moon is very pretty today, isn’t it?
Let’s hurry, hurry to return home

For on a dark night such as this
A scary bear comes out

At long last I’ve found them, finally I’ve found them
I certain don’t want to do something like hand them over to anyone, to anyone

I run through a forest path where flowers bloom
While I’m carrying with me red fruits
If I return like this, he and I
Surely can become happy

Later on however, a bear that
Made a scary face chases me
Please, forgive me
Please overlook me

I knew that in truth, these fruits
Are that bear’s treasures

I run, a wandering run
I won’t hand over my happiness
The bear’s form is illuminated by the moon
Its dark shadow draws closer to me

The correct path is already lost
But still I run, I only run
I cry, the bear was crying too
The two fruits were also crying

At last I finally arrived, at my beloved home
He was kindly smiling, but
He saw the fruit I held
And made a very sad face

“Listen, our children are already
Not in this world
Return these children
To their true mother’s side”

Even if reality tore me apart someday
With its fangs and claws
Those warm, kind fruits
I wanted them at any cost

God, with my own hands
I committed an unforgivable sin
“If you do it now you can start over”
He said that, but

“That’s impossible! Because I already…”

Lying down outside the house is the corpse of a lone woman

Nearby, full of milk, was a small glass bottle…

English translation by Pricechecktranslations

PV TextEdit

what do you hope to the moon?
Do you wish it for the person who loves?
What do you fear most?
Do you have courage to commit the crime?

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Escape of Salmhofer the Witch details the events preceding Eve's theft, describing her encounter with Meta Salmhofer and the origin of the children she stole.

Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit NightEdit

Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night describes a later event concerning Adam, Eve, Hänsel and Gretel; it recounts the later lives of the children with their foster parents as well as the parent's own deaths by the hands of their children.

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Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The song's title, "Moonlit Bear", refers to the "bear" that chased the song's central character, Eve Moonlit; the word "bear" also means "to carry", referring to the consequences Eve would bear for her sin.
  • Like Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night, Full Moon Laboratory, and Escape of Salmhofer the Witch, the story takes place on a moonlit night; the moon is often associated with madness and is the origin of the word "lunacy".
  • The song's English title, "First Episode", refers to its depiction of the creation of the Original Sin, the origin of the vessels of sin.


  • A short story elaborating on the events in the song is included in Waltz of Evil: The Deadly Sins of Evil Guidebook.
  • The glass bottle present in the song seems to be the same one seen in Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night; a similar glass bottle appears in Regret Message.
  • Eve's belief that the "right path" had already been lost parallels Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night, where Hänsel and Gretel express uncertainty on whether or not they travel along the "right path"; both situations involved outward lunacy on a moonlit night through Held's Forest. 
  • Both songs also share the same melody during that part, although at a different pace.
  • The opening melody of Tale of Abandonment on a Moonlit Night is heard at the end of Moonlit Bear, during the credits; similarly the song's opening caws of crows is heard at the end of Escape of Salmhofer the Witch. 
  • The song was rearranged by mothy using Hatsune Miku Append Solid, titled "Moonlit Bear (new version)", a track included in Original Sin Story -Act 1-


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