Mira Marlon, born Mira Yarera, was the wife of Gallerian Marlon and the former girlfriend of Loki Freezis. After learning of Loki's plot to kill Gallerian, Mira collaborated with both him and PN to have Loki indicted, marrying Gallerian soon after discovering she was pregnant with his child.


Early LifeEdit

In EC 942, Mira was born the daughter of the president of the Yarera-Zusco Conglomerate. Growing up a member of the Yarera Family alongside her older brother Gusuma, she later witnessed her mother adopt Jorm Zusco.[1] Sometime around EC 950s, she was accepted into Levin University, studying law. She met Loki Freezis and started dating him despite their families' rivalry. Around this time, her brother Gusuma strongly expressed his opposition for their relationship, prohibiting her from going anywhere with him.[2] She also became acquainted with Loki's butler Bruno Zero.[3]

Embracing AmbitionEdit

In EC 958, she attended a party for the university graduation of her boyfriend and Gallerian Marlon in the Asayev mansion, in Levianta. She danced with Loki for a while, before he left to talk to Gallerian. When she overheard him discussing Loki's hunting trip, she told "Galley" that she wasn't allowed to go because of her brother's opposition. Noting Gallerian's childlike appearance, Mira heard her boyfriend speculate it was because he was descended from the youthful-looking Prim Marlon.[2]

Over time, Loki became extremely jealous of Mira, prohibiting her from talking to other men although also treating her kindly. Mira eventually graduated from university and, in EC 960, became employed at the Dark Star Bureau. She later attended a lecture on law by Gallerian. After waiting for everyone else to leave, Gallerian told her to use polite speech with him as he was her superior; Mira replied that she'd only do so in public. After playfully bantering with Gallerian regarding his matured appearance, Mira was interrupted by an angered Loki, told that she should have left since class was over, and that she was wasting her time.

Mira later confided Loki's jealousy to Gallerian, complaining about how confined she felt and revealing that their relationship was not going well. When the young judge asked what she meant, she switched the subject and asked him to eat together. When he declined, pointing out the work his next trial required, explaining that would be his first trial as the presiding judge. Surprised by this, Mira excitedly told him to do his best, met with Gallerian's flustered reaction. They then heard Loki shouting to Mira, and she left, not wanting to upset her boyfriend further.[3]

The Monster RealizedEdit

Sometime later, Loki told Mira the truth behind his hunting pastime, revealing that he and his family regularly hunted down slaves let loose in the forest, quoting his motto of a person not being human if they weren't a Freezis. He later confessed to her his hatred for Gallerian; as he cheerfully explained his plan of killing Gallerian, Mira became terrified by his demeanor. She later heard from Loki that he had successfully killed Gallerian.

Months later, Mira was suddenly contacted by Gallerian and told to meet at the former temple of Levia-Behemo. Seeing Gallerian come out of a car, Mira hugged him, overjoyed that he was alive. She then apologized for being unable to stop Loki's plan; Mira was asked if Loki has really hated him all along, and she explained that he was more irritated with his status. When asked if she still loved Loki, Mira expressed her uncertainty, also revealing the Freezis family's human hunting.

Sometime later, Gallerian told her about his secret hideout at Lunaca Labora. She frequently visited Gallerian and took care of him on days when she was not supposed to see Loki, sometimes spending the night at the Laboratory. During one of her nightly visits, Mira became pregnant with Gallerian's child.

One day, while visiting Gallerian, she met Bruno once again while bringing in food and made him a quiche on Gallerian's suggestion. After the food was finished, she said that she would go back to Alicegrad to go see Loki and to stay out of the way. Sometime after, Gallerian and Mira discovered her pregnancy and two agreed to marry the next year.

One month after Loki's arrest, Mira attended his trial by Hanma Baldured along with Gusuma, Gallerian, Bruno and Hel Jaakko, breaking into tears when he was given thirty years in prison. When Mira visited Loki in prison several days later, she tearfully delivered the news to the confident Loki that he had been disowned by his family, as well as revealing her pregnancy and her plans to wed Gallerian. Mira then bid farewell to the man, leaving him screaming.[1]


In EC 962, Mira gave birth to her child, naming her Michelle; that same year, she pushed through with her wedding with Gallerian, moving in with him in a mansion. Two years into their marriage, Mira hired more servants to take care of Michelle and often quarreled with her husband. Shortly after one fight, Bruno had suggested they take some time together as husband and wife, only for Gallerian to decline to help Ma, which infuriated Mira.[4]

In EC 978, Michelle became accepted in Levin University and she wanted to go on a trip before she started. Mira was then convinced to visit her father-in-law Gandalf in Marlon to celebrate. Three weeks later, she and her daughter boarded the ship Titanis and traveled to Marlon and stayed with Gandalf for a while. While boarding the ship again to return home, Mira was killed by a giant octopus that attacked the ship.[5]


Following Mira's death, Gusuma was greatly saddened by the event, blaming Gallerian.[6] Gallerian himself later aided Gusuma in avenging Mira's death, lending him Lunaca Labora and Jorm Zusco to kill the perpetrator Bindi Freezis.[7]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Mira was an independent but sometimes self-concerned woman. As a child of the Yarera family, Mira was not a stranger to illicit or criminal activity, although she was appalled by the depravities carried out by the Freezis Family and the sociopathy Loki displayed. As a result, despite her lingering feelings for him, she assisted in bringing Loki to justice through the corrupt means her own family employed.[1] She was also concerned with her public appearance and that of those close to her, partially marrying Gallerian to take responsibility for her pregnancy and remaining married to protect hers and Gallerian's reputation.[4]

Mira was also markedly strong-willed, disliking being confined and often independent. This independence manifested in defying others' will, such as her brother's or boyfriend Loki's,[3] and there were times she took the initiative in relationships like hers with Gallerian.[1] This independence had its downsides, however, leading her to become quarrelsome and unhappy in her marriage and hands-off as a mother to Michelle.[4]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Mira possessed a degree of intelligence, excelling at her studies enough to be accepted into Levin University. This intelligence also extended into legal work, making her qualified enough to be employed at the Dark Star Bureau.[3] As a member of the Yarera family, Mira had a significant amount of wealth at her disposal, as well as familial connections with her high-ranking mother and older brother.[5]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Loki Freezis: Mira's boyfriend. Ignoring their families' opposition, they dated and Mira developed strong feelings for Loki in spite of his confining jealousy. After discovering his cruel nature, she became unsure about her feelings for him, questioning both his sanity and his humanity, although it still pained her to leave him to his thirty-year jail sentence.

Gusuma Yarera: Mira's older brother. Holding a close relationship with him, Mira respected his will to some extent, refusing to go to Loki's hunting trip because of his opposition, but was not afraid to defy him at others.

Gallerian Marlon: Mira's friend and later husband. Flirting with him over a period of time despite being in a relationship with Loki, Mira began caring for Gallerian after discovering Loki's assassination attempt. After becoming pregnant with his child, Mira married Gallerian, but their conflicting personalities and Gallerian's closeness with Ma soon led the marriage to sour.

Michelle Marlon: Mira's daughter. Mira loved Michelle deeply and traveled along side her before their demise. Despite this love, Mira often left her, as an infant, in the care of her servants rather than taking care of Michelle personally.



  • Like her ancestor, Mira also died in a shipwreck caused by a ziz tiama.
  • Her surname, Marlon, is a reference to Mammon, the patron demon of Greed.



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