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For the entity assumed to be Mikulia, see Mikulia Calgaround.
"Here there are a lot of pretty things. That's why Mikulia is really happy right now."
―Mikulia Greeonio[src]

Mikulia Greeonio was a peasant from Abito, Asmodean in the Beelzenian Empire and one of Duke Sateriasis Venomania's many victims. Used as a vessel by the Demon of Sloth, Mikulia grew up miserable with her circumstances. Under the presumption that he was her prince, Mikulia joined the Duke of her own volition as the second member of his harem.


Early Life[]

"But you know, back home, I only had rice to plow and tend to."
―Mikulia regarding her life growing up[src]

After the death of her grandmother, the unborn Mikulia was used as a vessel by the Demon of Sloth, transformed to have Eve's appearance.[1] She was born to her biological parents around EC 118 and was later abandoned by them. Afterwards, she was found and adopted by a family of rice farmers in Abito village belonging to the Held sect.

Although initially raised with love and a sense of importance from her parents, as Mikulia grew up she began demonstrating a lower intelligence than that of the other children and an inability to do work properly. As a result, she was treated as a nuisance by the village and ridiculed by her frustrated parents,[2] who remained too poor to even afford the girl a doll to play with.[3]

After learning of her adoption, the unhappy Mikulia fantasized that she was a princess of another land who had been abandoned at the edge of the village. She also concocted that her fiancé, a prince with chestnut hair, would one day come and whisk her away to live with him and she could escape from the village and her "wicked stepmother."[2]

Her Demon Prince[]

"So if I’m a prince you’re not scared?"
"Yeah! ‘Cause I know a prince will make me happy!"
―Duke Sateriasis Venomania and Mikulia[src]

Towards the end of January, EC 136, the 18-year-old Mikulia was carrying a glass bottle through the forest when she saw a demonic man seducing a woman. Terrified, the frightened Mikulia attempted to flee as the horned and winged man failed to seduce her as well.[4] Fleeing back a ways, Mikulia studied the man more closely and determined that he must be a handsome demon prince, becoming infatuated with him. She then fled back to Abito, telling no one about her encounter over the following month.

Sometime later, she prayed to Held at the edge of the forest before noticing a red cat before her. Recognizing it aloud as the demon man's "minion," the two talked briefly before Mikulia's "demon prince", Duke Sateriasis Venomania, arrived, appearing more like a normal human. The girl excitedly explained how she'd realized he was a prince and so wasn't afraid of him anymore, and then watched as Venomania attempted to seduce her with his spell the same way he had Lukana.

Although unaffected, when he asked her to come with him to his mansion, Mikulia cheerfully agreed and enthusiastically embraced him. The two then prepared to leave the village together, only for I.R. to stop them; the cat requested to Mikulia that she sneak out to the mansion at night to be less conspicuous, promising to lead the way for her. That night, Mikulia escaped from her home unnoticed and followed the cat, I.R., to Venomania's mansion in Lasaland, answering her questions along the way.[2]

Venomania Event[]

"Mikulia Greeonio… I spoke with you about her, before."
"One of the mistresses of Duke Venomania… and the one who resembled the 'Original Sinner’, right?"
―Elluka Clockworker and Held[src]
Chara img3.jpg

Once Mikulia arrived at the mansion that night, the girl joined Lukana Octo as part of Sateriasis' harem.[2] The duke then gave her an emerald pendant as a reward for coming back to him.[3] She joined the other ladies in the basement to watch Sateriasis attempt a magic ritual to wipe the memories of all the witnesses, taking part until I.R., in her white-haired girl form, made her stop for her constant errors reciting the ceremonial chant. After the ritual was complete, Sateriasis took Mikulia to his bedroom and the two made love with each other all night.

Afterward, they made love with each other for the next three days and three nights, Mikulia remaining in of the rooms in the basement. Once she moved into the basement with Lukana, the two began cleaning up the dreary place over time, adding a few decorations. Whenever Sateriasis came down to see them, Mikulia happily welcomed him back from the "outside world". As she continued referring to Venomania as her "prince", Lukana continuously corrected her to refer to him formally by name.

Later on, Lukana gave Mikulia a new dress she tailored to help please Sateriasis; when Sateriasis next returned, Mikulia tried to show him her new clothes before he introduced her to his third bride, Lolan Eve. After the two traded barbed greetings, Sateriasis whisked Lolan away to see the rest of the basement.[5] After Gumina Glassred joined the harem in March later that year, Mikulia became jealous of all the attention Sateriasis gave her and the two began treating each other with disdain. When Lukana attempted to reconcile the two's differences, Mikulia failed to be convinced otherwise.

Later on, Mikulia had tea with the other harem girls while Sateriasis entertained the Marlon royal couple in his mansion. Noticing I.R. was in her cat form, Mikulia conversed with her about it; when Lukana asked if she should call Hakua over, I.R. replied to leave her be and Mikulia relayed her words to Lukana.[6]

Mikulia spending time with Lukana

In April, Mikulia sat on Sateriasis' lap while he attended to his harem, and then watched as he received a visit from I.R. When he and I.R. planned to go out to Mystica, I.R. entrusted Mikulia with her human "body", traveling in her cat form.[7] While they were gone, Mikulia began playing with the lifeless body, dressing it up like the doll she never had when she was a peasant. Lukana then came upon the scene and, using persuasion and the threat of I.R.'s wrath, convinced her to leave the "doll" alone.

Mikulia then discussed her love for Venomania and expressed her liking for Lukana, before falling into talking about her rivalry with Gumina again. The discouraged Mikulia listened as Lukana assured her that she and Gumina could become friends despite their different backgrounds.[3] Once Sateriasis and the sorceress returned from their journey, the body was taken back, and Mikulia returned to pleasing the duke's whims.[8]

Later on, Mikulia was given an actual doll by I.R., overjoyed and being so engaged with the doll that she rarely left her room.[9] During this time, the Demon of Sloth was transferred from her to the vessel. Later on, while she was playing with the doll and talking to it about the recent happenings in the harem, it suddenly spoke to her; she then argued with the doll over her also introducing herself as "Demon Mikulia".

Mikulia then found out about the doll having been a demon dwelling inside of her and her grandmother, shocked at the fact. As the doll explained that Mikulia had been immune to Sateriasis' Lust spell due to her being inside of her, Mikulia made attempts to befriend the doll, continuing to talk to her.[10]

Around this time, she also became pregnant with Sateriasis' child, determined by Annlee Sweets' examination of all the harem's women.[11] When the disguised Karchess Crim successfully stabbed the Duke later that year, Mikulia fled the mansion with the other women.[12]

Later Life[]

After giving birth to Sateriasis' son, Mikulia fled from the village with her newborn son. Later that year, she ended up at a brothel in Lasaland and became a prostitute, pleasuring the local customers around Lasaland.[11] Sometime after, she met Elluka Clockworker while the mage was investigating the Venomania Event;[13] during the visit, Mikulia passed away.[1]


Following her death, Mikulia's soul was sent to the Heavenly Yard and remained there. In EC 999, she and the other souls were pulled back to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[14] Afterward, the girl returned to Duke Venomania's mansion in Lasaland and agreed to rejoin Sateriasis' harem along with Lukana, Gumina, and Maylis.[15] Some time after, the Master of the Hellish Yard visited and took Venomania back to the bowels of the Hellish Yard.[16]


Following her death, the Demon of Sloth used hypnosis to create a persona in her image, fleeing from the brothel and becoming a florist in Calgaround.[1] Believed to be the same woman by historians, the exploits of the "Flower of the Plateau" were later attributed to Mikulia, as well as her former handler and son later seeking her out and being murdered by the doll.[17]

Similarly, it was believed by Elluka Clockworker that Phantom Thief Platonic had descended from her lineage.[1] Centuries after her death, Elluka's investigation into the Flower of the Plateau led her to discover Mikulia's alleged life in Calgaround after her official death,[17] eventually uncovering the reality about the fake Mikulia versus the real one she witnessed die.[1]

Personality and Traits[]

"Mikulia, about Lord Venomania... Do you like him?"
"I love him! Because Lord Venomania doesn't call Mikulia stupid like Papa and Mama. I love him! Oh, and, and, I like Lukana too!"
―Lukana and Mikulia[src]

Mikulia's girlish enthusiasm around friends

Mikulia was a bubbly and clueless girl with a childish and energetic attitude. She took delight in feminine activities such as playing with dolls, beautifying people with makeup and pretty clothes, or making flower arrangements. In addition, she was easily wowed by jewelry and other beautiful things and held an attraction to upper-class lifestyles,[3] fantasizing about rich princes and envying aristocrats for being able to afford the finer luxuries.[18] As part of this, she had various frustrations and disgust with her parents and social status. She nonetheless showed a bitterness towards aristocrats like Gumina.

Cheerful and carefree, Mikulia seemed unconcerned with the consequences of her actions and unaware of the reality of certain situations, though cowed by threats.[3] Having been criticized for her poor intelligence and repeatedly treated like a nuisance, Mikulia grew to hate the other villagers around her and her adoptive parents, dreaming of any circumstance that could take her away from it.[2] Because of this, Mikulia sought validation from others and thus responded positively to the handsome and seemingly kind Duke Sateriasis.[18] Following the Venomania Event, Mikulia instead sought validation through the attention given to her through prostitution, happy to be popular with the locals.[11]

Skills and Abilities[]

"The Lust spell didn't work. What's going on, I.R.?"
"Yeah… It looks like things have gotten a little out of hand. I can think of a few reasons why, but…"
―Duke Venomania and I.R.[src]

Mikulia decorating with flowers

As a peasant, Mikulia lacked a formal education; on top of this, she wasn't very intelligent and was often considered dim-witted by others and incompetent as a farmer.[2] This extended to the girl's common sense, with Mikulia often acting without considering the consequences of her actions.

In contrast to her clueless demeanor, Mikulia demonstrated some skill in beautification, such as makeup and floral arrangements.[3] Likewise, her beauty made her highly desirable as a prostitute and earned her popularity among customers at the Lasaland brothel during her time there.[11]

While she was a human vessel for the Demon of Sloth, Mikulia was immune to the powers of the other Demons of Sin and was able to understand I.R.'s speech while the mage spoke via her cat body.[19] Mikulia also possessed Eve Moonlit's beautiful appearance,[13] due to being influenced by Eve to have her visage.[1]

Character Connections[]

Sateriasis Venomania: Mikulia's abductor. Although initially terrified of his appearance, Mikulia fell in love with Venomania and joined his harem of her own free will, innocently believing him to be a kind prince come to rescue her from her unloving parents. Although fleeing when Karchess killed the duke, Mikulia appeared to still love him by the end of the world, again joining his harem in the afterlife of her own free will.

Lukana Octo: A fellow member of Venomania's harem. Mikulia cultivated a friendship with her while both were living with the duke, confiding in Lukana her frustrations with her background and dislike for Gumina. Mikulia respected Lukana's opinions, such as listening to her advice about trying to get along with everyone in the harem. While expressing love for the duke, she also claimed to like Lukana as well.

Gumina Glassred: A fellow member of Venomania's harem. Mikulia envied Gumina's aristocratic background and, due to this, did not get along with her while living with the duke.

Unnamed Son: Mikulia's son. Despite the circumstances surrounding his birth, Mikulia cared for the child enough to take him with her when fleeing from her home village.

Lolan Eve: A fellow member of Venomania's harem. Mikulia had a good relationship with Lolan during their time living with the Duke, although the two initially were hostile with each other.

Mikulia Calgaround: The Clockworker's Doll in Mikulia's image. Mikulia's life was conflated with the life of the doll's persona, and many believed they were one and the same.

Demon of Sloth: A demon that possessed Mikulia. Mikulia never showed awareness of the demon inside her, although her appearance was altered from the womb because of it.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Mikulia's surname seems to be a pun on "green onion", the character item of her representative Vocaloid.
  • Mikulia's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, Hatsune Miku, with both names sharing the first four letters.


  • Mikulia's son was one of the three offspring of Venomania to carry the potential to develop Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome and pass it onto future generations.[11]
  • A Freezis Fairy Tale inspired by Duke Venomania is titled "The Duke and the Four Women", likely a reference to Lukana, Mikulia, Gumina, and Maylis' prominent appearance with Sateriasis in various media.