"You’re saying I mustn’t love a foreigner?"
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Miku Miroku was a member of the Miroku Family in Jakoku and the daughter of Kai and Mei. Following the great fire that struck Enbizaka, Miku fell in love with Kiji Yarera, dating the Elphe despite her father's disapproval. After her mother's death, Miku worked to take up her role in the draper business.


Early LifeEdit

"We’re lucky that our house is on the other side of the river so the fire missed us, but my husband still got some light burns."
―Mei Miroku[src]

Born in EC 826, Miku was raised by Kai and Mei Miroku alongside her younger sister Rin in Enbizaka, Jakoku. As she grew up, Miku occasionally pitched in with the family's dry goods business.[1] When a great fire struck Enbizaka in EC 838, she and her mother and sister remained at home while the fire ravaged the main town on the other side of the river; shortly after, the family discovered the back of Kai's left hand was severely burned.[2]

During the reconstruction efforts following the fire, Miku met Kiji Yarera of the Yarera-Zusco Firm and fell in love with him, the two dating despite Kai's disapproval.[3] As the reconstruction of Enbizaka reached its closure, Miku learned her mother had the Freezis Foundation rebuild the Sudou Tailor Shop and replace all its furniture and tools from memory for her good friend, Kayo Sudou.[1] On her sixteenth birthday, Miku received a gray kimono from Kai.[3]

Enbizaka MurdersEdit

"The inside of the house has been stripped clean, so it’s sort of inconvenient."
"That’s true..."
"Without telling you, we asked the Freezis Firm to supply you with some household goods."
―Miku and Kayo Sudou[src]

Miku receives Kayo

In winter of EC 842, Mei sent Miku to receive Kayo Sudou outside her newly rebuilt tailor shop, as she was too busy. Greeting Kayo, Miku was puzzled by her apparent fixation on her nonexistent "burns" and explained to the woman how she had been sent to show her into her rebuilt and refurnished shop. Once allowing Kayo inside, Miku asked her to thank the Freezis Foundation for their work and excused herself.[1]

After Mei's corpse was found on main street, Miku grieved the death of her mother and began taking up her role in the draper business, running errands for her father and often dealing with Perrié Cutie Marlon at the Freezis Trading House. She also continued to complain to Kiji about how incompetent the Magistrate's officers were in investigating her mother's death. Around that time, Miku became pregnant with Kiji's child and the two were subsequently engaged.

Several months later, after Kiji left to report the matter to his parents, Miku revealed her pregnancy to Kai and was met with his outrage. Shortly after, she left to take an order from the Freezis Trading House, sharing the recent events with Perrié before leaving. Unwilling to go back to her father, she stayed out all night until she encountered Kayo Sudou, who stabbed her to death.[4]


"A corpse came up the river."
"Oh my... did someone get drunk and drown?"
―Oyuka and Kayo[src]

Following Miku's murder, Kayo took her obi and retailored it for herself, while the girl's corpse was found washed up on the river bank the next morning. Constable Uibee and Detective Eikichi Akagi investigated the case afterward, noticing the differences between Miku and her mother's murders. The constable later informed Kai of Miku's death and the remaining father and daughter grieved. When Constable Uibee later attempted to question Kiji, he recalled her words about the magistrate office's incompetence, swearing he would find and kill the murderer himself.[4]

Afterward, many officers, detectives, and employees of the Yarera-Zusco Firm investigated Miku and her mother's deaths to no avail. Kayo later murdered Miku's sister Rin, wearing all three women's articles of clothing while confronting Kai before murdering him shortly before her arrest. During her trial, Kayo claimed she had killed the women because they were in an affair with her husband.[5] When Gakusha asked about Kayo's gibbeted head days after her execution, the monk was told about her ghastly murder of Miku and the other Mirokus.[6]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"My daughter never helped with the house work that much, but since the thing with Mei, she's seem to be concerned about me and her sister Rin and has been aggressively doing her best in Mei's place. Even though she's probably depressed about her mother's death herself... I'm grateful for that."
―Kai regarding Miku[src]

Miku was a rebellious but compassionate girl towards those she loved.[4] While rarely helping around the family shop and preferring to have fun in town, the girl still acted polite and cordial with strangers.[1] Beloved by her family, the girl was particularly respectful towards her mother, willing to help Mei when needed. After her mother's death, the teen showed great concern for her family; she similarly demonstrated a strong will in taking up Mei's responsibilities in her place while remaining upbeat despite her personal grief over the tragedy. Regardless, Miku felt frustrated by the Izami Magistrate's office's failure to find the murderer, considering them all incompetent.[4]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Miku was decent at business, helping out in her family's clothing shop and running errands for her mother when able. She was also a capable speaker, able to clearly convey information while maintaining a warm and polite demeanor.[1] However, the teen lacked any apparent physical ability, leaving her completely helpless when facing an armed killer.[4]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Kai Miroku: Miku's father. Miku loved and cared for her father; although friction grew between them because of her dating a foreigner, the two became closer after Mei's death and they tried to move past the tragedy. This friction started up again, however, in the wake of Miku's pregnancy; her unwillingness to face him after is what led to her death.

Mei Miroku: Miku's mother. Miku loved her mother, and would pitch in to help with her mother's outreach towards victims of the fire as well as with the family business. Following her death, she became disillusioned with the police in Jakoku and grieved for her mother.

Rin Miroku: Miku's younger sister. Miku cared for her younger sister and the two had a cordial relationship.

Kiji Yarera: Miku's boyfriend. Miku had a close relationship with Kiji and loved him despite her father's disapproval, often visiting him, sharing with him her personal frustrations, and even conceiving a child with him.

Kayo Sudou: Miku's killer. Miku became a target of the envious tailor due to her beautiful appearance and clothes.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Miku's name is written as 三九 in Japanese kanji, using the kanji for "three" and "nine", respectively; this is possibly a reference to Miku Day, which is celebrated on March 9th.
  • Her surname is written as 三六 in Japanese kanji, literally meaning "36".[7]
  • The name Miroku is taken from the atomic number of Krypton; this is a reference to Crypton Future Media Inc., the company that produced Miku's representative Vocaloid, Miku.
  • Miku also shares her name with her representative Vocaloid.


  • According to Kagura Octo, Miku's Elphe traits came from her maternal great-great-grandmother.[4]




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