Mikhail Asayev was a leader of the Levin Church and the founder of Neo Apocalypse. Tasked with having the Twin Blades of Levianta destroyed, Mikhail eventually came into contact with Abyss I.R., collaborating with her and becoming possessed by the Demon of Envy. Forming the radical organization Neo Apocalypse, Mikhail instigated terrorist attacks throughout Levianta.


Early LifeEdit

Born sometime during the EC 400s as part of the Asayev Family, Mikhail was born with a glass eye, allowing him to become clairvoyant. He later became a high-ranking member of the Levin Church in Holy Levianta. At some point, the Levin archbishop told him he was an inheritor of the god Behemo, among others born with the abilities of the gods.[1]

Priestly DutiesEdit

Learning the true nature of the Twin Blades of Levianta as a vessel of sin, Mikhail was tasked by the Levin Church to have the twin blades destroyed and visited numerous blacksmiths in Levianta to that end, although to no avail. After King Kyle Marlon recommended Mikhail seek the help of Smith Langley, Mikhail traveled to Lucifenia in EC 501.

There, he requested Langley to destroy the blades in exchange for a large amount of money; Mikhail also assured the man that he had the archbishop's permission to do so, presenting a letter that said as such. Clarifying that he would be staying with the Lucifenian clergy and that Langley had the option to give the twin blades back if he changed his mind, Mikhail left the smithy.

Around five days later, Langley returned the blades to Mikhail and he paid the blacksmith a small amount. Upon Langley's pressing, Mikhail explained his abilities as an inheritor; after talking to him a little longer, Mikhail bid him goodbye and left for Levianta the following day.[1]

Neo ApocalypseEdit

Selected to possibly become one of the Levin Church's leaders, Mikhail was eventually possessed by the Demon of Envy and met with Abyss I.R. Collaborating with the sorceress, Mikhail helped her acquire the twin blades and grew jealous of his constituents' positions, deciding to take radical action.

Around EC 508, he came in contact with some of the diehard reformers of the Meta cult violently resisting the church. He and the three radicals then reformed the old Apocalypse organization as a political movement: Neo Apocalypse. Afterwards, they began causing terrorist attacks throughout Holy Levianta as part of the Four Horsemen Incident before the organization was eventually put down.[2]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Mikhail was a responsible and religious man. Becoming a member of the Levin Church, Mikhail took his duty seriously and made great efforts to have the twin blades destroyed, knowing that carelessly throwing them away would bring ruin to whoever took them. Despite this, Mikhail was also jealous of his competition in becoming church leader, as well as had had the capacity to violently resist the Church out of envy for his fellow candidates. Mikhail was also willing to explain both his situation as Behemo's inheritor and the history of the vessels of sin when the situation required it. Compounding this, he would become nervous at the mention of Elluka Clockworker, possibly due to the Levin Church's past history with her.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Mikhail was a capable member of the clergy, enough to be considered eligible for the position of church leader. As an inheritor of Behemo, Mikhail was born with a magical glass eye and was thus clairvoyant; among his abilities was seeing through solid surfaces. Aside from this, Mikhail held knowledge of the general nature and history of the vessels of sin, the exception being his extensive knowledge regarding the Twin Blades of Levianta. He also had a degree of resourcefulness, deciding to enlist the help of local blacksmiths and later Smith Langley in destroying the twin blades.

Character ConnectionsEdit

Smith Langley: A blacksmith whose help Mikhail sought out. Thinking highly of his skill in smithing, Mikhail saw fit to come to him with the interest of having the twin blades destroyed. Over the course of their acquaintance, Mikhail treated Langley amiably and fairly.



  • Mikhail is described as having a left eye that appears to be made of glass.[1]