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"Listen, Clarith. I like you. No matter what anyone says, to me you are a very wonderful person. More than anyone, more than anyone in the world."

Michaela, originally born Michael Arklow and later known as the new Millennium Tree, was a disciple of Elluka Clockworker and a former forest spirit of Held. To help Elluka collect the vessels of sin, Michaela was incarnated as a human, and soon became friends with Clarith. While employed as a Freezis maid, she befriended King Kyle and inadvertently became the target of the Green Hunting. Killed during the genocide, Michaela was later reborn as a millennium tree, succeeding Held as the guardian god of the forest.


Early Life[]

"Still an energetic spirit as ever."
―Elluka Clockworker regarding Michaela[src]

Michaela was originally an earthling from America in the Second Period, known as the younger brother of Lich Arklow and called Michael. Michael later went to Russia, becoming the assistant of the psychiatrist Levia Barisol and becoming engaged to her other assistant, Gumillia Matsumoto.[1] During Michael's time as a student, Held Yggdra misread "Michael Arklow" as "Michaela" on the roster, leading to Michael gaining the nickname "Michaela" afterward.[2]

As Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome began to ravage the Second Period, Michaela's father and mother were killed in a HER terrorist attack. Being Levia's assistants Michaela, along with Gumillia, were also both offered seats on the Climb One, one of several spaceships set to leave the planet to rebuild humanity. Four years after their parents' deaths, Michaela met with Lich at the Chloe Cafe they'd frequented as children and tried to convince him to join them on the Climb One, despite his protests.[1]

Later on, Michaela and 61 other crew members on the Climb One were killed during the creation of the Third Period. Held used their preserved spirit data to make them reincarnate into forest spirits in Held's Forest, Heldogort,[3] in BT 528.[4] Having lost any memories of their former life and instructed to remain in the forest by the now-god Held, Michaela became good friends with the spirit Gumillia,[5] although continuing to bicker with Lich.[6] In EC 001, they witnessed the creation of the Original Sin, seeing Eve Moonlit with the infant Hänsel and Gretel in her arms.[7]

On many occasions, they would also witness men and women entering the forest to confess their love for one another, with mixed results.[8] During this time, Michaela met and became familiar with Elluka Clockworker.[5] In EC 325, Michaela saw Elluka conversing with Held and greeted her, only for Elluka to send them away and leave shortly after. Sometime later, at Gumillia's direction, they helped the other spirits strengthen the barrier around the forest to temporarily keep powerful mages from entering.[9]

Chance Encounter[]

"And then one day, I found Grüne–a robin, injured by the lake. I brought it home, and bandaged it. I feel like the time I spent with that robin while I was taking care of it was the most peaceful I have ever been."
―Clarith regarding Michaela[src]

Michaela perched on Elluka's shoulder

Around the turn of the fifth century EC, Michaela studied the humans living in the area from the nearby village, including a woodcutter named Pant.[7] In January of EC 499, Michaela and Gumillia saw the sleeping Held being attacked by Elluka and intervened, before having a conversation with her over Michaela’s observation of humans.

After Elluka left,[5] Michaela decided to gather some trauben fruit from an orchard by the Lake of Amusement, but was attacked and injured by Lich in the form of a rollam bird on the way back. As they fell, unconscious, the robin was rescued by Clarith, taken to the girl's home, and clumsily bandaged. After Michaela woke sometime later, Clarith's mother approached them and redid the bandages, as well as trying to feed the robin worms.

Refusing the worms, Michaela instead ate the trauben fruit Clarith fed them and watched the girl talk coldly with her mother. After Clarith left, her mother apologized to the robin for her behavior and reassured them Clarith was actually kind.[7] The next morning, ignored by Clarith the night before, Michaela called for food and was rewarded for their patience with trauben. Pleased, they bonded with Clarith and received from her the name "Grüne". Over the next few days, Clarith continued to feed Michaela and speak to them about her bad work experiences.[10]

Later on, the girl built the robin a shabby bird cage and, sitting inside it, Michaela was able to watch Clarith work and be mistreated by the other villagers from the window each day. After two weeks of staying at Clarith's house, Gumillia arrived in chipmunk form to bring them home; before leaving, Clarith's mother gave the two a farewell, revealing she had always known they were spirits and explaining how the white-haired Netsumas like Clarith were hated by the green-haired Elphes.

Upon their return, Held harshly scolded Michaela for breaking his rules; after Gumillia chided them as well, Michaela apologized to them both and stayed with Held as he fell asleep. Before leaving him, Michaela saw Clarith approach the Millennium Tree and hovered beside her; they listened as the girl related her troubles with being persecuted and prayed to god to give her at least one friend in the wake of her ill mother's impending death. Alarmed to realize that Held, asleep, would not hear the wish, Michaela nonetheless became resolved to grant it.[7]


"It seems you have an interest in humans. You might as well take the opportunity to study them more."

Held offering Michaela and Gumillia to Elluka

Once Held awoke a few days later, Michaela recounted the event to the earth god and tried discussing options to improve Clarith's life, such as even fleeing Elphegort. As Held insisted Michaela shouldn't involve themselves with the human world, Elluka interrupted and Michaela watched the two discuss giving the mage some spirits to reincarnate as human apprentices and help her search for a vessel of sin. To Michaela's surprise, Held offered Michaela and Gumillia as apprentices for a span of three years.

With their course of action decided, Michaela and Gumillia followed Elluka west through the forest as they conversed about what they would do next. Once they reached the location for the Reincarnation Ritual, the two spirits chose the appearance of two beautiful Elphe women who weren't already alive as their new bodies, after Elluka's suggestion; selecting Eve Moonlit, Michaela entered the ritual and was reincarnated into her new form.[7]

Once the reincarnation was complete, Held overwrote the saved copy of Michaela's memories as a forest spirit into her mind, which had been wiped on reincarnating as per the world's rules.[11] After discussing her choice of appearance with Elluka, Michaela listened as the mage told her and Gumillia they'd be studying what they needed to know to live as humans on top of their magic training. Elluka then took the two to an abandoned house and the three began living together, teaching them everything necessary about humanity between magic training; Michaela learned how to cast spell songs. One morning together, after Michaela woke Elluka up, Elluka complimented her on her beauty and Michaela washed her face as instructed.

As time progressed, Michaela struggled under Elluka's tutelage, often having Gumillia help her with her studies. A month since their incarnation, Michaela used the Clockwork Lullaby to successfully detect a vessel of sin north of the Millennium Tree Forest; she was told after that when she'd mastered the spell she would be able to find the vessel's exact location. Michaela also learned Gumillia had developed a talent for predicting the weather and revitalizing flowers. Afterward, Michaela began suffering side effects from Held updating her mind, feeling lightheaded.

Michaela and Gumillia embrace

During dinner that night, Elluka told the half-dazed Michaela to go to the capital city of Aceid to further investigate the location of the vessel of sin. She then warned Michaela she had a fever, giving her an herb and sending her to bed early. The next day, the former spirits packed their luggage and gave each other their respective farewells,[7] as Gumillia departed with Elluka to Lucifenia.

All alone, Michaela faced a relapse of her symptoms and tried to make her way back to Held.[10] As soon as she reached the tree, her fever overwhelmed her and she collapsed, unconscious. Soon after, Clarith found Michaela and took her home, tending to her until she regained consciousness. After awakening, Michaela learned from her rescuer of what had transpired and where she was now, introducing herself to Clarith and thanking her for her help.

Michaela reunites with Clarith

When questioned why she had fainted by the tree, Michaela hastily explained she was heading to Aceid from Lucifenia, claiming the country was inhabited by lots of different races when faced with Clarith's bewilderment. She then watched as Clarith suddenly broke down hysterically, only to be interrupted by the girl's mother with a bowl of soup.

The chief then barged in and threatened Clarith for not paying her rent; after Michaela offered to pay the amount for her, she convinced the two to leave and suggested to Clarith that she pay their rent in exchange for staying with them.[12] Over the next few months, Michaela lived with Clarith in Yatski and helped the Netsuma with the farm work. During the period, she got on friendly terms with everyone she met in the village and was adored by the residents there.[10]

First Friend[]

"I'm sorry... Miss Michaela."
"Hey, you can dispense with the formalities any time now. Call me just 'Michaela'. We're friends, aren't we?"
―Clarith and Michaela[src]


One day during work, Michaela took a break with Chelsea behind a building and the two got to discussing their work. Soon the talk turned to Clarith, Michaela trying gently to argue against Chelsea and the rest of the village's vehement disliking of her. The two later returned to work; after finishing, Michaela spotted Clarith and the chief's son, Ayn, on the way home and joined their conversation about the planned harvest festival.

After Ayn left, Clarith spoke about how she'd recently been getting better at speaking to Ayn and suggested that he had a crush on Michaela. Embarrassed, Michaela said she wasn't interested in men and immediately realized how that could be misinterpreted. Once the girls returned home, Michaela watched as Chelsea and her friends came by and dragged Clarith around the house to talk.

Michaela protecting Clarith from Chelsea

Spying on the conversation and seeing Chelsea bully her friend, Michaela intervened and stopped her from hitting Clarith, persuading the three Elphes to leave. She then tended to the Netsuma and comforted her, the two holding each other for some time.[10] Later on one night, Michaela went to a hill outside the village and sang the spell song, sensing the vessel of sin at a large mansion in Aceid.

Surprised by Clarith, the two sat together and talked about such topics as life in Yatski, Clarith's speculation Michaela was a noble's daughter, and the deteriorating condition of Clarith's mother to Gula. Michaela then learned from Clarith that the mansion in the distance belonged to Keel Freezis and the two talked about Keel's rich life style. As they did, Clarith revealed her desire to have many friends like him but clarified she was content as long as she had Michaela. Touched, Michaela thanked her and the two returned home, only to find Clarith's mother dead.

After attending her mother's funeral, Michaela talked with Clarith and suggested they go to Aceid together to start a new life. At Clarith's response, to her shock, Michaela learned of her friend's suspicions that she was only using her to look more kind and beautiful to others. Michaela replied by embracing her and stating she liked Clarith for who she was, believing she was a wonderful person. After Clarith cried in her arms, the two made up their minds to go to Aceid prepared to pack. Just then, however, Ayn fervently burst into the home and said his father had killed Eugen and was mobilizing a mob blaming Clarith, rushing them to escape.

Ayn led the two girls out of the village along the steep cliff-side. Once they escaped the villagers and took a break, Michaela learned more about Eugen's death from Ayn while Clarith was asleep and the two discussed their separate plans after their escape, Ayn to have his father arrested and Michaela to stay with Clarith.[12] After their break, Michaela and Clarith arrived safely to Aceid and spent the night in an inn whose owner was familiar with Ayn.

After a week at the inn, Michaela learned from the owner and his wife about the merchant Keel Freezis, who had become a success despite being a foreigner, and how they might be willing to hire Michaela and Clarith as servants. The next day, Keel's wife Mikina arrived at the inn and Michaela approached the woman, the two talking until she learned that Mikina had recently fired some servants. She immediately mentioned how she and her friend were searching for a job, and once Clarith arrived Michaela introduced the both of them to Mikina. Although Mikina refused to hire Michaela because she was an Elphe, she eventually rescinded on Clarith's insistence and the began working at the Freezis Mansion the next day.[8]

Freezis Maid[]

"...I understand. I shall let the both of you come to the mansion. But I warn you, the work at the house will certainly not be a leisurely thi..."
Cha1 img (1).jpg

Over the course of a month, Michaela and Clarith worked at the mansion, meeting up in the garden after dinner to chat each night; at the end of their probationary period, the two girls were accepted as junior servants. On one occasion while Michaela, Clarith, and the other servants washed clothes, Gerda came in and summoned the two girls, claiming Earl Felix had requested them to wait on him.

As they attended to the earl, Michaela and Clarith spotted Ayn beside him, and the three were sent out by Keel so he could speak privately with Earl Felix. Outside, the girls learned from Ayn how his father was arrested and the Earl made Ayn an Elphegort soldier. When the meeting ended and Earl Felix prepared to depart with the boy, Michaela watched Clarith say farewell and give her thanks to him before he left.

Michaela and Clarith working as maids to the Freezis Family

After dinner, Michaela met Clarith again at the fountain in the Freezis garden; as Clarith happily chatted about Yukina, Michaela grew jealous until Clarith reassured her. On her friend's request, she sang the spell song she had used back in Yatski and felt the the vessel of sin in the mansion's treasury. Once she finished, they were approached by Keel, who had overheard and wished to hire her a vocal teacher; although confused, Michaela did as Keel instructed and practiced her singing every day, taking vocal lessons for the next two weeks.

On the night of Keel's monthly banquets, Michaela was dressed up for the main event and made to perform onstage in front of Keel's guests in the banquet hall. She afterward went to greet the guests and accepted their praise. Keel then introduced her to his friend, King Kyle Marlon, who had arrived at the party incognito; although nervous in the presence of royalty, Michaela warmed up enough to Kyle over the course of their conversation.

Over the next few months, Michaela continued to sing at Keel's banquets and in other residences in the city, growing famous quickly in Elphegort and even receiving marriage proposals. After a year had passed since her incarnation, Michaela went to go rest after another performance and retired to the living room. There, she found a painting of a girl on the coast signed by a "Karchess Crim". As King Kyle entered the room, she learned that he had painted the picture and the king explained how his mother had manipulated him into giving up his career as a painter.

Michaela and Kyle continued to talk, discussing his life as king and wish to have a family, before Michaela realized that he loved her. She listened as Kyle admitted his feelings and tried to explain that she didn't know what love was. After the king tried to explain what love was, Michaela became confused when she realized the feelings he was describing applied to how she felt about Clarith. Kyle then gifted Michaela with a shell necklace, offering for them to start out as friends first, and Michaela accepted it with some persuasion.

Once Michaela had recovered, she exited the room and ran into Clarith, who questioned her about what she did with Kyle. As Clarith became jealous and begged her not to get closer to other people, only to apologize and leave shortly after, Michaela considered Kyle's words in relation to her friend.[8]

Passion of Blue[]

"Michaela, if—if I were to say that I wanted to defy my mother, abandon both my position as king and my country and run away with you, would you... would you come with me?"

Michaela converses with Kyle during his stay in Elphegort

Over the next several weeks, Kyle met up with Michaela almost every day, chatting with her about Marlon festivals or his adventures fighting pirates and occasionally buying her gifts.[13] While cleaning Keel's office, she was greeted by Keel himself, who took note of her shell necklace and deduced Kyle had given it to her. As Michaela asked Keel for advice, she learned that Kyle had a fiancée, the princess of Lucifenia, and she ruminated on this fact as she continued cleaning.

Soon after, Michaela went to buy green onions from the market at the direction of another maid; on the way she ran into Kyle and the two shopped and talked. While walking on a bridge together, Michaela was startled to see Clarith jump out and fall into the river, seeing Kyle rescue her. That evening, as King Thorny Elphen, Keel, and Kyle were in a meeting, she and Clarith were instructed to deliver liquor to Keel, Kyle, and Thorny after their meeting and relayed the orders to Clarith.

As the miserable Clarith "tasted" the liquor to make sure it was alright and became drunk, Michaela failed to stop her from bursting into Keel's meeting and cursing him out, and the two girls were harshly scolded afterwards as a result. Michaela later sought Clarith out in the garden to make sure she was sober and tried to cheer her up as she repeatedly lamented her behavior.[14]

The next day, having learned more of Riliane and Lucifenia's political strife, Michaela grew incensed over Kyle's deception as she did the laundry. She subsequently sulked when the king came to greet her and then confronted him over his having a fiancée. As Kyle tried to explain that the princess was only like a sister to him, Michaela nonetheless guided him to the entrance to leave. She was then made to listen as Kyle told her that his marriage with Riliane had been arranged and that although he didn't hate her, he nonetheless didn't love her.

Michaela is suddenly embraced

Seeing Kyle hesitate over the issue, Michaela told him point blank to stop pursuing her and chastised him for his conduct. After he apologized, and she prepared to finally see him off, Kyle suddenly ran back and hugged Michaela, begging her to run away with him. As Michaela struggled to reply, Kyle released her, apologized, and left. Contemplating his actions, Michaela returned to the laundry room and realized the vessel of sin had been moved into Keel's private room.

Approaching her employer, she learned from Keel that a messenger from Thorny had just left and that the vessel from his treasury was a sword, called the Venom Sword. That night, Michaela went to the garden and related the news to Elluka using the spell song "Recollective Musicbox".[13]

Troubling News[]

"Oh, do you have some business with me, cute foreign boy?"
"Uh–uh... Do you know a girl named Gumillia?"
―Michaela meets Allen Avadonia[src]

Michaela meets Allen

Several weeks later, Michaela was sent to the central district of Aceid to buy laundry soap and was sidetracked to visit the inn she and Clarith once stayed at. As Michaela spent time catching up with the innkeepers, a small Elphe child entered the inn and she learned he was an orphan whose parents died of Gula. Intending to cheer the child up, Michaela learned from him that his mother liked to sing the song "South North Story" and told the boy to sing that song to feel closer to his parents.

Michaela then prepared to sing the song for the boy, but was stopped by the innkeeper's wife and directed to do it in the city square instead. With the Elphe child in tow, Michaela sang "South North Story" in the city square and attracted a crowd of admirers. After assuring the child felt better and sending him back to the inn, she was approached by a blond-haired boy, who claimed to work with Gumillia and gave Michaela a green onion sent from her.[13]

The delighted Michaela soon learned the boy was named Allen, and that he had to meet with Keel Freezis. Offering to show him the way, Michaela shared a carriage with the boy and took a shortcut to Keel's mansion. Along the way she and Allen conversed, talking about Michaela's singing, their respective ages, and about the discrimination her friend Clarith had suffered which made it hard to get a job before Keel hired them. They then spoke about Allen's job to serve the Lucifenian Royal Family and Michaela's job as a maid.

Once Allen commented on Michaela's necklace, she hastily said it was a gift, and the two arrived then at the mansion.[15] After the two dismounted, Michaela saw two men standing in front of the gate and ignored them as they entered. Saying their farewells, Michaela left Allen to his meeting and she met with Clarith. After explaining why she was late and who Allen was, Michaela was reminded of the laundry and left to wash the clothes. As she went, she saw the two men in front greet a purple haired man, Gast Venom, and overheard them discussing his failure to acquire the Venom Sword.[13]

That evening, Michaela chatted with Clarith about the innkeeper and his wife. Later that night, she returned to the garden with the green onion and, using the magic item to contact Elluka, she reported everything that had happened to her since their separation. She was instructed to keep an eye on the Venom Sword, Elluka confirming it wasn't related to Lucifenia's collapse and explaining Gast was a former friend towards enemy. Michaela was also able to hear of Gumillia's progress before Elluka's voice cut out and Michaela went to bed.

The next day, she saw a blonde haired messenger visit with Keel; after the girl left, Michaela was summoned to Keel's along with Clarith, Gerda and Bruno, meeting with Keel, Mikina, and their son Shaw. She listened as Bruno explained that Kyle was under house arrest after trying to go to Elphegort and that he had broken his engagement with Riliane because of a sweetheart there, which Keel suspected was Michaela. Once Keel went on to explain how Riliane may be planning to kill Michaela, the girl was instructed of a secret hideout she could go to and watched as Clarith, and then the rest of the Freezis household declared their intentions to protect her. A week later, Michaela saw that the Millennium Tree Forest was burning and, unable to contact Elluka, prayed for Held's safety alongside Clarith. As she did so, she suddenly saw a rainstorm extinguish the flames and was contacted by Elluka, who told her that Lucifenia was preparing for war and to escape Elphegort.[13]

Green Hunting[]

"I won't say goodbye. You'll come back to this mansion again. You two still have a lot of work left to do."
―A teary-eyed Mikina to Michaela and Clarith[src]

Elluka explained the situation to Michaela, that Riliane planned to exterminate everyone in Elphegort since she didn't know who Kyle's lover was, and after Michaela explained everything in turn Elluka instructed her to flee for safety as Riliane was killing all green-haired women. After Michaela assured herself that Gumillia and Elluka were safe, she listened as Elluka tried to tell her their strategy and told the other mage that she didn't want to return to being a spirit.

As the enraged Elluka ranted through the onion and Gumillia took over, Michaela learned that her friend had also decided to remain a human. Michaela afterwards told both of them of Keel's secret hideout and they agreed to meet there before the onion's time was up. The next day, the Lucifenian army invaded and Michaela was instructed to flee with the rest of the staff before they broke into Aceid. At Clarith's insistence, she reluctantly said a farewell to the Freezises, was given a cloak to cover her hair, and fled using an underground passage through the city. Passing multiple corpses on the way, Michaela and Clarith successfully escaped to Yatski.

Walking through the village, the women saw many destroyed houses and stacked corpses; after they discovered their own house was mostly intact, they were alerted to Lucifenian soldiers arriving as they prepared to leave. The two were quickly surrounded and Michaela's green hair discovered. As a soldier prepared to kill her, she was saved at the last minute by Ayn, and she and Clarith fled south while pursued by a soldier on horseback. After Ayn met with them again, he instructed them to flee into the forest while he distracted the soldiers and the two obeyed.

Shortly after entering the forest, they met up with Ayn again and he filled them in on the current situation. They soon realized, however, that the soldiers were returning with reinforcements. As Clarith made clear her plan to lure the soldiers away, Michaela protested and the two held each other. After a moment, Clarith told Michaela that she loved her and deeply kissed her before stepping away. As she tried to reciprocate to Clarith, Michaela succumbed to a sleeping pill Clarith had slipped her and fell unconscious.

After being rendered unconscious, Ayn delivered Michaela to the Freezis hiding place as Clarith ran to distract the soldiers. Waking up inside an underground well, Michaela frantically left the well and found Ayn dead just outside. Distraught, Michaela gave him an informal burial and returned to the well to wait for Clarith.

A few days later, Michaela was visited by Allen Avadonia, who had learned of the hideout's location from Keel, and he told her that Kyle would arrive in five days to take her away.[13] In turn, Michaela recounted her escape with Clarith to him;[15] when Allen begged her to come with him to a safer place, she refused to wait for Clarith and Elluka. As Allen prepared to leave, he started to speak and then stopped himself, leaving, and Michaela realized the boy had wanted to confess his love to her.

The following night, Michaela received another visitor, who appeared in the guise of Allen and told her that the princess had learned of her location. As Michaela started to climb down the well, her visitor pushed her and she fell the long way to the bottom. Paralyzed, she watched as the visitor came down and revealed herself as Ney Phutapie; triumphant, Ney stabbed Michaela in the chest, cutting through her shell necklace. Sometime later Michaela regained consciousness, the wound partially blocked by the necklace but still too deep. As she bled out, Allen arrived to the well and held Michaela, screaming with grief as she died.[13]

New Millennium Tree[]

Michaela and Clarith reunite

After her death, Michaela's corpse was discovered by Kyle and then shortly after transformed into a sapling. The sapling was quickly recovered by Elluka and Gumillia, who delivered it to Clarith after revealing Michaela's true identity to the girl. Michaela was entrusted to her until her sapling matured to become the new Millennium Tree in Held's place. Gumillia then conjured a projection of Michaela in her human form and said her final goodbyes to Clarith, the two confessing their love to each other before their reunion ended.[16]

Michaela was eventually planted in Held's Forest by Clarith and Rin.[17] When Kyle, transformed by the Demon of Pride, attacked Yukina Freezis, Gumillia, and and Germaine Avadonia in EC 505, Michaela sang a song to amplify Gumillia magic on Held's instruction, allowing her to exorcise the demon.[18] In the process she enchanted Kyle's shell necklace.[19]

Michaela as a sapling

Within the following decades, Held finished teaching Michaela what he knew and died, leaving the sapling as his successor. After quickly growing into a large tree, she was accepted by the inhabitants of Elphegort as the "New Millennium Tree" and worshiped as Held's reincarnation.[20] Over time Elluka related to Michaela what occurred in Marlon, referring to a mage with a red cat as her true body, Abyss I.R., as being the boss of her killer, Ney Phutapie.

Later on, Michaela saw Shaw approach her and make a wish for eternal youth; attempting to grant his wish, she instead merely extended his lifespan and had an argument with Elluka over interfering in the lives of humans. As years passed, the criminal organization Père Noël began extracting some of the Millennium Tree's sap for themselves. In November of EC 609, Puerick Rogzé visited the new Millennium Tree and collected some of her sap, roughly analyzing its properties. He was then joined by Elluka and Gumillia, who discussed the possibility of turning the sap into a cure for Gift.

After Puerick departed, Elluka greeted Michaela and she quickly began to complain about Puerick taking her sap, even to help humans. She, Elluka, and Gumillia then discussed the current situation with Gift, with the vessels of sin creating trouble again and with the red cat mage also on the move. Michaela learned how the other mage had tricked them into tracking down a fake and how Elluka had failed to collect the vessel. Michaela then caught sight of someone else in the forest that resembled Eve Moonlit and Elluka left to talk with the woman.

Michaela waited until the sorceress reemerged; once Elluka insisted to Gumillia that she hadn't just seen Margarita Blankenheim and bid Michaela farewell, Michaela was taken aback by her change in attitude before her friends left for Lucifenia.[21] Around the mid EC 900s, Michaela had learned that Lich was incarnated as a death god and was active once again.[22] In EC 964, when Elluka, having learned her true identity as Levia Barisol and then having been expelled from Ma, was reborn as Nemesis Sudou, Michaela resolved to watch over the child while she grew up in the forest,[23] helping keep her safe in various ways over the years.

Once members of the police group PN entered the forest to find Nemesis, Michaela telepathically spoke to Nemesis through the Clockworker's Doll. She warned the girl to flee, and additionally cautioned her to be careful if she ever encountered Lich.[24] After Nemesis left, Michaela controlled the trees' branches to ensnare both the road and the woodcutter's house that PN was staying in. She later released them on Sickle's command after informing him of the situation on Lich.[22]

As the years progressed, Michaela continued monitoring the incidents caused by the vessels of sin. In the EC 990s, she recognized the danger the inhabitants of Evil's Theater were causing in her forest.[25]

World's End[]


After the Millennium Tree Forest was destroyed by Punishment in EC 999, Michaela along with Gumillia met with Sickle, deciding to reduce the influence of the Second Period in order to allow humanity to decide the ruined world's fate. Having learned of Sickle's plans, Michaela was tasked with managing both the vessels of sin and their demons.[26]

Later on, after Allen successfully reunited Nemesis' body and soul, Michaela reunited with her along with Gumillia, learning that Nemesis had never met Lich. Laughing over Gumillia and Nemesis' identical appearance, she later heard Allen resolve to go to Evil's Theater next, setting out to save the world.[23]

Later on, Michaela separated from the group, eventually traveling to the destruction site of Marlon. There, the other Demons of Sin gathered, namely Rahab Barisol, Salem Dunbar and Gilles Derais. After Riliane and Clarith arrived, Riliane bantered with the demons before announcing her intention of stopping Sleep Princess. After Michaela handed her the Doll, they discussed the Doll's appearance and how it was empty after the world's destruction. Gumillia then burst in and took Riliane to the bowels of the Hellish Yard to protect her, Michaela thanking Riliane at the last minute for raising her sapling form into a tree.[6]

After Riliane and Allen reunited and black clouds began forming over Evil's Theater, Michaela decided to head there as well, leaving Clarith in charge of the demons while she was away.[27] As Allen battled Ma in Riliane's body, Michaela began singing the Clockwork Lullaby to restrain Ma, with all the souls of the Third Period eventually joining in her singing.[2]

After the creation of the Fourth Period, Michaela led the souls in singing as they prepared to move into the new world.[28] Later, Michaela participated in the ball at the Lucifenian Royal Palace[29] before being presumably incorporated into the Fourth Period.[30]

Personality and Traits[]

Michaela was a kind, friendly, and curious person, fascinated with human behavior and everyday life. As a result of her past as a forest spirit, she found many actions and habits of humans odd, such as praying to Held when he wouldn't be able to hear. She also had little understanding of many human emotions like love, lust, or even bigotry, struggling to understand her love and jealousy for Clarith as it developed. As she spent more and more time among humans, and Clarith especially, she grew to understand and develop a full range of human emotions and behavior.[31]

Throughout her life Michaela maintained a cheery, carefree and hardworking attitude; this was even present in her time as Michael in the Second Period, regarded as being upbeat and spirited by Levia.[2] As a human, Michaela was even polite to those who were bigoted or cruel, although remaining firm when stopping bullying. She constantly took the initiative to protect and support others, particularly those she was close to like Gumillia, Elluka, or Clarith, and got along well with nearly everyone she met as a result.[31] Despite this, she had a cheeky streak and wasn't above disobeying her superiors to do what she liked; this tendency increased after she became a god.[21] As a human she herself often looked down on rash, emotional, or irresponsible behavior, while herself demonstrating a strong will and brave temperament.[31]

Although originally genderless, after reincarnating Michaela began identifying herself as female, even when her life as a human ended and she became the new Millennium Tree.[21] Similarly, she typically identified her human appearance as her "true" or ideal appearance,[3] although briefly spending time in her old robin form as well.[32]

Skills and Abilities[]

As a forest spirit, Michaela was immortal, able to heal from any wound almost instantly while in Held's Forest. Similarly, she could freely transform into an animal, usually a green robin. After becoming a human, she became vulnerable to death but relatively quick to learn human habits and customs.[7] As part of this, she became skilled at labor and was capable at menial tasks, in addition to having both a talent for singing and a remarkable beauty that earned her wild popularity. Despite this, she never learned to read and was mostly illiterate.[8]

As a mage, Michaela was not as adept as Gumillia but learned the necessary song spells as she searched for the sin fragments. Among the songs she learned was the Clockwork Lullaby, used to track the vessels of sin, and Recollective Musicbox, to communicate their location to Elluka. Despite this, she did not understand the songs themselves as Elluka never taught her their meaning.[7]

After becoming a god, Michaela had an extended lifespan as the Millennium Tree and had the power to pull off amazing feats, such as bringing the forest foliage to life in order to combat someone.[22] The sap she gave off also worked as an energizing tonic for humans, and could be refined into a cure for Gift. Despite this, she still fell short of some tasks, such as being unable to grant Shaw immortality and only giving him longevity.[21] Her body also remained mortal and subject to damage.[32]

Character Connections[]

Lich Arklow: Michaela's older brother in the Second Period. Although Michaela was presumably close with Lich in the Second Period, their relationship was irreparably damaged after Lich was infected with HER Syndrome. From then on the two had a strained relationship, never getting along and constantly bickering with one another after becoming forest spirits.

Eve Moonlit: The inspiration for Michaela's human body. She observed the event of the Original Sin and thought her to have a suitably beautiful appearance, although Michaela was frightened by what had taken place. She believed Eve to be a very wicked person.

Gumillia: Michaela's former fiancée and friend. Although not remembering their relationship from the Second Period, Michaela and Gumillia were very close, with the former often spending time with the latter before they became human. While the two were separated Michaela would often ask for Gumillia's progress in Lucifenia, through emissaries from the palace and later the Green Onion; during the Green Hunting Michaela became most concerned for Gumillia, and after her death would not hesitate to lend her aid when possible.

Elluka Clockworker: Michaela's mentor. Michaela initially knew her as a friend of Held and saw her as being rather lackadaisical in nature, although enjoying playing with Elluka whenever she would visit. Michaela became grateful to the magi for giving her a chance to help Clarith and looked to her often for advice and guidance, particularly in how to be human. While eager to aiding Elluka's search for the Seven Deadly Sins, Michaela eventually came to prioritize her new life as a human over this quest.

Held: Michaela's creator and predecessor. Michaela respected and cared for Held as a father figure, although sometimes she would disobey his orders due to her curious nature and chose to leave him behind to become a human. She continued to care for him and look to him for guidance through prayer, becoming deeply worried for him and the other spirits during the Green War. Michaela eventually returned to Held's tutelage as a replacement Millennium Tree and protected the forest in his stead long after his death.

Clarith: Michaela's best friend. Michaela was initially filled with gratitude for Clarith due to the aid she gave her as a robin, and wished to protect her from the abuses of the other villagers. She quickly came to see the girl as a wonderful person and friend, and eventually came to love her, for as much as she understood love. Michaela resolved to remain as a human for the sake of staying with Clarith and, while torn by their separation in the Green War, was happy to finally express her feelings to her after death.

Allen Avadonia: A friend of Michaela's. While initially put off by Allen's formality, Michaela took pleasure in conversing with him over many subjects after he amended his speech, seeing him as a friend and relieved to meet him during the Green War as an ally to confide in. Despite this trust and fondness for him, Michaela did not reciprocate Allen's feelings and thought him foolish for having them.

Kyle Marlon: A suitor of Michaela. Although not understanding nor reciprocating his advances, Michaela viewed Kyle with a mild affection, feeling sympathy for his relationship with his mother and later accepting his offer of friendship, coming to enjoy spending time with Kyle in a platonic sense. Nonetheless, Michaela was vexed whenever she believed the king was teasing her, and thought him foolish for his insistence on loving her, despite the disastrous results.

Keel Freezis: Michaela's employer. Michaela treated Keel with respect and viewed him as caring, as well as a confident individual. She came to care about him as family, appreciating him for giving her and Clarith employment and turning into a Diva under his guidance. It pained her to flee from his employ during the Green Hunting, though she was grateful that he provided her with a hiding place.

Mikina Freezis: Michaela's other employer. Michaela was fascinated by Mikina's appearance and respectable nature, though initially cautious due to the woman's dislike of Elphes. After singing for Keel's banquets, their relationship became warmer, with Michaela considering Mikina to be a very caring person and appreciating how she had aided both her and Clarith.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The nickname given to her by the citizens of Aceid is derived from the term "diva", which refers to a popular female singer or personality; the word itself is derived from Italian, meaning "goddess".
  • Clarith's nickname for Michaela as a robin, Grüne, is derived from German, meaning "green one"; Elphegort, her native country, is inspired by Germany.
  • Michaela's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, Miku, with Michaela's romanization containing "Mik" in it.
  • Michaela's association with green onions is likely a reference to Hachune Miku and Michaela's representative Vocaloid, whose character item is a green onion.


  • In Epic of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Fanbook, Michaela was voted as the thirteenth most popular character in The Daughter of Evil Series by Japanese fans.
  • Due to the nature of Michaela's reincarnations it's unclear if Michael was originally male and transitioned into a female after becoming the human Michaela, or if Michael was originally a trans woman in the Second Period, with only Lich and Levia's perspectives providing any information on the matter.




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