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  • I was born on October 2


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  • I wanted to show you the picture of me from prom, since I thought you'd want to see it ;-;

    Ah well, I sent it to you via skype if you wanna see it!

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  • Berrr

    I can't draw bears but here you go lmao

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  • "Somewhere, there was a tiny shota. Such a tiny man it was, 

    No one knew who had gave birth to it. The tiny shota began to think. 

    'I don't want to disappear this way. 

    How can I make Resi notice me?' 

    The tiny shota thought and thought, and then came up with an idea. 

    'I'll make Resis get lost in me, and let them create the wikia.'"

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    • OH GOD


      But realy, good one. Whoever you are, I wish I could parody like you.

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    • we'll remember this day. 


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I got Skyrim the other day and in the few times I've played, I spent 95% of the time being hopelessly lost. For instance, I set out this morning from Whiterun to Riverwood and before I knew it I was in Winterhold and had gained three levels from smashing wolves and slinking about the countryside like an overgrown, lost, and slinking lizard.

    I know, logically, that a map exists, but it's too much fun going in the opposite direction, getting turned around and somehow bumbling my way into a new location.

    I also spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to break into cities by jumping over their walls and surrounding boulders. Having failed to do that, I will look for a door by walking around the entire rocky, treacherous, wolf-filled section of the city where there is certainly no door whatsoever before becoming lost in the countryside. After tussling with wolves and cultists for a few minutes, I eventually stumble across farms and later the road at which point I am delighted to find the way in. The odd portion of this situation is that I usually follow the road yet cities make me run off the road and stampede through the brush and rivers to get at the high, impregnable walls and ridiculously large boulders.

    Then there was a time when mucking about near Windhelm led me to being trapped under a number of boats and my sister helpfully told me, "Oh yes, you can suffocate if you stay underwater too long." "Even Argonians?" I asked and she, who has never played any Elder Scrolls games in her life responded, "Oh yes, you can." Naturally, I did not suffocate because she is full of it and so mucked about in the river for a good while longer and by the time I was done proving her wrong I had drifted a very long way in one direction (unclear which one because I was at the bottom of the river the whole time) and ended up lost in the country side again.

    It is a very fun game although I don't think the devlopers intended transportation to be so entertaining.

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    • Then some idiots try to sell me horses and this is an outrage because one cannot get so lost on a horse nor play the fun game of "Surely I can jump over this mountain and surely there will be a city on the other side". Also, I won't be able to sneak around and terrorize the local wolf populations or saunter into a city and chat up the laidez (and more often the guards) as a highly unspucious crouching overgrown lizard dressed up in a ridiculous amount of armor and brandishing a gargantuan poleax. Horses lend some kind of majesty to the scenario and generally ruin the entire thing. Derping is the very best part of the game.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I have failed you orz

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  • When Servant was at the table

    I kept on seeing him look at me while he was with that old lady

    Do you think he was just doing that to make me jealous?

    Because he was totally PMing me all night last night

    And I don't know if it's a wikia job or not

    So... like what do you think?

    Did you think that old lady was pretty?

    How did that girl even get in here?

    Do you see her?

    She's so shy and that hood is so revealing

    Who wears Red Cats?

    It's not even summer, why does the DJ keep on playing "Summer Time Record"?

    After we go to the PMs, can we go kill in main chat?

    I really need killing

    But first,

    Let me take a selfie


    'Tis beautiful

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    • Can you guys help me pick an avatar?
      I don't know if I should go with Caster or Shanoa
      I wanna look fab
      What should my new profile be?
      I want it to be clever
      How about "Livin' with my Abyss, hash tag YOLO"
      I only got 2 PMs in the last 5 minutes
      Do you think I should refresh?
      Let me take another selfie

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    • Wait, pause



      Serv-serv just liked my selfie

      What a fiend

      Is that guy glomping over there?

      Yeah, the one next to the girl with no heart on

      That's so mainstream

      That girl is such a fake HERs

      She definitely bought all her edits

      Who edits on Mondays?

      OK, let's go take drink some cocoa

      Oh no, ugh I feel like taking a nap

      Oh wait, nevermind I'm fine

      Let's go reflect

      There's no vodka at this pier

      Do you know anyone else here?

      Oh my Gumillias, Servy just PMed me

      Should I talk with him?

      I guess I took a good selfie

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Resi. Are you still a ghost or did you really leave? My waltzing isn't that bad.

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    • Freaking Lemmings!

      Making me feel like I've been disconnected. If you had time to post a message on my wall you had time to check the Recent Activity to see. Complain, complain, rant, rant. You and your waltzing happiness, yadda yadda. Why didn't you just ask me, why didn't you tell the ghost secrets, do you even ghost, do you really.

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    • I couldn't have told it secrets because you were talking to me. Naturally, I couldn't reply because it said you had left chat, but as you never reentered, I went to your message wall to command you back in. It worked. Hooray.

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    • Wha-

      ......Oh. I didn't see the message 'til at least an hour later though, pfft. I do not recall this. But alright.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Y'know. Before I sleep and forget to give it to you because that will definitely happen if I decide I'm going to do it tomorrow.

    Happy Birthday Resi

    sleepy kitty is sleepy

    Hope ya like it! (ノ'ヮ')ノ*: ・゚✧

    how do you tabby

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  • Guys, wow.

    Wow, guys, wow.

    It's like in BGO when all of the names are changed. 

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  • Why does it let you in chat? Or are you in chat? It won't lemme stumble back in and me, Rose, and Aeon were in an alternate chat after you all got sentenced. orz

    Chat,stoppickingfavourites. >:l

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