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"Honestly... Nothing to be done about it, I’ll do it myself."
―Megour Conchita[src]

Megour Conchita, born Megour Glassred, was the wife of Duke Muzuri Conchita and the mother of Banica. After she and the rest of her household were cursed following her daughter's birthday celebration, Megour struggled to survive as the illness killed off their servants over the following decade. Becoming indignant toward her child, Megour later abused Banica for refusing to eat everything she was given.


Early Life[]

Megour was born into the noble Glassred Family during the third century EC, as the daughter of Elphegort's Prime Minister. She later married Duke Muzuri Conchita of Beelzenia and birthed his daughter, Banica, in EC 296.[1]

Ten Years of Gula[]

"I’ll die if I don’t eat, so... is there really nothing I can eat?"

After Banica's birth, the exhausted Megour stayed with her daughter and another chamberlain while her husband oversaw preparations for a celebratory dinner. That night, Megour joined the rest of the household at the banquet with Banica and, as her husband offered that she eat some of the delicious baemu pig being served, initially resisted but had a taste at Muzuri's insistence. She then prevented Muzuri from feeding some to their infant daughter before eventually going to bed.[1]

After learning that they contracted Gula from eating the baemu and needed to satiate their hunger for ten years to survive, Megour became obsessed with her family's survival and her kind demeanor increasingly soured. In EC 302, when the young Banica tried to leave the table while leaving leftovers, Megour grew enraged and started forcing food down her throat. As the years passed, she continued to grow more aggressive as she directed all her anger at the child.

When famine struck the region two months prior to the ten year period passing, the food stores quickly depleted; in March of EC 306, Megour wandered the mansion with Banica in tow, delirious and starving. As she came upon her husband with the corpse of one of their staff, Megour decided to eat the dead body and tried to take Muzuri's sword to use as cutlery. As her husband refused, the two struggled with the sword and Muzuri, in self-defense, slew Megour with it.[1]


Following Megour's death, only her husband, child, and Ron Grapple survived the incident while Empress Juno Beelzenia stripped Muzuri of his authority due to the events that had transpired during the previous decade.[1] Due to the abuse she inflicted upon Banica as a child, Megour's daughter grew obsessed with food to the point of contracting with a demon and abandoning her duties as Duke in pursuit of the ultimate "evil food".[2] Historically, Megour was recorded to have died of a heart attack.[3]

Personality and Traits[]

"Even though I’m suffering like this...! Why is this child... Why is she the only one...?!"
―Megour regarding her daughter[src]

Megour was a strong-willed and unyielding woman with a fierce devotion to her family. Sharing a loving relationship with both her husband and daughter, she passively opposed her husband's more quirky decisions while respectful of his whims. After their household was cursed, she became obsessed with survival, trying to keep herself and her husband alive at any cost; as they reached the end of the ten year time limit, she even became willing to even stoop to cannibalism to avoid death.

Megour initially shared this devotion with Banica, and was initially protective of her well-being. As time passed, however, Megour grew resentful of her daughter, envious of her ability to choose not to eat. As a result, she became increasingly aggressive, eventually abusive toward Banica.[1]

Skills and Abilities[]

As a member of the noble Glassred Family, Megour conducted herself with grace and etiquette. She also demonstrated a great degree of intelligence and common sense. While not a connoisseur like her husband, the aristocrat kept up with fine cuisine, although these refined habits degraded due to the curse plaguing their household. After years of eating to survive, Megour was strong enough to physically overpower her also corpulent husband.[1]

Character Connections[]

Banica Conchita: Megour's daughter. Megour loved and cherished Banica on birth, being lovingly affectionate towards her baby girl. Despite this, as she was ravaged by Gula and suffered with the rest of the household Megour's love turned to spite and rage at the child who was the only one not suffering, often bullying her and forcing her to eat the way the rest of the household did.

Muzuri Conchita: Megour's husband. Megour loved Muzuri and happily supported his culinary interests; she also served as his voice of reason during the early years of their marriage when the Duke would get carried away with his love of food. After becoming spiteful and suffering during the Gula plague she became increasingly monstrous towards him as with all other members of the household, eventually attacking Muzuri when seeing him as an obstacle to her survival.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Megour's Japanese name, when reversed, forms the English word "gourmet".[4]
  • Her original surname is a kenning for a "red glass"; interestingly, the vessel that brought her family to ruin was a red wine glass.


  • Although corpulent in appearance after the curse, Megour is described as initially having a slender body.[1]



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