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"Greetings again. I am not First Santa Claus... nor the one referred to as the "red cat mage". I am her most faithful disciple... My name is Fourth Shadow."

Mayrana Blossom, codenamed Fourth Shadow, was the eighth mayor of Calgaround, the apprentice of Julia Abelard and a member of Père Noël. Masquerading as her mentor, Mayrana acted as the shadow leader of Père Noël, directing the other members for her master under her false identity.


Early Life

"Ah, how nostalgic. Thinking back on it, that was my first job."
―Mayrana regarding the Lioness Burning Incident[src]

Born in the Beelzenian Empire during the 6th century EC, Mayrana met the mage Julia Abelard and became her apprentice, moving to Lucifenia. Completely obsessed with her master, Mayrana attempted to imitate her in any way possible.[1] Trained in the magical arts by Julia, the disciple learned of Julia's history with Elluka Clockworker and the vessels of sin, as well as her plans to destroy the gods and everything they created. Eventually, the woman grew jealous of her master's clear obsession with Elluka. At some point, Mayrana learned how to make the Gift developed by the Rogzé Family from Julia.

When her master formed the criminal organization, Père Noël, during the EC 590s, Mayrana immediately joined and, choosing four as her code number in reverence to Meta Salmhofer, became "Fourth Shadow"; acting as her double, Mayrana served as Julia's second-in-command. Later on, the two began traveling around Lucifenia; while touring through the local port town, Santa and Shadow met the young Yuzette Ora. After proving their power as actual mages to her, the young girl fled her home and began traveling with them.

When Julia began teaching Yuzette about the magical arts, Mayrana grew envious of the teenager. Once her master expelled the magically talentless girl for ultimately failing her tests, Mayrana looked on at Yuzette with disgust as they left her. When First Santa Claus later recruited the girl into Père Noël after she became a fortune teller in Rollam, Mayrana became even more envious of "Seventh Magician" being given the Venom Sword and tasked with forging a contract with the Demon of Lust to change criminals' faces for the organization's profit.

Later on, Julia and her apprentice discovered Elluka and her disciple, Gumillia, were posing as Freezis Foundation's CEO Shaw Freezis' dead great-grandchildren: Hanne and Heidemarie Lorre. In EC 597, Mayrana was assigned her first job: Burn the town of Lioness and blame it on Elluka. With glee, the sorceress disguised herself as the mage and traveled to the Marlon town. After entering Lioness Castle, Mayrana unleashed her fire magic upon the nearby buildings until it consumed the entirety of Lioness. Once rumor spread that "Elluka Clockworker" had caused the incident, Mayrana left with her job complete.[2] As time progressed, Mayrana's attempts to imitate Julia became even more extreme.[3]

A New Face

"So even my senior Mayrana doesn't possess the knowledge of magic that can change one's face."
"Isn't that power of yours not your own? Through and through—it is the power of the Demon of Lust you have borrowed from my lady, you shouldn't forget that."
―Seventh Magician and Fourth Shadow[src]

During the early EC 600s, Santa Claus assigned Shadow to take up residence in Merrigod Plateau for a new mission.[4] Moving to the far away land, Julia later visited Mayrana with her adopted son Lemy in EC 604. She later decided to have even her face match Julia's and went to Seventh Magician's shop in Rollam to request her power. When Magician remarked how even she didn't know magic that could change one's face, Shadow politely reminded her that she used the Demon of Lust's power, not hers, citing that it was only due to Julia's compassion that she was even kept around. 

Mayrana then related her request, explaining she wanted every detail to be like Julia's face, and promised her twice the usual payment. Magician nodded and directed out back and Mayrana immediately laid down on the bed there before the fortune teller even asked. Once Magician performed the spell and changed her face, Mayrana examined herself in the mirror. Noticing the subtle differences in the details, she flushed and turned to glare at Magician, demanding to know the meaning of it.

The women inquired about it being "very similar" to her "lady's" face like she wanted and Mayrana angrily shouted that she meant it to be the "same" exact face. The furious apprentice acknowledged the similarities before pointing out the subtle differences, exclaiming it made the face nothing like Julia's own. Magician then apologized for her crude inexperience, remarking that it seemed she didn't do it flawlessly. As Mayrana demanded she redo the spell, Magician pointed out she could only do it once unless she contracted herself with the Demon of Lust, earning Shadow's anger.[5]

Elphegort Dealings

"So, the fake "Elluka" that approached Margarita was—  "
"Oh, that wasn't a lie. There is no mistaking that that was me. Of course, I had done so in accordance with my lady's instructions."
―Elluka and Shadow[src]

Sometime after returning home with her new face, Mayrana campaigned as "Julia Abelard" for becoming the mayor of Calgaround and won the election. Residing in her mansion in the city, the mage decorated it with greeonian plateau roses and a portrait of Meta.[6] Around that time, the mayor familiarized herself with the town's lore, including the tales surrounding Mikulia Calgaround.[7]

In EC 608, Mayrana was ordered by Julia to recruit Marquis Kaspar Blankenheim of Toragay into their organization as their black market in exchange for the Grim the End vessel in the Blankenheim Family's possession.[8] Garbed in a cloak as "Elluka Clockworker", Mayrana met with the Marquis at his mansion.[9] After making the offer as "First Santa Claus",[10] Kaspar accepted the deal and joined Père Noël as "Second Dealer".[11] Once the marquis gave her the golden key, Fourth Shadow passed the vessel onto the real Santa.

Afterward, she periodically visited the town to check on Second Dealer's black market dealings for Julia. During one her visits, Kaspar introduced her to his wife, Margarita, and immediately told the unknowing Clockworker's Doll that she looked like a doll. Spending time with the woman whenever she visited, the two talked about anything Margarita desired and she eventually began telling Shadow about all her troubles with Kaspar and was consoled by her. At some point, Margarita was told that she was a mage and that each person had three look-alikes in the world.[12]

In EC 609, Mayrana recruited Margarita into Père Noël as "Third Sleep Princess" on Julia's orders,[13] gaining her the desired vessel of sin for herself.[14] Later on, First Santa Claus ordered Shadow to enact an operation: Transform the Gift poison into an infectious epidemic and then have Second Dealer monopolize a cure for the organization's profit.[15] Passing on the mission to Dealer and Sleep Princess, Mayrana tasked Margarita with developing the cure.[16] The mage then began experimenting with the Gift poison, attempting to mix it with animal blood to mask it from detection.[17]

During one of her visits to the Blankenheim Mansion, Margarita pleaded for "Elluka" to join her in giving food for the local orphans. Finally giving in, the two visited the Charity Institute in town together and waited there while the Marchioness cooked meals for the children. While there, she met with Rita Flohn, the orphanage's proprietress, and spoke only a few words to her before leaving with Margarita.[18]

Dissatisfied with the resulting effects of her Third Gift, Mayrana labeled the concoction a failure. During another one of her visits, Margarita related how Kaspar had recently begun suffering from insomnia and stress from work and expressed her desire to cure him of his sleeplessness. Fourth Shadow later discovered that Kaspar had started selling Margarita's incomplete cure on the black market and had been monopolizing the profits for himself rather than Père Noël as a whole.[19]

Later on, Mayor "Julia" was asked for an interview with the Schuburg Newspaper's reporter Hanne Lorre. Deciding to pass the task of creating the airborne Gift pathogen onto Margarita and let the unstable girl presumably kill Kaspar with the poison while Elluka was directed to discover the truth about Third Sleep Princess before the jealous mage killed her as well, Mayrana agreed to the arrangement. She later met with Sixth Venom and explained her plot to him. The lieutenant general then agreed to collaborate after finishing his duties during Julia's presidential inauguration ceremony on August 18.

Santa later tasked Shadow with attacking Deputy Mayor Banner in Aceid and she completed the mission on August 15, taking credit for the incident as "First Santa Claus".[20] When Gatt later joined her in Calgaround a few days after Julia's inauguration, Mayrana had him acquire the original copy of Yukina Freezis' Flower of the Plateau from Second Dealer and pose as the local librarian to help direct Elluka to Toragay and Margarita via the book. The mage then traveled to Toragay with her failed vials of Third Gift on August 24; while there, she encountered Rita and learned that Kaspar and Margarita had gone to Aceid for King Soil's birthday,

Mayrana was then directed to a local inn to stay at until the aristocratic couple returned. After checking in at the inn, the mage stayed there and ate everything the innkeeper Brigitta gave her. When she departed for the mansion again the next day, Shadow left one of her Gift samples at the inn as a future hint for Elluka.  During her meeting with Dealer, the two got in a quarrel over his apparent betrayal of their organization. Soon after, Mayrana left the room and gave Margarita the instructions to her failed Gift experiment to produce the airborne epidemic.[21]

Media Interview

"What do you know about the "Flower of the Plateau"?"
―Mayrana to "Hanne"[src]

After "Hanne" arrived on August 30, EC 609, the mayor warmly greeted the reporter and offered her a cup of tea. She then asked for her impression of the city and the reporter remarked about the town's peculiar red buildings. Julia explained that it was out of reverence for the town's Lady and directed her to the portrait of Meta Salmhofer. Hanne asked if it was a portrait of her or Germaine Avadonia and Julia denied the notion, though admitting they shared a resemblance with one another.

The mayor then elaborated on the portrait's figure and how she had been the mother of the Twins of God. She was then asked about the town's history and enthusiastically detailed the origins of Calgaround. Once she mentioned Earl Calgaround and Mikulia, catching Hanne's attention, Mayrana noted the numerous tales passed down about the Flower of the Plateau throughout the town's history; she then added how the famed Yukina Freezis had written a fairy tale inspired by it as well.

Afterward, Hanne pointed out that their readers were very interested in Yukina's works and asked to know more about the tales of the Flower of the Plateau. Making a bitter expression, Julia agreed to tell the reporter before clarifying that the tale brought stories of murder to their town. After drinking some milk, the mayor asked what Hanne already knew about the story.

Once Hanne read through the portions relevant to Flower of the Plateau from Yukina's memoirs, Julia remarked that the novelist definitely seemed to have written a story inspired by it. Hanne countered that the story seemed to either not exist or remain undiscovered, prompting the mayor to brush it off. When the reporter suggested the town's tales might help her understand what Yukina meant, Julia said it wasn't an issue and took out Hermann Bälz's Calgaround history book from the nearby shelf.

After explaining what it was and that it kept a census of the town's feudal lords, the mayor flipped through the book until she found the page and showed it to Hanne. She then gave the book to the reporter to flip through the pages for herself. When Hanne remarked about Gilbert's early death, Julia explained the unknown disease believed to have caused it, resulting in rumors of it being murder. As Hanne mentioned the Flower of the Plateau traditions, the mayor questioned her implication it was Mikulia's doing.

Noting it was one, Julia stood up and went to the greeonian plateau roses from the vase under Meta's portrait. Describing their nature, she asked if Hanne was familiar with them. Saying she didn't, the mayor related how Mikulia was beautiful like the flowers, hence why the foreigner was named "Flower of the Plateau" by the people of Calgaround. When Hanne asked about her being from another land, Julia related that's what the tale said, and that she had been a flower vendor there before marrying Gilbert.

When the reporter expressed doubts about selling flowers as a job, Julia suggested the tale may have been distorted over time and they had met in another town, or that being a "flower vendor" had a different meaning or importance. Moving on, Julia pointed out how kind, beautiful, and loved she was before being slandered by a man claiming she was a "lewd woman" and a boy claiming to be her son.

Once she stated they had both disappeared soon after, Julia told how two skeletons were found at the bottom of the since demolished noble mansion's well. Hanne pointed out the implication that Mikulia was a killer and Julia brushed it off as being rumors, since the bodies were unidentifiable. Adding that their peaceful, boring region preferred to create and believe entertaining fables, she sighed.

When Hanne then asked how the presumably weak Mikulia would manage to commit the murders, Julia explained the medicinal properties of the plateau rose used by the shamans of old to create "Gift". Once she clarified that the shamans no longer existed, the mayor described how the sleep medicine was deemed too effective due to the difficult dosage needed. The reporter pointed out it seemed more like a poison and Julia agreed, stating it was possible Mikulia might have also been a "beautiful flower with poison".

Saying she could have used Gift to kill her husband and the two males, whether she was a shaman herself or learned it from them, Julia confirmed the flower wasn't used for such purposes anymore and only made for a nice decoration. Hanne then inquired why Mikulia would kill her husband and the mayor admitted she didn't know, reiterating the story was just a rumor. The mage then asked if the reporters curiosity about Yukina's supposed fairy tale was really for her article or just her personal interest, chuckling.

When Hanne thanked her for the story, Mayrana questioned if she was leaving before coming to a "realization". Suggesting she go to the former royal library, the mayor briefly described its history. She then noted the portrait of Mikulia and Gilbert painted by then Prime Minister Gumina Glassred. Hanne accepted the offer and left shortly after. Later that day, Sixth Venom reported his success to Mayrana.[22]

Toragay Serial Killings

"Through this failure, Margarita was able to further refine the Sixth Gift. It is a wonderful thing. And one need not even drink it. By infection via the air, people are led to the sleep called death one after another―It's even more infectious epidemic than the Gula disease. She created something magnificent!"
―Mayrana regarding Margarita's Gift[src]

Later on, Mayrana learned of Kaspar's apparent demise on August 30 by Margarita's experimental Gift; under her master's orders, Shadow moved Père Noël's underground market to her mansion in Calgaround and began operating the illegal dealings from there.[23] On October 6, Julia visited Mayrana and explained to her apprentice that Lemy seemed to have killed the businessman Ton Corpa to rescue his friend Rin Chan and had apparently fled out of the country, expecting him to go to her.

That night, the two overheard Lemy knock and cry for his "aunt". Mayrana answered the door, peeking out her head slightly as she noted he actually did come. Seeing the boy stare at her in bewilderment, she asked what was wrong. Querying if it was her face, the boy clarified his shock over her looking like his mother and Mayrana chuckled, admitting she wasn't his mother before fully opening the door to reveal Julia behind her.

After Lemy begged his mother, Julia ordered Shadow to take custody of Rin and the mage accepted the task. Once they left, Mayrana imprisoned the popular diva in her basement.[24] When it was discovered that the entire Charity Institute in Toragay had died of a "mysterious disease" on October 17,[25] Mayrana was overjoyed with Margarita's successful completion of the airborne Gift they desired.

On October 21, Margarita arrived at Shadow's mansion to avoid the World Police quarantining Toragay's "epidemic". After Margarita described her actions in creating the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Gifts that killed Kaspar, Dr. Marx, and the whole town, the mayor gladly let her continue working on her final creation on the second floor.[26] Around that time, she cast enchantment runes throughout her home to sap away the power of mages' spell songs in preparation for Elluka's return and their eventual battle.[27]

Visit from Two Mages

"You're "Elluka Clockworker"...The name of the mage being talked about. If I'd known from the start, I wouldn't have had to go through these diversions."
"Life is a series of diversions, Miss Hanne...NoMiss Elluka Clockworker."
―Elluka and Mayrana[src]

When Elluka and Gumillia arrived in the rain later that night, the expectant mayor opened the door to let them in. Once inside, Elluka immediately asked if Margarita was there and Julia freely admitted her location to work on her last task for them. The pink-haired mage then remarked that she didn't need to go through all those "diversions" as "Elluka Clockworker" if she'd known from the beginning. Mayrana retorted to "Hanne" that life was a series of diversions before correcting her address to "Elluka Clockworker" and the apprentice laughed.

After the pink-haired mage expressed her surprise she knew she was the genuine Elluka, the mayor countered it was the reason she directed her to Toragay; when Elluka brought up her "librarian" accomplice's involvement, answered that it was all to encourage her to discover Margarita's true identity. She then expressed her disappointment in the mage, having expected her to figure it out much sooner.

Once Elluka retorted that even she had trouble finding any evidence, Mayrana was shocked the mage thought she was a contractor. Sighing, Mayor Julia again expressed her disappointment that the mage knew nothing about it. When the pink-haired mage demanded to know what, the mayor reiterated it was about everything, lamenting how the mage was fooled even though she didn't try to mislead her and wasted her efforts in Père Noël on the woman.

Julia then stated her fake codename and rank along with Kaspar and Margarita's codenames, asking if the mage would be satisfied with that confirmation. Elluka then inquired why they killed Kaspar due to an internal fight. The mayor clarified that wasn't Margarita's orders but that Kaspar did break the organization's rules, explaining his betrayal. After explaining her reasons for giving Margarita Gift, Elluka noted the red liquid and Julia expressed her surprise and glee for actually finding her hint.

She then explained her failure with the Third Gift before applauding Margarita's brilliant improvements with the Fourth Gift used on Kaspar; she then clarified the Fifth Gift's shortcomings on Marx before happily describing the airborne effects of the Sixth Gift, exclaiming that it was an even more infectious epidemic than the dreaded Gula disease. As Elluka declared she'd stop it, Mayrana playfully questioned if she would, pointing out her inability to anything to stop the vessel of Gluttony's Gula or save her precious Arth and Anne.

Seeing Elluka's anger in response, the mayor inquired if she still hadn't realized that killing Margarita wouldn't stop the Sixth Gift, noting the disease would still continue killing like Gula. She then added Margarita's current work on the Seventh Gift and questioned what it would become; suggesting it might eradicate all humanity, she laughed and prepared to battle Elluka. Gumillia then interjected to ask if Fifth Pierrot was there, Mayrana recalled how she was chasing him and apologized.

After she explained he had already returned home, the mayor described that she kept the girl he brought in the basement, saying she could free the child after they killed her. Once Gumillia coldly noted how she had seemed so talkative before, Mayrana chuckled, retorting she spent enough time waiting and answering questions. Before she could add it wouldn't matter since they were going to die, Gumillia interjected the answer for her and asked if she planned to say that; after a brief silence, Mayrana said she was right.[28]

Battle on a Moonlit Night

"Now then, in this situation, even though it's two on one, I wonder if you can really beat me?"
―Fourth Shadow[src]

With their conversation finished, Mayrana entered a battle stance and conjured fire. Immediately after Elluka flung a large tornado at her, the wicked apprentice cast her spell at the wind, transforming the flame into a large fire snake. Once the snake coiled around the tornado and snuffed it out, Mayrana laughed and commented on Elluka's impressive skill with using nature to empower her own spells, pointing out she'd overwhelm her if they were at a forest or ocean. She then noted it was useless since they were indoors.

Asking if the former spirit had a similar magic arsenal, Gumillia didn't respond. Elluka then cast Curse Song at Mayrana and she laughed at the futile attack. Once the mage recanted her spell, Julia explained she should already know as a mage that advanced magic needed preparation to adjust, unlike in her home. Exclaiming again that they were in her home, Mayrana revealed the runes she inscribed into the mansion. She then explained that she already sealed the use of spell songs.

Afterward, the mage questioned if they could defeat her, even if it was two on one. Laughing maniacally, she commanded them to become ash and conjured a large flame in her hands. She then said she couldn't afford to burn Margarita upstairs, hence the smaller flame compared to her last spell. Mayrana declared this attack would only incinerate humans, specifically them, and fired it at the mage.

She then witnessed the flame become doused by a water spell. Seeing a hole in the mansion's wall to the outside, the mayor deduced the mage used the rain to create an impressive water spell, given her attacks were impervious to regular water. She then overheard Elluka call to Gumillia and the apprentice receded the muddy water back into rain. When Gumillia questioned where her stuffed red cat was, prompting Elluka to exclaim she wasn't that mage, Mayrana remained silent.

She then glared at the two of them for a short while before finally letting out a third sigh. Noting that the apprentice seemed to be more impressive than the "Mage of Eternity" herself, Fourth Shadow admitted she wasn't the "red cat mage", First Santa Claus, or even Julia Abelard and reintroduced herself to her opponents with a curtsy. After clarifying she was Père Noël's second-in-command despite choosing "Fourth" as a codename, the apprentice again laughed.

Once Elluka noted her codename implied she was a shadow double, Mayrana admitted that was the case. When Elluka suggested she wasn't the "Elluka" Margarita knew, the evil apprentice interjected that she didn't lie about that, adding that she had merely done it per her master's instructions. Recalling the Lioness Burning Incident, Mayrana quickly admitted her involvement in it as well and acknowledged the role her envy of Elluka played in her participation as much as her orders had.

Noting her disappointment in being unable to kill her, Shadow playfully admitted she was simply a novice back then. Elluka retorted that was fine, as it gave her no reason to hesitate killing her and Mayrana scoffed that her mouth was the only thing she was skilled at. As she declared she'd once again incinerate her with fire magic, Gumillia interjected again and pointed her gun at the mage, countering that she should be her opponent since they were both the apprentices.

Shadow then politely asked the former forest spirit to follow the mood; as she teased to go one at a time for being burned by her, Gumillia suddenly fired at her repeatedly and the apprentice easily dodged the attacks. Identifying the gun as magically enhanced, the intrigued apprentice noted it freed Gumillia of any environmental restrictions. Before she could finish her analysis, the green-haired mage open fired again and the wicked apprentice again easily dodged the attacks.

Calling her slow, Mayrana said her attacks were ineffective when Gumillia interjected again and carved a new rune into the gun before firing at her a third time. Startled by the increased speed, Shadow barely dodged the onslaught. Identifying the use of an acceleration inscription, she applauded the attack; while adding she was still slightly faster, Gumillia cast Clockwork Secret Art. Caught in the time bubble, the slowed Mayrana questioned what was happening and why Gumillia was approaching her so quickly.

Putting the gun to her temple, Mayrana screamed as she fired while helplessly trying to dodge. When the technique suddenly wore off in that moment, Mayrana swiftly fell to the ground and dodged the attack. After shakily recovering to her feet, Gumillia attempted to cast it again. Mayrana screamed for her to stop and swiftly fled out the hole in the mansion outside.

As she leaped outside, she was suddenly entangled in her planted greeonian plateau roses Gumillia manipulated. Shocked as the sharp rose stems suddenly burrowed into her, the pained apprentice noted she couldn't move and Gumillia told her to return to the earth. Entangled in more and more of the rose stems, Mayrana's entire body was covered and torn until she died of the poisoned flowers, left to appear like another part of the flora.[29]


"The Clockworker's Doll was a gift to Mrs. Blankenheim from her best friend, a woman named Julia. The inside of the doll's body hid and secretly delivered Gift."
―Gammon Octo[src]

Shortly after her death, Sixth Venom made a failed assassination attempt on Elluka while the mage duo attempted to leave the mansion with Rin Chan in tow.[30] Sixth Venom later acted quickly to prevent the death of the Mayor Julia Abelard from being reported in the newspapers, suppressing all media attention on Fourth Shadow.[31]

Shadow's words regarding Elluka being completely duped by Margarita inevitably helped the mage discern the woman's true identity and confront the Original Sinner.[32] After reporting their losses to Julia, Venom was criticized for Dealer, Sleep Princess, and Shadow's loss, despite citing that Mayrana's jealousy caused by Santa's obsession with Elluka was the root of their setbacks.[33]

Centuries after Shadow's death, Ma and Gammon Octo created a screenplay regarding Margarita's incident and Mayrana's involvement, and it was subsequently reviewed by the Master of the Court. While organizing the "motion", Gammon reflected on the actions of Margarita's close friend "Julia", allowing him to conclude Margarita's actual master had created the Clockworker's Doll and that its name shed some light on the identity of its true creator.[34]

Personality and Traits

"It is because my lady is exceptionally obsessed with you. I burned with envy. But in the end, I was unable to kill the all important you... Still, little Shadow was a novice in those days, teehee."

Mayrana was a sadistic, twisted, and spiteful woman. Much like her mentor, she enjoyed the suffering of others and took great pleasure in the spread of malice and death throughout the world.[35] She was also fanatically obsessed with Julia, being dedicated to serving her master's wishes and thereby Père Noël's objectives.[36] Due to this, she was constantly vying for the woman's attention and was completely set on proving herself as the sorceress' disciple, believing her training under Julia made her automatically superior to all other mages left in existence.[37]

As Julia's double, Shadow mimicked many of her traits, including her common saying about turning others into ashes or drinking milk. Her obsession eventually included eating the same food, wearing the same makeup and clothes, and even having the same face. As part of this, Mayrana memorized the nuanced details of her master's visage and could nearly instantly recognize the subtle differences when examining her altered face in a mirror.[38] This seemingly extended to her religious beliefs as well, choosing to join the cult sect in the Levin Church worshiping Meta Salmhofer, who also resembled Julia.[39]

However, Mayrana's loyalty was overshadowed by her envy of others who garnered her master's attention. Despite being Julia's apprentice, she was incredibly frustrated that her master gave a vessel of sin to Seventh Magician rather than her and began to strive to collect a vessel of sin herself through Margarita. Therefore, she felt deep disdain for Magician even thinking she could become a mage.[40] Likewise, she felt incredibly jealous of Julia's obsession with Elluka instead of her. As a result, she held both women in great contempt and considered them ignorant fools.

Her hatred for Elluka in particular fueled her delight in making her suffer; after becoming an accomplished magician, Mayrana wished to show Elluka some of the truth she was unaware of before killing her, which Julia expressly forbid. Regardless, Mayrana's hatred for Elluka extended to her more sadistic qualities. She enjoyed toying with her opponents and was extremely arrogant in her abilities, considering both Elluka and Magician pathetically inferior to her. Inversely, Mayrana's arrogance and envy revealed her own insecurities, becoming particularly vehement when humiliated by her self-imposed rivals.

The mage was also very showy and a bit dramatic, preferring to make long speeches showing off her knowledge or give long-winded explanations to others than simply remaining poignant. Because of this, she disliked being abruptly cut off and turned away from her conversations. She was rather indirect and roundabout with her methods as well, preferring to send Elluka on a convoluted journey with little point. Similarly, she desired to have her face changed after being sent far away from her master, despite knowing the process was permanent and that she would eventually be discovered for her actions.

Mayrana was exceptionally polite and had a high class manner and etiquette with others, even with her hated Elluka. Analytic by nature, the apprentice used her extensive knowledge and observations to plan against her opponents; due to this and her own arrogance, she remained calm and collected during battle. However, her love for carnage and villainy made her a bit reckless, willing to sacrifice valuable pawns if it still resulted in murder and mayhem. As well, when first thrown off by something completely unexpected, she could crack under pressure and end up in a panic.

As Fourth Shadow, Julia enjoyed manipulating others and using deception, believing life was all about diversions rather than being direct. Still, due to her vendetta with Elluka, the mage made sure to avoid intentionally misleading her on her path to discover Margarita's true identity; this made her all the more disappointed in Elluka's shortcomings, finding the woman's apprentice, Gumillia, to be a far more competent and capable mage than her.[41]

While posing as the mayor of Calgaround, "Julia" remained much more outwardly generous and well-meaning, albeit still a chatterbox.[42] With Margarita, "Elluka" was a sympathetic and kind friend who understood her miserable situation,[43] though only acting as such for her own interests. She also respected Margarita's mastery with Gift, considering the Sixth Gift she developed something glorious. As a personal trait, Mayrana liked the number four due to her worship of Meta Salmhofer, the fourth member of Apocalypse,[44] hence why she chose it for her codename in Père Noël.[45]

Skills and Abilities

"Heheheh—  If you ladies are mages as well, you should know this, of course. To use advanced magic, one need to prepare accordingly. This here is my house, so you ladies should have taken the extra time to do such. But... Not myself. I repeat, this here is my house!"
―Fourth Shadow unveiling her extensive magic runes[src]

Living up to her arrogance, Mayrana was a skilled mage and studious disciple of the magical arts. Having studied under Julia's direction, the rather talented apprentice became well-versed in numerous spells, both simple and advanced. Combined with an observant nature, Mayrana could quickly identify a spell being used and how to counter it. However, her knowledge did have limits as she was unaware of some rare and highly advanced techniques such as the Clockwork Secret Art.

In combat, Mayrana's primarily used flame magic to incinerate opponents, demonstrating her mastery of the art by burning an entire town while still a "novice". She could manipulate the size and form rather freely as well, such that she could make her fire as large as a room. When manipulating her flames, the apprentice could change its form to best suit her, such as a fire servant, and could even burn up powerful wind spells. Her fire was also indelible to normal water and allowed her to use it unhindered in the rain.

Her abilities also included inscribing magical runes to manipulate or seal certain magic. She was also physically agile and could even dodge bullets effortlessly with her speed. Although having learned how to craft the Second Gift from Julia, Mayrana wasn't very skilled in pharmaceuticals and failed to properly balance the mix of animal blood with the poison, resulting in her failed Third Gift.

As Julia's apprentice, Mayrana was knowledgeable about the vessels of sin as well and had a deep understanding of the history between her master and Elluka. As a member of Père Noël, Fourth Shadow was a skilled manipulator and impersonator, able to pass off physically as both Elluka and Julia at different points in time and match her master's mannerisms and conduct almost flawlessly. Because of her extensive knowledge, Mayrana was a good planner and set up her battles ahead of time to guarantee victory.[46]

Character Connections

Julia Abelard: Mayrana's master and employer. Mayrana was fanatically loyal to Julia and was loyal to Père Noël as an extension of her idolization of her master, although she would disobey her and go behind her back for her own goals. Obsessed with the woman nonetheless, she developed a complex to become Julia in appearance and personality, mimicking her every feature, as well as becoming intensely jealous of anyone else receiving her master's attention. 

Margarita Blankenheim: A fellow member. Privy to Margarita's true identity, Mayrana had no scruple against deceiving the young woman in order to obtain a vessel of sin, wishing to mark her superiority to Seventh Magician with the demon. Forming a fake friendship with Margarita by sympathizing with her and providing her counsel, Mayrana nonetheless acted as though it was in her best interests, such as giving her the unrefined Gift to aid her troubles.

Kaspar Blankenheim: A fellow member of Père Noël. Julia worked alongside Kaspar as Second Dealer, although cared little for his well-being and was unfazed by his unexpected death. Likewise, she recognized him as a problem for attempting to monopolize the black market for himself rather than the organization.

Yuzette Ora:  A fellow member of Père Noël. Mayrana viewed the fortune teller with contempt for not being a mage and grew intensely jealous of the her for receiving a vessel of sin from Julia for her work. Following her change of Mayrana's face, Mayrana became furious with Seventh for her inadequate job and resolved to show the member up with own vessel of sin.

Gatt Coulomb: A fellow member of Père Noël. Mayrana worked reasonably well with Gatt during her masquerade as Julia, and made her jealousy of Elluka apparent to the other member.

Elluka Clockworker: Mayrana's opponent and the object of her envy. Mayrana was intensely jealous of Elluka due to her idolized Julia Abelard's obsession with her; she took pains to sully her name through violent acts, as well as trying to kill the sorceress against her master's orders. She later took glee in deceiving the mage, and even defied orders further in trying to toy with her.

Gumillia: Mayrana's other opponent. Mayrana opposed Gumillia as Elluka's apprentice, though recognizing her capabilities, and found her dedication to hunting down Lemy amusing. Regardless, she underestimated the sorceress' capability of defeating her.


Conceptualization and Origin

  • Mayrana's codename as the "Shadow" is a reference the Japanese concept of shadow warriors (陰武者), body doubles who typically replaced military leaders; the term can also refer to someone who manipulates events from behind the scenes.
  • Mayrana's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, MEIKO, with Mayrana's romanization containing "mei" in it.
  • Her choice of number for her codename was four; the Japanese word 四 (shi), meaning "four", is often associated with 死 (shi), meaning "death".


  • Ironically, Mayrana "Blossom", who set Elluka on her journey to Toragay with tales of the "Flower of the Plateau", is described as becoming a real giant "flower of the plateau" after being killed by Gumillia.
  • Brigitta's mentioning that Mayrana didn't leave any leftovers while eating at the inn may be a reference to Banica Conchita, who is also represented by MEIKO.




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