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"Let me introduce myself again. I am the most loyal apprentice of ‘First Santa Claus’…the one you call the ‘Red Cat Sorceress’—I am called ‘Fourth Shadow’."

Mayrana Blossom, codenamed Fourth Shadow, was the eighth mayor of Calgaround, the apprentice of Julia Abelard and a member of Père Noël. Masquerading as her mentor, Mayrana acted as the shadow leader of Père Noël, directing the other members for her master under her false identity.


Early Life[]

"My, how nostalgic. Now that I think about it, that was my first job."
―Mayrana regarding the Lioness Burning Incident[src]

Born in the Beelzenian Empire during the 6th century EC, Mayrana met the mage Julia Abelard and became her apprentice, moving to Lucifenia. Completely obsessed with her master, Mayrana attempted to imitate her in any way possible.[1] Trained in the magical arts by Julia, the disciple learned of Julia's history with Elluka Clockworker and the vessels of sin, as well as her plans to destroy the gods and everything they created. Eventually, the woman grew jealous of what she perceived to be her master's obsession with Elluka. During this period, Mayrana also learned how to make the Gift developed by the Rogzé Family from Julia.

When her master formed the criminal organization, Père Noël, during the EC 590s, Mayrana immediately joined and, choosing four as her code number in reverence to Meta Salmhofer, became "Fourth Shadow"; acting as her double, Mayrana served as Julia's second-in-command. Later on, the two began traveling around Lucifenia; while touring through the local port town, Santa and Shadow met the young Yuzette Ora. After proving their power as actual mages to her, the young girl fled her home and began traveling with them.

When Julia began teaching Yuzette about the magical arts, Mayrana grew envious of her, despite the girl later being expelled for having no magical talent. When First Santa Claus later recruited the girl into Père Noël after she became a fortune teller in Rollam, Mayrana became even more envious of "Seventh Magician" being given the Venom Sword and tasked with forging a contract with the Demon of Lust to change criminals' faces for the organization's profit.[1]

Later on, Mayrana and Julia discovered Elluka and her disciple, Gumillia, were posing as Freezis Foundation's CEO Shaw Freezis' dead great-grandchildren: Hanne and Heidemarie Lorre. In EC 597, Mayrana, jealous of Julia's connection to Elluka, used her fire magic to burn the town of Lioness, although unable to kill Elluka; she instead ended up having Elluka framed for the incident. She then continued to cause chaos in various places while impersonating Elluka, blackening her name even further.[2] As time progressed, Mayrana's attempts to imitate Julia became even more extreme.[1]

A New Face[]

"So even my senior Mayrana doesn’t know the magical ability to change her own face, hm?"
"This power that you have, that’s not really yours now is it? You must never, ever forget that yours is a power you have borrowed from the ‘Demon of Lust’–from my Lady."
―Seventh Magician and Fourth Shadow[src]

During the early EC 600s, Julia assigned Mayrana to take up residence in Merrigod Plateau for a new mission.[2] Julia later visited with her adopted son Lemy in EC 604. Mayrana later decided to have even her face match Julia's and went to Seventh Magician's shop in Rollam to request her power, giving twice the usual payment to keep the operation quiet.

Once Magician performed the spell and changed her face, Mayrana examined herself in the mirror. To her displeasure, she discovered minor imperfections in her likeness to Julia, though Magician responded to her anger by merely brushing it off as her lack of skill in performing the face changes. Mayrana demanded she redo the spell, but Magician pointed out she could only do it once unless she contracted with the Demon of Lust.[1]

Elphegort Dealings[]

"Then the fake ‘Elluka’ who got close with Margarita—"
"Oh yes, that was not a lie. You weren’t mistaken on that. Though of course, that was something that I’d done under my lady’s orders."
―Elluka and Shadow[src]

Sometime after returning home with her new face, Mayrana campaigned as "Julia Abelard" for becoming the mayor of Calgaround and won the election. Residing in her mansion in the city, the mage decorated it with greeonian plateau roses and a portrait of Meta.[3] Around that time, the mayor familiarized herself with the town's lore, including the tales surrounding Mikulia Calgaround.[3]

In EC 608, Mayrana was ordered by Julia to recruit Marquis Kaspar Blankenheim of Toragay into their organization as their black market contact in exchange for the Golden Key vessel in the Blankenheim Family's possession.[2] Garbed in a cloak as "Elluka Clockworker", Mayrana met with the Marquis at his mansion.[4] After making the offer as "First Santa Claus",[5] Kaspar accepted the deal and joined Père Noël as "Second Dealer".[2] Once he gave her the golden key, Mayrana passed the vessel onto the real Santa.

Afterward, she periodically visited the town to check on Second Dealer's black market dealings for Julia. During one her visits, Kaspar introduced her to his wife, Margarita, who she knew to actually be the Clockworker's Doll in disguise. Spending time with the woman whenever she visited, the two talked about anything Margarita desired and she eventually began telling Shadow about all her troubles with Kaspar. During these conversations, Mayrana told Margarita that she was a mage and that each person had three lookalikes in the world.

During another one of her visits to the Blankenheim Mansion, Margarita pleaded for Mayrana to join her in giving food for the local orphans. Finally giving in, the two visited the Charity Institute in town together and waited there while the Margarita cooked meals for the children. While there, she met with Rita Flohn, the orphanage's proprietress, and spoke only a few words to her before leaving.[4]

In EC 609, Mayrana recruited Margarita into Père Noël as "Third Sleep Princess" on Julia's orders.[6] Later on, Julia ordered Mayrana to transform the Gift poison into an infectious epidemic and then have Kaspar monopolize a cure for the organization's profit.[5] Passing on the mission to her cohorts, Mayrana tasked Margarita with developing the cure.[7] Mayrana then began experimenting with the Gift poison herself, attempting to mix it with animal blood to mask it from detection.[8]

Dissatisfied with the resulting effects of her Third Gift, Mayrana labeled the concoction a failure. During another one of her visits, Margarita related how Kaspar had recently begun suffering from insomnia and stress from work and expressed her desire to cure him of his sleeplessness. Mayrana later discovered that Kaspar had started selling Margarita's incomplete cure on the black market and had been monopolizing the profits for himself rather than Père Noël as a whole. Mayrana decided then to hand off the task of perfecting the airborne Gift pathogen to Margarita, thereby indirectly causing Kaspar's death when Margarita used the poison to "cure" his insomnia.

Later on, Mayrana was asked for an interview as Mayor Julia with the Schuburg Newspaper's reporter Hanne Lorre. Mayrana agreed to the arrangement, plotting to direct Elluka towards the Sleep Princess with the intention of killing her later. She later met with Sixth Venom and explained her plan to him. He agreed to collaborate after finishing his duties during Julia's presidential inauguration ceremony on August 18.

Julia later tasked Mayrana with attacking Deputy Mayor Banner in Aceid and she completed the mission on August 15, taking credit for the incident as "First Santa Claus".[2] When Gatt later joined her in Calgaround a few days after Julia's inauguration, Mayrana had him acquire the original copy of Yukina Freezis' "Flower of the Plateau" from Second Dealer and pose as the local librarian to help direct Elluka to Toragay and Margarita via the book. The mage then traveled to Toragay with her failed vials of Third Gift on August 24; while there, she encountered Rita and learned that Kaspar and Margarita had gone to Aceid for King Soil's birthday.

Mayrana was then directed to a local inn to stay at until the couple returned. After checking in at the inn, the mage stayed there and ate everything the innkeeper Brigitta gave her. When she departed for the mansion again the next day, Mayrana left one of her Gift samples at the inn as a future hint for Elluka. During her meeting with Dealer, the two got in a quarrel over his apparent betrayal of their organization. Soon after, Mayrana left and gave Margarita the instructions to her failed Gift experiment to produce the airborne epidemic.[4]

Media Interview[]

"What do you know about the "Flower of the Plateau"?"
―Mayrana to "Hanne"[src]

After "Hanne" arrived on August 30, EC 609, Mayrana warmly greeted her, taking her to her house to have the interview. Upon hearing of Hanne's confusion on the town's peculiar red buildings, she explained that it was in reverence to Meta Salmhofer as the mother of the Twins of God. She was then asked about the town's history and enthusiastically detailed the origins of Calgaround. Once she mentioned Earl Gilbert Calgaround and Mikulia, catching Hanne's attention, Mayrana noted the numerous tales passed down about the Flower of the Plateau throughout the town's history. She added how the famed Yukina Freezis had written a fairy tale inspired by it as well.

Hanne pointed out that her readers were very interested in Yukina's works and asked to know more about the tales of the Flower of the Plateau. Julia agreed, though checking to see what Hanne already knew about the story. Hanne's response was to share relevant passages from Yukina's memoirs. Mayrana picked up the conversation by sharing Hermann Bälz's Calgaround history book, explaining that it kept a census of the town's feudal lords, including Gilbert. When Hanne remarked about Gilbert's early death, Mayrana explained the unknown disease believed to have caused it, resulting in rumors of it being murder.

Mayrana explained that Mikulia, Gilbert's wife, was beautiful like greeonian plateau roses, and allegedly a former flower vendor, and so was called the "Flower of the Plateau" by the people of Calgaround. Despite being kind and loved, Mikulia was slandered by a man claiming she was a "lewd woman" and a boy claiming to be her son. Both disappeared soon after arriving in town.

Mayrana added that two skeletons were found at the bottom of the since demolished noble mansion's well, with rumors spreading that they were the disappeared individuals, murdered by Mikulia. Hanne questioned how a young woman like Mikulia could commit all these murders, and Mayrana explained that the plateau roses were used by shamans to create "Gift", a sleeping medicine that turned poisonous in incorrect doses. Hanne also wondered why Mikulia would kill her supposedly beloved husband, but Mayrana had no answer.

Before Hanne could leave Mayrana suggested that she go to the former royal library, as it had a portrait of Mikulia and Gilbert painted by then Prime Minister Gumina Glassred. Hanne accepted the offer and left shortly after. Later that day, Sixth Venom reported his success to Mayrana.[3]

Toragay Epidemic[]

"Through that failure, Margarita pushed on and created the sixth ‘gift’. It’s a most marvelous thing. There’s no need to have the victim drink it. The contagion spreads through the air, and then one by one guides people to a sleep-like death–she’s magnificently created a pandemic that exceeds even the ‘Gula Disease’!"
―Mayrana regarding Margarita's Gift[src]

Mayrana learned of Kaspar's apparent demise by Margarita's experimental Gift on August 30; under her master's orders, she moved Père Noël's underground market to her mansion in Calgaround and began operating the illegal dealings from there. On October 6, Julia visited Mayrana and explained to her apprentice that Lemy killed the businessman Ton Corpa to rescue his friend Rin Chan and had apparently fled out of the country, expecting him to go to her.

That night, the two overheard Lemy knock and call for her. Mayrana answered the door, noting his shock at how she looked exactly like his mother before revealing that Julia was with her. Upon Lemy's pleading, Julia ordered Mayrana to take custody of Rin. Once they left, Mayrana let the girl live in her basement for the time being.[2] When it was discovered that the entire Charity Institute in Toragay had died of a "mysterious disease" on October 17,[8] Mayrana was overjoyed with Margarita's successful completion of the airborne Gift.

On October 21, Margarita arrived at Mayrana's mansion to avoid the World Police quarantining Toragay's "epidemic". After Margarita described her actions in creating the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Gifts that killed Kaspar, Dr. Marx, and the whole town, she gladly let her continue working on her final creation on the second floor. Around that time, she cast enchantment marks throughout her home to sap away the power of mages' spell songs in preparation for Elluka's return and their eventual battle.[2]

Battle on a Moonlit Night[]

"So, with these odds I might win even if it’s two against one, hahahahaha."
―Fourth Shadow[src]

When Elluka and Gumillia arrived in the rain later that night, Mayrana let them in. Once inside, Elluka demanded to see Margarita, though Mayrana diverted the topic to her, revealing that she knew Elluka's true identity as Elluka and not Hanne, as well as the fact that she directed her to Toragay on purpose. Elluka realized Gatt's involvement as her accomplice as well, with Mayrana remarking that she was disappointed in how slowly Elluka had figured everything out.

After further conversation Mayrana realized that Elluka knew even less than she thought, taunting her an bemoaning how much effort had been wasted on trying to leave her hints. Still pretending to be Julia, she gave Elluka her fake codename, as well as those of Kaspar and Margarita. When Elluka inquired into Kaspar's death, Mayrana explained his betrayal, though Margarita had not been under orders when she killed him. To her glee, Elluka revealed her knowledge of Gift, and the two went into a conversation about how Margarita had obtained it, and the improvements that she had been making on its design, particularly the Sixth Gift; and infectious toxin that would cause a greater epidemic than the Gula Disease.

Elluka declared she'd stop it, Mayrana taunting her over her inability to stop the vessel of Gluttony's Gula or save her friends Arth and Anne. At seeing Elluka's anger, she further argued that killing Margarita wouldn't stop the Sixth Gift from spreading. With a little more taunting she prepared to battle Elluka. Gumillia then interjected to ask about Fifth Pierrot's whereabouts, but Mayrana told her he'd already gone home, with Rin Chan in her basement, where they could get to her if they were to survive the battle.

After finishing the conversation, Mayrana entered a battle stance and conjured fire. Elluka retaliated with a large tornado, but Mayrana cast her spell at the wind, transforming the flame into a large fire snake, coiling around the tornado and snuffing it out. She taunted Elluka with the fact that they were indoors, and as such her foe couldn't power her spells with nature as she was accustomed.

Mayrana reveals her mansion's marks

Elluka cast a spell song to increase her power, but it proved futile, Mayrana revealing that she had inscribed marks all over the walls of her mansion that sealed the use of spell songs. Becoming more maniacally gleeful, she conjured a larger flame that only burned humans, so as to avoid setting the house on fire. When she attempted to throw it, however, Gumillia countered with a water spell, having created a hole in the wall to take power from the rain outside.

Soon after that, Elluka and Gumillia realized that in all this time, Mayrana had not had a red cat with her, finally declaring that she could not possibly be Julia, or, by extension, the red cat mage. Annoyed that her deception had been discovered, she explained her true identity as Père Noël's second-in-command, Fourth Shadow. Upon further questioning she also admitted to the part she played as the "Elluka" that Margarita had been friends with, and the one responsible for the Lioness Burning Incident.

After further barbs on the matter, Mayrana declared once again her intent to incinerate them with her fire magic; in response, Gumillia fired at her with her gun, stating that as they were both apprentices, they should fight each other. Mayrana easily dodged, inquiring as to the magical nature of the gun while still taunting her over its ineffectiveness. Gumillia responded by carving a mark into the side that increased its speed, making the shots harder to avoid. She followed it up by trapping Mayrana with the Clockwork Secret Art, slowing her down. She fired again, Mayrana just barely clinging to consciousness as the shots connected and the time bubble wearing off. In a panic, she fled from the hole in the mansion to the outside.

As she did so, she was suddenly entangled in her planted greeonian plateau roses that Gumillia had manipulated. Shocked, the sharp rose stems burrowed into her flesh while she was helpless to move, becoming further entangled and torn until she died, the stems sprouting an enormous rose in her place.[2]


"The Clockworker's Doll was a gift to Mrs. Blankenheim from her best friend, a woman named Julia. The inside of the doll's body hid and secretly delivered Gift."
―Gammon Octo[src]

Shortly after Mayrana's death, Sixth Venom made a failed assassination attempt on Elluka while the mage duo attempted to leave the mansion with Rin Chan in tow.[2] Sixth Venom later acted quickly to prevent the death of the Mayor Julia Abelard from being reported in the newspapers, suppressing all media attention on Fourth Shadow.[7]

Mayrana's words regarding Elluka being completely duped by Margarita inevitably helped the mage discern the woman's true identity and confront the Original Sinner.[5] After reporting their losses to Julia, Venom was criticized for Dealer, Sleep Princess, and Shadow's loss, despite citing that Mayrana's jealousy caused by Julia's obsession with Elluka was the root of their setbacks.[7]

Centuries after Shadow's death, Ma and Gammon Octo created a screenplay regarding Margarita's incident and Mayrana's involvement, and it was subsequently reviewed by the Master of the Court. While organizing the "motion", Gammon reflected on the actions of Margarita's close friend "Julia", allowing him to conclude Margarita's actual master had created the Clockworker's Doll and that its name shed some light on the identity of its true creator.[9]

Personality and Traits[]

"My lady has such an attachment to you. I got so burned up with jealousy. But in the end, I wasn’t able to kill you, my whole reason for doing it. …Little Shadow was but a novice back then you see, teehee♪"

Mayrana was a sadistic, twisted, and spiteful woman. Much like her mentor, she enjoyed the suffering of others and took great pleasure in the spread of malice and death throughout the world. Although putting on a thin act of politeness and capable of pretending to be a sympathetic friend, she had a love for carnage and villainy. She also had a taste for the dramatic, making showy speeches and gloating when she thought she had the upper hand. Mayrana was also extremely vindictive towards those she saw as rivals, going to extreme lengths to get revenge against them.[2]

As a member of the cult worshiping Meta Salmhofer, Mayrana became fanatically obsessed with Julia and was dedicated to serving her every whim, mimicking her down to the letter, and becoming the only one worthy of her attention. This obsession led her to become envious of anyone else Julia made her disciple,[1] or even Julia's enemies, seeing them as rivals for Julia's attention. Her obsessive nature made her reckless, arrogant, and sometimes short-sighted; conversely she became particularly vehement when humiliated by her self-imposed rivals.[2]

Skills and Abilities[]

"Heheheh—If you’re a sorceress yourself, naturally you must know. Using high-grade magic requires some degree of preparation. This is my house, so you two have had no opportunity at all to do anything of the sort. But…That’s not so for me. I’ll say it again, this is my house!"
―Fourth Shadow unveiling her extensive inscription marks[src]

Mayrana was a skilled mage and studious disciple of the magical arts. Having studied under Julia's direction, she became well-versed in numerous spells, both simple and advanced, and was highly observant towards battle. However, her knowledge did have limits as she was unaware of techniques such as the Clockwork Secret Art. In combat, Mayrana was skilled with flame magic much like Irina, able to make incredibly powerful and versatile attacks with it. She was also skilled with runic inscriptions, and was very knowledgeable about the vessels of sin.

Outside of magic, Mayrana was physically agile and could even dodge bullets effortlessly. She was also a skilled manipulator and impersonator, as well as a master planner. Despite this, Mayrana wasn't very skilled in pharmaceuticals and so required Margarita's aid in refining the Gift poison.[2]

Character Connections[]

Julia Abelard: Mayrana's master and employer. Mayrana was fanatically loyal to Julia and was loyal to Père Noël as an extension of her idolization of her master, although she would disobey her and go behind her back for her own goals. Obsessed with the woman nonetheless, she developed a complex to become Julia in appearance and personality, mimicking her every feature, as well as becoming intensely jealous of anyone else receiving her master's attention.

Margarita Blankenheim: A fellow member. Privy to Margarita's true identity, Mayrana had no scruple against deceiving the young woman, wishing to mark her superiority to Seventh Magician with the demon. Forming a fake friendship with Margarita by sympathizing with her and providing her counsel, Mayrana nonetheless acted as though it was in her best interests, such as giving her the unrefined Gift to aid her troubles.

Kaspar Blankenheim: A fellow member of Père Noël. Julia worked alongside Kaspar as Second Dealer, although cared little for his well-being and was unfazed by his unexpected death. Likewise, she recognized him as a problem for attempting to monopolize the black market for himself rather than the organization.

Yuzette Ora: A fellow member of Père Noël. Mayrana viewed the fortune teller with contempt for not being a mage and grew intensely jealous of the her for receiving a vessel of sin from Julia for her work. Following her change of Mayrana's face, Mayrana became furious with Seventh for her inadequate job and resolved to show the member up with own vessel of sin.

Gatt Coulomb: A fellow member of Père Noël. Mayrana worked reasonably well with Gatt during her masquerade as Julia, and made her jealousy of Elluka apparent to the other member.

Elluka Clockworker: Mayrana's opponent and the object of her envy. Mayrana was intensely jealous of Elluka due to her idolized Julia Abelard's obsession with her; she took pains to sully her name through violent acts, as well as trying to kill the sorceress against her master's orders. She later took glee in deceiving the mage, and even defied orders further in trying to toy with her.

Gumillia: Mayrana's other opponent. Mayrana opposed Gumillia as Elluka's apprentice, though recognizing her capabilities, and found her dedication to hunting down Lemy amusing. Regardless, she underestimated the sorceress' capability of defeating her.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Mayrana's codename as the "Shadow" is a reference to the Japanese concept of shadow warriors (陰武者), body doubles who typically replaced military leaders; the term can also refer to someone who manipulates events from behind the scenes.
  • Mayrana's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, MEIKO, with Mayrana's romanization containing "mei" in it.
  • Her choice of number for her codename was four; the Japanese word 四 (shi), meaning "four", is often associated with 死 (shi), meaning "death".


  • Ironically, Mayrana "Blossom", who set Elluka on her journey to Toragay with tales of the "Flower of the Plateau", is described as becoming a real giant "flower of the plateau" after being killed by Gumillia.
  • Brigitta's mentioning that Mayrana didn't leave any leftovers while eating at the inn may be a reference to Banica Conchita, who is also represented by MEIKO.