Maria Moonlit, publicly known as Alice Merry-Go-Round, was the Queen of the Magic Kingdom Levianta and the mother of Adam Moonlit. Established as the kingdom's figurehead and prophet under her public identity, she prophesied the destruction of the world if the twin dragon gods Levia-Behemo weren't incarnated as humans.


Early LifeEdit

Born sometime during the BT era, Maria became the Magic Kingdom Levianta's queen and prophet for her ability to commune with the twin gods Levia and Behemo, given the public name of "Alice Merry-Go-Round".[1] At some point, she ordered Seth Twiright to work as a scientist for the Magic Kingdom.[2]

In BT 022 she had a son, Adam, only for Seth and the Senate to separate her from him sometime later.[3] Later she became pregnant with twins in an allegedly virgin conception. The Senate refusing to believe that they were really a virgin birth, Maria became a fugitive to protect her children. After a year on the run, she was captured;[4] the Senate then dumped at least one of her children in a river to protect her "pure" image to the public.[1]

Project 'Ma'Edit

Around BT 005, about ten-odd years since the birth of her twins, Alice heard the voices of her mother and father and saw a vision of the two gods in her glass vial.[5] Her "parents" then told her they would destroy Levianta if the nation didn't cleanse the ark Sin by incarnating them into human vessels.[6] Asking how to turn gods into people,[7] Maria was instructed to create the vessels for their souls in the same manner she created Adam,[8] and Alice announced her prophecy of the future to her subjects.[9]

In BT 004, Maria became Irina Clockworker, a ghoul child created by Seth who eventually became part of the Clockworker family.[10] Around this time, the Senate also established Project 'Ma' to birth suitable twin vessels for the gods to inhabit, and eventually the twins Hänsel and Gretel were born. Queen Merry-Go-Round was then credited for commemorating the event by establishing the Evillious Calendar, marking their births as December 27, EC 0.[11] In EC 1000, as part of the Court ending, Irina traveled to a repeat of the Third Period, once again becoming Alice Merry-Go-Round.[4]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Maria was a weak-willed and troubled woman. After becoming the Queen of Levianta, she acted as a puppet ruler for the Senate.[12] She was also extremely devoted to the twin gods Levia and Behemo, believing them to be her parents. As a result, Alice was dedicated to seeing her mother and father and looked to them for guidance, allowing them to lead her in the path she desired.[7]

Despite this, she still considered herself a failure for issuing her false prophecy,[13] and even began questioning whether her choice was right and if the gods really were her parents.[14] Eventually, Maria came to believe she was merely a doll, both lifeless and heartless to truly know the right answer to anything.[15]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Maria was proficient in magic. Among her magical abilities included the powerful Swap Technique, allowing her to transfer a nearby soul, including her own, to another nearby body or object at will.[16] She was also one of the few humans able to hear the voices of Levia and Behemo and could view their images through a glass bottle, allowing her to commune with the twin gods and make prophecies based on their gospel.[6] Despite her position as Queen of the Magic Kingdom Levianta, Alice Merry-Go-Round lacked much actual political power and was instead used as a puppet ruler by the Senate;[12] regardless, her prophecies were considered absolute gospel and had great influence in her country's politics.[9]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Adam Moonlit: Maria's son. Maria cared for her son enough that the boy was worried about her wellbeing and angry at how she'd been manipulated. Due to this manipulation, however, Maria appeared to be less concerned with her son than she was with seeing her parents again.

Levia: Maria's perceived mother. Maria loved the god and believed her to be her mother, despite having never met her in person. Often looking to her and her "father" for guidance, she did whatever she could to meet with them one day and trusted them earnestly, despite occasional doubts that she was being manipulated.

Behemo: Maria's perceived father. Maria loved the god and believed him to be her father, despite having never met him in person. Often looking to him and her "mother" for guidance, she did whatever she could to meet with them one day and trusted them earnestly, despite occasional doubts that she was being manipulated.

Irina Clockworker: Maria's later self. Irina appeared to retain some of Maria's personality, specifically her strong desire to have children.

Master of the Court: Maria's later self. Like Irina, the Doll also seemed to retain part of Maria's personality, specifically her looking for guidance from her "parents" as well as her self-doubt.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Maria is possibly inspired by the Virgin Mary of Christianity; like the biblical Mary, Maria claimed to have birthed a child as a virgin and shared a similar venerable position as "Queen".
  • Maria's name is the Latinized form of the Virgin Mary's Hebrew name.
  • The English name Alice means "noble-natured" and was first popularized by Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.
  • The word "merry-go-round" is another name for a carousel, an amusement ride consisting of a rotating circular platform with seats for riders; Irina fittingly traveled back in a loop to become Maria herself.
  • Maria shares parallels with her eventual past incarnation Master of the Court; both are represented by Miku and Maria's song, Queen of the Glass, contains references to Master of the Court's songs, Master of the Court and Madam Merry-Go-Round.



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