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"I am the Sleep Princess."
―Margarita's imagined mantra[src]

Margarita Blankenheim, formerly Margarita Felix and codenamed Third Sleep Princess, was the Marchioness of Toragay in Elphegort and the wife of Kaspar. Happily entering an arranged engagement, Margarita soon became depressed by her loveless marriage. After befriending Mayrana Blossom, she joined Père Noël. Once she acquired the formula for Gift, Margarita experimented with the poison before enacting a massacre of her hometown with her creation. She was one of Eve Moonlit's incarnations.


Early Life

"Indeed... Everyone, everyone was asleep. From the very beginning."
―Eve Moonlit[src]

Following the death of the infant Margarita Felix in EC 593, the Clockworker's Doll was activated and Eve Moonlit assumed the baby's identity.[1] Growing up in the Felix household in Toragay, Margarita never tired or slept, and was examined by her father, Dr. Marx, for a medical cause for her "condition".[2] With no explanation forthcoming, Margarita remained perplexed by her sleepless condition and sometimes tried to sleep in vain.[3] Later on, as part of an alliance between the Felix and Blankenheim families, the young Margarita was brought to the Blankenheim mansion to live with them; there she met and fell in love with her planned betrothed, Kaspar Blankenheim.

During their time there, Kaspar offered her a wooden ring and promised they would get married once they grew up.[2] Later, Margarita returned to the Felix estate and, growing up, helped her father with his work as the local doctor, eventually earning a medical license, herself.[2] Years later, Margarita and Kaspar were engaged after he had become the Marquis of Toragay and were married in June of EC 608, at the local Levin church.[4] During their subsequent honeymoon, Kaspar bought Margarita a bed for her new room in the Blankenheim manor, although once he discovered her sleepless condition he refused to have her in his room while he slept.[2]

Marital Despair

"He was scum. While Margarita was his wife, he'd play around with women from the outside every day—  I'll say it again. That man was total scum."
―Rita Flohn regarding Kaspar[src]
Soon after their marriage, Margarita watched as her husband began taking on mistresses,[2] forbidden from entering his room whenever they visited.[4] She was also devastated to learn that Kaspar had forgotten their childhood promise and had in reality courted numerous other girls, marrying only for her fortune. While keeping silent about her hurt, Margarita began to regularly visit the local Charity Institute run by her midwife, Rita Flohn, to cook meals for the orphans there.

Margarita later consented to her husband selling off her personal possessions as their finances dwindled due to Kaspar's wasteful spending.[2] As their finances continued to diminish, Margarita began taking up the jobs of their former servants in cooking and cleaning. Kaspar then started up a new business to help alleviate their financial decline, really working for Père Noël; later that year, Margarita was introduced to his "business partner," Mayrana Blossom, using the alias "Elluka Clockworker."

Taking a liking to "Elluka," Margarita confided her troubles to her often when she visited;[4] she furthermore learned that Elluka was allegedly a mage.[2] Eventually, she joined Père Noël herself under the codename Third Sleep Princess.[5] In EC 609, Elluka tasked Margarita with creating a curative medicine using sap from the new Millennium Tree. Converting a room in the mansion's basement into her personal laboratory, she refined the sap into an energy tonic.[1] During one of Elluka's visits, Margarita brought her along to help her at the Charity Institute.[2] Gradually, Margarita noticed Kaspar beginning to suffer insomnia and stress from work.[3]

On August 24, Margarita accompanied her husband to Aceid for King Soil Elphen's birthday celebration. The next day, she overheard Elluka and Kaspar quarreling over Père Noël and the black market; after Elluka left the room, Margarita received instructions to create and refine the Gift poison into an airborne pathogen along with receiving vials of the failed Third Gift.[2]

First Killings

"Margarita did that without my permission... But yes. He broke the organization's rules and tried monopolizing the underground market's profits for himself. It certainly couldn't go ignored. So I passed Gift onto Margarita. Because she wanted it."
―Fourth Shadow regarding Kaspar's death[src]

Deciding that Gift would help her "sleepless" husband,[2] Margarita purchased supplies from the La Bula Pharmacy and ingested the failed poison to keep it hidden in her bloodstream.[5] She then worked day and night to improve the Third Gift given to her,[2] allegedly extracting the Gift in her bloodstream by cutting her wrists.[5] Once she developed the Fourth Gift, Margarita mixed her creation in trauben jam and, August 30, she "gifted" the poison to her husband and his mistress Eleanor as a birthday present.[6]


Margarita at her husband's funeral

Early the next morning, once Marx visited Margarita they both checked on Kaspar and discovered he was dead in his mistress' arms. Marx soon after conceded to cover for his daughter's crime and reported Kaspar's sudden death to the World Police. Margarita stayed in another room while they awaited the police, out of sight from any potential visitors. Once the World Police arrived later that morning, Margarita feigned any knowledge about Kaspar's cause of death and after questioning she continued about her routine while a guard stayed as security. After the investigation formally ended, Margarita regained her privacy.[4]

Throughout the month, Margarita developed the Fifth Gift and, on September 18, decided to use it on her own father after he warned her to stop associating with Elluka during dinner. She mixed the poison with trauben jam like before and served it to him during dinner; Marx fell into a coma upon returning home and was hospitalized in Aceid. Margarita, meanwhile, continued to refine her Gift each day and night. On September 28, Margarita attended her husband's funeral as the chief mourner and delivered a eulogy, which was only briefly interrupted when the Schuburg Newspaper reporter Hanne Lorre began laughing hysterically and had to be removed.[4]

Visit from a Reporter

"It’s a bit lonely in here, isn’t it?"
"I used to have a lot of things in it. They’ve all been sold off now."
―Hanne and Margarita painfully admitting the truth[src]

On October 6, Margarita received Hanne Lorre at her house and agreed to an interview for an article in remembrance of Kaspar. Leading her into her empty bedroom, Margarita admitted to Hanne how Kaspar had sold all her possessions and insisted, when asked, that she wasn't angry at him over it. She afterwards went into explaining Kaspar's new business, directing Hanne to Elluka for the details. The two then talked about "Elluka Clockworker," both the woman herself and her relationship to Margarita, as well as the oddity that the name Elluka Clockworker was already well known throughout history.[2]

Afterwards, Margarita took Hanne on a tour of the house at the reporter's request, bringing her to the dining room first and chatting about her cooking. During the chat, Margarita pondered the strange feeling she had that she had met Hanne before. She later told Hanne about her work for the Charity Institute and even recommended the place for a meal. Margarita then remembered aloud how she'd eaten with Felix in the room; as Hanne started to press her on the murders, Margarita grew incensed, although she quickly brushed it off and continued their conversation.


Margarita shows Hanne her medicinal supplies

Not long after, Margarita led Hanne into Kaspar's room; there, they talked about Margarita's extraordinary sleepless condition and how, although there were figures who were short-sleepers, she was the only one to not sleep at all. During the conversation, Hanne suggested Margarita could have made a contract with a demon to obtain her condition and Margarita laughed the notion off, briefly bantering with Hanne about such an unrealistic concept. Afterwards, Margarita and Hanne toured much of the house's first and second floor before moving into the basement.

Once inside, Margarita related to Hanne how the basement used to be used as Kaspar's warehouse and was usually locked, although not it was opened by the World Police. She led the reporter through the different rooms in the basement before coming to her makeshift laboratory, claiming it was where she made medicine using ingredients from the La Bula Pharmacy. After confirming that the World Police had found nothing suspicious about her medicines, Hanne and Margarita eventually returned to the first floor, and Margarita saw Hanne out.[2]

A Sleep Called Death

"There's no need to make an antidote. Because everyone— should be happy. In sleep, everyone forgets life's troubles and suffering. In unpleasant reality, their wishes can't come true. If everyone is in a dream, they can. So I made it for them. Gift."
―Margarita Blankenheim[src]

Once she finished her desired Sixth Gift, Margarita administered the airborne poison to Toragay's environment, starting with the orphans in the Charity Institute. As she slowly regained memories of Eve's other incarnations, Margarita began to refine a Seventh Gift that would awaken all her memories and finally grant her sleep. Meanwhile, on October 14, Margarita departed for Aceid and visited King Soil over matters regarding succession for the Blankenheims.[2] On October 17, she visited her father and ran into Ayn Anchor not long after the orphans and Rita had succumbed to her Gift.

On October 21, Margarita visited her comatose father in the hospital again before deciding to go see her dearest Elluka. Leaving Aceid, Margarita approached Toragay and saw it blockaded by the World Police as her Sixth Gift spread through the town. Instinctively realizing Elluka was in the north, Margarita approached Calgaround as her mental state degraded. Arriving in the town, she went to Mayrana's mansion and,[7] meeting with "Elluka" there, related everything she had done with her Gifts and her plans for the Seventh Gift.

Afterwards, Margarita set up a new laboratory on the mansion's second floor and continued working on her concoction.[5] Late that night, she again cut her wrist and bled into a vial, mixing the resulting poison with other ingredients. As she finished the Seventh Gift, Margarita was interrupted by the real Elluka Clockworker, having shed her disguise as Hanne, and her apprentice Gumillia.[5] As Elluka demanded that Margarita craft an antidote to the poison, the girl firmly declared that she was giving people respite as the "Sleep Princess."


Margarita commits suicide

As Elluka insisted that her spirit had been eroded by a demon contract and she wasn't giving anyone happiness, Margarita only laughed off her claims. She then revealed how she'd been regaining the memories she had lost, such as knowing for a fact that she, Elluka, had been alive for hundreds of years. Declaring that she wanted to sleep and become human, Margarita completed the Seventh Gift and offered it to Elluka.

Nonchalant at the woman's refusal, she drank it herself and collapsed. As Elluka tried to get her to vomit the poison, Margarita's life ebbed away and she was relieved to at last finally sleep. As the last of her memories returned, she resolved to meet her "prince" Adam Moonlit in the forest.[5] As she accepted her eternal sleep, "Margarita" passed away and Eve Moonlit reawakened in the Clockworker's Doll.[1]


"Margarita, Kaspar, and even Mayrana―I've lost very useful pawns thanks to them."
―Julia Abelard[src]

The genocide enacted on Toragay was followed closely by the Schuburg Newspaper and the World Police,[5] with Julia Abelard and Père Noël's involvement heavily suspected. The Elphegort government later entrusted the Freezis Foundation with the matter and its investigation team arrived to find Toragay already in ruins;[8] after the initial investigation, 72 survivors of the epidemic were discovered in the cellar of the Blankenheim mansion and a cure was eventually derived by Dr. Puerick Rogzé.[1]

Officially, Margarita's serial killings were labeled as the result of a "mysterious epidemic" that plagued Toragay. With the creation of a cure to the disease, international panic subsided. After her death, Eve Moonlit continued to use hypnosis inside the Clockworker's Doll to masquerade as Margarita when she met with Elluka Clockworker, only dropping the spell once the mage had determined the truth. Eve herself regarded Margarita as having been deceived like everyone else, believing she was truly a human being.[1]

After forcing Eve out of the Clockworker's Doll and into her soul, Elluka used Margarita's name and identity to meet with Julia Abelard and join Père Noël as "Seventh Magician". When Elluka claimed to have recognized Sixth Venom's skill in assassination during her time in Calgaround months later, Gretel argued that the real Margarita lacked the necessary intelligence to make that kind of judgment about someone.[9]

Centuries after her death, Ma and Gammon Octo created a screenplay regarding the incident and it was subsequently reviewed by the Master of the Court.[10] While organizing the "motion", Gammon deduced that Julia Abelard had given the Clockworker's Doll to the marchioness and hypothesized that Margarita was an incarnation of a demon.[11] At the world's end, Michelle Marlon utilized Margarita's appearance and identity following her contract with Eve.[12]

Personality and Traits

"I—  yes, I am the Sleep Princess. The person who brought everyone sleep. The girl who became everyone's hope. For the hope they wished—"
"Shut up! What happiness! What hope! Those things are only for your own ego. You only want to sleep yourself."
―Margarita and Elluka[src]

Margarita's vengeance on Toragay

Margarita was a disillusioned girl in denial. While Margarita had always considered her sleepless condition a natural part of life, she recognized sleep for others to be a natural respite from their troubles. Because of this, she made numerous attempts to induce sleep without success; as she slipped into depression, Margarita equated her lack of sleep to lack of happiness and humanity. Breaking under Eve's influence, she decided death was the ultimate sleep and constructed the fantasy that she was the "Sleep Princess" granting respite to others before giving it for herself as proof of her humanity.

Because of her true nature, Margarita felt a dissonance between herself and "normal" people which only increased with her sleepless condition, developing into an identity crisis and a sense that she was only a decorative doll. She furthermore began to resent the people around her that she blamed for her unhappy life and marriage; although outwardly kind and calm, she harbored a deep inner bitterness and sociopathy. Although playing ignorant to Père Noël's criminal nature and the destruction she was causing, she acted in large part to extract vengeance on the world for her unhappiness.

Margarita's delusional state was largely influenced by Eve as she went into denial over her miserable life, growing worse over time. Not having the means to handle her problems, she first pretended to be content with her loveless life. As she experimented with her Gift, this delusion grew to incorporate her fantasy of being the Sleep Princess awaiting her prince; by the time she completed her Seventh Gift, Margarita was completely consumed by her own sloth and more acting on instinct. She also came to consider the Gifts she made to be her own children as replacement for the ones she never had with Kaspar.

Skills and Abilities

"Through this failure, Margarita was able to further refine the Sixth Gift. It is a wonderful thing. And one need not even drink it. By infection via the air, people are led to the sleep called death one after another―It's even more infectious epidemic than the Gula disease. She created something magnificent!"
―Mayrana regarding Margarita's Gift[src]

While not particularly intelligent overall, Margarita was very well-versed in chemistry and medicine due to her work for her father, earning a medical license while still a minor. Her knowledge in pharmaceuticals extended to poisons as well, allowing Margarita to experiment and perfect the Rogzé Gift formula over multiple attempts.[2] Due to unknowingly using Eve Moonlit's magic,[1] she could even make the Gift into an unnatural airborne pathogen. Margarita was even able to hide the poisons in her bloodstream via ingestion, simply cutting her wrists to extract the poison from her blood.[5]

Due to her sleepless condition, Margarita never tired and could constantly be on the move even during night hours, though lacking any exceptional athletic ability.[3] She similarly possessed a rather impressive intuition as a result of her subconscious familiarity with the people and places Eve had encountered over the centuries.[5]

Character Connections

Kaspar Blankenheim: Margarita's childhood friend and husband. Margarita loved Kaspar from when they were young, and this love continued even after he showed he didn't reciprocate her feelings. Convincing herself that being close to him was enough to make her happy, Margarita endeavored to secure Kaspar's happiness and affected a disinterest in his philanderous ways and abuse of her finances. Over time, however, the loveless marriage warped Margarita's love into despair and eventually she snapped, murdering him.

Mayrana Blossom: Margarita's friend. Knowing her as "Elluka Clockworker", Margarita formed a deep and instant connection to the sorceress and looked upon her as a source of comfort and a mother figure, having felt as though she'd known her for her whole life. She later joined her criminal organization, Père Noël, and loyally followed her friend's goals while not understanding what they were.

Eve Moonlit: Margarita's true self. Hypnotizing herself to believe she was the real Margarita Felix, the fake persona had no awareness of the slumbering Eve within her. Although only retaining the witch's full memories upon being poisoned, these memories began to resurge shortly before her death.

Marx Felix: Margarita's father. Margarita was close with her father and spent time with him often, convincing herself that she cared for his well-being and wished to relieve him of his stress. Despite this, she resented him for controlling her life and using her, as well as for trying to keep her from staying with her friend "Santa Claus," and felt no remorse when killing him.

Mikulia Calgaround: One of Eve's past incarnations. The memories of Mikulia began to resurge in Margarita as well as those of Eve.

Platonic: One of Eve's past incarnations. The memories of Platonic began to resurge in Margarita as well as those of Eve.


Conceptualization and Origin

  • Margarita and her name are inspired by Marie-Madeleine-Marguerite d'Aubray; both used poison to accomplish their goals, with Margarita killing her husband to end her failing marriage and Marie killing her father and brothers to earn their estates.[13]
  • Her surname, Blankenheim, is the name of two German municipalities; Elphegort, Margarita's native country, is inspired by Germany.


  • Margarita delivering a deadly "gift" to the town's inhabitants ties with the characteristic twisted "Christmas" motif that surrounds Père Nöel.
  • Margaret, a minor character in The Daughter of Evil Series, may be a reference to Margarita; both have the same name derivative, committed suicide via poison, and bear a strong resemblance to Eve Moonlit.[14]
  • In the Fifth Pierrot PV, Third Sleep Princess is labeled as the "first green" and is stated to have retired, alluding to her suicide the year before.
  • After working on the illustrations for the light novel featuring her, Ichika expressed her belief that Margarita was the most terrifying character in the Seven Deadly Sins for her at that point.[15]
  • Margarita mentions that her husband sold her spoons, glasses, and mirror; this possibly alludes to the four vessels of sin that made their debut in Miniature Garden Girl.




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