Magic Abilities were innate abilities possessed by people due to their magical power. Some resulted from people being inheritors could be passed down to their descendants.


Accelerated HealingEdit

A type of magic ability possessed by Germaine Avadonia, who was a descendant of the Gluttony contractor Banica Conchita. The ability allowed her to heal from physical injuries at a quicker pace, and seemingly required no conscious effort save for eating a large amount beforehand.[1]

Detect MagicEdit

A type of magic ability. Those who possessed it could detect high concentrations of magic, whether these concentrations were in objects, people, or magical beings such as gods. One of its uses was sensing the location of the vessels of sin.[2]

Magic HealingEdit

A type of magic ability possessed by contractors of the Demons of Sin. Because of their contracts, these individuals were healed of their injuries at a superhuman rate by their contracted demons.[3] This essentially made contractors immortal; they could only be killed by those wielding the power of another demon.[4] Being distanced from the demon's vessel also slowed down the healing,[5] as did weakening the demon or blocking its power. Should the demon contract be revoked, so would the contractors' healing abilities.[6]

Prophetic DreamEdit

Main Article: Prophetic Dream

The prophetic dream,[note 1] also known as the purple dream,[note 2] was a magic ability associated with Rahab Barisol and her inheritors, one of whom eventually led to the Loop Octopus Clan. It allowed the user to see the past or future through dreams, receiving differently-colored visions.[7] These dreams appeared to come randomly to the person, and were thus uncontrollable.[8]


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Reincarnation[note 3] was a magic ability associated with the Twins of God Hänsel and Gretel. It allowed the user to be reborn in another body after death, rather than going to the afterlife.[9] Reincarnation appeared to be set in continuous, predetermined cycles; these could be tampered with,[10] or calculated in advance.[11]

See Forest SpiritsEdit

A type of magic ability possessed by both sorceresses and shamans. Those who possessed it could see and hear the speech of forest spirits, who were normally couldn't be sensed by regular humans.[12]


A type of magic ability associated with the Demons of Sin and spirits of the deceased. It allowed the user to have mental conversations with a target; when doing so, they had a recognizable "voice",[10] although impersonation while using telepathy was also possible.[13] It could be taught and learned as a technique.[14]


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