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Ly Li was an aristocrat of the Magic Kingdom Levianta and a member of the influential Li Family. Due to her family's support, Ly was selected as a potential candidate for Project 'Ma' and became part of a dangerous survival game with the other candidates for the chance at being the next Ma.


Early Life

Born in the Magic Kingdom Levianta as the second daughter of Irta Li, Ly was raised as a noble of the esteemed Li Family in Asmouse,[1] indulging in the lavish lifestyle her home provided. At some point, she obtained a prestigious pair of short swords.[2]

Project 'Ma'

Ly face-to-face with Irina

In EC 013, Ly was surveyed for her viability for Project 'Ma'. Despite her failure to attain the Project's minimum Magic factor of 170,[3] Ly was accepted as a potential candidate due to her father's pressure to the senate. She was later provided extra security on account of her family funding the project.[1]

As the time for the final selection grew closer, Ly Li became prepared to kill Elluka Chirclatia, Milky Eights, and Irina Clockworker so that she could obtain the position of 'Ma' for herself. Later on, Irina pushed Ly off a cliff in a forest, where she fell to her death.[2]


Following her death, it was determined that Ly accidentally tripped and fell off a cliff.[4] After murdering the rest of the potential candidates, Irina Clockworker's crimes were discovered and she was selected to become the new Ma by default.[1] Her twin blades eventually ended up in the custody of the Moonlit Family. A year after Ly's demise, the swords were used by Hänsel and Gretel to create a vessel of sin for the Demon of Envy.

Personality and Traits

Ly indulging her appetite

A proud noblewoman, Ly's hubris made her arrogant,[5] believing strongly in her own superiority and looking down on others of lesser status and affluence than her. At the same time, she loved indulging in the perks of her aristocratic life, eating excessive, lavish meals at her leisure.[6] Like the other potential candidates, Ly desired to become the country's new ruler and be granted the title of Ma, happily willing to even kill the candidates in order to succeed.[7]

Skills and Abilities

Ly was proficient at swordplay, preferring to wield the twin blades for battle.[2] Despite being selected for Project 'Ma', Ly had the weakest magical potential of the four selected, not even qualifying for the 170 minimum M rating. However, because her family heavily funded the seventh project, she was given extra surveillance and had a larger influence over the Leviantan Senate.[1]

Character Connections

Irta Li: Ly Li's father. Making use of his connections, Ly Li's father contributed greatly to her being accepted as a candidate.


Conceptualization and Origins

  • Ly's full name, "Ly Li", when reversed, spells "Lily", the name of her representative Vocaloid.





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