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Lunaca Labora[note 1] was an underground laboratory built by Seth Twiright. Located in Magic Kingdom Levianta, it functioned as the site for Seth's various experiments before ultimately being abandoned after the Levianta Catastrophe. Remaining unused over the centuries, the facility was later taken over by Ma and used as a base by PN.


Early History[]

During the creation of the Third Period, Lunaca Labora was created by Seth Twiright in the country that would become the Magic Kingdom Levianta,[1] filled with technology from the Second Period and one of two labs leading into the Grave Yard.[2] It was used by the crew of the Climb One to house the humans that were created to populate the Third Period, as well as Seth's human body, in cold storage. When Seth was discovered as an HER and killed, he transferred his soul into the human body he'd created and it awoke, along with the other humans, on a timer in the lab.[3]

With the rapid development of human societies in the Third Period's BT era, Seth used the laboratory for his experimentation with HER.[1] He also created a weapon of great destruction, otherwise known as the "boy", and sealed it away in the lab to prevent its use.[4] Following the Levianta Catastrophe in EC 013, Seth transplanted the soul of Irina Clockworker into the body of a stuffed cat. He later died from the injuries he sustained during the blast, leaving the laboratory to remain unused.[1]


Later on during the EC 900s, Ma began using the laboratory, allowing PN to use it as their headquarters. In EC 960, Gallerian Marlon was brought into the laboratory by the members of PN; the young judge then stayed there for almost a year in order to recover from being shot by Shiro Netsuma. At some point, Mira Yarera began regularly visiting Gallerian at the laboratory, often staying there overnight.[5]

Several years later, Jorm Zusco was made to stay at the laboratory and was brainwashed with medication.[6] After Ma had been impregnated with Gallerian's child, she also used the lab's technology to determine that the fetus was a girl, so that she could put Levia's soul into it before it developed a soul of its own.[3]

Following the outbreak of the Leviantan Civil War in EC 978, the laboratory was loaned out to Gusuma Yarera by Gallerian. Gusuma then had Postman bring Bindi Freezis into laboratory under the pretense of transporting him out of Alicegrad; soon after, Jorm killed Bindi under Gusuma's orders.[7] Later on, Nemesis Sudou discovered the "boy" Seth had sealed in Lunaca Labora and used it as a model for the weapon Punishment.[4]



The main chamber of Lunaca Labora. Used for experimentation, it was equipped with advanced technology and had dark walls dotted with buttons that gave the appearance of stars.[5] It could be entered by touching a metal plank on the surface above Lunaca Labora.[7]


A kitchen within Lunaca Labora. It could be used to prepare food and had technology distinct from the regular kitchen appliances invented during the 10th century EC.[5]

Known Inhabitants[]


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • In-universe, Lunaca Labora's name is derived from ancient Leviantan, meaning "full moon laboratory".[5]





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