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Luna Hazuki, also known by her nickname of Moon Goddess, was one of the survivors of the Second Period's destruction and the creator of TALOS. After leaving the ruined world to its fate, the woman involved herself in the creation of the Third Period, surviving the ensuing fight among her colleagues and remaining inside the Climb One.


Early HistoryEdit

Created in the virtual reality known as the Second Period, Luna became a mechanical engineer, eventually creating the robot TALOS, a companion robot for the ship Climb One.[1] While making TALOS, she equipped him with knowledge about parallel worlds, having learned of Seth's theories.[2] She also played video games with Levia Barisol, explaining on one occasion that she needed to use physics rather than magic to defeat a magic-resistant foe in the game.[3]

New Game PlusEdit

As the Second Period faced destruction due to the spread of HER, Luna and TALOS boarded the Climb One along with 70 other scientists for the sake of finding a new planet to repopulate.[4] During the trip, Luna befriended her other colleagues, given the nickname of Moon Goddess,[1] although rejecting the romantic advances of Gilles Derais.[5]

Once the crew was brought into reality by Behemo Barisol, they discovered a "new" world, really the destroyed Earth,[1] having by then decided to create a new species in the image of earthlings. As they created a new world for the new species, Luna led the efforts;[4] among her contributions was naming the new world's countries after those in a favored video game of hers.[3] During this process Seth Twiright, an HER who had secretly boarded the Climb One, instigated the deaths of 62 of the crew members and contaminated the new species to have a possibility of developing HER Syndrome.

The remaining crew proposed they reincarnate as gods into the world to guide the humans, unaware that Levia, at least, was an HER.[4] Held Yggdra and Luna disagreed, and Luna furthermore rejected using the Hellish Yard to separate HERs from normal humans in the afterlife.[6] In the fight that ensued, the Climb One crashed, Luna being the only survivor while everyone else's physical bodies were killed; as Levia and Behemo planned to escape by transferring their spirits into the body of a dragon on the ship, Luna and Held sabotaged the plan.[4]

World's EndEdit

Later on, TALOS and Held, having incarnated as gods upon Luna's request,[7] agreed to hide her existence and she was assumed dead,[5] forgotten by her compatriots while she remained hooked up to a Black Box in the Grave Yard.[1] Around EC 990, Luna's memories were read by Gallerian Marlon using a Black Box, allowing him to learn about the happenings surrounding Evil's Theater and the phenomenon of irregulars.[8] In EC 1000, Luna was sleeping in a chair within the Climb One when TALOS brought Allen Avadonia to her, and she later disappeared from the room.[1] Soon after, Luna died, and her corpse was taken by Amostia to a parallel world.[2]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Luna was an avid video-gamer,[1] describing the Third Period as a "new game plus" for humanity,[4] and even referencing a favored game in naming the world's countries.[3] Characterized by TALOS as someone who liked to sit back and watch,[1] Luna also had a policy of non-interference for the humans, earning the opposition of her colleagues.[4] According to Held, her will was difficult to go against; she also gave Levia the impression of someone who was secretive and would leave out information on purpose.[7]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Luna was a skilled mechanical engineer, to the point of being selected to board the Climb One. She was also a capable inventor, having created TALOS.[1] Luna also had a considerable amount of influence while on the Climb One, able to veto proposals such as the use of the Hellish Yard. Coinciding with this was a degree of skill in planning, being able to sabotage Levia and Behemo's escape attempt using the dragon body.[4]

Character ConnectionsEdit

TALOS: Luna's creation. TALOS hid Luna's existence from his fellow earthlings for unknown reasons, although following through on many of Luna's ideals of not interfering with humanity.

Held Yggdra: A fellow earthling. Luna and Held appeared to agree on matters regarding the management of the Third Period, such as not interfering with humanity. Held was also privy to the information that Luna was still alive, although also agreeing with TALOS to hide her existence.

Levia Barisol: A fellow earthling. Luna and Levia appeared to be on good terms while in the Second Period, playing video games together and eventually becoming colleagues in the creation of the Third Period. Despite this, Luna disagreed with some of Levia's ideas, such as creating the Hellish Yard. This, along with Luna's proposal of non-interference, earned Levia's opposition, with Levia rebelling against her with some of the other earthlings.

Gilles Derais: A fellow earthling. At some point, Luna was courted by Gilles, although she rejected his advances. Although the two were fine with working together as colleagues while on the Climb One, Gilles eventually opposed Luna's proposal of non-interference, rebelling against her with some of the other earthlings.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Luna is Latin for "moon".
  • Her surname, Hazuki, is the traditional name of the month of August in the Japanese calendar, containing the characters for "leaf" and "moon" or "month".


  • Luna is described as being an old woman by EC 1000.[1]
  • According to Rahab, everyone in the Third Period had already been aware of Luna's existence, although not realizing who she was.[5]



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