"You’re joking! You’re the one who’s suffered the most from this... But you alone were spared... Thank goodness for that, at least."

Lukana Octo was a tailor from Mystica, Asmodean in the Beelzenian Empire and one of Duke Sateriasis Venomania's many victims. While returning from the Lasaland New Year Festival, she was caught and enchanted by the Duke, becoming the first member of his harem. After the Venomania Event, she swapped bodies with the sorceress Elluka Clockworker.


Early LifeEdit


Lukana, Lilien, and Rajih as kids

Lukana was born in EC 116 in Mystica, Asmodean, as the daughter of a tailor. Growing up, she met and became close friends with Rajih Assad and Lilien Turner during her childhood, often playing with them.[1] When she was ten years old, she dreamt that the town would suffer a severe drought and told everyone in the town about it the next day, as well as Elluka Clockworker.

Although no one in town believed the girl's premonition, Elluka claimed to believe the story and left immediately after. The town soon suffered months without rainfall; as everyone prepared for death, Elluka conjured a rainstorm that saved the town and Lukana became the talk of Asmodean for a time.[2]

As she grew older,[1] Lukana took up the family business as a tailor, taking her goods to her uncle's shop in Lasaland; occasionally, she would see Duke Ilotte Venomania's son, Sateriasis, while there.[2] In EC 135, Lukana and Lilien went shopping through town and she bought a bracelet for her friend that matched her own.[3]

Meeting the DukeEdit

"My name is Lukana Octo, my Duke."
"Lukana, huh? That's a pretty name. I am Sateriasis Venomania... but then I think you know that."
―Lukana and the Duke[src]

Lukana works as a tailor

In late EC 135, Lukana's uncle ordered a large shipment of Lukana's clothes to be sent to his shop for the New Year Festival and Lukana traveled to Lasaland to deliver the clothes personally, staying for a few days to enjoy the festival. While there, she heard rumors that Sateriasis, the new duke, had gone mad since his family and staff were slaughtered; one evening, she saw Duke Sateriasis collapse in the street and had him carried into the shop.

As she tended him, the Duke awoke and Lukana explained what had happened; seeing Sateriasis was hungry, she fetched him food from the kitchen and spoke with him about his behavior, pitying him for the loss of his family. The two introduced each other and were interrupted by Lukana's uncle, who suggested Lukana escort him back to his estate and offered Sateriasis one of her tailored outfits. As Sateriasis went to go change, Lukana learned from her uncle that the rumors of his madness were untrue and that he had only lost some of his memories from the trauma of the massacre.

Lukana then escorted Venomania back to his mansion; upon arrival, she was startled by the duke's brief, seemingly terrifying expression as he stood next to her and learned he was living alone without any servants due to his memory loss. As they talked, she also learned that he had gone out into the streets because he had run out of food and was looking for a Netsuma and an Elphe. She mentioned that his mother was also an Elphe and that his uncle, Marquis Glassred, was handling Asmodean's affairs.

Lukana shortly after learned that Sateriasis and the Marquis had gotten into a fight over him living alone and hadn't seen each other since. Apologizing for her nosy behavior, when Lukana heard the duke mention that he had bought new clothes and interjected that he should have all new clothes tailored for him. Sateriasis suddenly offered the job to her and Lukana bashfully accepted.[2]


"We... You and I shouldn't see each other anymore, Lord Venomania."
―Lukana rejecting the Duke[src]

Setting up a workshop in the mansion, Lukana worked late into the night over the course of two weeks, doing chores around the mansion as well. One night she fell asleep dreamed of the Duke as a monster, seducing and defiling her and other women. Waking to find Venomania watching her, she became hysterical and apologized once she calmed down. She then packed up and and returned to her uncle's home for the day, concerned by her dream that Venomania might have sold his soul.

By dawn five days later, Lukana had finished all of the clothes and gave Sateriasis a new round tailcoat to try on, explaining how she'd based it on the western style of his other clothes and discussing both Beelzenian fashion and the Venomania family's tastes. When invited to celebrate her work with a meal, Lukana declined and announced she would be going home, telling Venomania to pass her payment onto her uncle and insisting he hire more servants to handle the chores. At the duke's insistence, Lukana reluctantly allowed him to escort her to the city gates and quickly departed for Mystica on their arrival, brushing off Sateriasis' attempts to stop her.

On her way back, Lukana passed through a forest to the next village when Sateriasis descended upon her with a pair of wings. Terrified, Lukana then continually resisted as the demonic duke insisted he would marry her and lamented how things could have been different under different circumstances. As Venomania enchanted her with his gaze, Lukana was just able to voice a warning to him that there was one woman who was his true love and that the loss of this love and his destruction awaited him on this path. She then gave in to the spell and kissed Venomania in sight of a shocked bystander, later accompanying him back to the mansion.[2]

As the first woman to join his harem, Lukana lived with him in the mansion and remained hidden in his basement to keep his harem a secret.[1] During the following week, she and Sateriasis had intense sexual intercourse every night and the tailor slept through each morning; after one of their sexual encounters, Lukana learned the duke was seeking his diary to help him remember his past. During the period, she continued cleaning the basement and making their meals in the basement kitchen.[4]

That early February, Lukana took care of I.R.'s "body" while the mage went on a trip with the Duke to the village of Abito, I.R. collecting the body after bringing Mikulia Greeonio to the mansion as another member of the duke's harem. Later that night, Lukana joined the other ladies in the basement to watch Sateriasis attempt a magic ritual to wipe the memories of all the witnesses to ever meeting the two women, perfectly performing her part in the ritual. She then tended to the exhausted Sateriasis and watched him leave the room with Mikulia.[5]

Venomania EventEdit

"Oh, Lord Venomania. Is there... someone new with you?"
―Lukana regarding the growing harem[src]
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After Mikulia moved into the basement with her, the two began cleaning up the dreary place over time, and Lukana continually corrected Mikulia to call Sateriasis formally by his full name as she referred to him as her "prince." Later on, she made herself and Mikulia more sexually pleasing outfits to wear on Sateriasis' request and finished them around March. Around that time, she found a key to the caged room in the basement's innermost chamber and discovered several books she confirmed were diary volumes inside.

Recalling Venomania's earlier plight finding his diary, Lukana put the books on a table as she began cooking, intending to hand them over to Sateriasis; in the middle of cooking, Sateriasis entered and introduced her to the new harem member, Lolan Eve, and Lukana gave him the diaries. After exchanging a few words with her, Sateriasis thanked her and left with Lolan.[5] As women continued to join Venomania's harem, Lukana tailored new provocative outfits for each of them to wear for their beloved.[6]

When Mirigan Adi joined, Lukana learned the fortune teller had apparently been Elluka Clockworker's apprentice; she also noticed Gumina Glassred's antagonistic behavior towards Mikulia after she and Carol Shields joined in March. She also noticed Duke Venomania going out more, governing the province in place of Marquis Glassred. During this period, Lukana gave Sateriasis her bracelet. A few days after Gumina joined the harem, Lukana dreamt of Sateriasis being stabbed; when she went to discuss her dream with Mirigan, Lukana learned the woman was a fraud and considered what to do about it on her own.


The harem watches the painting burn

Later, Lukana went to speak with Gumina over her antagonism with Mikulia and met with Gumina while she was playing the violin. While meeting with her, Lukana learned of Gumillia's painting hobby and noted her portrait of Cherubim hanging on the wall. Later that day, Lukana gave the newest harem member, Hakua Netsuma, a tour of the basement while Sateriasis spoke with I.R. and gave her the room right next to "Haru," I.R.'s, as requested.

Lukana then reported her success to Venomania, only to watch him and I.R. argue over the decision. Shortly afterwards, concerned about Gumina apparently having left the basement, Lukana hesitantly reported what she learned to Venomania. As Sateriasis proceeded to burn the portrait in the basement's fireplace, Lukana silently watched along with Gumina and her co-conspirator, Carol Shields.

Later on, Lukana had tea with the other harem girls while Sateriasis entertained the Marlon royal couple in his mansion. As Mikulia conversed with I.R., who was in her cat form, Lukana asked if she should call Hakua over; Mikulia relayed I.R.'s message to leave her.[7]


Lukana comforts Mikulia

In April of EC 136, when Sateriasis left for Mystica, Lukana was entrusted with the mansion in his absence while I.R. entrusted her human body with Mikulia. Sometime later, Lukana discussed the rain in Lasaland with Gumina, as well as expressing envy for Gumina being able to call the duke by the nickname "Sati" in conversation; she then remarked that, unlike Lasaland, Mystica was always sunny.[8] Later that day, she found Mikulia dressing up I.R.'s vacant body and lectured her on treating the body like a doll, warning her to stop.

The two then went to discussing Venomania, who had picked Mikulia as one of his favorites, and Mikulia expressed her liking for him and Lukana. Once she expressed her dislike for Gumina, Lukana encouraged her to try getting along better with her for Sateriasis' sake, despite their differences in upbringing and personality.[3]

After Venomania and I.R. returned from their journey, Lukana continued to please the Duke's whims,[9] happy to be reunited with her childhood friend Lilien.[10] Due to the duke having knowledge of her Purple Dream ability, she was asked to keep an eye on I.R. with her unique power. Lukana continued to manage the relationships between the other women when she discovered the corpse of Lolan Eve one morning; noting Venomania's apparent apathy over her death, as well as her prior reunion with Lilien, Lukana's brainwashing gradually weakened.

Around this time, Lukana became pregnant with the Duke's child, determined by Annlee Sweets' examination of all the harem's women.[6] I.R. later took Lukana's body as a medium and broke into the mansion's storage when she attempted to leave. After being confronted by Sateriasis, the sorceress relinquished possession of the tailor's body and departed.[11] When the disguised Karchess Crim successfully stabbed the Duke later that year, Lukana broke free of his spell and fled the mansion with the others.[12]

Later LifeEdit

Soon after fleeing, Lukana and Lilien reunited with Rajih, and later Lukana gave birth to Duke Venomania's child, a baby girl. The three decided to start a new life, eventually settling in the East. Lukana later encountered I.R. seeking her body as a medium and continuously fled to escape her.

In EC 138, Lukana met with Elluka Clockworker while the mage was investigating the Venomania Event, detailing to her what she knew about the incident and her current plight with I.R. Elluka then offered to swap their bodies, depriving I.R. of what she wanted, and Lukana agreed to the swap. With her new body, the woman reconnected with her confused daughter and continued to raise the baby, free of I.R.[13] Lukana later died around EC 159.[14]


Following her death, Lukana was sent to the Heavenly Yard and remained there. In EC 999, she and the other souls were pulled back to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[15] Afterward, the girl returned to Duke Venomania's mansion in Lasaland and agreed to rejoin Sateriasis' harem along with Mikulia, Gumina, and Maylis.[16] Some time after, the Master of the Hellish Yard visited and took Venomania back to the bowels of the Hellish Yard.[17]


Lukana and the Duke's resulting bloodline lasted for centuries, surviving into the late EC 900s with Nyoze and Gammon Octo. Gammon desired to rid himself of the "curse" inherited from Venomania and Lukana.[18] After regaining some of her memories of her previous lives, Margarita Blankenheim recognized Elluka as having previously been Lukana.[14] Ma also shared Lukana's history with Duke Venomania and Elluka Clockworker to her descendant, Kayo Sudou, musing the Sudous becoming tailors may have been the fate of her bloodline.[19]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Say Mikulia, I think it would be better if everyone got along. Lord Venomania would also like that."

Lukana was responsible, reliable, and kind. Concerned about the well-being of others, she tried to be friendly with everyone and helped others when they were in need, even if she herself was scared of them.[2] Because of this, Lukana was extremely helpful to Venomania before and after she joined his harem; this extended to her acting as a mediator in a dispute, such as trying to improve relations between the other concubines to make things easier for him.[3] Because of this altriusm, Lukana's brainwashing in part weakened when seeing Venomania's apathy towards the safety of the other women.[6] She similarly was very respectful, believing there to be a line between aristocrats and commoners and that nobles should be addressed in a formal manner, regardless of relationship.[5]

Lukana also cared deeply for her family and friends, particularly close with Lilien and Rajih despite their differences in background and character;[1] her relationship with the more masculine Lilien convinced Lukana that people with opposite personalities could nonetheless become close friends.[3] Although her brainwashing did affect this, such as Lukana giving her bracelet to the duke, it also allowed her to resist the brainwashing when Lilien joined the harem.[6]

Upon actually meeting Sateriasis, Lukana had become infatuated with him and was thus heartbroken as well as horrified after foreseeing the depravities he would do to her.[2] Once brainwashed, Lukana was completely enamored with Venomania and was dedicated to pleasing his every whim,[8] even questioning her earlier horror towards him and unable to disobey his will.[7] She would thus become jealous of his more intimate lovers, though never mistreating them because of it.[8] Although repulsed by what Sateriasis did to her after breaking free, Lukana still cared for the child she sired with him and,[6] following the end of the world, willingly returned to his harem, supposedly out of a genuine love for him.[16]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"I see, so then my hunch was correct... Lukana, you are a very skilled tailor."
―Sateriasis seeing Lukana's work[src]

Having descended from a Leviantan mage of the Loop Octopus Clan, Lukana possessed great magical talent, though lacking any training to conjure spells. Similarly, her lineage gave her an innate elegance and charm that attracted others. She also inherited the clan's Prophetic Dream ability, allowing her to receive premonitions of future events through her dreams, though lacking solid control over the ability.[2] After swapping bodies with Elluka Clockworker, she lost her unique powers.[13]

Working at her family's tailor shop, Lukana learned how to become a skilled dressmaker and eventually began managing the store. Skilled with sewing, the tailor was able to make seemingly aristocratic designs with rather simple fabric, making her clothes extremely popular. She was also knowledgeable of fashion trends from various nations outside Asmodean. The tailor was an excellent cook as well and could prepare a variety of delicious meals.[2] She was also a capable mediator, managing the relationships between the various women in Venomania's ever-growing harem.[7]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Sateriasis Venomania: Lukana's abductor. Lukana pitied Sateriasis for the loss of his family, helping him as a seamstress and developing a crush on the duke over time. After foreseeing his defiling of her, she feared this possibility and attempted to leave, only to fall in love with Sateriasis under the power of Lust. This spell began to fade in part, however, by observing his callous attitude towards Lolan's death, and she was later horrified by her loss of innocence at his hands.

Lilien Turner: A friend of Lukana. Lukana valued their friendship highly despite the many differences between them; this friendship inspired her to believe people as different as Gumina and Mikulia could get along in Venomania's harem. Reuniting with Lilien in part helped her to overcome her brainwashing at the duke's hands, and she later traveled with her and Rajih after being freed.

Rajih Assad: A friend of Lukana. She valued his friendship highly and played with him often as a child, although unable to be with him as often in adulthood. After being freed from Venomania's harem, she joined Rajih and Lilien to travel the world.

Mikulia Greeonio: A fellow member of Venomania's harem. Lukana acted like a voice of reason for her as temporary master of the house, getting her to stop painting Haru's body and attempting to help her get along with Gumina. She appreciated Mikulia's friendship, though expressed mild jealousy that she was one of the duke's "favorites".

Gumina Glassred: A fellow member of Venomania's harem. Lukana was mildly jealous that Gumina was able to call Sateriasis by the nickname "Sati" but bore her no ill will, wishing to get along with her for the sake of the duke.

Elluka Clockworker: A sorceress Lukana met. Lukana ran into Elluka after the Venomania Event, when the girl was horrified over her loss of innocence, and Elluka swapped bodies with her. The sorceress would later swap Lukana's body with that of Kayo Sudou.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Lukana's surname is derived from the Greek and Roman prefix octo, meaning eight; it is likely a reference to Tako Luka and Lukana's representative Vocaloid.
  • Lukana's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, Luka, with both names sharing the first four letters.


  • Lukana's occupation as a tailor is likely a reference to Kayo Sudou, a tailor who would eventually swap into her body.
  • Lukana's daughter is one of the three offspring of Venomania to carry the potential to develop Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome and pass it onto future generations.[6]
  • A Freezis Fairy Tale inspired by Duke Venomania is titled "The Duke and the Four Women", likely a reference to Lukana, Mikulia, Gumina, and Maylis' prominent appearance with Sateriasis in various media.




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