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The Lucifenian Royal Palace,[note 1] later simply known as the Lucifenian Palace[note 2], was the residence of the Lucifenian Royal Family in Lucifenian. It functioned as the center of political power in the Kingdom of Lucifenia until the Lucifenian Revolution and later as the governing residence of King Kyle Marlon during Marlon's occupation. It eventually became a government building for the Lucifenian Republic before being established as a tourist attraction.


Early History[]

Following the Kingdom of Lucifenia's foundation in EC 399,[1] the royal palace was built as the abode of Lucifenia I, the Kingdom's founder. The palace continued to serve as the center of political affairs within the kingdom while the Lucifenian Royal Family and state ministers lived within its walls. After Prince Arth Lucifen d'Autriche married Anne Swee and assumed the throne, the new Queen moved into the royal abode. On December 27, EC 485, the couple sired twins, Riliane and Alexiel.

Following Arth's death in late EC 491, debate over which twin was his proper heir escalated, leading to an assassination attempt on Prince Alexiel; the Minister of Interior Affairs, Presi Rogzé, poisoned Prime Minister Genesia shortly after. Once Prince Alexiel was secretly removed from the royal palace and declared dead, Queen Anne assumed the throne until Riliane came of age.[2]

Reign of Evil[]

Servants preparing for Princess Riliane's fourteenth birthday

After Anne's death in January of EC 499, the princess took over her mother's regime. As the year progressed, Princess Riliane ordered dozens of palace servants and ministers to be executed. When famine struck during the latter half of the year, the royal government refused to provide any aide to the starving masses.[3]

On December 27, a ball celebrating Princess Riliane's fourteenth birthday was held; toward the end of the celebration, a massive birthday cake was presented to the guests, awing the audience. Afterward, the Captain of the Royal Guard, Leonhart Avadonia, began secretly stealing from the palace's food stores to feed the starving people.

Later that year, an assassination attempt was made on Riliane's life by one of her servants but was thwarted by another menial, Allen Avadonia. A few days later, Leonhart was covertly assassinated by Allen on Riliane's order.[4] During the Lucifenia-Elphegort War, another assassination attempt was made on Prime Minister Minis during a formal banquet at the palace.[5]

Several weeks into the Lucifenian Revolution, the remaining royal guard and Venom Mercenaries retreated to the palace. Soon after, the revolutionaries assaulted the palace gates and fought through the royal abode, capturing The Daughter of Evil in the Hall of Sounds and forcing the remaining soldiers to surrender.[6] Five days later, the multiple parties involved in the revolution's success used the Hall of Sounds to negotiate peace terms in the aftermath.[7]

Marlon Occupation[]

After the Kingdom of Marlon occupied Lucifenia, King Kyle lived in the palace while governing the territory even after the country was incorporated as a Marlon principality in EC 501.[8] Later that year, the palace was infiltrated by the former court mage, Elluka Clockworker, and her apprentice, Gumillia; while attempting to steal a hand mirror from Kyle, they were discovered and quickly warded off.

In EC 505, the writer Yukina Freezis came to stay at the palace along with the disguised former Resistance leader Germaine Avadonia and Gumillia. During the night, the Witch Hunt targets were discovered by the Special Maneuvers Task Force pursued thereafter by them and the royal guards.[9] King Kyle later left the palace to visit his mother, Queen Dowager Prim in Marlon; after the ensuing battle, the King moved out of the palace.[10]


After Lucifenia regained its independence in EC 510, the new republic renamed the royal palace as the "Lucifenian Palace" and made it a government building for political social gatherings. On August 18, EC 609, a party celebrating President Julia Abelard's inauguration was held in the Hall of Mirrors; during the party, the popular idol Rin Chan performed in the hall.[11]

On May 23, the leaders of the Lucifenian government and Freezis Foundation met in the Hall of Sounds to discuss the New World's development. A Justea unit later interrupted the meeting and arrested Kaidor Blankenheim, masquerading as Bruno Marlon.[12] Sometime after, the palace was retired as a government work building and became a popular tourist attraction.[13]

World's End[]

In EC 999, the royal palace was completely decimated by Punishment along with the rest of Lucifenian. Following the end of the Third Period and its subsequent merging with the Hellish Yard,[14] Princess Riliane reconstructed an illusion of the palace along with numerous souls from her lifetime. Afterward, the Princess held a dinner party at the palace, inviting the numerous souls to join her. Later during the festivities, the Sleep Princess spread her Eighth Gift into the air and began putting all the attendees to sleep.[13] The poison was later sealed away.[15]


Hall of Sounds[]


The Hall of Sounds[note 3] was the primary meeting chamber for the Lucifenian monarch and the ministers. The hall acted as a place where the ministers listened to reports and discussed the day-to-day affairs of the kingdom; in cases of crime within the palace, the accused were brought before the assembly to be judged. The room was decorated to honor the loyal soldiers in Lucifenia's history during times of war; the room included swords, rifles, and sets of armor among its décor. It also included seating for the monarch and the ministers, with two portraits hung behind the throne. It likely gained its name due to the echoes made by the monarch's decrees.[4]

Hall of Mirrors[]


The Hall of Mirrors[note 4] was the primary banquet hall within the palace. It was large enough to accommodate large crowds of people and was the palace's social center for the rich and influential across Evillious. The room is decorated with mirrors all around it and has many windows along its wall facing outside, earning it its name. At the back of the room sat the throne for the ruling monarch, ornamented by drapery surrounding its nearby wall. During parties, it was set up for lavish feasts and acted as a meeting room for new visitors to the palace.[3]

Official Quarters[]

The personal quarters for the ministers and other government officials. The rooms were numerous enough to house every minister there when not working at the palace. It also served as the quarters for other important officials when they were off-duty.[9]

Riliane's Room[]

The personal quarters of Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche. The room was luxurious and made to the princess' liking, with rugs, shelves, a bed, and a fireplace among its furnishings. Within the fireplace was a secret passage that led down to the royal stables, designed for quick escapes. The room also had a lock on the outside of its door, installed to keep Riliane and Alexiel locked in when they misbehaved.[7] The room also had a window leading to an balcony and was draped with curtains at its entrance. Riliane kept many of her personal gifts from Kyle in her room.[16]

Heavenly Yard[]


The Heavenly Yard[note 5] was the palace courtyard, famous across Evillious for its beauty and display of the Lucifen dynasty's power.[9] The open space encompassed the entire property and was filled with well trimmed flora an decorated with several statues in commemoration of Lucifenia's prosperity. It had a stone path leading up to the actual palace large enough for carriages to come through, an ornate fountain located in the center. Surrounding the courtyard were the palace walls and its gate, enclosing it.[6] It is presumably named after the Heavenly Yard of the Levin religion.

Servant Room[]


The main living quarters of the palace servants. The room was large enough to accommodate the palace's staff and used as their personal residence when off duty. The royal family rarely entered the room and the servants would often come to rest while another maid or chamberlain attended to the royal family's needs.[16] The room had beds for each servant as well as chairs and shelves for their personal luxury. At least one window existed in the room, overlooking the Heavenly Yard.[6]

Royal Stables[]

The stables used for the royal family's horses. The stables housed and fed each horse and were taken to and from the stables whenever the member of the royal family wished to travel or simply enjoy a horseback ride. A secret passage existed from Riliane's room that led to the stables, allowing for quick escapes from the palace in times of emergency. It is assumed the stables were built within or near the Heavenly Yard.[3]


The palace kitchen for the royal family's meals. Meals for guests, servants, and the members of the royal family were prepared in the kitchen by the cooks and servants, taking the necessary ingredients from the palace's reserves in its warehouse.[4]


The palace's reserves. Food harvested from the peasants was collected and stored within the warehouse in the cases of famine and food shortages, allowing the members of the royal family to continue eating in luxury and hold large banquets despite the difficult times. Should the monarch choose, the reserves could be shared with the citizens to help relieve starvation in the streets.[3]


The prison underneath the palace where captured criminals were held. Prisoners were guarded over by one watchman and were replaced via a series of shifts. The prison cells contained latticed windows on their ceiling, which were boarded over to keep out sunlight.[7]

Training Grounds[]

The Lucifenian army's training ground built directly outside the palace. Soldiers stationed at the palace sparred and practiced their swordplay when not on duty at the palace. The Venom Mercenaries' Gast Venom also visited the training ground during his stay at the palace.[5]

Known Inhabitants[]


Conceptualization and Origin[]


  • Although mountains are often shown in the palace's background, no mountain ranges are shown near it on any map of Lucifenia.
  • In Hatsune Miku and Future Stars: Project Mirai, the palace is given a brown overtone along with the rest of Lucifenian, contrasting greatly with its usual portrayal.




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