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The Lucifenian Royal Family[note 1], formerly known as the d'Autriche Family[note 2], was the royal lineage that ruled the Kingdom of Lucifenia. It previously governed the region as one of the families of the Five Dukes in the Beelzenian Empire. Following the Lucifenian Revolution, the royal family was removed from power.


Early History[]

Descending from the Lucif Family;[1] and serving the Beelzenian Imperial Family, the d'Autriches were granted titles of nobility and included as among the families of the Five Dukes, reigning over the Lucifenia region. In EC 399, Duke d'Autriche declared independence from the declining Beelzenian Empire and established the Kingdom of Lucifenia, dubbing himself King Lucifenia I.[2]

Rise to Power[]

During the ensuing decades, the Lucifenian Royal Family successfully ruled and greatly expanded the Yellow Country's national power. Sometime during the early EC 470s, the King and Queen were killed in a carriage accident near the Millennium Tree Forest; soon after, Prince Arth's soul was transplanted into a mud doll. Transformed into a golem, the young man was crowned king and invaded both Beelzenia and Asmodean, securing Lucifenia more territory.[3]

Around EC 473, Prince Arth married Anne Swee. Around EC 482, Arth entered an affair with Queen Prim Marlon after failing to have children with his wife, unknowingly impregnating her with a daughter. On December 27, EC 485, Arth and Anne sired Prince Alexiel and Princess Riliane. In the late EC 480s, the royal family agreed to betroth Riliane to Prince Kyle of Marlon.[4]

In EC 491, Arth supposedly died of the Gula Disease plaguing Beelzenia. As a political dispute erupted over his true heir, the twins were separated, Alexiel being publicly declared dead after an assassination attempt while being adopted by Leonhart Avadonia. Afterward, Anne was accepted as the sovereign until Riliane came of age.[5]


In January of EC 499, Anne died of Gula and Princess Riliane took over her mother's rule while Prince Alexiel returned as her servant;[6] afterward, the princess imposed heavy taxes on the citizens. In EC 500, Riliane ordered the invasion of the Kingdom of Elphegort and its female Elphe population slaughtered in response to King Kyle rejecting their betrothal in favor of an Elphe lover.[7]

During the Lucifenian Revolution later that year, the tyrant princess escaped from the royal palace while her twin brother, having secretly worked as his sister's chamberlain, disguised himself as Riliane and was captured in her place. On December 26, EC 500, "The Daughter of Evil" was executed.[8] Surviving the revolution, the last of the Lucifen dynasty remained in hiding until her death in EC 562 as a Levin nun.[9]

Hell on Earth[]

After the destruction of the Third Period, all the dead members of the family residing in the Heavenly Yard were dragged back down to the earth as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard, excluding Alexiel.[10] Afterward, Riliane held a banquet at the Lucifenian Royal Palace for her and her family.[11]

Known Members[]



Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The name d'Autriche means "from Austria" in French, a name shared with Marie Antoinette; one of the family's most prominent members, Princess Riliane, was inspired by Marie.
  • The name Lucifen is based on Lucifer, the patron demon of Pride.


  • The royal family was racially distinct from the other Lucifenians; pale skin, blue eyes, and blond hair was characteristic of these pure-blooded Orthodox Lucifenians.[12]
  • The d'Autriches descend from the twins conceived by Marina Lucif in Project 'Ma'.[1]
  • Due to being distant relatives of the royal family, the Mouchet family was permitted to name their children after one of the royal family's members.[13]
  • While discussing her own appearance, Rin Chan speculates that Lemy Abelard is descended from the royal lineage.[14]




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