"Ah, I wish he’d let me show off my splendid dance before all the people from Marlon while they’re here."
―Lolan Eve[src]

Lolan Eve was a dancer of Lisa-A, Asmodean in the Beelzenian Empire and one of Sateriasis Venomania's many victims. Enchanted by the duke's gaze, the lesbian performer ran away to join him at his mansion, becoming the third member of his harem.


Early LifeEdit

Born in EC 104, Lolan became a dancer at the grand theater in Lisa-A. As the years progressed, the beauty became the leader dancer and grew increasingly popular across Asmodean; although fawned over by men more and more, Lolan continually ignored them due to her sexuality.[1]

Venomania EventEdit

After Lolan performed a show around March of EC 136, her manager introduced her to Duke Sateriasis Venomania and the two shared a private meeting. Brainwashed by the duke's gaze, she grew madly in love with him and agreed to join his harem. Several days after his departure, Lolan traveled to his mansion as instructed and was greeted by the duke with a passionate kiss. She then received a tour of the mansion and was brought down to the mansion basement basement, where she met Mikulia Greeonio.

After a tense moment with Mikulia, Lolan was introduced to Lukana Octo; after her, she convinced Sateriasis to introduce her the last member of the house, I.R.. After introducing herself to the woman, Lolan quietly watched her bicker with Venomania before finally leaving. Venomania then showed her her own room, offering to get her anything she wanted for it, and the two made love on the bed. Sometime afterward, Lukana tailored an outfit for Lolan to wear as part of the harem.[1]

After Gumina Glassred joined Venomania's harem later that month, she and the lower class Lolan regularly did not get along. Later on, Lolan had tea with the other harem girls while Sateriasis entertained the Marlon royal couple in his mansion, complaining that she wanted to show them her dance. She then began performing her moves before being silenced by Gumina.[2] Lolan was later confined to bed due to being unable to handle the strain of Sateriasis draining her spiritual energy; despite this, she continued to serve as a sexual partner for him in the harem. Later that year, she finally died after said strain became too great to handle.[3]


After her death, Lolan's body was discovered by Lukana Octo the next morning while bringing her breakfast. Soon after, I.R. carried out the body and buried it.[4] It was rediscovered in a skeletal state sometime after the death of Duke Venomania.[5]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Lord Sateriasis has some unexpectedly bad taste, I see. Keeping around a little girl who stinks of the countryside."
―Lolan insulting Mikulia[src]

Lolan was a somewhat haughty woman, looking down on those of a different social status or upbringing from her. As a result, she didn't easily get along with those of either low country or high noble status. She similarly was self-conscious about her age, taking great offense to being looked at as an older woman despite her youthful beauty. Otherwise, she acted kind and polite to fellow city people like herself who treated her with the same respect.

While lusted after by many men, Lolan was homosexual and had no interest in the opposite sex, ignoring any flirtatious gestures from males. In contrast, while brainwashed by Venomania, Lolan became madly in love with him and completely submissive to his will, obtaining a renewed sex drive towards him.[1]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Lolan was a remarkable dancer, accentuated by her exotic beauty.[1] While unable to break free of Duke Venomania's Lust spell, Lolan's ingrained sexuality made her especially resistant to its effect; as a result, her brainwashing severely weakened her spiritual energy and left her vulnerable to the demon draining her spiritual energy further during her time in the harem. This ended in her becoming bedridden before dying.[3]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Sateriasis Venomania: Lolan's kidnapper. Although not attracted to him initially due to her sexuality, under the brainwashing of the Lust demon Lolan became subservient to Venomania and was obsessed with making love to him. Despite this, Lolan's mind was nonetheless greatly strained by his brainwashing of her, to the point of it causing her death.

Mikulia Greeonio: One of Lolan's fellow harem members. Due to her poor background and innocently offensive nature, Lolan didn't take well to the girl and questioned the Duke's taste in having her in the harem.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Lolan's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, L♀LA, with both names sharing the first four letters.


  • Lolan was described as an exotic beauty with healthy dark skin.




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