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"I have to be number one. It has to be a Freezis who stands at the top in the end!"

Loki Freezis was the third son of the Freezis Family, a HER and the boyfriend of Mira Yarera. Envious of Gallerian Marlon, Loki pretended to befriend the young man. After being employed in the USE Dark Star Bureau, Loki was quickly overtaken by Gallerian and began secretly plotting to kill the prodigy judge.


Early Life[]

Loki was born in EC 942 as the third son of the Freezis Family. Raised in the powerful and wealthy family, Loki was taught by his father and older brother to hunt Maistian slaves, participating in the family tradition. After his first kill, his family had the slave girl stuffed and mounted in Loki's room. At some point, Loki visited Maistia several times. Seeing his older brothers enter economics and politics, Loki decided to become a judge, coveting the position of director of the USE Dark Star Bureau.[1] He later became acquainted with his family's employees, Shiro Netsuma and Bruno Zero.[2]

University Studies[]

At some point, Loki was accepted into Levin University in Alicegrad, Levianta. Eventually, he met Mira Yarera and the two started dating despite their families' rivalry, with Mira sometimes cooking meals for him. He later met Gallerian Marlon and pretended to befriend him. Excelling in his studies, Loki became the second best student, following closely behind the young Marlon. At some point, Loki discovered that he and Gallerian had a common ancestor and pretended to bond with him over the connection.

In EC 956, Loki and nine other students went on a field trip to the Dark Star Courthouse. Observing the trial of Lana Ray, Loki listened as the defendant's lawyer refuted the claim of Lana using the charm to cast curses, suggesting she brought it due to protect her from the malignant magic of Elluka Clockworker.

Loki walks with Gallerian

After the court was adjourned, Loki walked out of the courthouse with Gallerian, asking what he predicted the verdict would be. Told the death sentence, Loki agreed, noting how everyone got it. Wishing that they watched a more exciting case, Loki remarked on the boy's constant seriousness and being a top student.

Loki then asked why he wanted to become a judge when he could work in any field, citing government. Gallerian replied that, due to his Marlon lineage, he would need to go somewhere far to avoid the Viwirtz family's influence and become successful in government. Discussing Maistia, Loki heard Gallerian state that he had wanted to be a judge for a long time now. Asked why he wanted to be judge himself, Loki explained that he was fated to become head judge, stating that he and his brothers could use the USE to make the Freezis Conglomerate the most powerful organization.

Hearing Gallerian joke about his smaller aspirations, Loki pointed out that he had Freezis blood too. In response, Gallerian mused that they'd become rivals in the Dark Star Bureau. After being asked his opinion on the witch trials, Loki affirmed the strange happenings in the world before stating his uncertainty that witches were responsible. Speculating it was his mission to exterminate them, he then went back to chiding Gallerian about who was really going to become head judge.[1]

Embracing Ambition[]

Several months later, Loki passed the government entrance exam and became employed at the Dark Star Bureau. The night after his graduation ceremony, Loki attended the graduation party at the Asayev mansion, bringing Mira with him. Dancing with her for a while, Loki left and approached Gallerian, inviting him to go with him on a hunting trip in Marlon. After the young man declined, the two of them were joined by Mira, who explained that she wasn't allowed to go because of her brother's opposition to their relationship. Hearing his girlfriend note Gallerian's childlike appearance, Loki laughed and mused that it must have been because of his lineage to the youthful-looking Prim Marlon.[1]

Over time, Loki became extremely jealous of Mira, prohibiting her from talking to other men. At some point, he bought a car and told Gallerian about it. In EC 960, Loki spotted Mira and Gallerian talking following the latter's lecture on law and angrily told his girlfriend to stop talking to him. Pointing out that her class had ended twelve minutes ago and that she was wasting her time, Loki left. Becoming impatient soon after, Loki loudly called for her from far away.

One week later, Loki learned about Gallerian presiding over the trial of Kayo Sudou. Finding Gallerian in the lunchroom, Loki asked how the trial was going. Told by Gallerian that the defendant didn't have a pattern and that she was so composed it was almost frightening, Loki remarked that it was disappointing that Gallerian's first trial was a witch trial since the outcome was already determined. Asked why, Loki told him that they had to keep executing alleged witches as long as the strange phenomena continued. After Gallerian questioned his reasoning, Loki cautioned him to keep his voice down and told him to relax, inviting him to go hunting in Levianta over the break.

After learning about that Gallerian had acquitted the defendant and had only received a month-long suspension, Loki began plotting to kill his young colleague. Later on, he ran into Gallerian and, feigning ignorance, comforted him about his suspension. Loki then repeated his invitation; suggesting they hunt at a forest near the Pixie region, the man was met with Gallerian's agreement.[3] At some point, he gleefully told Mira of his plan to kill Gallerian.[4]

Hunting the Game[]

The next day, Loki met with Gallerian on the road out of Alicegrad. He then poked his head out of the car window and pointed out their timing. Afterwards, he exited the car and introduced Gallerian to Bruno, explaining that he was originally a slave. Seeing Bruno introduce himself impolitely, he kicked him once for his rudeness, and then again for not reacting to his first kick. Loki then sat in the passenger seat and rushed the other two to get in. After they did, Bruno started the car and they headed off. Gallerian expressed his uneasiness about the snowy weather, and Loki reassured him that the car could handle the snow.

After a snowstorm began around noon, Gallerian again expressed his concern and Loki insisted that there wouldn't be any problem. Around an hour later, the car engine stalled from the intensifying blizzard. Bruno then exited the car to check on a shack nearby, before discovering that it was locked. When Loki joked about the situation, Gallerian got mad at him, only to amuse him further. Saying that things were still according to his plan, he suggested that they started soon. When pressed for clarification, Loki reminded Gallerian that they were on a hunting trip, and that as long as there was game, he could hunt anywhere.

When Gallerian claimed that there was no game, Loki disagreed, pointing his shotgun at Gallerian's head, smiling. He then shot his gun, but missed Gallerian, who quickly exited the car and run across the snow field, chased by Loki. While running, Loki taunted him, saying that he was too excellent for him. He then expressed his frustration at Gallerian quickly surpassing him in the Dark Star Bureau. Loki fired again and missed, stating that as a Freezis, he had to be the one on top.

He then stated that he always thought that Gallerian was a nuisance, explaining that his patience was at its limit. Loki again fired and missed Gallerian, before raging at how Gallerian only got a suspension and did not get fired after Kayo's trial. Loki kept cursing at Gallerian while chasing him, and eventually the two separated.

After some time, Loki and Bruno found Gallerian lying in the ground. After Bruno checked up on him and told Loki that he was dead, the two noticed that the bullet that shot Gallerian was not from Loki's gun, to which Loki suggested that Shiro might be nearby. After Bruno told him that he had her wait in the area, Loki expressed his disappointment, saying that he wanted to kill Gallerian himself.

When Bruno suggested that he take care of the body, the annoyed Loki reminded him that he couldn't drive. He then suggested that Shiro take care of him, calling her a half-wit. After Bruno whistled for her, she appeared and was told by Bruno that he and Loki were going, leaving Gallerian to her. Arriving home, Loki spread that Gallerian had died in a hunting accident.[2]


At some point, Loki achieved the rank of second class assistant judge. In EC 961, information spread about Loki's many slave murders and attempted murder of Gallerian. Put on trial for trying to kill Gallerian, Loki smiled as he waited for Hanma's judgment. Hearing Hanma give him thirty years imprisonment, Loki was then taken away and incarcerated, missing Mira's meals. Later on, his physical health began to decline.

Several days later, Loki was visited by Mira in prison. Declaring his anger at Gallerian and his betrayal, Loki was met with his girlfriend's silence. Assuring her his father would make sure he didn't serve a full sentence Loki was interrupted by Mira, the latter explaining that his father had disowned him and denied he had ever hunted slaves. Enraged, Loki pointed out that he and his older brother had taught him the act. Desperately confirming with Mira that she was on his side, Loki noted she had gotten bigger before Mira tearfully confirmed that she was pregnant with Gallerian's child. After the woman apologized and left, Loki began screaming.

The following year, Loki heard a knock on his cell door, seeing it to be a person with a parcel. Initially confused, Loki surmised they were someone his father sent to help him escape, and took the package from them. He then opened the package and saw that it was a small gun, becoming confused before realizing he was being told to kill himself. Looking at the moon outside and contemplating suicide, Loki's thoughts soon after turned to revenge. Declaring his revenge to the moon, Loki was then shot.[4]


Loki's death was officially ruled a suicide, covered in the newspapers. After reading the news, Gallerian greatly grieved his former friend's death. As a result of working together to overthrow Loki, Gallerian made ties with Ma, Bruno, Gusuma Yarera and Mira, marrying the latter.[4] Loki's brother Bindi later tried to avenge his death, orchestrating the Titanis Sinking Incident with the Zeus organization.[5]

Personality and Traits[]

"Why are you a justice magistrate, with me being just an aide!? It’s not like there was that big a gap between us during school…On top of that, you getting to be a head judge before me!? This must be some fucking joke!"

Loki was an ambitious and deceitful young man. Studying law to expand his family's power and influence across Evillious, Loki believed that it was his fate as a Freezis to be the one on top. Considering his family to be above the rest, Loki expected to be the best both in his studies and work. He also felt that it was his mission to exterminate the witches responsible for the strange happenings across the world.

Because of this ambition, Loki hated Gallerian and was jealous of his superior performance. Considering the young prodigy a nuisance, Loki was nonetheless willing to keep up the charade of their friendship. After being continually overshadowed by Gallerian, Loki resolved to kill him. After discovering that Gallerian had survived his murder attempt, Loki was enraged by his apparent betrayal and vowed to take revenge.

As a HER, Loki was inclined towards malice and cruelty, taking glee in his plans to murder Gallerian. Participating in his family's tradition of hunting slaves, Loki subscribed to the belief that anyone who wasn't a Freezis wasn't human. Loki was also abusive to those around him, physically attacking Bruno and shouting at Mira. Compounding this, Loki had a short temper and would sometimes have outbursts of anger.

Confident in his family's connections, Loki believed that his father would get him out of prison and was devastated to hear of his being disowned. After losing connections with his family, Loki became desperate and lost, briefly considering suicide a year into his imprisonment.

Skills and Abilities[]

Having learned to hunt human game at a young age, Loki was a skilled hunter, able to effectively wield a shotgun. Loki was also an outstanding student, being just behind Gallerian in terms of academic performance and graduating Levin University at a young age. As part of this excellence, he was eligible enough to be accepted into the Dark Star Bureau. Loki was also capable at legal work, eventually attaining the rank of 2nd Class Assistant Judge. Despite owning a car, he did not know how to drive.

Character Connections[]

Gallerian Marlon: Loki's rival. Pretending to befriend Gallerian, Loki secretly considered him a nuisance and was outraged at his overtaking him in both studies and work. After believing him to be dead, Loki was angered by Gallerian's betrayal and vowed to get revenge on him.

Mira Yarera: Loki's girlfriend. Dating her despite the disapproval of their families, Loki reciprocated Mira's love, although eventually becoming envious of her interactions with other men and mistreating her as a result. Putting great trust in her, Loki was shocked and enraged by her pregnancy with Gallerian's child.

Bruno Zero: Loki's butler. Looking down upon Bruno due to his race, Loki physically abused the former slave and was angered whenever anyone treated him with respect.



Conceptualization and Origins[]

  • Loki is the god associated with mischief and evil in Norse mythology.