This is a list of minor characters that have appeared or are mentioned in passing in the Original Sin Story, including in its songs or other related media.

3rd 'Ma' Test SubjectEdit

The test subject chosen for the third Project 'Ma'. Due to her frail body, she died during treatment and the project was subsequently suspended.[1]

4th 'Ma' Test SubjectEdit

The test subject chosen for the fourth Project 'Ma'. At some point during her tenure in the project, she was murdered by Apocalypse and the project was subsequently suspended.[1]

5th 'Ma' Test SubjectEdit

The test subject chosen for the fifth Project 'Ma'. After undergoing treatment, she conceived and later birthed a single child. Because she hadn't given birth to twins, she was disposed of by the project's staff.[1]

Cain & AbelEdit

Cain[note 1] and Abel[note 2] were the stillborn twins of Eve Zvezda. Although successfully conceived in Eve's womb as part of Project 'Ma',[2] the twins died during the birthing process. Following their deaths,[3] Eve and the supervising Project 'Ma' scientist Adam Moonlit both fled to Elphegort.[4] Their deaths traumatized Eve greatly and led to the creation of the Original Sin.[5]

Irta LiEdit

Irta Li[note 3] was an aristocrat of the Magic Kingdom Levianta and the father of Ly Li. Born sometime during the BT era, Irta eventually became the head of the family and married, living in the city of Asmouse.[6] Siring two daughters, he named his second child Ly and provided them with a lavish lifestyle.[7] In EC 013, he and his family provided a large amount of funding for the seventh Project 'Ma' and pressured the Senate to accept Ly as a candidate for the new Ma and ruler of the country.[6]

Li (sister)Edit

The first born daughter of Irta Li and the older sister of Ly Li. The woman was raised in a rich lifestyle as noble in the city of Asmouse.[6] After her sister was murdered as a candidate for Project 'Ma', she, along with her family, ran away and altogether founded the country of Mukoku.[7]

Lucif (twins)Edit

The irregular twins carried by Marina Lucif as part of Project 'Ma'. After being successfully conceived, the unborn fetuses were removed from the mother's womb by Wei Lucif. He then secretly raised the children on his own.[1] Their lineage eventually led to the Lucifenian Royal Family. Because of their successful development, their bodies were imperfect copies of those of Levia and Behemo.[8] They are represented by the Vocaloids Kagamine Rin & Len.

Marina LucifEdit

Marina Lucif[note 4] was the test subject chosen for the sixth Project 'Ma' and the wife of Wei Lucif.[9] Born during the BT era, Marina later married Wei. She was later surveyed for Project 'Ma' and selected as a candidate, undergoing treatment at the royal institute. After conceiving twins, Marina was abducted by her husband and later killed, her unborn children removed from her womb. Following Marina's death, her husband secretly raised the children on his own. Her corpse was later discovered in the village of Nemu with the fetuses missing, ending the project in failure.[1] The twins she conceived later became forerunners of the Lucifenian Royal Family.[8]

Raisa NetsumaEdit

Raisa Netsuma,[note 5] also known as The White Fiend of Jakoku,[note 6] was the third head of the Netsuma Clan and a member of Apocalypse.[3] Sometime during the BT era, she and other members of the clan emigrated from Jakoku to Evillious. She later joined the terrorist organization and became close friends with one of her fellow members, Meta Salmhofer. Shortly after Meta's capture, she was killed by the Leviantan army. Following her death, the enraged Netsumas engaged in terrorist strikes across Evillious.[10] She is represented by the Vocaloid derivative Yowane Haku.[11]

Wei LucifEdit

Wei Lucif[note 7] was the husband of Marina Lucif. Born during the BT era, Wei later married Marina. After his wife was accepted as the sixth candidate for Project 'Ma' and received treatment, Wei abducted her while she was pregnant with the twin fetuses. She was later killed and her babies extracted from her womb. Afterward, Wei fled and secretly raised the twins on his own.[1]

Yegor AsayevEdit

Yegor Asayev[note 8], also known as The Black Baron[note 9], was a member of Apocalypse and a member of the Asayev Family.[3] He is the ancestor of Mikhail Asayev, who was the founder and leader of Neo Apocalypse.[12]



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