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This is a list of minor characters that have appeared or are mentioned in passing in The Tailor of Enbizaka, including its song or other related media.

Chartette's husband[]

The husband of Chartette Langley. Born in Jakoku, he developed a love for monkeys. At some point, he met a renowned blacksmith called "Saruteito", who hid her face under a monkey mask. They married and had a daughter together.[1]

Crepe Merchant[]

A crepe merchant who lived in Jakoku. At some point, they started selling crepe; later on in their life, they retired. They started traveling and ended up meeting strong companions, who joined the merchant in their journey. Later, the group encountered Kokutan-douji, Inukichi and Saruteito.[2]

Eikichi Akagi[]

Eikichi Akagi[note 1][note 2] was a detective of Enbizaka. Eikichi was born in Momogengou sometime during the turn of the ninth century EC, becoming friends with Yuka Musubi. After Kokutan-douji was born in the village in EC 828, Eikichi learned that the boy was apparently birthed from an ebony tree. When he grew up, Eikichi became a detective for the magistrate's office in Izami, stationed at Enbizaka. During the course of his work, he became well acquainted with Constable Uibee Aoi and cooperated with him on several occasions. Unmotivated, he often skipped work and hid at Oyuka's hairpin shop.[3]

In spring of EC 842, the sleeping Eikichi was awakened by news that a woman's corpse was found in the main street. Rushing to the scene of the crime, he learned from Uibee that the woman, Mei Miroku, had been murdered by an edged tool; he then heard Uibee's hypothesis that she was murdered by an average thief, as her kimono was missing.[4] After Miku Miroku was found murdered in a similar fashion a few months later, Eikichi investigated her corpse and later shared the details with Oyuka. He also, after confirming her identity, began investigating around the town for clues with the other officers of the magistrate's office.

Later on, he heard that Kokutan-douji, Inukichi, and Saruteito were heading for Enbizaka and punishing criminals to "exterminate demons" along the way. A few days after the Yarera-Zusco Firm became involved in the murder case, Eikichi visited Oyuka's shop, putting up with her scolding for hiding from his duties and obstructing her business. He then discussed how his own work was being obstructed by the Yarera-Zusco firm, Kiji Yarera hoping to get revenge on his lover's murderer.

Their conversation then turned to Momogengou and Eikichi shared what he had heard about Kokutan-douji and his friends. The two debated what he might have come for before deciding he may have heard the rumors about the murder and had come to solve them. As Eikichi considered giving the case over to Kokutan-douji, Oyuka scolded him again for his laziness and he left.[3] Eventually, Kayo Sudou was arrested for the murders and Eikichi returned to his routine of hiding out with Oyuka.[5]

Gato Octo[]

Gato Octo[note 3] was the fourteenth head of the Octo Family living in Jakoku and the magistrate of the Izami region. Born sometime during the later 8th century EC, Gato eventually became the head of the family and sired a daughter, naming her Kagura.[6] He also sired and raised three more children.[7] Sometime during the EC 800s, Kagura eloped with her lover Nagare, causing Gato to disown her as a daughter.

Following the great fire that struck Enbizaka in EC 838, Gato concluded that the arsonist that caused the large fire was from within their own domain. He later sent out a search for the fire's perpetrator but failed to find any suspect. Later that year, he took Kagura's daughter Kayo into his custody, fearing rumors circulating that she was insane would affect their family. He also ordered his grandson Anan to locate their family's heirloom, the Twin Blades of Levianta.[8]

During this time, he received a visit from the monk Giyara and his companion Gakusha, who was really an amnesiac Gakuga Octo. Not recognizing Gakusha because his face was covered, Gato listened to his and Giyara's report that there were men with weapons convening on Mount Izasa and surmised they were members of the Crimson Robed Masses. After explaining who the group was, he told Gakusha how he could not take action against them because their members were infiltrated into the community and he had no clear evidence of their wrong-doing. He then saw the two out.[9]

In early EC 842, Gato learned the Freezis Foundation had finished rebuilding Kayo's tailor shop and that Kayo had made a full physical recovery. He then told Anan to assist the foundation at its trading house in Enbizaka and to have Kayo return home immediately.[8] After two victims cropped up in a recent murder case in Enbizaka throughout the year, Gato ordered his police forces to thoroughly investigate the matter, hoping to solve the crime before public support dropped too dramatically.[3]

Later that year, Gato tried Kayo for her murder of the Miroku Family and questioned her on her murders of Mei, Miku, Rin, and Kai respectively; as Kayo testified that the women had been in an affair with Kai, whom she claimed "cheated" on her, Gato tried to explain that Kai was not her husband and gave up when Kayo insisted. Deciding that she was insane, he sentenced her to execution. Kayo was found to be unable to die from the executioner's blade, however, and Gato postponed the execution to four days later. He was approached by the do-gooder Kokutan-douji, who offered to execute Kayo himself. Having heard stories of Kokutan's heroic deeds, Gato agreed and Kokutan cut Kayo's head off with Grim the End.[10]

Gaou Octo[]

Gaou Octo[note 4] was the magistrate of Izami and the head of the Octo family.[7] Born in the 6th century EC, Gaou became a wandering swordsman in Jakoku,[11] acquainted with the blacksmith Chartette Langley and her Twin Blades of Levianta.[12] Gaou later participated in the Jakoku Civil War, fighting for Enkoku's Tokugawa faction and using swords Chartette had made for him.[13] In EC 549, he met up with Chartette at the bridge leading to Enbizaka and was given the reforged Twin Blades of Levianta inside a bag. He soon returned to battle,[12] and grieved when learning that Chartette had died shortly afterwards.

At the Battle of Jagahara, the still-grieving Gaou defeated Jahime Hatsune and, later,[14] witnessed the civil war's end and the Tokugawas being crowned in front of the people.[12] Following the civil war, Gaou was promoted to becoming the Izami magistrate,[13] changing the order of his name to the eastern "Octo Gaou" due to the new regime's anti-foreign policies. Later on, the shogunate had Gaou take in any foreigners inside Jakoku, settling them in Onigashima.[14]

Sometime after, knowing of the Twin Blades' demonic power, Gaou sealed them in a box in a cave on Onigashima's shore, effectively keeping their true shape as scissors a secret from even his descendants.[13] He is represented by the Vocaloid Camui Gackpo.


Giyara[note 5] was a traveling monk living in Jakoku. Sometime during the 9th century EC, Giyara was traversing over Mount Izasa when he found what appeared to be a monster in his path. Although initially terrified of the creature, it spoke to him, pleading for help. Seeing the burns the monster had sustained, Giyara eventually took it to an abandoned temple and treated its injuries. The next morning, he was shocked to find the monster had transformed into a naked man. Learning that the man had no memories of what had happened to him, Giyara lent him some Buddhist clothes and gave him the name "Gakusha".

For a time, Giyara stayed with Gakusha in the temple until he recovered from his burns; during this time, he noted Gakusha's interest in the Buddhist sutras he was chanting and, after briefly conversing with him about it, agreed to start teaching them to him as well. One day, Gakusha approached Giyara and explained how some men were convening on top of the mountain with weapons, although they didn't look like mere ruffians. Giyara decided that the time had come to leave and headed down to Enbizaka with Gakusha; seeing how his friend hid his burned face from others they passed, Giyara bought him a fukaamigasa to cover his head with.

After arriving at Gato Octo's mansion, Giyara reported to the magistrate the men on the mountain. After learning they were likely members of the Crimson Robed Masses, Giyara left the mansion and Gakusha rejoined him outside. Giyara expressed his desire to resume his travels, accepting Gakusha's wish to accompany him while he tried to remember his past. Over the next four years, the two traveled the whole Jakoku, Giyara instructing Gakusha in the sutras until the latter became a full-fledged monk. One day, while the pair stayed in Momogengou in EC 842, Giyara fell deathly ill.

On his deathbed, Giyara comforted the grieved Gakusha and told him to live whatever life made him happy, whether as a monk or something else. After passing away, Giyara was confused to later find himself in the Hellish Yard. He found and approached the Master of the Hellish Yard, expressing his confusion, and learned that he had ended up there by mistake. In return for the inconvenience, the Master allowed Giyara one wish. Thinking of his friend, Giyara wished for Gakusha to regain his memories of his past; with his last regret resolved, the monk gladly moved on to Sukhavati.[9]

Izami Magistrate[]

The magistrate of the Izami Region during the Jakoku Civil War. Born sometime during the end of the fifth century EC, he became a magistrate. After the end of the civil war, he made Gaou Octo the new magistrate of the Izami region.[15]

Jahime Hatsune[]

Jahime Hatsune[note 6] was a princess of Jakoku during the EC 540s and the daughter of Nobunaga. Born a member of the noble Hatsune family sometime during the 6th century EC, Jahime grew up to be a selfish princess, spending money on herself. After her father's death at the hands of his rebelling subordinates, Jahime decided she wanted all of Jakoku, allying herself with the mage Julia IR and her mage order. Conquering the other states of Jakoku, the princess worked to expand her influence, determined to achieve her father's dream of uniting the nation.

Jahime's faction was later opposed by Gaou Octo and his companions, the mages Elluka Clockworker and Gumillia and the elderly blacksmith Chartette Langley. Eventually defeated by Gaou at the Battle of Jagahara, Jahime managed to survive the conflict and witnessed the Tokugawa family's coronation as the new rulers of Jakoku. She was soon after ambushed and murdered by Julia IR in Jakoku's Amayomi region.[1] Later on, a Freezis Fairy Tale was written about her.[15] She is possibly represented by the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku.


Kinouna[note 7] was an old woman living in Momogengou and the wife of Kurookina. One day, her husband brought home part of an ebony tree glowing with a faint light. Although impressed by the rare sight, she became concerned about the consequences of taking the trunk; as she tried to return it, it broke up and revealed a crying baby inside. Although her terrified husband tried to have the baby thrown out, Kinouna convinced him to keep it, enamored with the child's golden hair.[2]

Adopting the strange baby, they named him "Kokutan-douji" because of his origins from an ebony tree and raised him as their own,[3] Kinouna forcing the child to learn Buddhist sutras.[9] When Kokutan was fourteen, he set out on his own to find his true mother.[3] While he was gone, Kinouna sheltered the traveling monk Gakusha for one night, only to kick him out the next day.[9]


Kurookina[note 8] was an old man living in Momogengou and the husband of Kinouna, who was known for loving things that were gold or otherwise of value. One day, while walking up the mountains he discovered an ebony tree faintly glowing on part of its trunk. Figuring that there might be something valuable inside, the old man cut out that part of the tree and took it home. After showing it to his wife, she tried to get him to return the trunk for fear of a number of consequences taking it could cause. The trunk broke open during this, and Kurookina became terrified by the crying baby that fell out of it.

After being persuaded by his wife, Kurookina adopted the baby along with her and they named him "Kokutan-douji" because of his origins from an ebony tree.[2] After fourteen years, Kokutan set out to find his true mother.[3] While he was gone, Kurookina with his wife sheltered the traveling monk Gakusha for a night.[9]

Miroku (mother)[]

A Jakokuese woman and the mother of Kai. When Kai was ten years old she was raped by a gang of foreigners, and shortly after committed suicide. Her death later drove her son to join the anti-foreigner Crimson Robed Masses.[10]

Momogengou Daimyo[]

The daimyo of Momogengou. Sometime in his life, the man became the daimyo of the Momogengou region. At some point, he witnessed Kurookina spreading ashes around an old withered tree and scolded the other man about it.[2]

Musubi (daughter)[]

The daughter of Yuka Musubi and her husband. Born as a member of the Musubi family, she fled with her parents as their hairpin shop burned to the ground during the great fire. After the shop's rebuilding, her family's life returned to relative normalcy, with her and her mother walking around the town.[16]

Musubi (husband)[]

The husband of Yuka and the owner of a hairpin shop in the city of Enbizaka. In EC 832, the man married Yuka from Momogengou village and brought her to his home city. The pair ran his hairpin shop together and made a steady living, and soon had a daughter. In EC 838, a great fire started in the neighborhood and he fled with his family as his shop burned to the ground.

By EC 842, his shop with rebuilt along with the town and the family's life returned to relative normalcy, until the murders in the city broke out, sending everyone into a panic. After the culprit, Kayo Sudou, was captured and executed, he and his wife were shocked and saddened by it due to her closeness to Yuka, but shortly after they carried on with their lives as usual.

Nagare Sudou[]

Nagare Sudou[note 9] was a tailor living in Jakoku and the father of Kayo. Born during the turn of the 9th century EC, Nagare became a tailor and at some point entered a relationship with Kagura Octo, who unbeknownst to him was really the Demon of Envy in Kagura's body.[17] Eventually, the two eloped, with Nagare starting a tailor shop in Enbizaka as a source of livelihood, and the two sired a daughter named "Kayo".[11] Around EC 832, he died from disease.[17]

Nobunaga Hatsune[]

Nobunaga Hatsune[note 10] was a daimyou of Jakoku during the EC 540s and the head of the Hatsune family. At some point, he sired a child, naming her Jahime. He later told her of his ambitions of uniting the country. During Jakoku's civil war, Nobunaga eventually became the most powerful daimyo in the country, only to later be killed in a rebellion by his subordinates.[1]

Octo (child)[]

The parent of Gakuga Octo. Born in Jakoku sometime during the EC 800s as one of the four children of Gato Octo, they eventually sired a son who was named Gakuga.[18]

Octo (son)[]

The father of Anan Octo. Born in Jakoku sometime during the EC 800s as one of the four children of Gato Octo, he eventually sired a son who was named Anan.[18]

Ren Sudou[]

Ren Sudou[note 11] was the son of Gakuga and Kayo Sudou, born in EC 838 in Enbizaka, Jakoku. When a great fire broke out later that year, Kayo took the child in her arms as they attempted to flee. After a burning house fell on Kayo, she lost track of the baby. Sometime after, Ren died in the fire. Having blond hair and blue eyes, Kayo began projecting her son onto anyone who shared the same features.[19] He is possibly represented by the Vocaloid Kagamine Len.

Saruteito II[]

The daughter of Chartette Langley and the second Saruteito. After her mother's death at the hands of Julia IR, she came to the region of Enkoku, and there, she build a grave for her. Afterward, she started living in a settlement near the village Chartette founded.[15] Eventually, she became the family head and took up her mother's name, appearance, and mannerisms in her honor; the tradition continued to be passed down to each family head throughout the generations.[20]

Tattooed Playboy[]

A playboy who lived in Jakoku. At some point in his life, he made a tattoo on his back. Later, he joined a group of evildoers as they fought Kokutan-douji and his friends. However, they were soon defeated by the group. He was described as reckless and skilled.[2]

Unknown baby[]

The unborn child of Kiji Yarera and Miku Miroku. Around the spring of EC 842, Kiji made love to and accidentally impregnated Miku, and the two were subsequently engaged. Several months later, Miku encountered Kayo Sudou, who killed both the mother and unintentionally her baby.[3]

Unknown Doctor[]

The father of Mei Miroku. Living in Amayomi, he sired Mei with a Lucifenian woman. After her birth, the doctor mentored his daughter in medicine as she grew up, his wife eventually passing away. At some point, he established a clinic in Enbizaka. After the great fire that struck the city in EC 838, he began treating the fire's survivors at his clinic with the help of his daughter.[11]

Four years later, he received a house call from the Octo family to check on one of the survivors in their care, Kayo Sudou. Noting how well she had recovered, he praised the maid Bufuko's dedication to her and learned that Bufuko allegedly had grown up in a family of doctors with a Lucifenian father, much like Mei's situation. He chatted a little more about his wish to learn more about Evillious' medical knowledge, the western territory being having more medical advancements than Jakoku, only for Bufuko to cut him off and explain it was almost dinnertime.

As he prepared to leave, the doctor eventually accepted a rice ball from the maid and went to talk to Kayo directly, remarking on her resilience. The doctor was surprised to find, however, that Kayo refused to believe that her burns had healed, the woman even becoming hysterical when he tried to show her her own "ugly" reflection. Remarking that her mind appeared to have yet to heal, the doctor took the rice ball offered by Bufuko and departed.[8] Later that year, he diagnosed Mei with a cold after she fell sick, reporting to Kai his findings.[16]

After the brutal murder of Mei in spring of that year, as well as Miku's a few months later, his granddaughter Rin went to Amayomi to recover, staying with the doctor for a while.[20]

Unknown Elphe Woman[]

The great-grandmother of Mei Miroku. Born in Elphegort, she was an Elphe and had green hair. Eventually, she had a child, and her child had a daughter who went to Jakoku and had a daughter of her own, named Mei. Mei's first child, a girl named Miku, inherited her great-great grandmother's green hair.[3]

Unknown Executioner[]

A samurai who was chosen to execute the murderer Kayo Sudou. Sentenced to beheading, Kayo was brought to the execution grounds for a public execution. When the executioner tried to cut her neck, however, Kayo healed instantly. Despite his attempts, the executioner couldn't separate Kayo's head from her body. Scared by the tailor's incapacity of dying, he called her monster and ran away.[10]

Unknown Lucifenian Woman[]

The mother of Mei Miroku. Born in Lucifenia, she eventually went to Amayomi in Jakoku. There, she met a man and sired a daughter with him, naming her Mei. Sometime during Mei's growth, the woman passed away.[21]

Yarera (father)[]

The father of Kiji Yarera and the president of the Yarera-Zusco Firm. Born sometime during the 9th century EC, the man eventually married and had a son who was named Kiji. In EC 839, he sent his son to Enbizaka, Jakoku as part of a social study to prepare him for inheriting the firm. In EC 842, Kiji took a ship back to Elphegort for a month-long trip and told his parents about his marriage plans to a Jakokuese girl named Miku.[3]


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