This is a list of minor characters that have appeared or are mentioned in passing in Judgment of Corruption, including its song or other related media.

Baldured (wife)[edit | edit source]

The wife of Hanma Baldured. At some point she married Hanma and gave birth to their daughter, Lilith. While they lived happily while their child grew up, when Lilith grew to adolescence the girl was taken in by Ma and experimented on and reduced to an empty shell of her former self. The horrible outcome led the woman to divorce her husband while he took care of their daughter's body.[1]

Bindi Freezis[edit | edit source]

Bindi Freezis[note 1], also known by the alias Kandi,[note 2] was the second son of the Freezis Family and the Minister of Finance in the USE. After the death of his younger brother Loki, the Freezis Conglomerate began to decline and one of their backers, Midas Touch, pulled out in EC 978 and prepared to return to Elphegort on the S.S. Titanis. As Midas was blackmailing Bindi for his corruption,[2] Bindi decided to make him disappear. Learning that the Elphegortean gang Zeus was investigating Midas Touch, he contacted their leader Narcissus,[3] using the alias "Kandi",[4] and told him how Midas would be returning from Marlon.

He then met with the group at their hideout, explaining to them all how he needed Midas to disappear for his own reasons; offering them all the information they needed and 30% of the spoils from the job, "Kandi" arranged for Zeus to attack Midas at sea while he traveled back on the S.S. Titanis. Supplying them with a car and one of the World Police's boats, Bindi left Zeus to the task. During the plot, a member of the gang sank the entire ship and killed everyone aboard, including Mira and Michelle Marlon.[3]

After his crime was discovered by PN, Bindi bribed the presiding judge Gallerian Marlon during the trial and was declared innocent. Bindi then asked Gallerian to make sure that all the members of Zeus were killed so that no evidence would be left behind. He later had Gallerian declare his friend, Jason Jack, innocent of the murder of Medea Col, leading to Nyoze Octo being framed for the crime.[2] In EC 983, Bindi kept the World Police from going after Gallerian after the Tasan Party called for his indictment.

After the outbreak of the Leviantan Civil War, he visited Gallerian in his office and, asking for the services of Postman, was transported out of Alicegrad. From there, Postman took him inside Lunaca Labora, where he was shocked to be confronted by Gusuma Yarera and his forces. He learned that Gallerian and Gusuma had collaborated to bring him to Lunaca Labora, where they would have vengeance on him for killing Mira and Michelle after he'd fulfilled his usefulness to Gallerian. Not long after, Bindi was sent into the same space as where Gusuma was holding Jorm Zusco. As Bindi screamed for help, Jorm tore him to pieces.[5]

Bogaerts[edit | edit source]


Bogaerts[note 3] was the financial manager of the celebrity, Scherzer. As Scherzer continued abducting women to satisfy his lusts, Bogaerts learned that his niece had been among those abducted. Disgusted by his sadism, he set up a meeting with Chief Justice Gallerian Marlon at a bar and revealed the details of Scherzer's crimes. Knowing of the judge's corruption, he arranged for the entirety of the celebrity's fortune to be given to Gallerian if the judge finally convicted him. Gallerian agreed and, after Scherzer was tried and was sentenced to death, Bogaerts gave him his desired wealth.[6]

Gandalf Marlon[edit | edit source]

Gandalf Marlon[note 4] was a judge of the Union State of Evillious and the father of Gallerian, born during the EC 900s. After becoming a judge for the Dark Star Bureau, Gandalf ended up meeting and befriending a fellow judge, Hanma Baldured. He later met Elluka "Ma" Clockworker, entering a relationship with her. In EC 944, Gandalf sired a son with Elluka, naming him Gallerian and employing Polina Marchef to be his wet nurse.

Later that year, he burst into the courthouse during Elluka's trial, accusing Hanma of betrayal and taking bribes. As Hanma mocked him, Gandalf became further enraged, adamantly declaring he would quit the bureau despite Hanma's attempts to persuade him to stay by his side.

Polina soon approached with Gallerian; after insisting his intention to somehow change the courthouse for the better and bring down people like him, Gandalf parted ways from Hanma to speak with Elluka. Sorrowfully saying his goodbyes to his lover, Gandalf and Elluka kissed one last time and he watched Elluka hold their baby; as she expressed her wish that Gallerian grow up to be like him, Gandalf bemoaned his weakness. He then watched as Elluka was taken away, believing her to be executed shortly after.[7]

Quitting the Dark Star Bureau, Gandalf later moved back to Marlon.[8] While raising Gallerian, Gandalf told him of his love for Elluka as well as the injustice she died from. In EC 963, he attended Gallerian's wedding with Mira Yarera,[9] then in EC 978 was visited by his daughter-in-law and his granddaughter, Michelle.[8] He is represented by the Vocaloid KAITO.

Heaven Jaakko[edit | edit source]

Heaven Jaakko[note 5] was a historian of the USE. Born into the Jaakko Family, Heaven became a scholar and researched various events of Evillious, supporting the idea that witches existed and even testifying about it in court.[7] He had a daughter named Hel, to whom he told many stories about historical figures.[10] During his life, Heaven searched for the laboratory called Lunaca Labora in Levianta, devoting his entire life to the task.[11] During the Levianta Witch Trials, the Freezis family justified their corrupt prosecution of "witches" using Heaven's research.[7]

Heaven died in EC 957;[11] after the world was destroyed in EC 999, he reunited with Hel and told her his hypothesis that all the people on the ground world were spirits, Punishment having destroyed the boundary between heaven and the hellish yard.[10]

Heleus Gone[edit | edit source]

Heleus Gone[note 6] was the nephew of the millionaire Perse, born during the EC 900s. Heleus later murdered the imperial prince of Asmodean while the prince visited Aceid in Elphegort and was tried for murder under judge Gallerian Marlon. Although the prosecutor sought his execution, Gallerian gave Heleus a reduced sentence in light of how wealthy his uncle was, although publicly citing other reasons; this led to harsh criticism of the Dark Star Bureau by Asmodean and the Tasan Party.[5]

Höðr[edit | edit source]

Höðr[note 7] was an employee of the Dark Star Bureau, born during the EC 900s. In EC 958, Höðr and the other officials of the Bureau met in the courthouse's conference room to discuss those who passed the entrance exam. When Hanma began arguing in favor of allowing Gallerian Marlon entrance into the bureau, he pointed out that he was the son of a witch and clarified, when asked, that he was the son of Elluka Clockworker. Hanma continued to insist that his lineage shouldn't affect their decision and Höðr grumbled, only to be caught off guard when Hanma called him out for his complaints. Höðr was thus forced to accept Hanma's decision to allow all applicants to be accepted.[12]

Many years later, Höðr became the aged Hanma's subordinate after the latter had fled the Dark Star Bureau and was living just outside of Yatski under the name "Nikolay Tolle". When Nikolay grew ill from a heart condition, he sent Höðr to fetch Nemesis Sudou so he could speak to her while on his death bed; he found her in Yatski and brought the woman to Nikolay's mansion. There, Höðr oversaw the exchange between Nemesis and Nikolay that led to the former shooting the latter, allowing her to do it as per his master's wishes.[3]

Jason Jack[edit | edit source]

Jason Jack[note 8] was a professor at Levin University. At some point, he befriended his student Bindi Freezis. In EC 978, he availed of the services of the prostitute Medea Col before stabbing her to death with a Jakokuese sword. He was then arrested by the World Police, but later set free after another person was framed for his murder.[2] During the initial outbreak of the Leviantan Civil War, Jason was killed by the rioters, becoming the first casualty of the conflict.[5]

Jorm Zusco[edit | edit source]


Jorm Zusco[note 9] was a serial killer and a HER. Jorm was born to the former lover of the head of the Yarera-Zusco Conglomerate; the child was later the sole survivor of a blimp accident that killed his entire family, leading to him being adopted by the conglomerate head, herself. Sometime after his birth, Jorm became infected with Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome and became a serial killer of young women. After killing over ten young girls, he was arrested and tried for his crimes, put on death row and imprisoned with only a doll to play with.

In EC 961, Jorm's execution was suspended and later slated for release thanks to a bribe to the judge. Later Feng Li, Gusuma Yarera, and Ma went to visit him in prison. He became wild from their knock at his door, gibbering and cutting his doll apart, and was further excited to see the female Ma through his window. After Jorm wounded Ma through the door, the group concluded that he was too dangerous to release and decided to merely keep him imprisoned, leaving him behind as he screamed incoherently.[13]

Years later in EC 978, Jorm was arranged to escape from his cell and kill 20 members of the Zeus organization inside the prison, before disappearing from the public eye. He was later sent to Lunaca Labora by Ma and heavily medicated.[2] Afterwards, Gallerian began using Jorm to assassinate his enemies.[14]

In EC 983, Jorm was loaned out to his half-brother Gusuma. Hiding in the shadows inside Lunaca Labora, he remained in wait in a separate space while Gusuma spoke to Bindi Freezis, becoming impatient to kill someone as his medication ran out. Not long after, Gusuma had Bindi sent to Jorm and he tore the man apart.[5] Jorm later allegedly committed suicide the following year, although there were rumors that Gusuma poisoned him.[15]

Katerina[edit | edit source]

Katerina[note 10] was a maid of Gallerian Marlon. When knocking, she would be much stronger and less clear than the other servants, a trait Gallerian noted when she would knock before disturbing him.[16] During her service to Gallerian, she ran into a postman on the way back from shopping and found that they had a letter from Ma, handing it off to her master.[8]

Lana Ray[edit | edit source]

Lana Ray[note 11] was a member of the Held sect. In EC 958, she was put on trial for being a witch, accused of communing with spirits in the Millennium Tree Forest and of obtaining an ancient magic charm to do harm on others.[12]

Larisa[edit | edit source]

Larisa[note 12] was a maid of Gallerian Marlon. When knocking, she would distinctly knock three times, a trait Gallerian noted when she would knock before disturbing him.[16] During her service to Gallerian, she announced Ma's arrival to the mansion when the sorceress came to visit and meet Michelle.[8]

Mars[edit | edit source]

Mars[note 13] was a colonel of the USE military, born during the EC 900s. After the outbreak of the Evillious War, Mars joined the USE forces headed to Asmodean in February of EC 983, riding with General Tony Ausdin in an armored vehicle. As they passed through a snow field in Samadin, Mars questioned General Shiro Netsuma when she stood in front of their vehicle and learned that they would need to stop for an hour due to the deep snow. He soon related Tony's decision for them to rest at the nearby Zenosai village, prompting a clouded reaction from Shiro, the woman having originally been from there.[17]

Mata Corpa[edit | edit source]

Mata Corpa[note 14] was a resident of the Union State of Evillious. At some point, he came into possession of the Marlon Spoon, keeping it in his mansion. On April 4, EC 944, he was killed by Elluka "Ma" Clockworker in his home. Following his death, Elluka was tried for her various crimes, including his murder.[7]

Medea Col[edit | edit source]

Medea Col[note 15] was a prostitute in the USE. In EC 978, she serviced her client Jason Jack before the man stabbed her to death with a katana. Following her death, Jason was arrested by the World Police, although another man, Nyoze Octo, was eventually framed and convicted for her murder.[2]

Midas Touch[edit | edit source]

Midas Touch[note 16] was a millionaire living in Aceid, Elphegort. Running a shady business behind the scenes, he was in some way responsible for the death of the Zeus member, Dio Ames.[3] Originally sponsoring the Freezis Conglomerate, he abandoned them once he discovered their decline, and additionally began blackmailing Bindi Freezis under the threat of exposing his corruption. In EC 978, he boarded the S.S. Titanis to return to Elphegort from Marlon, bringing his wealth with him.[18]

When members of Zeus snuck aboard the ship and tried to assassinate Midas, his bodyguards killed one of them and he was able to see their faces before they escaped. In prime position to turn them in to the police, the Zeus member Nemesis Sudou sank the Titanis with her pet ziz tiama to protect her friends.[15] After his death, the Zeus group began searching for his riches.[18]

Mido[edit | edit source]

Mido[note 17] was a villager of Zenosai and a friend of Shiro. Born in the EC 900s, she eventually befriended Owa and Shiro, living with her fellow Netsumas in Zenosai village. She later married and started a family. In EC 983, Mido witnessed USE army forces stop by the village, recognizing Shiro and approaching her with Owa at the riverside; there, the three of them chatted and caught up on how they each were doing. After a villager detonated a stick of dynamite, Mido disappeared from the scene.[5]

Netsuma (father)[edit | edit source]

The adoptive father of Shiro Netsuma. He took Shiro in after she was nearly sacrificed by a cult and raised her as his own, teaching her how to fend for herself and use firearms. While he was very protective of the girl, he was impressed to see her follow him into battle of her own volition. When Shiro made enemies in Asmodean, he along with one of Shiro's friends was put in danger while the two of them were in Maistia. When his daughter came to save him and the friend, he was killed while the friend survived.[8]

Owa[edit | edit source]

Owa[note 18] was a villager of Zenosai and a friend of Shiro. Born in the EC 900s, she eventually befriended Mido and Shiro, living with her fellow Netsumas in Zenosai village. She later married and started a family. In EC 983, Owa witnessed USE army forces stop by the village, recognizing Shiro and approaching her with Mido at the riverside; there, the three of them chatted and caught up on how they each were doing. After a villager detonated a stick of dynamite, Owa disappeared from the scene.[5]

Penry Marlon[edit | edit source]

Penry Marlon[note 19] was the founder of the USE Dark Star Bureau and the son of Perrié Cutie Marlon. Born sometime during the EC 800s, he later expressed to his mother that he wanted to start an international court, studying law in Maistia to this end.[19] He eventually founded the Dark Star Courthouse in Levianta; he also had a family, with Gallerian Marlon as one of his descendants.[12]

Perse[edit | edit source]

Perse[note 20] was a millionaire and the uncle of Heleus Gone, born sometime during the 10th century EC. Perse' wealth was responsible for Heleus being given a reduced sentence for his murder of the Asmodean prince.[5]

Polina Marchef[edit | edit source]

Polina Marchef[note 21] was a servant of the Marlon Family, born during the EC 900s. After Polina was employed by the Marlons, she became the wet nurse to the infant Gallerian, the son of Gandalf and his lover Elluka. In EC 944, Polina posed for a picture with Gandalf, Elluka and Gallerian. Polina later accompanied Gandalf to Elluka's trial, holding Gallerian and witnessing Gandalf say goodbye to Elluka.[7]

Later on, Polina married and moved into a mansion along Nelsky street with her husband, placing her picture with the Marlons in the living room. Gallerian later began boarding at her residence. In EC 960, she was called for by Gallerian and shown a picture of Kayo Sudou, shocked by the woman's resemblance to Elluka. As Gallerian requested, Polina gave him her picture of Elluka and listened to Gallerian note the two pictures' resemblance. She then confirmed that Elluka was indeed dead, although noting that neither she nor Gandalf actually saw Elluka get executed.

After noting how, if Kayo were Elluka, she should look much older, Polina suggested that Kayo changed her appearance to match Elluka's due to being her follower before dismissing the notion. Gallerian, interrupting, then had Polina promise not to tell anyone she saw the picture, and Polina left him to rest.[20]

Rennert[edit | edit source]

Rennert[note 22] was a butler of Gallerian Marlon. In EC 978, Rennert informed Gallerian that Ma had come to visit him. Later that night, he learned that Gallerian's wife and daughter had been killed in an accident and swiftly entered the judge's study without permission. Shaking his sleeping master awake, Rennert informed him of the grim news.

Rennert had a mustache and, when knocking, he would knock twice, a trait Gallerian noted when he would knock before disturbing him.[16] He was also known for fretting about Michelle before her death, certain her beauty would attract a boy that would earn Gallerian's ire.[8]

Unknown Deputy Head[edit | edit source]

The deputy head of the Dark Star Bureau. Born sometime during the EC 900s, the man was eventually employed at the Dark Star Bureau and achieved the rank of deputy head. Working as Hanma's second-in-command, the man later presided over trial number YTK468. During the trial, he was saved from making a major blunder by his aide Gallerian, favoring the young man as a result.[20] After Hanma's disappearance, the deputy replaced him as head judge; under his command, Gallerian's career in the bureau excelled.[9]

Yarera (president)[edit | edit source]

The president of the Yarera-Zusco Conglomerate and the head of the Yarera Family. Born sometime during the 10th century EC, the woman had a lover before she eventually married and had two children, Gusuma and Mira. When she found out that her lover's child, Jorm, had his entire family killed in a blimp accident, the woman took him in and raised him as if he were her own.

At some point, she became president of the Yarera-Zusco Conglomerate as the family's head. After Jorm, who had become a serial killer, was released from execution in EC 961, she consented to Gusuma bribing Hanma in order to rule against Loki.[13] Later on, she was succeeded by Gusuma as the company head.[5]

Zero (brother)[edit | edit source]

The older brother of Sigurd Zero. Born in Maistia to a pair of slaves, he worked on a plantation with his parents and younger siblings. He was at some point, along with his family, sold to the Freezis family and his life turned even more horrid due to the Freezis' animalistic treatment of them. Eventually, he was murdered by his owner's son, Loki Freezis.

Zero (father)[edit | edit source]

The father of Sigurd Zero. Born in Maistia, he became enslaved and later married another slave woman and concieved two sons and a daughter. Leading a miserable live, his life became nightmarish after he was bought by the Freezis family and became treated even more like an animal. Eventually, he was murdered by his owner's son, Loki Freezis.

Zero (mother)[edit | edit source]

The mother of Sigurd Zero. Born in Maistia, she became enslaved and later married another slave man and concieved two sons and a daughter. Leading a miserable live, her life became nightmarish after she was bought by the Freezis family and became treated even more like an animal. Eventually, she was murdered by her owner's son, Loki Freezis.

Zero (sister)[edit | edit source]

The younger sister of Sigurd Zero. Born in Maistia to a pair of slaves, she worked on a plantation with her parents and older brothers. At some point she was sold to the Freezis family and suffered though even more animalistic treatment than from her former owner. Eventually, she was murdered by her owner's son, Loki Freezis. Her body was later stuffed and kept by the sadistic boy.

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