This is a list of minor characters that have appeared or are mentioned in passing in Evil Food Eater Conchita, including its song, light novel, or other related media.


Apollinare[note 1] was a peddler of the Beelzenian Empire. Selling rare ingredients, the man regularly sold his wares to Duke Banica Conchita, being one of the few people who would come near her mansion. In EC 325, with Banica desiring newer foods, Apollinare was unable to bring them to her. He was killed by Pollo under the dissatisfied Banica's orders and was used to make feed for the mansion's undead livestock.[1]


Ang[note 2] was the last emperor of the Tasan Empire. During his reign during the first century EC, he had the baemu pig hunted in abundance for his Empire due to enjoying the meat pies made out of them. However, Tasan later suffered from infighting and soon after split apart under his rule. Long after his death, the baemu was labeled a cursed pig and the creatures were banned from being eaten by the Levin religion.[2]

Aybee CeeEdit

Aybee Cee[note 3] was a man that served as part of I.R.'s information network. At some point, he sired a son, Ron Grapple.[3] Aybee served under I.R. during the second century EC, until I.R. set him up into a battle with herself to both dispose of her current body, Haru Netsuma, and assume a new identity.[4] Aybee's right hand was severely burned during the battle. Afterwards, I.R. possessed him and used him as her medium, taking on the persona of "AB-CIR", a benevolent and powerful mage who defeated his mentor, the evil fire-wielder I.R.[5]

Due to being an inheritor of the Demon of Gluttony, Aybee could control his son as well as corpse soldiers. This power was then used by AB-CIR to magically influence Ron, presumably to orchestrate the possession of Banica.[3]

Banica's SonEdit

The son of Banica Conchita and Carlos Marlon.[6] Conceived during the affair between Banica and her former fiancé, the baby was left in the mansion after the noble devoured herself. The newborn was found alone on a dish by Elluka Clockworker and Platonic when the two were sent to investigate the mansion and was subsequently adopted by a servant of Juno Beelzenia. The boy is an ancestor of Germaine Avadonia.[1]

Bruno (EC 324)Edit

Bruno[note 4] was a member of the Association and an associate of Platonic. At some point he joined the organization and took up the alias of "Bruno", helping provide information for those in the criminal underworld that were interested. Around EC 324, Bruno supplied Platonic with the layout of the Conchita Family mansion for her planned heist.[5] His real name is unknown.

Burglar DonaldEdit

Burglar Donald[note 5] was the Emperor of the Asmodean empire. Born into the Asmodean Imperial Family in the third century EC, the belligerent Burglar eventually succeeded the previous Emperor and began having his armies constantly skirmish with the Beelzenian forces along the border.[7] In EC 325, Emperor Burglar waged a full-scale war with Beelzenia, with the conflict lasting for decades. As a result, Asmodean and Beelzenia exhausted themselves from their constant warring, leading to Lucifenia's independence and the Red Country's swift decline.[1]

Charon MarlonEdit

Charon Marlon[note 6] was the King of the Kingdom of Marlon, as well as the husband of Queen Milkicent and the father of Kirk, Cult, and Carlos. As his youngest Carlos grew, Charon was continually frustrated by his poor health, which made him unable to carry out the duties that his older brothers could. In June of EC 311, to facilitate a stronger alliance with the Beelzenian Empire and obtain their aid in the war with Lioness, Charon betrothed Carlos to Banica Conchita, a member of the Conchita Family descended from the Beelzenian Imperial Family.

After speaking the matter over at length with Empress Juno and arranging for Banica to come meet them in person, Charon informed Carlos of his betrothal and ended up arguing with his son over it in the audience hall of the palace. As Carlos stubbornly protested the match made without his consent, Charon scolded him for his selfishness and eventually threatened to disown him entirely before dismissing him. The next day Charon presided in the audience hall with his wife and Carlos as Ron Grapple, the Conchita family's head retainer, introduced Banica and her servants Arte and Pollo.

Noticing how coldly Carlos received Banica, after she had left Charon again quarreled with his son about his behavior and dismissed the boy's frustrations with his betrothed and her entourage. He then watched as Ron Grapple, having overheard, returned and explained the Conchita family's poor state as being the result of a terrible disease; in response to his concerns, Charon was assured that Banica was not still afflicted. The next day, Charon went out on business with his wife and two older sons, leaving Carlos and Banica alone during dinner.

In February of EC 312, Charon held a meeting with Empress Juno in Marlon to discuss the particulars of their countries' alliance, as well as to make official Carlos' marriage to Banica. That night a banquet was held in the palace dining hall to celebrate, with Charon in attendance along with his family, Empress Juno, several Beelzenian ministers, and Banica. As the dinner wound down Charon, along with several others, left some of his meal behind; he soon watched in horror as Banica began violently and suddenly eating all the leftovers in sight. After that night the engagement between Carlos and Banica was called off, with some speculating that Charon was concerned Banica was still infected with Gula.[8]

Conchita CookEdit

The head chef on the Conchita estate. In November of EC 296, the head cook was put in charge of preparations for the feast to celebrate Banica Conchita's birth. During the preparations, the baemu pig was brought into his kitchen by Muzuri Conchita for him to examine. After sizing the pig up, he reported how it appeared to be the same as a Tasan pig. He went on to question Muzuri about its taste and how it should be cooked, until the pig suddenly went wild. He watched in amazement as Muzuri then slew the animal with his sword.

Left alone with the dead pig, the cook began preparing its internal organs for supper, having a precautionary taste while he did. As he prepared the stomach, he found an ornate wine glass intact inside. Bringing Muzuri back to the kitchen, he explained what he'd found and, as Muzuri wondered at the discovery, expressed his concern that more debris may be in the stomach. Despite his protests to not eat the stomach, or to at least be careful in doing so, Muzuri insisted on having it to fulfill his cherished ambition of eating the pig.

They discussed the upcoming meal for a while longer before the chef returned to cooking the meal. He then served the pig first to Muzuri; the duke declared the pig delicious and ordered him to make more dishes, and the cook happily served the the rest of the staff and family. The day after the feast, suffering from the Gula disease, the cook swallowed a kitchen knife and died, his corpse later discovered by Ron Grapple.[2]

Conchita DoctorEdit

The family doctor in the Conchita household. In EC 296, he was called out to the main estate to investigate the death of the family's head cook, who was found pale-faced and having vomited blood. Finding no certain cause of death, the doctor informed the grand chamberlain, Ron Grapple, and Duke Muzuri soon had him examine all the members of the household for symptoms of poison or disease. After finding no suspicious symptoms among anyone, he promised to stay overnight and wait to see if anything happened.

After the stockman died the next day, the doctor studied the two corpses in Gasto and found that the cook had swallowed his own cutlery and the stockman had eaten hay. Three days later, he returned to the mansion and reported his findings, concluding that the men had suffered a disease that made them obsessed with eating anything immediately available. Unable to treat them, he suggested that the duke rely on the wisdom of a famous mage who was visiting down by the foot of the mansion. Before he could finish, the duke, enraged at such a fanciful suggestion, drove him out.[2]

Conchita GardenerEdit

The gardener for the Conchita household. A young man and a heavy drinker, the man celebrated Banica Conchita's birthday and ate part of the baemu with the rest of the servants in November of EC 296. Four days later, he died of the Gula disease and his body was found soon after. Following his discovery, the family initially blamed his alcoholism for his death.[2]

Conchita LaundressEdit

One of the servants charged with laundry on the Conchita estate and a member of the Netsuma Clan. The woman celebrated Banica Conchita's birthday and ate part of the baemu with the rest of the servants in November of EC 296. Five days later, she died of the Gula disease and her body was discovered by the rest of the staff.[2]

Conchita MaidEdit

A maid on the Conchita Estate assigned to take care of Megour's personal belongings. The woman celebrated Banica Conchita's birthday and ate part of the baemu with the rest of the servants in November of EC 296. Three days later, she died of the Gula disease at the age of sixty, vomiting blood, and her corpse was discovered by the rest of the staff. Her death was then initially attributed to her old age.[2]

Conchita StockmanEdit

A servant put in charge of livestock on the Conchita estate. Watching over the various animals on the estate, in November of EC 296, he received a rare red pig that was delivered among other gifts for Banica's birthday celebration, although the sender was unknown. When Muzuri Conchita entered to see the gift, the stockman directed him to the pig and learned from the duke that it was the legendary and extremely rare baemu. The two discussed how it had arrived, with the stockman admitting that not even the cartman knew, and he listened as Muzuri determined that the pig was a gift from god for his good deeds.

He then heard as the duke declared they'd eat the pig for the banquet, the duke refusing his suggestion they wait for the other nobles to arrive to celebrate Banica's debut. The stockman then followed the Duke's orders to carry the baemu into the kitchen for tonight's banquet. That night, the man celebrated Banica Conchita's birthday and ate part of the baemu with the rest of the servants. Two days later, overcome by the Gula disease, he ate the hay in the barn and died, his corpse later discovered by the staff.[2]

Cult MarlonEdit

Cult Marlon[note 7] was the Second Prince of the Kingdom of Marlon. Born into the Marlon Royal Family, Cult was raised by his parents, Charon and Milkicent, along with his older brother, Kirk, and later his younger brother, Carlos in Marlon Castle. Over the years, the prince attended multiple public service events and diligently trained his skills with a sword. Once he came of age, Cult was given command of the Marlon army and began directing the Blue Country's forces against the armies of the Kingdom of Lioness.

In February of EC 312, Cult's forces successfully captured Lord Somi Hedgehog's court mage AB-CIR, hoping to gather useful intelligence about the second army. One evening later that month, Cult attended a formal dinner with his family and several members of the Beelzenian imperial government. While listening to Empress Juno's ranting about Carlos' marriage to Banica Conchita, he received a report from a Marlon officer that the mage was imprisoned in Middle Tower's dungeon.

When Juno asked about the sorcerer, Cult recounted the man's recent capture and went on to explain the edge that the mage could give them in the war. Afterward, the officer dumped the bag of AB-CIR's belongings before Cult, Cult puzzled by the belongings including the Venom Sword and wine glass. As Juno became intrigued over the items, Cult sent the officer away with the items. Cult continued to eat while Juno ranted as she pleased. Once Juno and his parents finished, Cult left his half-done steak unfinished; he soon after watched Banica suddenly steal and devour his large steak easily. Horrified, Cult and the others watched the noble continue devouring their leftovers like an animal. Afterward, the furious King Charon broke off the engagement and the Beelzenians left.[8]

Donald (duke)Edit

Donald[note 8] was the Duke of the Asmodean region and later its first Emperor. At some point, he began criticizing Beelzenia's military as weak and undisciplined, also pushing for more territorial expansion. Ignored by the Beelzenian Imperial Family, the angered duke cut ties with them and instigated a revolt to campaign for Asmodean's independence in EC 212. Successfully, breaking away from the Beelzenian Empire, the Duke crowned himself Emperor and passed on the title to his descendants.[7]


Gastolle [note 9] was a Duke of the Beelzenian Empire. Controlling the Retasan territory, Duke Gastolle was killed in combat during Asmodean's campaign for independence around EC 212. As a result, the Beelzenian Imperial Family took control of his western territory while delegating the eastern half to the Conchita family, elevating them as Dukes in his place.[7]


Ildebrando[note 10] was the fourteenth cook in the service of Banica Conchita. Hired to work at the Conchita Mansion, Ildebrando quickly became disgusted with Banica's peculiar appetite. Soon after annoying the Duke, Banica had Arte and Pollo brutally murder him, the twins crucifying him for their amusement. Shortly after, the thief Platonic stumbled upon Ildebrando's mutilated corpse. Accidentally spilling some of the liquid in the Glass of Conchita on his foot, the former cook was revived as a dead soldier and pulled against the chains binding him while Platonic fled the floor.

Escaping his confines, the undead Ildebrando made his way towards Banica upstairs with Platonic, giving the thief a chance to escape. Attacking Banica, he bit her as she pinned him to the wall. Uninjured, she devoured him shortly after.[5]

Josef CrimEdit

Josef Crim[note 11][9] was a famous chef in the Evillious region, known for traveling the world to hone his skills. At some point, he was killed by AB-CIR in Lioness. Much later, the mage had Carlos Marlon impersonate him to infiltrate the Conchita estate, changing Carlos' face to look like Josef's. Carlos, while impersonating Josef, is said to resemble Adam Moonlit.[10]

Kirk MarlonEdit

Kirk Marlon[note 12] was the First Prince of the Kingdom of Marlon. Born into the Marlon Royal Family, Kirk was raised by his parents, Charon and Milkicent, and later his younger brothers, Cult and Carlos, in Marlon Castle.[8] Over the years, the crown prince attended multiple public service events and diligently trained his skills with a sword.

One evening in February of EC 312, Kirk attended a formal dinner with his family and several members of the Beelzenian imperial government. Once Juno and his parents finished, Kirk left what remained of his meal unfinished; he and the others then watched Banica suddenly steal and devour Cult's and his leftovers. Horrified, Kirk and the others watched the noble continue devouring their leftovers like an animal. Afterward, the furious King Charon broke off the engagement and the Beelzenians left.[8]

Lionel CorpaEdit

Lionel Corpa[note 13] was a merchant of Lucifenia in the Beelzenian Empire and a member of the Association. Born around the turn of the fourth century EC, Lionel worked as a successful merchant in Rolled and made a family for himself. He also joined the Association and became the "Bruno" for its Lucifenia branch, working out of a barn on the outskirts of town. Despite disliking having to hide his Association work from his family, Lionel excelled at his duties as an information broker.

Around EC 324, he was visited by Phantom Thief Platonic who met with him regarding the Twin Blades of Levianta. He informed Platonic that the blades had been held by the Levin Church in Lucifenian, but that they'd allegedly been passed off to the sorceress Elluka Clockworker. He followed the information up by providing Platonic with Elluka's whereabouts in Rolled. Lionel was described as being calm and speaking with a gentle-mannered tone.[1]

Lucifenia IEdit

Lucifenia I[note 14] was a Duke governing Beelzenia's Lucifenia region and the founder of the Kingdom of Lucifenia. Born into the d'Autriche Family, the man eventually became the family head, inheriting the position as one of the Five Dukes. Following Beelzenia's war with Asmodean, Duke d'Autriche decided to take a chance and broke away from the weakened Empire in EC 399, crowning himself "King Lucifenia" of the new Kingdom of Lucifenia. With both Beelzenia and Asmodean exhausted from their war, the new King maintained his rule over the territory.[1]

At some point, he sired children, creating the Lucifenian Royal Family. He is the direct ancestor of King Arth, Prince Alexiel, and Princess Riliane, who adopt his cognomen as their surname. Like his descendants, he is assumed to be an Orthodox Lucifenian with pale skin, blond hair, and blue eyes.

Milkicent MarlonEdit

Milkicent Marlon[note 15] was the wife of Charon and the Queen of the Kingdom of Marlon, as well as the mother of Kirk, Cult, and Carlos. As her youngest, Carlos, grew, Milkicent regularly watched him get into arguments with Charon and learned not to interfere, instead pretending it was none of her business. In June of EC 311 Carlos was engaged to be married to the Beelzenian Empire's Banica Conchita. When Banica and her retainers paid a visit to Marlon accordingly, Milkicent sat in attendance with her husband and Carlos as Banica was introduced by the Conchitas' head retainer Ron Grapple, trying to help put the girl at ease when noticing her nervousness.

After Banica and her retainers exited the room, Milkicent tried to assuage Carlos' displeasure with his overweight betrothed and then stopped taking part in the conversation altogether as Charon and Carlos fell to arguing about the poor state of Banica's entourage. She then listened sympathetically as Ron Grapple, having overheard, returned and explained the Conchita family's poor state as being the result of a terrible disease. The next day, Milkicent went out on business with her husband and two older sons, leaving Carlos and Banica alone during dinner.

In February of EC 312, the queen attended the dinner to celebrate Banica and Carlos' engagement being made official. As the dinner wound down Milkicent, along with several others, left some of her meal behind; she soon watched in horror as Banica began violently and suddenly eating all of the leftovers.

In contrast to the Beelzenian aristocracy Milkicent was described as slender, as well as proud of her slim appearance.[8]

Oruhari (EC 323)Edit

Oruhari[note 16] was one of the Five Dukes in the Beelzenian Empire, governing the Grabia region. Childhood friends with Duke Muzuri Conchita, the two shared a love of cuisine. After Muzuri's territory was confiscated by the Beelzenian Imperial Family, Duke Oruhari repeatedly attempted to visit him, although always turned away due to Muzuri's illness. Following Muzuri's death, the Duke supported his daughter Banica in her culinary exploits.[7]

On November, EC 323, the Duke organized a party to be attended by the aristocracy.[11] He, along with the rest of the participants, were shocked by the sudden appearance of Banica Conchita, returning with a slender figure after suffering a near-fatal disease and eating insects during the event. At some point, he met Yocaski Ausdin and grew to hate him because of his rude manner of speaking.[7] His descendant would become an expert on Banica and relate the story to a curious Yukina Freezis.[12]

Re Tasan MayorEdit

The mayor of Re Tasan city in EC 325. Following the start of Banica Conchita's apostasy, the man stopped receiving orders from her as regional lord; because of this, he, like the other mayors, began imposing his own municipal rule. When undead soldiers began rampaging throughout the territory, the mayor managed to capture one, the reanimated Ron Grapple, alive, locking it up at the city's jail.

When Elluka Clockworker and Platonic visited Re Tasan in EC 325, he spoke with them and led them to the undead soldier he had locked up, explaining the situation and witnessing Elluka perform a spell to speak with it. Soon after, Elluka and Platonic left.[1]

Sanan JaakkoEdit

Sanan Jaakko,[note 17] born Sanan Noi,[note 18] was the author of the famous fairy tale "Vampiress Vanika". She had written and popularized the story of Banica Conchita, while creating the myth that Vanika was a vampire who was possessed by a glass vessel of sin that turned her into an Evil Food Eater, cursed the dead to become her eternal servants via the red glass, and would wither and die if she didn't drink human blood for three days. In EC 388, she married the historian Will Jaakko.[13]

Somi HedgehogEdit

Somi Hedgehog[note 19] was a noble lord of the Blood Pool region of the Kingdom of Lioness and general of the second army. Born sometime during the second century EC, he eventually became the head of the Hedgehog family, residing in Castle Hedgehog. Also becoming general of the second army, Somi led his forces in battle against the neighboring Kingdom of Marlon. Over the years, the sadistic lord tortured many of the war prisoners he captured.[14]

Around the turn of the fourth century EC, Somi met AB-CIR and kept the sorcerer as his court mage.[5] As the war with Marlon went sour, the Lioness royal family disposed of him and removed any evidence of his dark hobby. Centuries after his death, his rumored love for torture was known all throughout Marlon. Likewise, it was rumored that a descendant of the mage that served him resided there in the Blood Pool region, going by the name Abyss I.R.[14]

Tasute ConchitaEdit

Tasute Conchita[note 20] was a Duke of the Beelzenian Empire and the fifth head of the Conchita Family. Born the son of Tetippea Conchita, Tasute inherited his father's title as one of the Five Dukes in the wake of his death in the third century EC. Afterwards, Tasute requested that the former Duke Gastolle's eastern Retasan territory they controlled be renamed as the "Conchita territory" and the imperial family approved of the change. Sometime afterward, Tasute died and he was succeeded by Muzuri Conchita.[7]

Tetippea ConchitaEdit

Tetippea Conchita[note 21] was a Duke of the Beelzenian Empire and the fourth head of the Conchita Family. Born into the Conchita household, Tetippea eventually became the head of the family, appointed as the Marquis; at some point, he sired a son, Tasute. After Duke Gastolle's death in the early third century EC, Marquis Conchita was appointed to replace him as one of the Five Dukes. Given control over the eastern part of Gastolle's Retasan territory. Sometime after, Tetippea died and was succeeded by his son.[7]

Unknown d'AutricheEdit

d'Autriche[note 22] was a Duke of the Beelzenian Empire, governing the Lucifenia region in the early EC 300s. Yocaski Ausdin worked closely with the duke as the head in defending Beelzenia against Lioness' forces.[7]

Unknown DemilambEdit

Demilamb[note 23] was a Duke of the Beelzenian Empire, governing the western territory of the Empire. Around EC 325, the Duke's daughter became bed-ridden due to a disease and was left at home while the Duke was out. During this time, the thief Platonic attempted to steal the black crystal he owned but failed, with his daughter seeing her face and recalling it well enough for Platonic's likeness to be spread across Evillious in wanted posters.[5]

Unknown ThiefEdit

An elderly thief that mentored Platonic. At some point, he encountered the young Calgaround daughter and instructed her in thievery, with the young woman becoming known as the infamous burglar "Phantom Thief Platonic". Around this time, the sorcerer AB-CIR made use of his services; following his death, Platonic took over in performing jobs for AB-CIR.[5]


Vincent[note 24] was an Earl of the Beelzenian Empire. After inheriting his noble title toward the end of the third century EC, Earl Vincent governed a territory within the Empire as a vassal for one of the Five Dukes. At some point, he became acquainted with Duke Muzuri Conchita. In anticipation of the birth of Muzuri's child in November of EC 296, Vincent sent gifts along with the other feudal lords to celebrate.[2]

Will JaakkoEdit

Will Jaakko[note 25] was a historian in the Evillious region. Born in EC 353, he was told stories of Banica Conchita by his grandfather, Xenos, during his childhood.[13] In EC 388, he married the novelist of "Vampiress Vanika", Sanan Noi.[13] In his later life, Will decided to research Banica and her life, becoming acquainted with Elluka Clockworker in the process. Learning the details of Banica's connection to the vessels of sin, Will continued studying the artifacts.[15] At some point, he learned that the mage AB-CIR was actually a sorceress using a male body and thus unable to use magic.[5] He later wrote about Pale Noël and that he was the first HER.[16]

He then wrote a book on the vessels and their connections to past events. Soon after he published his findings, he was discredited by contemporary scholars as being too influenced by his wife's fairy tales. He died in EC 405.[13] About a century after his death, Will's historical accounts were still regarded as fictitious and he became notorious as their author.[15]

Yocaski AusdinEdit

Yocaski Ausdin[note 26] was a knight of Beelzenia's Lucifenia region and a friend of Muzuri Conchita. Serving as head of the Hark Sea coastline’s defensive garrison, the man worked closely with Duke d'Autriche, defending Beelzenia from Lioness' forces.

During Banica's get-well party, Yocaski became drunk while waiting for Banica's arrival, speaking rudely about her to Duke Oruhari. When Banica finally showed up, Yocaski along with the other guests was shocked with her new slender appearance.[7] Yocaski spoke plainly and without much concern for those he spoke to, even nobility, earning him disfavor with Duke Oruhari. He is an ancestor to General George Ausdin and his family.



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