Lioness[note 1], formerly the Kingdom of Lioness, was a state in the Bolganio continent's Evillious region. Fighting with the Marlon country since its foundation, it was eventually conquered by its eastern neighbor.


Following its foundation, the country of Lioness grew into a respectable power and was often at odds with the Marlon country controlling the eastern half of the island. Sometime during the early 4th century EC, Lioness entered a war with Marlon over control of the island. Around EC 324, the lord of Lioness captured Prince Carlos Marlon and held him at Castle Hedgehog as a prisoner. The prince later escaped with the help of the mage, AB-CIR.[1] At some point after EC 325, Marlon won the war and absorbed Lioness' territory, officially abolishing the nation's government.[2]

Government and PoliticsEdit

Power StructureEdit

The Lioness government was ruled by a sovereign with an aristocracy composed of multiple lords that controlled different areas across the nation.[1]


The Lioness army was a formidable military force, causing Marlon to constantly fear being overtaken by its neighbor.[3] Despite this, it was inevitably defeated by the Blue Country after centuries of struggling for control of the entire island.[2]

Society and CultureEdit

Like its name, many of the cities and buildings of Lioness were named after animals and was a trait in Lioness culture that remained even after it was absorbed as part of Marlon's territory. The people of Lioness had a deep rivalry with the people of the Marlon country and the nation was constantly at odds with its neighbor for control over the island. According to the people of Marlon, the people of Lioness were savage, vulgar and unreasonable, supposedly not listening to diplomacy and even resorting to torturing their war criminals.[4]

Geography and ClimateEdit

Marlon kingdom

Map of the Marlon island

Lioness was located on the island off the west coast of the Evillious region, located directly west of Lucifenia. Before being overtaken by the Marlon country, Lioness controlled the western half of Marlon Island.[3] Due to its unique location, Lioness had a natural barrier protecting its borders. Its three major rivers stretched from its western shores inland and produced a viable areas for settlement.[5] The nation has a cooler climate compared to Beelzenia.[6]




Lioness[note 2] was the capital of Lioness located in the mid-western portion of the Marlon island, regarded as the "town of roses". It continued to exist as a town in the Marlon country. The city planted beautiful roses and was famous for its rose garden at the Lioness royal family's castle. It is adjacent to the central river on Marlon Island.[7]

Castle HedgehogEdit

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A castle in the north-western area of the Marlon island. It acted as the residence of one of the nation's lords and sometimes housed political prisoners. The castle maintained a clock tower with a room at the top of its spire; it also had a dungeon.[1] Just below it is the northern-most river on the Marlon Island, near its mouth.

Known ResidentsEdit


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • The lioness, along with its male counterpart the lion, was commonly incorporated into the heraldry of English sovereign, symbolizing royalty, strength, and leadership.
  • The tension between Lioness and Marlon is reminiscent of the relationship between Great Britain and Ireland throughout much of the nation's history.




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