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Lilith Baldured, later known as Postman and codenamed No. 4, was the daughter of Hanma Baldured and later a member of PN under Ma's employ. Turned into an emotionless and voiceless shell of her former self by Ma, the girl was utilized as her mindless subordinate before coming to Evil's Theater, where she regained her will and took on the role of Waiter. She was one of Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche's reincarnations.


Early History[]

"When she was young, she was assailed by an incurable illness. Having been newly appointed a judge of the Dark Star Bureau, Nikolay—or rather, Hanma Baldured, consulted me, as I was the girlfriend of one of his then-colleagues. And I was rumored to have been a witch. …So, I performed a treatment with magic. But it didn’t go completely right. The illness was cured, but in return she had become doll-like, having lost her voice and her will."
―Ma regarding Postman's past as Lilith[src]

Lilith was born the daughter of the aspiring Dark Star Bureau judge, Hanma Baldured, and his wife.[1] After she'd grown to adolescence, the sorceress Ma became interested in using the girl as a receptacle for Levia's soul, due to Lilith having magic potential. Brought to Lunaca Labora, Lilith became an emotionless shell of her former self under Ma's procedures. After she was given over to Ma, the sorceress attempted to put Levia's soul inside the girl with the Swap Technique, only to fail.[2] Ma instead made Lilith into her servant under the name of "Postman".[1]

A Broken Will[]

Later on, Postman was brought by Ma into Bruno Zero's organization working to undermine Loki Freezis, being designated as "No. 4".[3] After Gallerian Marlon was rescued and brought into Lunaca Labora, Postman entered and, upon request, fetched Ma to speak with him.[4] In EC 961, Postman delivered a pistol to the imprisoned Loki Freezis for him to commit suicide with.[3]

In EC 978, Postman accompanied Ma as she waited for Gallerian and the others at the Misty Mountains, leading them to her through the mist and standing by while they all talked. While the others arranged Ma's return from the mountains, Postman left.[5] Later that year, Postman joined the other members of PN during their investigation into the Titanis Sinking Incident. Arriving at a cabin inside the Millennium Tree Forest, Postman found the Clockworker's Doll and heard the others note its resemblance to Michelle Marlon. Told to deliver the doll to Hel, Postman instead delivered it to Ma at the garrison.[6]

Later on, Postman oversaw Jorm Zusco's stay at Lunaca Labora, carrying out Ma's instructions to have him repeatedly medicated.[7] After Nemesis Sudou joined PN as an assassin, Postman accompanied Bruno when he gave the girl her first target list and weapon; from that point on, Postman was the one to deliver to Nemesis all the required info on her marks, as well as giving her a weapon to use and return upon the completion of each mission. In EC 982, Postman delivered a custom gun to Nemesis and renewed orders to kill the fugitive Nyoze Octo, PN having discovered he was living with Nemesis in Rolled under an assumed name.[8]

In EC 983, Postman was tasked by Gusuma Yarera to deliver Bindi Freezis to Lunaca Labora. Gallerian soon summoned Postman to his office and she arrived after a four hour drive in a red postman's car. Gallerian handed Bindi off to her, under the pretext that she was to smuggle him out of the country, and Postman successfully and silently drove Bindi out of Alicegrad. After the two of them arrived at the field above Lunaca Labora, Postman had Bindi exit the car and enter the laboratory. There, Postman witnessed Gusuma's forces reveal themselves, ignoring Bindi when he pressed her for answers. After receiving documents from Gusuma, Postman departed.[9]

Evil's Theater[]

"It was much later, right before the world was destroyed—I came here as the girl ‘Postman’, who had lost her sense of self."
―Riliane musing on her time at Evil's Theater[src]

Following the Leviantan Civil War and the downfall of PN, Postman spied on Nemesis one night while she sat under arrest for her crimes, only to depart soon after Nemesis spotted her.[10] Later on, Postman joined Ma in Evil's Theater. Arte got along with Postman, giving her her physical body and causing her to regain her will. Taking on the role of "Waiter", Lilith hid this fact from Ma.[11] Waiter then began acting as the theater's waitron, although neglecting her work.[12]

Waiter saves Gammon

On one occasion she pulled a prank on the inhabitants, hiding the vessels of sin around the theater until Ma had an intruder recollect them for her.[13] When Gammon Octo was sentenced to death by the Master of the Court and awaiting his execution, the Waiter intervened and instead had him recruited to do chores.[14] She later cured Gammon's curse using the Venom Sword.[15]

When Gammon submitted a "motion" to review the script regarding his vision for the Director Doll's utopia, the Waiter attended the faux hearing but largely ignored the prophecy.[16] In EC 998, she attended the "trial" the Master of the Court held, searching for the vessel of Wrath.[12]

When Nemesis went to Evil's Theater to confront Ma, Postman was summoned into the room with the two and watched as Ma explained Postman's history. During their confrontation, as Ma began to strangle Nemesis, Postman grabbed the Venom Sword and stabbed Ma in the back, leaving her vulnerable to Nemesis shooting and killing her.[1] Postman herself was killed with everyone else when Nemesis destroyed the world in EC 999.


Following Lilith's death, Riliane returned to her spiritual form and regained all her memories of her previous lives.[17] Afterwards, Allen Avadonia pretended to be Postman for a brief time in order to meet with Levia in her illusory reconstruction of the Second Period.[2]

Personality and Traits[]

Before becoming Postman, Lilith originally had the personality of an average girl. As a result of Ma's procedures, however, Lilith as Postman had no will and no visible emotions, being comparable to a doll.[1] Despite this, Postman had enough will to follow basic instructions and communicate what she needed and intended non-verbally.[5] Similarly, she demonstrated a sense of priority in being able to obey Ma over that of anyone else in PN.[9] After regaining her will, Lilith betrayed Ma in the end.[1]

After regaining her will as Waiter, Lilith acted selfish and whimsical, similar to her previous life as Riliane. She similarly disliked her servant work at the Theater,[12] acting as if she had the "leading part" among the inhabitants.[18] Regardless of her crude behavior, however, she was sorrowful due to the loss of her counterpart Allen, and sometimes looked glum as a result.[19] She also appeared to be lazy, saving Gammon Octo's life only for him to do chores for her.[20]

Skills and Abilities[]

"I know of his merits. A pro who can safely deliver anything that they’re entrusted with—even if that’s a person."
―Bindi Freezis regarding Postman[src]

Being the daughter of Hanma, who himself became a mage, Lilith had a degree of magical potential;[1] this was not, however, enough to make her a suitable vessel for Levia.[2] After becoming Postman, Lilith was unable to age and so became effectively immortal, much like her master.[1] As Postman, she was additionally skilled in making deliveries, even ones that required the greatest discretion and care such as smuggling out human beings. She was typically able to carry out these deliveries without being caught even in areas of high suspicion.[9]

As Waiter, Lilith was competent at serving customers as part of her duties. She also had an apparent skill in persuasion, convincing the Master of the Court, who was intent on condemning Gammon to death, to spare Gammon Octo and allow him to work at the Theater.[21]

Character Connections[]

Hanma Baldured: Lilith's father. After becoming Postman, Lilith demonstrated no relationship with her father, familial or otherwise.

Ma: Postman's master. Despite, or because of, Ma being the one responsible for her condition, Lilith served Ma with demonstrable loyalty over that of the other members of PN, acting as her servant. Despite this, she was not above betraying her in the end, although her reasons for doing so were unstated.

Gretel: A fellow inhabitant of the theater. Knowing her as Arte, Lilith got along with her well, the two becoming close enough that Gretel gave Lilith her physical body in order for her to regain her will.

Gammon Octo: A fellow inhabitant of the theater. The Waiter saw him as a means to lighten her work load, rescuing him so he could do the chores in the theater.

Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche : Lilith's past incarnation. As Waiter, Lilith retained Riliane's haughty and capricious personality, as well as her sorrow for losing Allen.

Rin Miroku: Lilith's past incarnation. As Waiter, Lilith retained Rin's grieving of waiting for Allen.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Lilith's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, Kagamine Rin, with Lilith's romanization containing "ri".
  • Her surname, Baldured, contains the characters of the Japanese spelling of Baldur, a god in Norse mythology.
  • Waiter's name is written as 待つ者 in Japanese kanji, literally meaning "the one who waits"; this reflects the notion that she is "waiting" for her "counterpart".




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