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"As soon as those two go, I'll close up. I'll go spend some time with the guys."
―Lilien Turner[src]

Lilien Turner was a baker from Mystica, Asmodean in the Beelzenian Empire and one of Duke Sateriasis Venomania's many victims. Several months after her childhood friend Lukana's disappearance, Lilien met and became enamored with Duke Sateriasis Venomania. Despite her friend Rajih's warnings, she pursued a romance, becoming enchanted by the Duke and joining Lukana in his harem.


Early Life[]

Lilien was born in EC 112, in Mystica, the daughter of a baker and his wife. Growing up, she met Rajih Assad and Lukana Octo, becoming their friend and playmate; as they grew older, the three began helping with their parent's work and began seeing each other less and less.[1] In EC 135, Lilien and Lukana went shopping through town and her friend bought a bracelet for her that matched her own.[2]

Visitor to Mystica[]

"It's nice talking with you, Lord Duke."

Lilien meets Duke Venomania

After Lukana disappeared in January of EC 136, Lilien worried for her friend's whereabouts. That April, she urged two older women to stop loitering as they were conversing about the recent disappearances. She was then greeted by a handsome stranger asking her for directions, only to be quickly interrupted by her suspicious father and to learn the man was Duke Sateriasis Venomania. On her father's instruction, Lilien then led the duke to the Misty Mountains as he desired.

As the two traveled through the forest on the way to the mountain range, Lilien and Venomania talked about his desire to visit the ruins in the mountains, Lilien admitting her timidness before the prestigious duke during the conversation. As Venomania became self-disparaging, failing to solve the disappearance cases, the two ended up discussing Lukana's disappearance as well as the duke warning Lilien to be careful, herself. Later on, Sateriasis promised to visit the bakery again after his errand was finished.

Once they arrived at the mountains, Lilien told him the way to the ruins and Sateriasis bid Lilien a warm farewell, reassuring her Lukana would be found and complimenting her behavior around him. He then departed; when Lilien suddenly wondered at him going without a servant, the duke showed her a red cat in his coat as his retainer and left. Rajih then arrived to the mountain to find her and the two returned to town.[3]

Lilien waking from her nightmare

That night, Lilien dreamed of Lukana's disappearance and awoke disturbed; the next day, Duke Venomania visited her at work and flirted with her, which the shocked girl bashfully reciprocated. Sateriasis then suggested she take him on a tour of the town, assuring her he had purchased her time from her father, and Lilien led Sateriasis through town. As they looked at the different merchandise for sale at the market, Lilien danced with Sateriasis in the street.[2]

Several days later, the two went out on another outing and he bought her a dress, inviting her to the Ferdinand Mansion with him. Later the day, she prepared herself for their final date, wearing the dress, when Rajih confronted her on her uncharacteristically feminine behavior around the Duke. Her friend grew harsh, telling her not to get to attached to Sateriasis and that he would only at best use her for a mistress; after he went so far as to mention Lukana, Lilien threw him out.

Venomania kisses Lilien

That night, Lilien joined Duke Venomania in his bedchamber at the Ferdinand Mansion; as they shared a passionate kiss, she noticed Lukana's bracelet on his wrist and, to her horror, learned that Sateriasis was the one behind her disappearance, as well as the other women's. As Sateriasis calmly assured her that they were all willing members of his "harem" and that she should return to the mansion with him, Lilien recalled Rajih's earlier words and tried to leave the room.

Before she could escape, the duke used his powers to brainwash Lilien into becoming his submissive concubine. She returned with him to the bed until Rajih burst in;[1] she then stood by as Sateriasis transformed and battled her friend. After Rajih had collapsed and Sateriasis left, she remained until Rajih came to and took her back home. Later that night, she unlocked her bedroom window and escaped to join Duke Venomania's harem.[4]

Venomania Event[]

After arriving at the mansion in Lasaland, Lilien entered the basement and greeted Sateriasis surrounded the members of his harem. Lilien then danced with him in front of the other concubines.[5] During that time, Lilien also joyfully reunited with Lukana.[6]

When the disguised Karchess Crim successfully stabbed the Duke later that year, Lilien broke free of his spell and fled the mansion with the others.[7] She and Lukana later reunited with Rajih and the three of them decided to start a new life, traveling to the East and eventually settling there.[8]

Personality and Traits[]

"I'm a girl. Even I can fall in love. What's wrong with that?"
―Lilien to Rajih[src]

Lilien's uncharacteristic state while infatuated with the Duke

Lilien was brash, bold, and usually argumentative. Unafraid to speak her mind, she often acted like a tomboy and preferred to enjoy the company of men rather than gossip with women.[3] Similarly, she had a strong distaste for feminine clothing due to how restrictive the dresses were. Despite this, she was very kind and caring for her close friends, Lukana and Rajih, having been friends with them since childhood, and she was willing to search for Lukana herself once she went missing. This relationship was temporarily strained while she spent time with Venomania, losing her resolve to find Lukana and fighting with Rajih, though their relationship was repaired following the Duke's death.[1]

In spite of her outward behavior, Lilien had low self-esteem in regards to her appearance and did not find herself that beautiful. After meeting Sateriasis Venomania, Lilien instantly grew infatuated with the handsome Duke and acted much more meek, polite, and sensitive while in his presence.[3] As he continued to show romantic interest in her, Lilien became uncharacteristically enamored with the girly things she hated. Once put under Venomania's spell, she became even more infatuated with him, forgetting her previous values and freely leaving her family and friends to join his harem.[5]

Skills and Abilities[]

Although working at her father's shop, Lilien was not very dedicated or attentive to her work and lacked much enthusiasm.[3] She was, however, largely independent and knew her way around the area without any trouble. She was also a capable dancer.[2]

Character Connections[]

Sateriasis Venomania: Lilien's abductor. Lilien developed feelings for the duke when acting as his guide; she was flattered by his attentions, although incredulous of them, and found him to be very handsome. Due to this, she became more meek and sensitive in his presence and would act uncharacteristically feminine to get his attention. Lilien was shocked and distraught to discover he was Lukana's abductor, but joined his harem due to the power of Lust; when he was killed she fled the mansion, horrified by his exploitation of her.

Lukana Octo: Lilien's childhood friend. She valued their friendship deeply and was greatly disturbed when Lukana disappeared, having nightmares about her disappearance. She searched for her tirelessly and became greatly disturbed when learning the duke was behind her disappearance. When Lilien joined the duke's harem, she was happy to reunite with Lukana, and afterwards traveled with her and Rajih after they were freed.

Rajih Assad: A childhood friend of Lilien. She valued his friendship deeply, playing with him often when they were kids although unable to see him as often when they were adults. When she began to fall in love with the duke, she resented his warnings about Venomania and forgot her regard for him entirely when charmed by the duke. Once freed from Venomania's harem, she would reunite with Rajih and travel with him and Lukana to various places.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Lilien's name is German, meaning "lilies" and is a reference to her representative Vocaloid; lilies can symbolize traits of masculinity as well as traits of high sexuality, eroticism, and motherhood.
  • Her surname, Turner, is derived from English and Irish, referring to a person who works with a lathe.
  • Lilien's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, Lily, the name sharing the same romaji for "Lily" in its beginning.




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