Levianta[note 1], once regarded as the great Magic Kingdom Levianta[note 2], was a state in the Bolganio continent's Evillious region. Centuries after its destruction, it was rebuilt as the nation of Holy Levianta[note 3] and became the spiritual headquarters for the Levin Church. Centuries later, it became part of the Union State of Evillious.


Early History

Early in the Third Period, many humans began gathering in the north of Evillious, eventually settling as the country of Levianta.[1] Excavating numerous super technologies buried beneath them, the new Magic Kingdom prospered. Eventually, the nation excavated the white ark Sin. With a handful of humans hearing the voices of the twin gods Levia-Behemo trapped inside the relic, the Leviantans sealed the device in a temple. Worshiping the deities through their prophets,[2] they created the Levin faith.

Over time, with numerous magic families flocking to the new nation, the kingdom became among the most magically and technologically advanced nation in Evillious, rivaling the great Tasan Empire. After the nation of Heldogort broke off from the kingdom, worshiping the dragon god Held in its pantheon, the Magic Kingdom Levianta severely repressed its neighboring country.[3]

Prophesied Destruction

Around BT 005, Queen Alice Merry-Go-Round prophesied that Sin would lead to the country's destruction and that the twin gods must be incarnated as humans to purify the ark and prevent their end. The Leviantan Senate then established Project 'Ma' to artificially produce the twin gods' human incarnations.[4] Following numerous applications, Eve Zvezda was selected for the project.[5]

After the subject failed to produce living twins and fled with the project director, Adam Moonlit, Seth Twiright took over the second project and selected Meta Salmhofer as the test subject.[6] Following the successful births of Hänsel and Gretel, Prophet Merry-Go-Round established the Evillious Calendar in commemoration and the kingdom celebrated; Meta fled with the twins soon after, making the project a failure.[7]

In the following years, new projects were established and either failed or were suspended. In EC 013, the Senate selected Irina Clockworker for the seventh project and was celebrated as the new Queen.[8] Around six months later,[9] Kiril Clockworker activated the ark Sin and the device went out of control, causing an explosion. Afterward, the freed dragon Levia-Behemo rampaged through the skies, reducing the Magic Kingdom Levianta into a ruined wasteland.[2]

Holy Levianta

In EC 301, the land was resettled with a national construction aimed at rebuilding the once great kingdom.[10] Called "Holy Levianta", the new nation became the center of the Levin Church and acted as the faith's headquarters. At some point, the nation made an alliance with the neighboring Kingdom of Elphegort. After the Kingdom of Lucifenia invaded Elphegort in EC 500, Levianta requested the Yellow Country stand down. Ignored, the religious capital remained uninvolved in the conflict.[11]

In EC 508, conflict between factions within the church led to numerous terrorist strikes by Neo Apocalypse. As the group attempted to bring about the fall of the church, the nation petitioned other countries to assist in their efforts to suppress the terrorists. Lucifenia sent them a single unit and the attacks were quelled later that year.[12] Afterward, the Levin Church's influence with its followers began to gradually decrease.

After some negotiation with the Freezis Foundation, the Evillious nations all agreed to the establishment of the World Police organization in EC 573.[13] In September, EC 609, Levianta imported 90% of the Freezis Fishery Association's abundant ziz tiama catch.[14] Throughout the 9th century EC, Holy Levianta began working with imperial nationals to create an organized union.

Union State of Evillious

Following the Aishikeru Treaty, Levianta joined Marlon, Lucifenia and Elphegort as part of the Union State of Evillious in EC 878.[10] At some point, a zombie epidemic broke out across Evillious, affecting Levianta.[15] In January of EC 982, Levianta sought an alliance with Elphegort to check on Lucifenia; the USE later consented to the alliance. After Asmodean declared war on Lucifenia, Levianta accepted Lucifenia's request for help and declared war on Asmodean. Later that year, Beelzenia declared war on Levianta among other countries.[16]

The following year in EC 983, General Tony Ausdin massacred the village of Zenosai in the Samadin region. After the man was exonerated by Judge Gallerian Marlon, revolts broke out in Alicegrad before spreading across Levianta.[16] After Elphegort invaded Lucifenia in EC 993 and was expelled from the USE, Levianta declared war on the nation. With Marlon's cooperation, Holy Levianta launched a two-pronged siege on Elphegort. In EC 998, the USE army succeeded in liberating Lucifenia.[17]

World's End

In EC 999, Levianta was completely decimated by Punishment. Following the end of the Third Period, the destruction site merged with the Hellish Yard along with the rest of the ground world.[18]

Government and Politics

Power Structure


Seth Twiright: one of Levianta's greatest scientists

The Magic Kingdom was a constitutional monarchy, with the ruler of the government restrained by that of the senate.[19] The ruler also acted as the religious leader in the country.[20] With the senate's consensus, the ruler could be removed from power and replaced,[21] with the senators managing the nation's day-to-day affairs. The senate was also capable of sanctioning research projects when needed, with many researchers involved in the study of magic and medicine.[7]


The magic kingdom had a capable military. Their actions were overseen by that of the senate and carried out to their wishes.[6] Armaments included firearms such as small but powerful revolvers. Following the Magic Kingdom's destruction, the military was abolished and later reestablished with creation of Holy Levianta centuries later. However, the new Leviantan military was weak and corrupt, unwilling to move troops into foreign territory except in self-defense,[11] and susceptible to bribery.[22]


Due to its heavy reliance on magical technology, scientists, engineers and artisans were a necessary trade in the Magic Kingdom. Among the latter, clockworkers were especially popular for creating and repairing the local magic tools.[2] Following the nation's collapse and the founding of Holy Levianta, tourism to the local temples became popular.[23]

Society and Culture

Chara img6

A surviving Leviantan

The Magic Kingdom Levianta was built upon its great magical and technological prowess, developed from having the vast majority of magic-aligned clans under its banner.[24] Because of this, magic held a great importance in their society, with individuals given ranks based on their magical abilities.[25] In a similar manner, only those with certain magical power were eligible for some positions in the government or its projects.[5]

This magical elitism extended so far as to tear apart families and close friends over proving who was stronger.[26] The nation also had a noble class with aristocrats having a great influence in the political affairs of the Magic Kingdom, particularly because of their affluence.[2]

Racially, Leviantans were a diverse people, with many different characteristics found among them. Despite this, the vast population of mages were regarded as being extremely beautiful even a century after the original kingdom fell. After Levianta's destruction, several Leviantans survived although it is unknown whether or not they died out in the following centuries.[27] After the destroyed country was rebuilt as Holy Levianta, the nation repopulated.[28] Due to the founding of Levin University, Levianta's cultural exchange grew by the EC 960s.[29]

Founded around Sin, the precepts and ideas of Levin were deeply rooted in Leviantan culture, with the twin gods, Levia-Behemo considered the absolute twin deities in their faith.[1] This religious zeal led to the intense persecution of followers of Held in Heldogort and the dragon god being labeled as an evil deity.[2] The importance of religion continued with the creation of Holy Levianta, becoming the religious capital for the Levin Church.[3]

Similarly, fear of those with Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome led to a desire for their complete eradication.[30] Due to the invention of the television, media reporters spread news quickly to viewers across the Magic Kingdom and kept them updated on important political or societal affairs within the country. Like with most technology and culture, the moving picture device was lost with the kingdom's destruction.[31] Automobiles were also invented in the nation during the EC 860s.[32]

Geography and Climate

Levianta was a northern region of Evillious, located directly above Lucifenia and Asmodean. Originally, the Magic Kingdom consisted of flora and fauna but, following the Levianta Catastrophe, became a barren wasteland and was inhospitable. The climate was also much cooler and would snow during cold weather.[22] Compounding this, the nation experienced long winters and short summers.[29] In the wake of the Magic Kingdom's destruction, much of their ruins remained, stretching as far as Asmodean.[33] Eventually, the area became hospitable again and it was made possible to resettle.[10]


Royal Institute


The Leviantia Royal Institute[note 4] was the primary research laboratory of the Magic Kingdom. The institution was used for scientific and magical study as well as the location for government projects.[7] It was destroyed in the Levianta Catastrophe.

Levia-Behemo Temple

Survival Four Candidates

The Levia-Behemo Temple[note 5] was a place of worship for Levia-Behemo. It was located in the northwest part of Levianta, near Alicegrad.[34] The ark Sin was sealed inside the temple. Due to the danger of Sin, those suspected of malicious intent were banned from the temple. The temple was run by a religious order and members were expected to follow a strict conduct.[2] It was destroyed in the Levianta Catastrophe, though its ruins continued to exist even in the 10th century EC. It later became a pilgrimage site for devout Levin believers and tourists.[35]


Lighwatch[note 6] was a city in the Magic Kingdom. Several craftsmen were known to live there.[2] It was destroyed in the Levianta Catastrophe.


Welvya[note 7] was a city in the Magic Kingdom. A prostitution business existed there.[2] It was destroyed in the Levianta Catastrophe.


Asmouse[note 8] was a city in the Magic Kingdom. The noble Li Family lived there.[2] It was destroyed in the Levianta Catastrophe.

Lunaca Labora

Main Article: Lunaca Labora

The laboratory built by Seth Twiright and the place for his experiments. It contained the technology of the Second Period. In the 10th century EC, it was discovered by the historian Heaven Jaakko and later used by Ma as the headquarters for PN.[36]


Alicegrad[note 9] was the capital of Holy Levianta. It contained the Dark Star Courthouse and Levin University.[32]

Dark Star Bureau Courthouse

The Dark Star Bureau Courthouse[note 10] was the government building for the USE Dark Star Bureau. It maintained a sizable courtroom as well as offices for the supreme court director and other employees.[37] It also contained a conference room.[29]

Levin University

Levin University[note 11] was a university located east of the Dark Star Courthouse. It conducted classes for its students.[29]

Nelsky Street

Nelsky Street[note 12] was a main street in Alicegrad. The Marchef mansion was located there.[32]

Marchef Mansion

The Marchef Mansion[note 13] was the residence of the Marchef family. It was located on the edge of Nelsky Street and was near the Dark Star Courthouse.[32]

Asayev Mansion

The Asayev Mansion[note 14] was the residence of the Asayev Family. It was large enough to hold a great amount of people.[29]


Graveyard[note 15] was a restaurant located in the area. The restaurant had a preset menu meal served in numerous courses while the waitrons interacted with the guests.[38] It was closed down after the Dark Star Bureau had the employees arrested on the grounds of their establishment's allegedly faulty license.[39]


Pixie[note 16] was a city located in Holy Levianta's northernmost point. It was several days away on foot from Alicegrad. There was a forest with a hunting spot nearby.[32]


A region in Holy Levianta's northeast. It was located near Levianta's border with Asmodean.[40]


A village located in Samadin. It was established as a Netsuma settlement and continued to exist during the 10th century EC. It suffered a major massacre during the Evillious War.[16]

Known Residents


Conceptualization and Origin

  • Holy Levianta is inspired by the real world nation of Russia, with many of its residents having Slavic names and having a notably cold climate.
  • Magic Kingdom Levianta is inspired by the ancient Roman Empire, sharing many similarities in architecture, clothing, and influence in the region where it reigned.
  • Levianta's name is based on Leviathan, the patron demon of Envy.




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