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"The Master of the Hellish Yard is my sister, Levia."

Levia Barisol was one of the four gods in the Evillious universe. After opposing the sun god's decision for their third paradise, she was sealed inside Sin and plotted to destroy the Third Period along with her alleged brother, Behemo Barisol. She became worshiped as one of the gods of the Levin religion. Once they escaped from the ark centuries later, Levia and Behemo incarnated in the corpse of Elluka Chirclatia.


Early Life[]

"After a quarrel
The sun god changed the twin gods who would not obey him into a twin-headed dragon
Having been ousted from their position as gods,
The dragon was furious
Along with the kin
They tried to destroy the world that they had created
―Excerpt from the Levin Bible Old Testament, Book 1, Genesis[src]

Levia Barisol was born in the Second Period, as the product of an affair between Rahab Barisol and one of her many lovers.[1] At the age of six, she attended a university to study the mind,[2] eventually graduating to become a psychiatrist at Held Yggdra's clinic and research institute in Russia, studying abnormal behavior and Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome in particular.[3] During her studies, the young researcher learned that "malice" wasn't originally from their world.[2] At some point, Rahab also instructed Levia in the Mind Type of the Swap Technique developed by Held.[4]

As the Second Period began to fall due to the rampant spread of HER Syndrome, Levia was among the scientists selected to board the Climb One, one of several ships meant to find inhabitable planets for repopulation.[5] Suffering murderous impulses from malice, Levia consulted with a physicist, a living mask Seth Twiright, on how to cure herself. Seth suggested she kill herself from an alternate reality.[2]

Levia then made contact with the First Period, believing it to be a parallel world.[6] As she prepared to kill a male version of herself, Behemo Barisol, she realized that Seth was trying to get her to succumb to malice by committing murder in order to take her place on the Climb One.[2] Levia instead rescued Behemo from his reality, returning to the Second Period by the work of the First Period developers.[6]

She and Behemo then became coworkers at Held's facility.[3] Later, the two escaped the world's destruction on the Climb One with 70 other scientists. During the trip, Levia designed a "Type L" variant of Black Box that could move one's spirit data into another body, albeit only with the consensus of all the members of the ship.[7] As they lost contact with all their fellow spaceships, the crew of the Climb One realized they were the last inhabitants of Earth and decided to create a new species in the image of earthlings, Levia in charge of creating its souls.

After finding a new planet to inhabit, they set about constructing the new world and species. During this Seth, who had secretly boarded the Climb One, instigated the deaths of 62 of the crew members and contaminated the new species to have a possibility of developing HER Syndrome. Levia preserved the spirit data of the dead crew members and the grieving Held arranged for them to be reincarnated as forest spirits in the new world. The remaining crew, including Levia, proposed they reincarnate as gods into the world to guide the humans, unaware that at least Levia was a HER.[5]

Levia furthermore designed the Hellish Yard as a means to sort between HERs and good souls.[7] When Held and another crew member, Luna Hazuki, disagreed with the plan, Levia joined the others in trying to kill them to regain crew consensus and allow them to use the Black Box Type L. This caused the Climb One to crash and kill everyone on board, leaving only their spirit data behind; although Levia and Behemo planned to escape by transferring their spirits into the body of a dragon on the ship, Held and Hazuki had sabotaged the plan beforehand.

Levia and her colleagues remained trapped in the Climb One for some time while the new species of humans began building their societies.[5] Around this time, they forgot the existence of Luna.[8] Eventually, the humans of Magic Kingdom Levianta discovered the Climb One, and both Levia and Behemo began whispering to Alice Merry-Go-Round, establishing her as a prophet and themselves as gods, with a lofty account of the Third Period's creation. The two became worshiped in the new Levin faith and a temple was built around the Climb One, renamed the "Sin" ark.[5]

False Gods[]

"Hey darling, can you hear this voice? Hey darling, if you can hear this voice, throw my remains in that ark in the temple and resurrect me."
―Levia impersonating "Elluka Chirclatia" to Kiril Clockworker[src]

While establishing themselves as deities, the earthlings came in contact with Seth Twiright, who had had reincarnated as a human and later become a scientist in the new Magic Kingdom Levianta; having succumbed to her HER Syndrome, Levia and the others plotted with him to destroy the Third Period. As Seth refused to move them into new bodies, Levia and Behemo also plotted to make proper bodies for themselves, planning to make them with earthling DNA so that they could use Black Box Type L and move them out of the Sin.[5]

In BT 005 the two "gods", acting as Alice's parents, told her that they would destroy the world if their worshipers didn't cleanse the ark Sin by creating human vessels for them.[9] Prophet Merry-Go-Round shared the twin gods' lies with the nation and started Project 'Ma' to create suitable twin vessels for them to inhabit; its second project finally produced the twins Hänsel and Gretel on December 27, EC 0, only for the mother Meta Salmhofer to flee with the twins shortly after. As Project 'Ma' faced continual failure over the years, Levia and Behemo grew impatient.[10]

After Kiril Clockworker witnessed his sister Irina murder his fiancée Elluka Chirclatia in EC 013, the twin gods decided to entice the man to free them from Sin in their dragon body, unwilling to wait for their bodies to grow up and knowing that, as a clone of Seth's human form, Kiril could use Black Box Type L.[5] Impersonating Elluka, Levia enticed Kiril to take Elluka's corpse to Black Box within the Sin under the pretense of resurrecting her.

After Kiril used the Clockwork Secret Art to restore the aged device,[10] he used the black box. Before Levia and Behemo could transfer into the dragon body, however, the mindless beast grew violent and destroyed the ark, and the black box transferred Levia and Behemo into Elluka's corpse instead before it exploded from misuse.[5]

Eternal Sorceress[]

Main Article: Elluka Clockworker

"The sorceress. Those days when she was still "Elluka Clockworker" in the true meaning of the name."
―Ma regarding Levia and Behemo's reincarnation[src]

Once incarnated into Elluka Chirclatia's corpse, Levia became the active consciousness while Behemo slumbered in the subconscious. Believing herself to be the real Elluka, the reincarnated Levia awoke to the destroyed Levianta and became consumed with grief.[10] "Elluka Clockworker" met with Held a few years later and was tasked with collecting the vessels of sin, accepting the quest to pass her "newfound" immortality.

Over the centuries, Elluka traveled across Evillious, helping anyone in need that she came across and getting involved with the Venomania Event,[11] the Disappearance of Evil Food Eater Conchita,[12] the Lucifenian Expansion War, and Riliane's evil reign. During the latter period, she incarnated Held's forest spirits Michaela and Gumillia as humans, training the latter as her apprentice.[13]

Elluka and Gumillia continued the search for the vessels of sin across the continent while pursuing Irina who was also seeking the vessels. After Elluka confronted Eve Moonlit and forced the witch's spirit into her own, her memories as Levia reawakened. In denial of her true nature, Elluka continued pursuing the red cat mage Irina Clockworker and eventually dueled her at Merrigod Plateau on January 30, EC 611.[10] After Irina activated her Black Box Type S during the duel, Levia was transported into her own inner psychological world and was forced to confront the reality of her true identity.[10]

Confronting Reality[]

"Now, how about we resume our duel! Levia, and—you along with her! Behemo!"
―Irina Clockworker[src]

Manifesting in her original form, Levia ascended the stairs of the illusory Leviantan temple before her and found at the top Irina, Gumillia, Behemo, and Eve in their original forms before the ark Sin. Unable to deny her true identity any longer, Levia lowered her head in silence while Irina directed Gumillia to her. After confirming to Gumillia that she had regained all of her memories, Levia moved towards the Sin and learned from Irina how they were only in her own inner psychological world due to the device built by Seth.

After musing on this, Levia questioned Irina and learned how the mage had figured out she wasn't the real Elluka, owing it to several factors over the years. She and Irina fell to discussing how Held had known her true identity immediately and sought to keep her from finding out; realizing Gumillia had been made her "apprentice" to monitor her, Levia confirmed this with Gumillia herself and learned how her true purpose was to help seal Levia and Behemo away again.

After comforting Gumillia, who burst into tears admitting the truth, Levia questioned her further and learned the trick Held undertook to prevent Gumillia and Michaela from losing their memories with their reincarnation. Levia then returned to Irina, who brought up more reasons why it would have been impossible for Levia to have been the real Elluka, including knowing the Swap Technique, and finally admitted that Seth had told her after he became the Demon of Wrath. Levia then watched as Irina revealed how she had experimented with Eve inside the Clockworker's Doll, giving Eve the ability to summon them all to the Court.

After they were all summoned to the "Court", a realm of judgment that equalized everyone and made it possible to kill gods, Irina challenged Levia and Behemo to continue their duel. Levia soon after had to, embarrassed, introduce the crossdressing Behemo to Gumillia. When Irina eventually prepared to resume the fighting, the five of them were interrupted by the Demon of Gluttony. The duel then began; as Irina, Levia, and the demon's magic all clashed,[10] the resulting blast caused Levia, Irina, and Eve's souls to fuse together into one.[14]


Main Article: Ma

The resulting amalgamation between Levia, Irina, and Eve became Ma; like Elluka Clockworker before her, Ma traveled through Evillious helping people and becoming involved in many historical events, including the Enbizaka Murderer Scandal perpetrated by Kayo Sudou.[15] Later in her life, Ma decided to become "pure" to avoid the destruction of the world. As part of this, she began absorbing the demons of sin using the Swap Technique, as well as purging herself of her other consciousnesses. When Ma had an affair with Gallerian Marlon and conceived a daughter, Nemesis, she used the baby as a receptacle for Levia's soul.[5]

Hellish Assassin[]

Main Article: Nemesis Sudou

Inside Nemesis' body, Levia lost all of her memories as per the rules of reincarnation. Growing up abandoned by her mother, Nemesis contracted with Seth Twiright in the form of her pet Ziz Tiama, Ziz-san, and thus became a contractor of Wrath. Over time, Nemesis took up a life of crime in a gang called "Zeus", until she was eventually arrested and became an assassin for PN. When she was assigned to kill her lover, Nyoze Octo, Nemesis went down a path that led to her becoming the dictator of Elphegort. In EC 999, Führer Nemesis used the weapon Punishment to destroy the world;[16] although she survived the blast, Levia's spirit was expelled from her body.[5]

World's End[]


As the destroyed world merged with the Hellish Yard, the disembodied Levia shut off from reality and deluded herself into believing that she was still a psychiatrist working in the collapsing Second Period, constructing around herself an illusion of Held Yggdra's old research clinic.[5] Under the illusion of finishing up some work in the clinic one late December night, Levia was shocked to find an intruder in her office.

After the intruder requested her help as a psychiatrist, with several other intruders breaking in elsewhere in the facility, Levia listened to his request: that she tell him what kind of life Nemesis Sudou led, the woman having been brought in as a catatonic body with a revolver that she had shot six people with. As Nemesis was unable to speak with her, Levia was forced to use the Mind Swap Technique to fulfill the request. While she set up the procedure, the disguised Allen introduced himself as Postman.

Levia then activated the Swap with the Black Box and, over a series of hour-long periods,[3] looked at Nemesis's memories of the people she killed, including Bruno Zero,[17] Nikolay Tolle,[18] Nyoze Octo,[19] Tony Ausdin,[20] Gallerian Marlon,[1] and Ma, becoming increasingly perplexed as Nemesis' surroundings in Evillious clashed with the reality she was familiar with in the Second Period. Rushing to see the full story near the end, Levia exited from a final memory and told Postman what she had learned about Nemesis' life and character. She then claimed the specific memories were false due to the fantastic elements she saw within them.

"Postman", revealing himself as Allen Avadonia, insisted that they were the truth and that she was the one living in a delusion. As Levia protested, finally admitting she didn't want to know the truth, Allen input an "irregular system" in the black box that forced Levia to look back on her own life.[21] Regaining all of her memories of the Third Period, Levia at last returned to her body and her consciousness as Nemesis Sudou was restored.[5]

Following her physical body's death as "Nemesis Sudou" and Allen and Riliane's subsequent creation of the Fourth Period, Levia, inside the Clockworker's Doll, participated in the ball at the Lucifenian Royal Palace[22] before being incorporated into the Fourth Period, where she became one of the members of the "Evillious" SNS group chat, commenting on the state of the new world.[23]


Levia continued to be worshiped in the Levin faith, a cult faction believing that the Magic Kingdom was destroyed because the Leviantans turned away from their teachings after they were supposedly saved when Meta Salmhofer birthed the incarnated twin gods.[24]

Personality and Traits[]

"And our wish—is to destroy the world. If my sister hasn’t forgotten that, then it’ll come to pass sooner or later."

Being both eccentric and serious, both dedicated and yet slow to accept harsh truths, Levia was a contradictory woman. Growing up in the Second Period, Levia was extremely precocious and studious, going to college at the age of six, and was relatively motivated as a psychiatrist. As part of this, she was diligent in asking people questions when speaking with them. Similarly, she conducted herself in a serious and businesslike manner, embarrassed by the members of her family that didn't observe propriety, and put her energies into seeing her projects to the end. Particularly as the end of the Second Period approached, she was also always on guard to protect herself.

Despite this serious attitude and detail to her work, Levia herself was lackadaisical and considered a bit of an eccentric, described as "hysterical" by at least one of her coworkers. Accompanying this, she had a tendency to ignore or deny reality when it became too difficult to bear, preferring to flee or construct comforting lies rather than face her problems head-on. This trait in particular was carried over, in one way or another, to all of her other identities as Elluka, Ma, or Nemesis.

After becoming infected with HER, Levia was also gradually overcome with a desire for destruction, albeit always using some pretense to justify it. She similarly began to have no scruple against manipulating and harming others to achieve her ends, her malice even influencing her reincarnation Nemesis. When not being influenced by HER, however, Levia showed regret and even shame for the destruction she achieved.

Skills and Abilities[]

"I won't be killed so easily either."

Levia was knowledgeable in the creation and study of the mind,[25] being a trained psychiatrist and child prodigy. She also, in the Second Period, had some skill with firearms.[3] After becoming a god, Levia was an ageless immortal and automatically reincarnated after death. Despite this, she was still subject to the rules of the Third Period set by Sickle; regardless, she was free to move between worlds without any hazard. Following her incarnation as Elluka Clockworker, Levia possessed the memories and knowledge of Elluka Chirclatia and later Eve Moonlit.

Levia also possessed great magical power, becoming an expert with the reincarnation arts. She could also use the powerful Body Swap Technique, allowing her to move or transfer her or another soul into another body or object.[10] She could also communicate with a select few humans while sealed inside Sin;[26] Levia could also change her voice to impersonate another person. Aside from this, Levia possessed general knowledge about the workings of Second Period technology and was able to operate it,[10] being one of the few capable of working a Black Box's Mind Swap Technique,[5] while also able to make her own additions to the Black Box.[7]

Character Connections[]

Behemo Barisol: Levia's real world counterpart. Knowing him to be her parallel world self, Levia initially saved him, although coming to dislike Behemo over time. She was thus opposed to his embarrassing crossdressing habits, preferring not to spend time with him. Despite this, she was willing to work with her "brother" over the course of her rebellion against Sickle, but continued to consider him an embarrassment after they were both freed from Elluka.

Luna Hazuki: A fellow earthling. Although originally fine with working with Hazuki as a colleague, Levia became resentful of her philosophy to let the humans work things out for themselves and caused chaos in the Third Period because of this.

Held Yggdra: A fellow earthling. Levia worked with Held reasonably well, although as her employer she was often exhausted by his strictness. Despite her resentment over Held's alliance with Hazuki and her attempts to kill him that followed them, Levia's memories of her friendship with Held were strong enough that she even recalled them as Elluka, although still irritated with his behavior at times.

Elluka Chirclatia: A woman Levia impersonated. Levia had no compunction with pretending to be Elluka in order to gain her freedom. Following her incarnation into Elluka's body, Levia believed she was her and clung strongly to her new identity, in denial of the truth for months after learning it.

Nemesis Sudou: A reincarnation of Levia. Levia's nature as a HER subconsciously influenced Nemesis; after being separated from her body, Levia preferred to hide herself from the truth of what she did as Nemesis. Eventually her soul and body reconciled when she was confronted with the full truth, and Levia returned to identifying as the woman.

Michael Arklow: An acquaintance of Levia's. After moving to Russia, Michael became one of her assistants.

Gumillia: An acquaintance of Levia's. Initially knowing her as one of her assistants, Levia got much closer to Gumillia over her time as "Elluka Clockworker" and considered her a dear friend. As a result, even after gaining her memories back Levia didn't hold anything against the girl for her true role in their relationship, understanding how hard it was for Gumillia.

Rahab Barisol: Levia's mother. Levia worked with her mother as colleagues, even receiving from her instruction in the Swap Technique. Despite this, she was embarrassed by her mother's promiscuous habits and preferred not to spend time with her, as well as later showing clear resentment towards Rahab as a mother while part of the entity Ma.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Levia's name is derived from the Leviathan, a female sea monster in Judeo-Christian mythology; it, along with the Behemoth, is believed to have been slaughtered by God to serve as a banquet for the righteous souls in heaven.
  • Levia's mother Rahab is also inspired by the Leviathan, representing the sin of Envy of the Seven Deadly Sins; in Biblical passages, the name Rahab was used to refer specifically to the Leviathan.
  • Despite being voiced and having their design based on Kagamine Rin & Len, a tweet from Ichika states that both Levia and Behemo are original characters.[27]




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