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"I will punish the bad children, since that is my job as Pierrot."
―Lemy Abelard[src]

Lemy Abelard, also known as Lemy the Ripper and codenamed Fifth Pierrot, was an assassin for Père Noël and the perpetrator of the Rolled Serial Killings. Forced to murder Ton Corpa in an attempt to rescue his childhood friend Rin Chan, Lemy was eventually recruited into Père Noël. Becoming the criminal organization's chief assassin, he eventually tracked down his mother's target. He was one of Hänsel's reincarnations.


Early LifeEdit

"Rin and I grew up in the same orphanage. We were friends."
―Lemy regarding his childhood with Rin[src]

Lemy was born on December 27, EC 595 in the city of Rolled in the Lucifenian Republic. Born the son of a prostitute, he was dumped in the Orgo River before being spotted and taken in by the director of the Rolled orphanage. Growing up, the young boy was shy and mischievous, only befriending Rin Chan and Nickelle. As time passed, Lemy watched Rin Chan become increasingly talented at reading and singing. As he grew, he also had a recurring nightmare of his abandonment.

On December 26, EC 600, Lemy saw Julia Abelard visit the orphanage and give the children presents, picking out a clockwork carriage before the woman left. The following day, he was summoned by the director and learned he had been adopted by Julia on that day, his birthday. Although initially saddened to leave the other children behind, he was charmed by his new mother and agreed to pack his luggage; the next day, he accompanied Julia back to her mansion and lived with her in the care of Julia's servant, Phoebe Aymieux. On his sixth birthday, Julia gifted Lemy with a pocket watch with a dragon design on it.[1]

The Voice in the GlassEdit

In EC 602, Lemy asked Julia to let him visit the orphanage, but was denied as she was too busy. Later that year, Lemy woke up from a nightmare and, although forbidden to go inside the mansion treasury, found it open and decided to explore. Inside he found the Glass of Conchita and, seeing Gretel's face on the glass' surface, involuntarily grabbed it. Possessed, Lemy was gripped by a terrible headache and passed out.

The next day, Lemy awoke in his bedroom and Julia lectured him furiously on his misconduct, informing him that the wine glass was the only thing dangerous in the treasury. After she'd left, Lemy heard the voice of Gretel in his head, calling herself "Ney". Ney told Lemy about how he was the only one who could hear her voice, and that she already knew all about him. She also explained how she couldn't be separated from him as he was the one who touched the glass.

Soon after, Lemy talked to Phoebe about his experience with Ney, only for her to tease him over believing in the paranormal. In December of that year, Lemy received the red wine glass from the treasury as a gift from Julia; she recommended he not handle it roughly so as not to upset the spirit in the glass, the source of Ney's voice. After Lemy thanked his mother for the gift, Julia explained to him how the glass would help him eat even foods he disliked.

Although initially reluctant to eat his green onions, Lemy discovered that strangely any food he ate was delicious. Sometime after, Ney started talking to Lemy about his mother and the possibility that she had adopted him for selfish reasons, invoking Lemy's anger.[1] Sometime after he turned eight, Lemy accompanied his mother in visiting his aunt Mayrana in Calgaround.[2]

Evening at the TheaterEdit


Lemy watches Rin perform at Milanais Theater

In EC 605, Lemy and Julia attended a showing of the Cirque de Lune at the Milanais Theater. When the main event was delayed, Lemy watched as a girl was brought onstage to soothe the angry crowd with her singing; as she began, he was shocked to recognize her voice as Rin Chan's, although her appearance had been changed to look like his own.

Lemy had a brief exchange with Julia, who was also surprised by the girl's face, before falling silent to listen to Rin's song. He explained to his mother how the girl had been his childhood friend, but looked different from how she did then. With the circus cancelled, Julia and Lemy left the theater after Rin Chan's performance and Lemy headed home by himself.

On the way to the mansion, the boy was lured to an alley by a cat's meow and jumped by Yarera III and Zusco Jr., who quickly dragged him deeper inside. The two, recognizing Lemy as the wealthy Julia Abelard's son, crowed over the ransom they would get for the child. As Lemy resisted, even being punched by Yarera III, the three were suddenly interrupted by the constable Ayn Anchor, disguised as a clown. As Ayn swiftly knocked out Zusco Jr. and approached Yarera III, Yarera III and subsequently Lemy mistakenly identified him as Fifth Pierrot of Père Noël.

Terrified of the apparent assassin, the thug ran away with his unconscious brother. After "Fifth Pierrot" tended to the awestruck Lemy, he asked the boy where he lived; when Lemy pointed towards his mansion, he looked back to see that his rescuer had left. He then returned alone and was received by Phoebe, omitting his attempted kidnapping. The following morning, Julia arrived home and talked to Lemy about how Rin had been adopted and made a diva by the merchant Ton Corpa. Later on, Lemy tried helping Phoebe cook and accidentally burned himself.[1]

Presidential InaugurationEdit

On August 18, EC 609, Lemy attended his mother's inauguration speech at Milanais Square, observing from the guest seats with the rest of the crowd. As he listened to his mother's inspiring speech, the boy was greeted by one of his mother's associates, Lieutenant Gatt Coulomb, who congratulated him on his mother's honor. The two talked for a time, Lemy learning that he was escorting the prime minister of Asmodean, and the conversation fell to how Gatt was limited in his ranking due to his lineage as the son of a prostitute and descended from the infamous Gast Venom.

Lemy returned to listening to Julia's speech; once it was over, Lemy sat and reflected on his mother as the crowd dispersed. Gatt then prepared to head home beside him, informing Lemy he would be returning to Asmodean and then going on vacation. The two briefly discussed Gatt's vacation to Calgaround to do work for Mayrana, before Gatt gave Lemy a warm farewell and departed to escort the prime minister home.

Afterwards Lemy began walking home, only for Ney to speak up and remind him that he was to attend Julia's inauguration party at the Lucifenian Palace, and that he should go home to change. She added that Rin Chan would be singing there, convincing him to attend. Arriving home, Lemy changed into formal clothes and left alone for the palace, refusing Phoebe's offer of escorting him. After walking a long ways, he reached the palace as night fell and listened as Ney elaborated on the history of the former royal palace.

After Lemy made it inside, Ney also directed him to the Hall of Mirrors and fell silent once the child arrived to the festivities. Inside, Lemy encountered Bruno Marlon, an executive staffer for the Freezis Foundation that was another acquaintance of his mother. The two talked briefly before the night's entertainment, Rin Chan, came onstage and began to perform.

While the girl sang, Bruno questioned Lemy about the girl's resemblance to him and Lemy explained how he had known Rin as having black hair and freckles. He also related to Bruno the incident at Milanais Theater when he was ten. After Lemy explained how Julia had told him about Ton Corpa, Bruno mused on her changed appearance and the boy speculated Ton had gotten a doctor to operate on Rin's face; he was confused by Bruno's amusement at the suggestion.

Bruno soon began to express his worry for Rin Chan, telling Lemy of the man's dubious reputation of adopting children, forcing them to work for him underaged, and then having them die mysterious deaths. Following this conversation, as he watched Rin sing, Lemy became concerned for her welfare. He also told Bruno how one last thing was troubling him: Rin Chan's current singing voice was not her own.[1]

The Idol Kidnapping CaseEdit

"But... That's not all, Mr. Ton's gonna kill me too. I heard him talking with someone, saying he "should find someone new"."

The day after the party, Lemy attempted to meet Rin several times but failed to do so. He learned that she would be performing in Asmodean, then Elphegort, and then Lucifenian Republic that September. As time passed, Lemy also learned about the allegations regarding Rin's lip-syncing, and that the diva had refused all contact. Feeling that his friend was in danger, he decided to force a meeting with her; sometime after, Ney also began encouraging him to force his way into Ton's mansion with her help.

On October 6, Lemy disguised himself in a clown costume and infiltrated the Corpa estate at 2 AM. Feeling his way in the darkness, he heard Rin Chan crying and, with Ney's direction, followed the sound to her room where she was locked in. After calling out to her, Lemy was able to unlock the door to the room with a strange "spare key" that Ney pointed out to him. After greeting each other, the two quickly tried to escape, Rin Chan explaining how Ton was planning to kill her after having already killed the girl who she was lip-syncing to, Chansaux.


Lemy smiling after killing Ton

Their escape was cut off by Ton Corpa, who took out a knife and prepared to kill him; Lemy tried to intimidate the man by claiming to be Fifth Pierrot, although Ton quickly recovered his confidence. As Ton approached, Ney began speaking to Lemy and then possessed him, murdering Ton with the boy's body. When Lemy came to, grinning at his deed, he was quickly faced with Rin's fear and disgust. Forcing Rin out of the house, Lemy had them take a carriage on the way to Toragay, Elphegort.

After a few hours, Rin regained her composure and apologized for lashing out; brushing it off, Lemy explained when asked that he planned to go to his aunt's house in Calgaround. He then tried unsuccessfully to sleep in the carriage until they arrived in Aceid on the following morning. After getting off with Rin, Lemy paid the coachman to come back for them that evening; after giving Rin his sleeves to use as a hood to disguise her with, Lemy rented a room with her to rest for a while. Rin then spent time telling Lemy everything that had happened to her under her abusive manager Ton, including how Seventh Magician had changed her face to look like Riliane's.

Sometime after, Lemy took a nap and awoke from his recurring nightmare in a cold sweat. Later, changed into plain clothes and met with the coachman that evening, instructing him to drop them off at one of the checkpoints on the way to Calgaround. They briefly passed through Toragay, stopping at the local inn; after leaving the inn, the coachman mentioned to the children how Toragay's marquis had recently died, possibly murdered, and how the World Police believed the murderer behind a Lucifenian merchant's death may have fled there.

Getting off at the checkpoint to Calgaround, Lemy and Rin walked the rest of the way to the town, discussing the eerie red buildings as they approached Mayrana's house. Once they reached the house, Lemy met Mayrana inside and was shocked by her new resemblance to Julia. He then saw his mother inside, Julia having anticipated him coming to Mayrana beforehand.[2]

The New Fifth PierrotEdit

Soon after, Julia brought Lemy home and he desperately begged his mother to save Rin. He was furthermore surprised when Julia began praising him for killing the corrupt Ton, encouraging him to not be ashamed of being "Fifth Pierrot." The shocked boy then learned that Fifth Pierrot had originally been her subordinate; when Gatt entered under the Père Noël alias "Sixth Venom," Julia explained to Lemy that Père Noël was a criminal organization at which she was the head, as First Santa Claus.

As Lemy questioned her being a criminal, Julia told him that, while they were guilty under law, the organization did what was necessary to improve the world in ways that police would not, citing Ton's case as an example. As Lemy questioned this idea, she continued to insist that Lemy was not a bad person for killing someone and argued that she had to use Père Noël to do things she couldn't as president. While Julia went on to suggest Lemy could help correct the world of mistakes, Lemy mentally shot down Ney when she suggested Lemy was only going along with it to avoid being abandoned again.

Returning to his mother, Lemy listened as she suggested that killing Ton had been in Lemy's instincts; when Lemy voiced his confusion about how he had even done it, Julia suggested Ney had lent him the power and Ney begrudgingly spoke to Julia directly. Julia then asked Lemy to do what he could until he was introduced to the other members of Père Noël. After he snapped at Ney's mockery again, Lemy learned Julia wanted him to kill someone else, a woman who betrayed Père Noël and was an instigator of Rin's abuse, Seventh Magician.

After Julia scolded Gatt for being unable to perform his job himself, Lemy learned from him that Seventh Magician was disguised as a prostitute in Rolled. With Fifth Pierrot having died a long time ago, Lemy was honored to be officially made the new Fifth Pierrot. He afterwards returned to Julia the golden key from her treasury that he used to save Rin Chan, admitting he didn't even remember taking it and learning that this had been Ney's doing.[3]

Rolled Serial KillingsEdit

In anticipation of his job, Julia revealed to Lemy that she had learned his own mother was a prostitute that abandoned him in the Orgo River as an infant. His hatred of prostitutes increased, Lemy decided to kill all of the prostitutes in Rolled until he found his target. Over the course of the following month, he successfully murdered eight prostitutes, becoming desensitized to killing and skilled in handling a knife. On the road home from his eighth kill, Lemy got into an argument with Ney about whether or not Julia had brainwashed him into doing her bidding, as well as whether or not he was killing out of pleasure or because it was the right thing to do.

Arriving home, Lemy entered the mansion to find his mother in a meeting with Bruno Marlon. Greeted by the man, Lemy learned that Bruno had become the Freezis Foundation's vice president and Père Noël's Second Dealer, planning to use Père Noël's black market while Père Noël could use the Freezis Foundation's wealth, power, and World Police. Not long into their conversation, Bruno directly spoke to "Fifth Pierrot" about his search for Seventh Magician; he then warned him that two investigators from Justea, the World Police's International Works Department, were coming into Rolled soon. After Lemy reassured him, Bruno departed for the night.[3]

Later on, Lemy finally identified Seventh Magician as the popular prostitute Isabel Ismael, who was doing all of her business inside. On February 11, Lemy entered the brothel on the 7th block of Rolled and requested Isabel's services. Entering her room, he went along with the charade of hiring her for her services before abruptly revealing himself as Lemy Abelard, and that he knew her true identity.

Lemy then attempted to stab Seventh, only to be blocked; Seventh then drew out the Venom Sword and began to hypnotize Lemy with her stare. As she gave a monologue about her feelings towards Santa, Lemy succumbed to Seventh Magician's lust spell; shortly afterwards, Ney took control of his body again and murdered Seventh using the power of the Demon of Gluttony. When Lemy came to, he took the Venom Sword at Ney's direction and, also under Ney's direction, reluctantly decided to kill the brothel owner that was a witness to his arrival. He was cut off when the brothel owner herself, who unbeknownst to Lemy was Elluka Clockworker, wheeled into the room.

As Lemy prepared to kill her, Ney stopped him and warned the boy that he wouldn't win in a fight against her. Elluka commented on Ney, and Lemy learned that they were acquainted; he also learned that the woman had known Seventh Magician's identity, as she assured Lemy she wouldn't tell anyone of his murder. Elluka then requested to meet with First Santa Claus. The woman introduced herself as Third Sleep Princess; although Ney insisted it was a lie, Elluka hypnotized Lemy into believing her words and acquiescing to her request, while adding that if she leaked information about his murders he would come back and kill her.

After silencing Ney again, Lemy returned to his mother and told her about Third Sleep Princess, whom Ney claimed was Elluka Clockworker. Two days later, he accompanied Julia to the brothel in the night to speak with Third Sleep Princess. Standing by his mother while she spoke with the woman, Lemy heard them discussing her identity witnessed the Sleep Princess exercise her hypnotic abilities. Lemy then listened as she and Julia rearranged Père Noël, making the alleged Sleep Princess into Seventh Magician and her attendant into Eighth Sniper.[4]

New TargetsEdit


Lemy meets with Julia and Bruno

After their meeting, Julia told Lemy of how the new Seventh Magician had hypnotized an entire town when she was the "Sleep Princess." Three months later, Lemy and his mother were visited in the night by Bruno Marlon and Lemy was informed that his new target would be on Nob Nicole, the second vice president of the Freezis Foundation who despised Père Noël. The boy then stood by as Julia and Bruno discussed Nob's interference in Père Noël's black market, before he eagerly confirmed he could do the job. He watched as Bruno seemed disturbed at his eagerness, but was convinced by Julia to leave without comment.

The night before May 23, as part of the plot to assassinate Nicole, Lemy put on his Pierrot costume and hid in the ceiling space in the Lucifenian Palace's Hall of Sounds as the Lucifenian government met with the officials of the Freezis Foundation. The rest of the day, the boy waited quietly in the ceiling space while the talks went on. Once the meeting concluded, Nob Nicole was left alone with Bruno and Julia and Pierrot prepared to strike. Before the boy could act, however, two Justea investigators burst into the room and declared an emergency.


Lemy hesitates to kill Bruno

Startled, he watched as the two of them unraveled the assassination plot against and Bruno's true identity as the fugitive Kaidor Blankenheim. During this, Lemy saw Julia motioning to kill and Ney pointed out to him that she wanted him to kill Bruno. Horrified at the thought of killing their friend, and afraid to be killed if he came down, Lemy balked and stayed hidden.

Lemy returned home afterwards and, over the next several months, witnessed his mother became increasingly suspected as part of Père Noël. She also informed him of how Bruno Marlon had been taken to Castle Hedgehog to be tortured for information, although he hadn't yet confessed Julia's involvement. After several occasions where their home was stormed by adults wishing to depose Julia, she sent Lemy to an inn on 12th Block on September 2 to stay instead. That night, Lemy brooded over his failure before being approached by the new Seventh Magician and Eighth Sniper.

After Lemy argued with Seventh for not doing more to help his mother, he was shocked as she proposed that he escape from Julia, the woman arguing he would only be killed as a liability eventually. He later watched Ney and Seventh quip with each other, learning that she wasn't really the former Third Sleep Princess. Seventh then added to Lemy that she would help him reach the country of Jakoku if he chose to leave. At last, Lemy decided to think it over, given until midnight to decide. He then returned home after Seventh Magician and Eighth Sniper departed.

That night, Lemy dreamed of Banica Conchita speaking to Gretel, although he didn't remember them before he woke up. The next morning, he went home and had breakfast with Phoebe and Julia; after they talked, Lemy thought over Magician's proposition. Finally, he confessed to his mother everything that had happened with Seventh Magician. The following night, Lemy went to the brothel to catch the Magician and Sniper before their escape, only to find they had fled. After meeting up with Sixth Venom, the two confirmed the brothel was empty and Lemy commiserated his failure, being comforted by Gatt. The two departed afterwards.[5]

Over the next few weeks, Lemy learned that Sixth Venom had killed Bruno, and witnessed with frustration how the public continued to doubt his mother. After arguing against Ney about his supposed obsession with Julia, Lemy became determined to hunt down his mother's enemies on his own to prevent them from stopping her. In early October, he stabbed the congressman Elman Odbang, who requested his mother's resignation from presidency. The following month, he stabbed the journalist Isidor Angel following his mother's scandal. In December, he murdered an investigator from the World Police, Jean Marcel and dumped his body in the Orgo River.[6]

Duel of Merrigod PlateauEdit

"I told you to escape with me!"
―Elluka to the dying Lemy[src]

On December 26 in the early morning, Lemy targeted the investigator Ayn Anchor as he waited in front of the Abelard estate, hiding out in an alley until the officer wandered in. As the man came closer, Lemy greeted him and prepared to kill him; as he did, however, he heard Ayn recognize him aloud as Lemy Abelard. Startled, Lemy listened in growing horror as Ayn explained how he had, dressed as a clown, prevented Lemy's kidnapping while helping in the case with the old Fifth Pierrot. In denial and enraged that Fifth Pierrot could have actually been a police officer, Lemy furiously tried to kill Ayn even as he attempted to reason with him.


Lemy is shot

Once Ayn tripped and fell on his back, Lemy straddled the officer and prepared to kill him, only to be shot in the chest. As he collapsed on top of Ayn, the man laid Lemy beside him and the child saw Seventh Magician and Eighth Sniper arrive. As he lay dying, Lemy asked Magician why she had done this; when she said he had chosen the path of evil, he protested how he wasn't the one who was evil, to no avail. Wondering if he had done any good, Lemy tried to call for Ney and found himself alone, succumbing to his injuries.[6]

Shortly afterwards, Lemy was given a burial in the Rolled city cemetery, where he remained for the next month. On January 29 that night, the boy awoke to Ney's voice and, in response to her demands, pushed his way up out of his own grave. After choking up dirt, surprised to be alive, Lemy found his everyday clothes left by his mother to change into. Meanwhile, Ney explained that his revival was due to their "Lord's" divine protection. Afterwards, Ney directed Lemy to take the Glass of Conchita nearby after changing his clothes.

From the glass, the Demon of Gluttony directed him to head north to Apocalypse Cliff beyond Merrigod Plateau, where his mother was waiting for him.[7] Lemy arrived at the cliff a day later, guided by Ney to the Grave of Pale Noël where a duel was taking place between Julia, Seventh Magician, and Eighth Sniper. Entering the cave, Lemy found the path lit by moss-covered rocks that gave off a faint light, several of them lit with blue fire at the back of the cave.

After ducking a blue fireball that came his way, Lemy was surprised to learn that it came from his mother, who was herself a mage. Lemy proceeded into the chamber and spotted Julia before Pale Noël's tomb, battling Magician and Sniper. After the three women caught sight of him, Lemy stood by Julia revealed Lemy's survival thanks to his demon contract. As Magician began attacking Julia again, Lemy brought out his knife and charged toward Elluka; although Sniper stopped him and shot him in the heart, the boy quickly recovered from his wounds with the glass in much closer proximity to him. Shot again by a magic bullet, Lemy similarly recovered quickly and got back up, only to do it a third time. Over the next two hours, as Julia fought Magician, Lemy continued to doggedly assault Sniper and get back up every time he was shot. Exhausted from the lengthy battle, he charged at the green-haired mage once again before she shot him in the head with a golden bullet, killing him with the power of Wrath.[8]

Servant to the GlassEdit

Waking up, Lemy found himself within the Glass of Conchita and he was approached by Ney; recalling a bit of his memories of his previous life, he finally recalled the girl as his sister, Arte. He was then greeted by the Demon of Gluttony; as he tried to apologize for his apparent failure, she assured him he had done his job.

At her insistence, Lemy peered through a peeking hole in space of the glass and saw Julia grieving over his body in the outside world, the boy realizing he was dead. After Arte called him by the name "Pollo" and invited him to breakfast, it triggered Lemy's memory and he finally accepted his identity as Pollo, servant of Banica Conchita.[9]


Sometime after, Lemy and Julia's connection to Père Noël was established and his murders were documented in Evillious history, although the exact events after his death were lost. Due to the brutal killings he committed, the boy earned the moniker "Lemy the Ripper" after death. While discussing the Freezis Fairy Tale, Daughter of Evil, Judge Gallerian Marlon questioned if the "Elluka" and "Gumillia" recorded to have killed Lemy were the same as the mages in Yukina Freezis' fairy tale.[10]

Over a decade later, Gammon Octo and Ma created a screenplay and it was subsequently reviewed by the Master of the Court; deeming Lemy's relation to Julia as proof he was a member of Père Noël, the investigation into the "case" was quickly concluded.[11] While organizing the "motion", Gammon noted that Lemy seemed to lack any memory of his past lives and wasn't born with a reincarnation of Gretel like in previous occurrences. The Gardener also found his death as simply a result of bad luck.[12]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Lemy was a slow witted and increasingly ruthless boy. As a young child, Lemy was shy and unwilling to socialize with his peers, having few friends outside Rin Chan. After his adoption he grew stubbornly loyal to Julia, loving and idolizing her as his mother and friendly with the other members of Père Noël as an extension. This loyalty to her made him unable to tolerate criticism of Julia from any source. By contrast, he was traumatized by his birth mother's abandonment of him and was uncomfortable with prostitutes, even coming to hate them.

From the start, Lemy was a mischievous boy, becoming notorious as a troublemaker at his orphanage. After awakening his true nature as an HER, Lemy became a remorseless killer who took glee in his job as an assassin, even if he was initially shocked by his own sadism. Despite this, he continued to be good-natured and like a normal boy to people who weren't his opponents. He also justified his criminal actions with Julia's claims that the world was filled with mistakes which Père Noël was correcting, such as in killing the abusive Ton Corpa.

Lemy's further justified his own cruel actions by idolizing Fifth Pierrot, the previous assassin, after seemingly being rescued by him. He also demonstrated a limited comprehension of the events happening around him; considering himself unintelligent due to his poor education, Lemy was, for the most part, comfortable with following the direction of other people like his mother and Ney.[13]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

A proficient assassin, Lemy was skilled in the use of a knife despite not receiving any formal training. As Fifth Pierrot, Lemy was able to quickly track down and kill targets while eluding the authorities. He was also able to navigate in the darkness, as well as maneuver himself in a clown costume. Due to never receiving a proper education, Lemy had a below average intelligence and rarely understood in full the situations around him, as well as being forgetful of small details.

Due to his contract with the Demon of Gluttony, Lemy could move at superhuman speed and heal from any injury, including gunshots, as well as naturally being able to eat anything. His contract also allowed him contact with Gretel, who often gave him advice and would help him commit murders on grown adults using his body; she was also able to resist the Venom Sword's influence even if Lemy himself was entranced. Lemy's poor intelligence left him unable to discover the Glass of Conchita's reanimation power.[13]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Julia Abelard: Lemy's adoptive mother. Raised by Julia from a young age, Lemy loved and was loyal to his mother and was, over time, willing to do anything in his power to protect her from harm. Although presented with reasons to doubt Julia's good intentions, Lemy stubbornly stuck to this loyalty and would feel shame if ever he let her down as Fifth Pierrot. This love he felt for Julia even lingered when he'd regained his memories as Pollo, upset when Banica tried to kill her. 

Ney: A voice that guided Lemy. Speaking to Ney many times after his contact with the glass, Lemy thought that the girl was often annoying and resisted her assertions that his mother was just using him. Nonetheless, she was often helpful to him and Lemy usually listened to her direction when it was beneficial to him; when shot by Eighth Sniper, he similarly called for her as he "died" and was upset to hear no answer.

Rin Chan: Lemy's childhood friend. Knowing Rin Chan in his days in the orphanage, Lemy thought highly of his talented and intelligent friend and was often anxious about them being separated. After his adoption, he continued to care about the girl and became dedicated to keeping her from harm, concerned about her situation with Ton and even killing the man to protect her. 

Seventh Magician: A fellow member of Père Noël. Suspicious and irritable towards her since their first meeting, Lemy nonetheless tolerated Magician's presence as the alleged former Third Sleep Princess and a replacement Seventh Magician. He was as a result conflicted when the woman presented him with an opportunity to escape, although eventually reporting the threat. Similarly, he resisted her condemnation of his actions as he lay "dying".

Eighth Sniper: A fellow member of Père Noël. As Seventh Magician's hypnotized assistant, Lemy did not hold any particular opinion towards the girl but was suspicious of her as an extension of her master. As a result, he didn't suspect she would be a threat as he prepared to kill one of his targets.

Hänsel: Lemy's first incarnation. Having maintained some memories of his former life, a portion of Lemy's loyalty to his mother came from Hänsel's relationship with Meta Salmhofer; he saw in First Santa Claus remnants of Meta, and so wished to please her.

Pollo: One of Lemy's previous incarnations. Lemy's appearance and soul were the same as Pollo's, and with them he acquired the servant's loyalty to anyone resembling Meta. He additionally gained a relationship to the Demon of Gluttony that he would remember in full after his death. 


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Lemy bears many similarities and parallels to the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper; both killers had similar nicknames, murdered their victims at night, and used a knife as their weapon of choice.
  • His codename and role in Père Noël is derived from the Pierrot, a stock character in French pantomime who is usually described as a naive or foolish character that becomes a victim of the other people's pranks.
  • His surname, Abelard, is the surname of famous French philosopher Peter Abelard; Lucifenia, Lemy's native country, is inspired by France.
  • Lemy's name is partially inspired by the name of his representative Vocaloid, Len, with both names sharing the first two letters.
  • The location of his murders, "Rolled" (ロールド), is likely a reference to the road roller (ロードローラー), a vehicle often associated with the Kagamine twins, one of whom is Lemy's representative Vocaloid.


  • Lemy's role of "punishing the bad children" follows the twisted "Christmas" theme that surrounds Père Noël.
  • In Deadly Sins of Evil: Evil Food Eater Conchita, the Demon of Gluttony reflects on her vessel's previous owners, humorously considering the "fifth" owner to be the "Pierrot".
  • While he is mentioned to be wearing white face paint in both Fifth Pierrot and Deadly Sins of Evil: Fifth Pierrot, he is not shown wearing makeup in the song PV.
  • He shares the same birthday (December 27) with his Vocaloid.




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