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Lasaland[note 1] was the capital city of Asmodean. Becoming a central avenue for trade and administration early on in the Beelzenian Empire, it continued to remain relevant after Asmodean’s independence from the Empire, housing the nation’s Emperor.


Early History[]

Originally, Lasaland existed as a city within the Asmodean region of the Beelzenian Empire, governed by the Venomania Family Duke. Afterward, it became a center of trade for the Empire, exchanging goods with the Empire and abroad in the Eastern region.

Venomania Event[]

In December of EC 135, a massacre broke out within the Venomania Mansion with the murder of the entire family and its staff.[1] Afterwards, the sole survivor and perpetrator of the incident, Sateriasis Venomania, was made Duke, keeping residence at the mansion. Soon after in EC 136, Duke Sateriasis began abducting numerous women from all over Asmodean to fulfill his sexual desires, sending the entire region into a panic.

During that period, Venomania was later assassinated the following year by the disguised Count Karchess Crim from the Kingdom of Marlon and the women were freed from their captivity.[2] As a result, the imperial family elevated the head of the Donald Family to the position of Duke. Afterwards, the Donalds began governing the region, residing in Lasaland.[3]

Gaining Independence[]

In EC 212, Duke Donald entered into a quarrel with the imperial family for their contempt for his family's weak history, ultimately severing ties with Beelzenia. After winning Asmodean's independence, the Duke crowned himself as Emperor of the new country and established Lasaland as its capital. The city's trade continued to thrive and prosper even after breaking away from its previous empire.[3]

War with Lucifenia[]

During the early 470s, Asmodean was invaded by the Kingdom of Lucifenia, warring with the nation for decades in an attempt to gain more territory. In response, Asmodean recruited all willing and able soldiers. In EC 477, the Golden Dragon and Silver Sparrow unites were dispatched from the capital to reinforce the battle at the Babul Desert. Six months later, Gast Venom was tried for the alleged murder of his superior, General Shalgham. Following the trial, the warrior was exiled from Asmodean and sent out of Lasaland.[4]

World's End[]

In EC 992, Lasaland and the rest of Asmodean were annexed by Elphegort and the country was renamed "Tasan-Elphegort".[5] In EC 999, Lasaland was completely decimated by Punishment. Following the end of the Third Period and its subsequent merging with the Hellish Yard,[6] the city of Lasaland was recreated by the souls in the area.[7] The Master of the Hellish Yard later arrived and returned Sateriasis Venomania to lower hell.[8]


Imperial Palace[]

The royal residence of the Asmodean Emperor. It was established after Asmodean had broken off and gained its independence from Beelzenia.[4]

Venomania Mansion[]

Main Article: Venomania Mansion

Venomania Mansion

The residence of the Venomania family. The mansion had a rather large basement, used by Duke Sateriasis to hide his captured women and give them living space.[2] Following his assassination, the mansion was abandoned and fell into disarray, becoming an old ruin by the 6th century EC.[9]

Glassred Mansion[]

The Glassred Mansion[note 2] was the residence of the Glassred Family. The mansion was filled with numerous halls and rooms, making it easy to get lost in. Following the assassination of Duke Sateriasis Venomania, the Glassred family moved out of the mansion to escape Levin persecution.

Main Street[]

The main street running through Lasaland, leading from the Venomania mansion to the city gates. The road was broad and paved with stones; the site of many gatherings, it was often crowded during the day.[1]

Octo Tailor Shop[]

A tailor and clothing shop located on Main Street, owned and run by the Octo Family. A well-known and popular clothing shop for most of Lasaland. Due to the members of the Venomania household having a preference for Marlon fashion, clothing in that particular style were also sold in the shop.[1]

Workshop Street[]

Workshop Street[note 3] was a street filled with the shops of various craftsmen. A wide variety of things were made there, such as household objects and art. Said goods were either sold in town or shipped outside the country by wagons. The street was greatly crowded with people, even more so than the rest of Lasaland.[10]

Gine Workshop[]

The Gine Workshop[note 4] was a workshop located in the town of Lasaland that specialized in doll-making. The dolls the workshop produced were known for their elaborate and intricate making and head design. The Clockworker's Doll was also created there during the shop’s earlier days.[10] Later on, the workshop's Gine Dolls became prized collectibles.


A brothel located in the town of Lasaland. After the Venomania Event, Mikulia Greeonio became one of the brothel's employees.[11]

Known Inhabitants[]



  • While most of Asmodean has low rainfall on average, Lasaland is one of the areas with an unusual amount of precipitation, with the city often experiencing rain.[2]




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