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"I decide who I am. That's what I've always thought, but... that hasn't really panned out that well."
―Kyle Marlon[src]

Kyle Marlon was the King of the Kingdom of Marlon and the son of Queen Dowager Prim. After falling in love with Michaela and rejecting his betrothed, Princess Riliane, Kyle unwittingly sparked the Lucifenia-Elphegort War. Having lost his beloved to Riliane, Kyle secretly supported the Lucifenian Resistance, annexing Lucifenia as a Marlon territory in the wake of its revolution. Possessed by the Demon of Pride, Kyle threatened to expand an imperialist Marlon regime across all of Evillious.


Early Life[]

"Although, well, those dreams were crushed at my mother's instigation. In secret she made preparations with art dealers and critics, and had me completely excluded from the art world. To the point where I can no longer go back."
―Kyle regarding his childhood[src]

Kyle was born on February 17, EC 474 as a member of the Marlon Royal Family. Fifth in line to the Kingdom of Marlon's crown, he dreamed of becoming a brave warrior who would go on adventures instead of being King. Sometime during his youth, his mother Prim began relating to him stories of Elluka Clockworker's wartime heroics, Kyle learning that Prim had been mentored by her.[1] Forbidden to learn swordplay or naval tactics by his mother,[2] Kyle lost interest in heroics and decided to become a painter under the pen name "Karchess Crim"; during that period, he began learning about famous artists, idolizing the contemporary works of Nikolay Tolle. Around this time, Kyle encountered his mother Prim's close friend, the mage Abyss I.R..

Kyle painting during his youth

In EC 484, Kyle met Mikina Sfarz at one of the royal banquets. In EC 488, at fourteen, Kyle moved into the city with relatives and received tutoring in painting from Margaret. Struck by Margaret's intelligent demeanor and kindness, Kyle developed a crush on her, although later learning she was already married to a noble. That same year, his mother brought a young relative, really Ney Marlon, to visit, and Kyle unwittingly painted a portrait of his own little sister.

The first meeting between Kyle and Keel

After Margaret's apparent suicide via poison while imprisoned in EC 489, Kyle grew suspicious of the circumstances; after meeting and hiring Keel Freezis to investigate her death, he learned Prim handed the poison off to a guard who gave it to Margaret. Afterwards, Kyle became fully devoted to becoming an artist and became close friends with Keel. After being harshly criticized by several art dealers and critics bribed by his mother, including his idol Nikolay Tolle, Kyle was demoralized; after his father's death in EC 490, he destroyed all of his paintings except the portrait of Ney. It was later purchased by Keel for safekeeping.[3]

Around that time, Kyle received a hand mirror from his mother.[4] He also began learning fencing under his instructor, Lutwidge. Sometime after, he joined the Marlon army in battling a small band of pirates to test his skills; he returned home to a furious Prim, who forbid him from traveling anywhere without the protection of the navy. With the Royal Victoricia as his escort vessel, Kyle became close friends with its captain, Admiral Dylan.[2]

The King from Across the Ocean[]

"But... sometimes I get to thinking. That maybe I've only walked along the rail that my mother's laid out for me, maybe I'm just her puppet."
―Kyle regarding his childhood[src]
Cha5 img (1).jpg

In EC 494, Kyle was crowned king after a bout of political turmoil.[5] As the years progressed, Kyle grew to suspect more and more how his mother had interfered in his life, including murdering several of his half-siblings, so he had no choice but to ascend to the throne;[6] he also overheard his subjects regarding him as a mere puppet of his mother.[7] Around that time, Kyle began visiting with his betrothed, Princess Riliane of the Kingdom of Lucifenia; the two became very close,[8] with Kyle giving her a shell pendant as part of their courtship.[3]

Later on, Kyle saw his surviving half-brother, Arkatoir, return as a civil servant in parliament, learning that Arkatoir wanted more to life than plowing fields as a peasant.[6] Once Keel and Mikina became popular merchants after eloping to Elphegort, Kyle began attending his friend's monthly banquets at his mansion in Aceid while incognito.[9] In EC 499, he attended Riliane's fourteenth birthday party and spent the evening with his fiancée.[10] He also, around this time, learned about the dire famine afflicting the country and Riliane's refusal to relieve the citizenry's starvation.[11] During one of his visits to Keel, the latter showed Kyle the Venom Sword he had in his collection; although refusing to purchase the weapon, as he came in contact with it, he was unknowingly possessed by the Demon of Lust.[4]

A month later in EC 500, Kyle attended another banquet at Keel's mansion and was dazzled by his new servant, Michaela, who sang for the banquet.[9] Shocked by her resemblance to Margaret and her beauty, Kyle instantly became enamored with her.[3] Following the performance, he was introduced to Michaela directly and was further charmed by Michaela's kind and funny personality. Sometime after, he decided to confess his feelings to her; bringing a coral shell pendant to another of Keel's banquets, Kyle found Michaela in the drawing room after her performance, studying his surviving childhood painting.

Kyle gifting Michaela the shell pendant

Kyle then approached and explained his history with painting, albeit fudging the years to make himself seem younger. After sharing some of his conflicting feelings on being king with her, Kyle hesitantly confessed to Michaela that he loved her. Michaela then stated she didn't understand what love was; initially insulted by what appeared to be feigned ignorance, Kyle nonetheless tried to explain the concept to her, although ultimately unsure if he made it clear enough. After he apologized for his failure, Kyle nonetheless offered her the shell pendant as a gift and suggested that, as she still didn't know, they start out as friends first; with his persuasion, the girl finally accepted.[9]

After learning of Leonhart Avadonia's death, Kyle joined in mourning at the warrior's funeral, departing after his burial.[12] Afterward, he regularly visited Elphegort over the following weeks, arranging a meeting with Keel and King Thorny Elphen to discuss relieving Lucifenia's food shortage; during the period, he met up with Michaela at Keel's mansion almost every day, talking to her often. The day of his planned meeting with Keel and Thorny at the Freezis Mansion, Kyle went to see Michaela and instead met with Clarith; told Michaela was out buying green onions, he went to find her at the market.

Clarith lectures Kyle

After meeting up with Michaela, Kyle helped her on her shopping trip and the two chatted; as they crossed a bridge on the way back, he saw Clarith fall into the water and dived in after her, pulling her to safety. That night, he met with Keel and Thorny and convinced them to help send aid to Lucifenia to relieve the populace and improve diplomatic relations, agreeing to also send aid on behalf of Marlon. After Keel ordered some liquor for them to enjoy, Kyle watched Clarith burst in drunk; as she angrily ranted about Kyle having kept his engagement a secret from Michaela, Kyle protested before Clarith began ranting at Keel instead.[11]

Green Hunting[]

"Good grief! No matter how old he gets that spoiled brat is just a child. Is he incapable of considering how his actions can bother those around him!?"
―Keel ranting about Kyle[src]

Kyle's sudden embrace

The next day Kyle went to see Michaela before his departure; as Michaela treated him coldly, Kyle learned that she had discovered his engagement to Riliane. Kyle explained that Riliane was more a sister to him, telling Michaela that the marriage was arranged and not made out of love. As he considered even defying the arrangement, he was shocked when Michaela, at last, flatly and firmly rejected him.

Although understanding her wishes, Kyle's demonic possession filled him with a sudden and uncontrollable lust for Michaela. Right before leaving, he suddenly embraced her and begged her to run away with him, before getting control of himself and asking her to forget his words. After he returned to Marlon, Kyle bolstered Keel's aid to Lucifenia with his own as a gesture of good faith to his betrothed.[9]

A few weeks later, Kyle impulsively decided to void his engagement with Riliane; writing a letter to her explaining how he was in love with a girl in Elphegort, he gave it to Prime Minister Minis of Lucifenia during the man's visit to thank Marlon for its aid. Explaining the situation,[8] Kyle sent Minis off and prepared to depart for Elphegort, only for Prim to imprison him under house arrest. A week later, after being freed, Kyle received a letter from Keel explaining that Riliane had decided to exterminate all the green haired women in Elphegort until his "lover" was killed.[13]

Told of Michaela's hiding place in the Millennium Tree Forest, Kyle sent a letter back saying he could smuggle Michaela away from the conflict in no more than a week and departed for Elphegort. Arriving at Keel's hiding place a few days later, Kyle was horrified and grieved to discover Michaela's corpse, the girl having been assassinated. Once Elluka and her apprentice, Gumillia, extracted the corpse from him, Kyle departed with just the shell pendant that he had given her.[4] Donning a mask, the grieving and possessed Kyle impulsively approached the Lucifenian Resistance, led by Leonhart's daughter Germaine, and offered them his aid.[14]

Lucifenian Revolution[]

"What a stroke of luck that Marlon ended up not sending them any military aid, hm?"
"... You're mean."
―Germaine teasing the masked Kyle[src]
Cha karchess.png

After Kyle supplied the resistance with his soldiers to bolster their army, he met with them in the resistance's base in the Millennium Tree forest. Although quarreling with York briefly when the man questioned his loyalty, this mistrust was quickly put aside and the meeting proceeded. During the meeting, Kyle suspected that Germaine had discovered his identity, but regardless told the revolutionaries to call him "Karchess." He later watched as the blacksmith Langley arrived with supplies for the revolutionaries.[15]

Once the Lucifenian Revolution began, the disguised Kyle and his masked soldiers assisted the Resistance and Elphegort armies and helped score successive victories against the Lucifenian army. On the second week of the Revolution, Kyle's forces decimated the recalled forces from Retasan Fortress and the Babul Desert. Afterward, Karchess brought his forces to Rolled to combat the Venom Mercenaries' forces, battling alongside Marc, another revolutionary leader. During battle with the commander of the mercenaries, Gast Venom, Kyle was wounded and Marc intervened to save his life; although forcing Gast and subsequently the other mercenaries to flee, Marc was killed by the "Demon of Asmodean" in the process.

Kyle continued the push with the revolutionary army towards the kingdom's capital, later meeting up with Germaine outside the Lucifenian Royal Palace's main gate. After discussing their need to hurry and apologizing for Marc's death, Kyle followed Germaine into the palace's Heavenly Yard and the two assailed the courtyard with their forces, only to be held back by one of the Three Heroes, Mariam Phutapie. After Chartette Langley took Mariam on herself, Kyle's forces broke through enemy lines and he led the assault into the palace.[16] Sometime during the fighting, Kyle encountered a guardsman, Clive.[3]

Kyle and Germaine then divided their forces, with Kyle's half finding Prime Minister Minis; as Minis tried to escape, Kyle slew him allegedly for resisting arrest and sent a messenger to report this to Germaine. After Princess Riliane was found and captured, the revolution was complete.[16] Sometime after the revolution, Kyle went drinking with York and learned the story of how Germaine was adopted by Leonhart.[2] Kyle also visited the imprisoned princess and realized she was not Riliane but her servant, Allen Avadonia, who also confessed to being Michaela's murderer. In light of the outrage that would occur if Riliane were not killed, as well as his own anger, Kyle told Allen he would be executed in the princess' place.[17]

Soon after the revolution ended, Kyle received a letter from his mother demanding that Lucifenia come under Marlon's jurisdiction and he agreed to the the request. He later attended the peace meeting in the Hall of Sounds along with Keel, King Thorny, Germaine, and the other revolutionary leaders, having revealed his identity to them as all the King of Marlon. Once the meeting began Kyle discussed the status of the surrendered Lucifenian army and that that of the Three Heroes, disclosing to everyone Mariam's mysterious death after the battle. He then elaborated on Prim's proposal to take Lucifenia under Marlon control.

As York argued with him over the idea, he explained his position that the revolutionary army lacked political experience and that Marlon would serve as an interim government for Lucifenia. He also promised to integrate the revolutionary leaders into the new government; after his proposal was accepted, Kyle offered positions in the new regime to York, Minage, and Germaine, with Germaine turning down the offer. He then brought up the subject of Riliane and declared she would be given a public execution in Milanais Square at three o'clock.[17]

Marlon Occupation[]

"Do you plan to unite the entire Evillious region?"
"Eventually, yes."
―General George Ausdin and King Kyle[src]

After "The Daughter of Evil" was beheaded and the Kingdom of Lucifenia was occupied, the Demon of Lust was secretly extracted from Kyle and replaced with the Demon of Pride from his hand mirror. Once Kyle settled in Lucifenia, he handed over administration of Marlon to his mother,[17] making Clive his right hand man.[3] As his hubris grew, Kyle planned to take full control over Lucifenia and eventually conquer all of Evillious under Marlon's banner.[7]

Later on, the former maid Ney Phutapie told Kyle that Germaine, Elluka, and Gumillia were the ones truly responsible for Michaela's murder. Determined to attain vengeance against them,[3] he sent out a letter to Keel, among others, explaining his "Witch Hunt".[18] Not long after, he learned that Minage and York, having realized his intentions, had escaped the palace and were amassing troops at Breck Mountain. In response, Kyle sent the soldiers from Retasan Fortress to put them down. With conflicting reports concerning the whereabouts of his Witch Hunt targets, he then officially ordered for Germaine's arrest.[4]

At some point, Kyle recommended to the priest Mikhail Asayev the services of the blacksmith Langley.[19] That same year, EC 501, Kyle merged Lucifenia as part of Marlon's territory and attempted to eradicate the Lucifenian Resistance, fabricating a claim that Germaine was a traitor to the new government. As time progressed, Kyle added more names to the Witch Hunt.[20] One night, he discovered both Elluka and Gumillia attempting to steal his hand mirror and managed to take possession of the Venom Sword before the two escaped.[21] Around this time, Keel began sending Kyle the novels published by his talented nine year old daughter, Yukina.[3] At Keel's suggestion, Kyle banned free trade with Elphegort to promote Marlon's economy and disassociate it from the Green Country's royal family.[21]

In EC 502,[5] Kyle employed Prim's Special Maneuvers Task Force to help hunt down the "witches", on the condition of giving them absolute freedom in regards to the Witch Hunt and allowing Abyss I.R. to select the group's head, namely Ney.[3] The following year, Kyle had Riliane Mouchet recapture Retasan and the Resistance fled to the Beelzenian Empire, where they received protection from the Beelzenian Emperor. In EC 505, Kyle sent Ney and the Special Maneuvers Task Force to Retasan to find and capture Gumillia, who had also taken up residence in the Beelzenian Empire. As part of this, he appointed Ney commander of Retasan despite opposition, expecting to bolster their offensive by her usage of the Glass of Conchita to reanimate the dead.[20]

Over two months after fighting broke out in Beelzenia, Kyle met with General George Ausdin in the palace and learned that Retasan Fortress had fallen. After trading words with him about this news and the criticism he'd received for making Ney into a commander, Kyle ordered Ausdin to continue defending the city of Retasan while he planned to mount a full invasion of Beelzenia. Once he confirmed he planned to unite all Evillious, Kyle permitted Ausdin to express his doubt that Kyle had the necessary qualities to achieve such an ideal. Although angered, he accepted the opinion and sent George away with orders and twenty thousand troops.

Afterward, he received Ney and learned that Gumillia and Germaine had been spotted in Lucifenia, the undead soldiers having been useless in helping capture them in Beelzenia. To his consternation, Kyle further learned that Ney would be returning to Marlon to ask Abyss I.R. if she was misusing the glass; unable to object, Kyle could only have the rest of the Task Force remain as reinforcements before Ney departed.[3]

Two weeks later, Kyle attended a dinner party held at the merchant Corpa's mansion, escorted by Clive. Becoming miserable and drunk, he headed outside and was alarmed as he was unwittingly mocked by the voice of the demon. Soon after, he encountered the teenaged Yukina Freezis; after the two caught up, Yukina informed him she would be visiting the palace tomorrow before she left, and Kyle also headed home.[3]

The Demon King and the Girl[]

"Mr. Kyle... I myself don't really know whether or not demons exist. But I think that you've still... changed a little bit over these five years."

The next day, Kyle received Yukina, as well as two masked bodyguards accompanying her, the Hall of Mirrors. After greeting each other, Kyle prevented Clive from taking her bodyguards' masks, the two allegedly being from Asmodean's Almoga Mobarez ethnicity and being forbidden from unmasking. Yukina then claimed Keel had allegedly sent her about the Elphegort embargo and Kyle poked holes in her story, pointing out that Keel had suggested the embargo and questioning why he would send her instead of her brother Shaw.

As Yukina stammered for an explanation, Kyle gently brushed her off and said he would consult Keel later, encouraging her to take a tour of the palace. After Yukina left, Kyle told Clive to notify the guards and Keel of her arrival in the palace. Throughout the rest of the day, Kyle spotted Yukina exploring the palace and jotting down story ideas in her notebook. That evening, he met her again in the Heavenly Yard; as the two talked, Kyle showed Yukina his hand mirror from his mother after mentioning the notebook her own mother gifted her, the girl taking an interest in Kyle's other treasures.

After Kyle noted the late time, he learned that Yukina was staying in a hotel in Rollam and offered to let her stay in the palace for the night, arranging to have a room prepared. That night, Kyle stayed up admiring Nikolay Tolle's paintings in the corridor before being approached by and chatting with a new guard recruit; hearing a loud explosion from Yukina's room, he joined the recruit and hurried down the corridor. Meeting up with Clive outside the room, Kyle learned that the Special Maneuvers Task Force was causing a riot outside, while Yukina and her companions were missing.

Kyle ordered Clive to rouse the guards and find them, clarifying for the guards to not hurt Yukina although they may kill her bodyguards. With the guards setting out, after Clive changed out of his pink pajamas Kyle had him accompany him on a search through the palace. As they failed to find the fugitives and questioned where they'd be, Kyle suddenly considered that Yukina's bodyguards were Elluka and Gumillia and suggested his bedroom. The two were interrupted by an explosion from Kyle's room and he, with Clive, rushed to investigate; there, Kyle discovered one of Yukina's companions surrounded by the Special Maneuvers Task Force.

Confronting her himself, Kyle ordered everyone else to stand down and had the masked thief unveil herself as Germaine Avadonia. Dryly greeting his former comrade, Kyle confronted her over Michaela's death and accused her of conspiring with Gumillia and Elluka to murder Michaela, knowing her death would garner support due to her popularity and connection to Keel. As Germaine protested her innocence and pointed out Allen's confession, Kyle added how he had learned from Keel that Allen was lying about being involved.

Germaine once more insisted her innocence, and Kyle continued to argue with her over the matter. As she continued to poke holes in his reasoning, he began feeling increasing self-doubt and ached for his hand mirror. Becoming further infused with pride, Kyle commanded Clive to kill Germaine with the Special Maneuvers Task Force, only for Germaine to flee out the window. Kyle then followed the voice of the Demon of Pride to Riliane's room, following a secret passage inside to the palace stables outside.

Kyle's demon transformation

After finding Yukina and her other masked bodyguard, really Gumillia, at the stables, Kyle noticed the girl holding his hand mirror and took it from her. As his peace of mind returned, he heard Gumillia note that his heart had become dependent on a demon and he argued demons didn't even exist and he wasn't possessed. With even Yukina pointing out how much he'd changed, Kyle began insisting he was fine even as he unwittingly began to demonically transform before the girl's very eyes. Giving in to the Demon of Pride, he attacked Gumillia and then, as he grew wings, took off into the night sky.[21]

Over the course of two weeks, Kyle's transformation increased as he hunted aimlessly for the three. Finding them in the Millennium Tree Forest, the bestial Kyle wildly attacked Germaine and Yukina, unaffected by Gumillia's attempts to exorcise him. Michaela then intervened, however, singing a spell song that amplified the spell's effect and put a protective enchantment over the shell necklace Kyle carried. Freed of the demon's control, Kyle fell unconscious. Kyle later awakened, returned to normal and having no memory of the last two weeks as well as only vague memories of the past five years.[22]

Voyage to Marlon[]


Planning to confront his mother,[22] Kyle received a summons from Keel to return to Marlon, Shaw having come to Lucifenia to deliver it on the Royal Victoricia. With Yukina, Germaine, Gumillia, Shaw and his entourage in tow, Kyle prepared to depart to Marlon;[23] shortly before leaving, Chartette Langley handed Kyle an improved version of her father's rocket glove to use on Ney.[24] They set sail shortly after, and Kyle discussed with the others his plans to visit the castle as the King of Marlon when they arrived.

The next day, Kyle chatted with Yukina on the deck before the Jamet Mountains, as well as a pirate ship, appeared before them in the distance. He was then joined on the deck by Admiral Dylan; as the pirates fired upon them, Kyle had Yukina return below deck but refused to evacuate himself while Dylan unfolded his strategy. He then listened to Dylan suppose the pirates' inexperience due to their own poor strategy, and watched him gradually sink the ships until only one remained approaching at top speed.

The remaining ship rammed the Royal Victoricia, shaking the vessel, and the pirates declared they were commandeering the flagship. The sailors of the Royal Victoricia swarmed the enemy vessel, gaining the upper hand as they did battle with the pirates. Kyle then watched in shock as the pirate captain Yarera, along with his second, Zusco, boarded the Royal Victoricia through use of a glove that shot a wire into the mast.

After the two came aboard, they quickly knocked Dylan out and Kyle was secured as a hostage; as Yarera ordered the sailors to retreat back to their ship, he questioned them and learned someone had paid the two a large bounty to kidnap him. Once Yukina and the seasick Germaine distracted the pirates, Kyle took the opportunity to escape and move away. The two groups then prepared to attack each other, Yarera and Zusco against Kyle and Germaine, once Germaine had been properly armed.

Despite Germaine's seasickness, once the duel began she and Kyle began to gain the upper hand, in addition to the rest of the pirate crew becoming captured by the other sailors. Kyle then witnessed Zusco and Yarera use their wire technique to escape on their ship, only for the ship to be dragged under the water by a giant octopus. After handing Yukina over to Germaine's protection, Kyle went over their options for facing the monster and met with Gumillia on the main deck.

Gumillia outlined a strategy to enhance the ship's cannons so it could damage the octopus, and Kyle assured Dylan to follow her instructions. With Shaw's help, Gumillia was able to make the cannons strong enough to damage the octopus' brow; once the cannons broke down, Kyle directed the ship on a new course around the injured monster and they successfully evaded it. After thanking Gumillia for her help, Kyle learned from her that only a mage with enormous power would be able to grow such a giant octopus as what attacked them.[2]

Unraveling the Conspiracy[]

"You've kept me waiting quite a while, Kyle."
―Keel to his old friend[src]

Arriving in Jamet, Kyle and the others took three carriages into Bariti and Kyle parted course to enter Marlon Castle. Once he arrived, Kyle met with Arkatoir inside the castle; following greetings, Kyle learned that Prim had left for Castle Hedgehog to recover from illness shortly after they received word of Kyle's return. After assuring himself of the military strength he could summon on short notice, he inquired about Abyss I.R. and learned that she had allegedly died the other day. Confirming the woman's dead body for himself, Kyle wondered if Elluka had been the one responsible for the octopus attack.[6]

Kyle and Arkatoir later met with Keel, Shaw, and Keel's maid Gerda in Right Palace. After the two warmly caught up, Kyle ordered Arkatoir to give Shaw a tour, with a flustered Gerda accompanying him, so that he could speak with Keel in private. Once they were alone, Kyle brought up Prim being at Castle Hedgehog and his suspicions that Ney was with Prim at the royal villa due to undead soldiers being spotted in the area.

As Kyle listened, Keel unraveled for him how Prim, using demons, had masterminded all of the conflict between Lucifenia and Elphegort to further Marlon's power. Summoning several excuses for how Prim couldn't be responsible for his demonic possession, Kyle resolved to confront her himself and announced his intentions to Keel, as there was no real proof what Ney or Prim's objectives were.

Keel then brought forward a package Gerda left behind, Kyle's last surviving painting; gradually, and to Kyle's shock, he explained that the little girl who posed for the painting was Kyle's sibling, Ney Phutapie, whose birth Prim had covered up as a stillbirth for her own reasons. Shaken by the revelation that the despicable Ney was his little sister, Kyle remained in a shocked stupor until some time later, where he confronted a portrait of his father and lamented how they had both been used by Prim.[1]

Preparing for Battle[]

"An active king as ever, aren't you? You have so many underlings, you should have left it to them."
―Germaine to Kyle[src]

Afterwards, Kyle began rallying the available troops for his planned assault on Castle Hedgehog, including the soldiers that fought alongside him during the revolution. As part of this, he visited the Freezis Mansion to seek Gumillia and Germaine's counsel. After he arrived, Kyle was received by Germaine, who traded a few barbs with him and led him to Gumillia's room. There Kyle encountered Elluka, learning that Abyss I.R. had stolen her body and she had only recently regained control of it, leaving only Abyss' cat behind

Roughly grasping the situation, Kyle and Elluka quarreled over his treatment of them during the Witch Hunt before he explained the situation in north Marlon and his planned march on the Blood Pool region. He then consulted Elluka on getting her aid; although she refused, he learned that it would be best to strike during the new moon, when magic was at its weakest. Kyle then tried to enlist Germaine's aid, with the revolutionary hero only agreeing to help him when he promised to start removing Marlon's presence from Lucifenia.

As he prepared to leave, Gumillia promised to help Kyle and instructed him to bring all the soldiers' weapons to her. Overjoyed, he thanked Gumillia and apologized to her for everything he had done. Elluka rejoined the conversation, finally agreeing to cooperate in order to obtain Prim and Ney's vessels of sin. The two were interrupted by Yukina, who hugged Kyle and begged him to take her with him to Castle Hedgehog. Despite Yukina's protests, he gently persuaded her to stay behind for her own safety. As he did, however, the overprotective Keel stumbled on the two and assumed Kyle was making a play for his daughter.

After being beaten up and tossed out, Kyle came across Mikina playing with Abyss I.R.'s red cat; after greeting her, Kyle met with his escort and departed.[1] Over the next few days, Kyle received an unexpected shipment of weapons and supplies from Keel and gave them all to Elluka and Gumillia, who engraved the weapons with magical enchantments. Kyle also convinced Germaine to become one of his commanders.

Afterwards, the King and his armies departed for Lioness with Keel, Yukina, and the two mages. Setting up headquarters in Lioness Castle, Kyle gathered his thousands of Marlon troops and split them into five divisions, stationing the fifth army to defend Lioness while the rest handled the corpse soldier threat throughout the Blood Pool Region. Composing the first army under his command with his former comrades from the revolution, Kyle set to assault Castle Hedgehog.

The day before the planned assault, Gumillia enchanted Kyle's sword and Elluka put an enchantment of her own on Chartette's rocket glove, after explaining her intentions to leave when the battle got underway. Later on, Kyle spoke with Keel and was touched by his promise to help him with Marlon's withdrawal from Lucifenia. By sunset, the troops were armed and Kyle introduced them all to Germaine that night. Once she was accepted as their commander, the troops had a banquet to raise morale before the battle.[24]

Battle of Castle Hedgehog[]

"Mother... You're insane."
―Kyle after hearing his mother's story[src]

The next morning, Kyle departed with the first army towards Castle Hedgehog and trudged through the heavy rain. At the castle's main gate he deployed half the troops around the castle and sent a vanguard inside to search for Prim. Not long after, however, Kyle was alerted to the undead soldiers inside and he invaded Castle Hedgehog with his army. As he did battle with the monsters, he spotted Ney fleeing into the depths of the castle and pursued her, along with Germaine and a handful of his troops.

Losing sight of her in the castle's courtyard, he and Germaine agreed to split into two groups, Kyle to search Heartbeat Clocktower and Germaine search to the rest of the castle. After reminiscing about their similar situation in the revolution, the two were ambushed by the Special Maneuvers Task Force; with Germaine holding the four female assassins off with the rest of the troops, Kyle took the soldiers Walpole and Seton with him on his search.[24]

After ascending the clocktower stairs, Kyle reached the room at the top and found Prim and Ney together, Prim holding a doll in her lap that had a striking resemblance to Michaela. Soon enough, Ney fled the room with the Glass of Conchita and Kyle sent Seton and Walpole after her. Alone with his mother, Kyle was devastated to hear her confirm that she was the one commanding the undead soldiers through Ney, staying in Castle Hedgehog of her own free will.

As he questioned her, Prim readily told Kyle about the conspiracy that she had enacted, of how she had developed an obsessive grudge against King Arth and Queen Anne and hoped to best them and ruin them in every way. In order to do this, Prim had manipulated every aspect of Kyle's life to make him king of a powerful Marlon, arranging many manipulations and assassinations of others, besides. She also explained how she collaborated with the mage Abyss I.R., using her vessels of sin to have Kyle and others possessed when needed, and had Kyle's half-sister Ney raised to be the perfect spy and assassin.

With her story finished, Prim announced to the dumbstruck Kyle that she would have him repossessed by the Demon of Pride, revealing a Mirror of Lucifenia that currently contained a Demon of Lust. When prompted, Prim also further explained that the doll she held was the "Clockworker's Doll," another vessel; as she began to go in depth about the doll, which was modeled after the Original Sinner, Eve Moonlit, Kyle watched Ney return to report her success in killing his soldiers. Ignored, Ney grew angrier and angrier with each attempt to get Prim's attention and, suddenly, Kyle stared in shock as she stabbed their mother to death.

Facing Demons[]

"...What are you planning to do?"
"I'm going to strike the final blow."
―Germaine and Kyle[src]

Kyle facing Ney

Immediately after stabbing Prim, Ney became hysterical and assumed Kyle had killed her, ranting maniacally. Kyle concluded that the years of Abyss I.R.'s experimentation on the girl and the Glass of Conchita's influence had caused Ney's psyche to crack. Preparing to battle, he resolved to take responsibility for his broken family and save his sister. Kyle was shortly after confused as Ney succumbed to the Demon of Gluttony, yet only seeming to transform her attire into a red dress. Ney and Kyle then engaged in a duel and the latter desperately fought off her onslaught of frenzied attacks.

As his sword started to crack, Kyle heard the voice of the Demon of Lust offering to contract with him, the demon promising to give him the power to defeat Ney. Resolutely refusing, Kyle returned to the battle until his sword finally broke and Ney rammed him to the floor, straddling him. As she stabbed Kyle's chest, Michaela's enchantment on Kyle's shell necklace blocked the blow and shattered both the knife and the necklace. As Ney angrily fumed at the "Daughter of Green," Kyle realized that Ney was Michaela's true murderer.

Ney shortly after began pummeling Kyle, only for Germaine to enter and call out to them. While his assailant was distracted, Kyle shot Chartette's rocket glove at her and the shocked Ney was sent flying. As Germaine helped Kyle to stand, she explained how the undead soldiers had all returned to being corpses. Kyle then bent over and checked Ney's unconscious body, resolving to give the killing blow before Germaine talked him out of it. He then allowed Germaine to take Ney away herself, as several of his troops arrived into the room.

After Germaine left, Kyle made up a story to the soldiers that Prim had been killed by the mage who had manipulated the corpse soldiers. He also added that the Special Maneuvers Task Force had also been manipulated by the mage, who had already escaped. Afterwards, he collected his mother's corpse, the two mirrors, and the Clockworker's Doll, taking them out of the tower and into the breaking daylight.[24]

Return of the Storm[]

"I don't know what's right anymore. I don't know what's "just" or "evil"—"
"Do you really need to? It's not like everything that you do is with a definite basis for doing so. I think that's how it is with anyone."
―Kyle and Arkatoir[src]

Later, Kyle met with Germaine, Yukina, Keel, Elluka and Gumillia in Lioness Castle, the room containing Ney tied to the bed and the vessels of sin they'd found in Castle Hedgehog. After explaining everything that had occurred between him and his mother, he discussed with the group what to do with Ney and it was eventually decided Elluka would try to restore her sanity with magic. Elluka afterwards announced they would return to Bariti; as Kyle prepared to hand her the vessels, they all heard a strange rattling sound, and then a dull thud when Keel went to investigate it. Shortly after, everyone was rendered unconscious by a blue flash.

Kyle soon awoke in what appeared to be a very large black box; there he spotted the Demon of Gluttony walking hand-in-hand with Ney as she had appeared when she was a child. Confronting them both, Kyle was told that "Ney" was actually "Gretel", the demon explaining that Gretel would have been born as Riliane if not for fate being distorted. As Kyle struggled to comprehend her words, Ney apologized to her brother for all the bad things she had done and expressed her hope to see him again in another life, only for the Demon of Gluttony to start taking her away. Despite Kyle's pleas, the demon took the seemingly ignorant Ney into a sea that appeared before them.

Kyle suddenly awoke to find Germaine shaking him, learning that everyone else had regained consciousness from the strange flash. She then hesitantly told him that Keel had been badly injured and all of the vessels of sin had been stolen. As she struggled to continue that Ney had also been murdered, Kyle saw his sister's bloodstained corpse on the bed for himself. He was grateful at least that she seemed to have died peacefully, instead of in pain.[24]

Over the course of two weeks, Kyle launched an investigation into their unknown assailant while handling the aftermath of their battle. Around that time, he had Ney and Prim buried in Left Chapel following a grand national funeral for the Queen Dowager. Gazing at their graves, Kyle brooded over his self-doubt until being found by Arkatoir, who reassured him that he didn't need to be sure of everything. The two were then approached by Shaw, who informed them that Mikina had been away for two weeks.

As Kyle pondered how serious her disappearance had to be under the circumstances, Shaw frantically added that Yukina had also left. He gave Kyle a letter from her, which explained that she intended to search for her mother abroad after noting things that suggested she was the mysterious assailant.[24]

Later Life[]

"I suppose he’s still pursuing her phantom, even now."
―Yukina regarding Kyle's attachment to Michaela[src]

When Holy Levianta called for aid against Neo Apocalypse in EC 508, Marlon allowed the emerging Lucifenian Republic to send its own troops to help with the conflict. In EC 510, Kyle abdicated the throne to Arkatoir after Lucifenia was given its complete independence; he then traveled the world as a painter for some time, living his childhood dream.

Later on, Kyle reunited with Yukina and the two started living together in Lucifenia.[25] Sometime after Elluka and Gumillia departed for the East in EC 548, Yukina and Kyle visited Merrigod Plateau on the former's route to east Levianta, Yukina to hear about the fabled Mikulia Calgaround and Kyle to paint a landscape of the plateau. Visiting the city of Calgaround, the two learned of the folklore surrounding the countess and saw a portrait of her and her husband hanging in the former royal library. Shocked to see Mikulia's striking resemblance to Michaela, Kyle painted his landscape while Yukina continued to learn about Mikulia's folklore before she departed.[26]

In EC 562,[27] Kyle was approached by a group of orphans asking about the nun Rin's past in order to find the recipient of her letter. Realizing they meant Riliane, he told them about her past atrocities, how the likely recipient had died for those sins, and that a reply wouldn't come.[28]


Following his death, Kyle's soul was sent to the Heavenly Yard and remained there. In EC 999, he and the other souls were pulled back to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[29] Kyle was invited to a dinner party at the Lucifenian Royal Palace held in Princess Riliane's honor and joined the other guests in the Hall of Mirrors.[30] During this time, he told Riliane that he was a demon contractor.[31] Later during the festivities, he inhaled the Eighth Gift in the palace air and fell into a deep slumber.[30]

Fight for a New World[]

Kyle eventually woke up and gathered with everyone else in the Hall of Sounds. As the group discussed the Tasan Party soldiers surrounding the palace, Kyle watched as everyone declared their support for Arth. Briefly speaking with Keel, he eventually joined the battle.[32]

Leading his Marlon soldiers during the ensuing fight, Kyle later noticed a Black Box flying over the Lucifenian side. He then reenacted his demonic transformation and flew up to the Black Box, attempting to destroy it before being sucked inside. Soon after, the Black Box was defeated and Kyle was freed. With the Tasan soldiers having been sucked inside as well and no longer wishing to do battle, Kyle returned to the group and informed Nemesis Sudou of the voice he had heard inside the device.[33]

While Allen and Nemesis faced off against Ma possessing Riliane's body, Kyle joined in the chorus singing the Clockwork Lullaby to aid them. Near Ma's defeat, as Allen plummeted back to the ground Kyle flew up with Germaine on his back to catch him.[34] After Allen and Riliane later created a new world with the Re_birthday function, Kyle participated in the ball at the Lucifenian Royal Palace[35] before being presumably incorporated into the Fourth Period.[36]


"It was a very interesting read. I was able to learn a little bit more about my roots–my ancestry."
―Gallerian Marlon regarding Kyle and his family[src]

Kyle's actions were later detailed by Yukina in her novel "The Daughter of Evil" and gained popularity in the centuries after his lifetime. Around half a century later, Elluka read Yukina's memoirs and promptly investigated her and Kyle's mysterious experience in Calgaround. After discovering the same portrait at Calgaround's library, Elluka immediately understood their concerns. One of Kyle's descendants, Gallerian Marlon, read Yukina's novel at the behest of his friend, Ma, and the judge was satisfied with learning more about his ancestor who had removed himself from the royal family.[37]

Personality and Traits[]

"I have a lot of pride in my position as king. With a single word I can save a nation, or make them suffer. It's a heavy responsibility, and at the same time I think it's a wonderful, irreplaceable job."

Kyle was an honest and caring individual trapped by the will of others. Lacking the desire to become a king, he despised his mother for her cruelty and the machinations she took that forced him into the role. As a result, he held the lingering notion of escaping the royal family and living like a commoner with a family. He was similarly frustrated with himself and insecure about the path that his life went down, being unable to control Prim's methods and being unable to achieve any of his own dreams. These frustrations in part fueled his dependence on the Demon of Pride, and his own resolve to go confront his family once he was freed of possession.[38]

Despite his dislike of being king, Kyle was nonetheless proud of the responsibilities and took it, as well as himself, very seriously.[9] He similarly got embarrassed easily and hated to be teased.[17] Kyle's pride, when influenced by the demon, turned into hubris and fueled his conviction that he could do no wrong, the king constantly using the mirror to soothe his doubts, confusion, and insecurities. Although ordinarily having a pessimistic view on politics, he thus became fully interested in widening his political field and Marlon's territorial gain regardless of who suffered for it.[3]

Even when not acting as king, Kyle was generally pleasant mannered, responsible, and friendly, although sometimes he would act foolhardy as well. In his off hours, he would hide the fact that he was a king so as to be able to converse with people more naturally, and only rarely tried to use his political clout in an unofficial setting, although he sometimes teased others with it. Fitting with this, Kyle's true passion was for painting and for partaking in adventures such as his mother always disapproved of. He also had a tendency to lie about his age to make himself seem a little more attractive.[38]

Skills and Abilities[]

"In Marlon, while the country is officially governed by the young King Kyle, it is said that his mother, Queen Dowager Prim, is the one who holds authority there."
―An aristocrat speaking about Kyle[src]

Raised into being the king of Marlon from a young age, the Kyle was knowledgeable about the state of affairs in Evillious and the running of a country. This political knowledge extended to an understanding of military tactics, knowing how to command armies directly under him and serve as a capable leader in more than one campaign; his abilities were, however, believed to be inferior to more charismatic kings such as Arth Lucifen d'Autriche. Additionally his skills in swordplay, cultivated in his youth, were considerable and Kyle was able to hold his own against pirates and trained soldiers alike, although he had more difficulty fighting off quick opponents like Gast.

Aside from his qualities as a leader Kyle had many resources as a king to use to his advantage, including usage of the Freezis Foundation's information network and hold on the Evillious economy. Although at times unwittingly, he also made use of resources obtained from him by his mother, such as using magic from the Demon of Pride after his possession or more willingly making use of the Special Maneuvers Task Force. With all of his resources, following his possession Kyle was able to maintain a strong grip on the mainland of the Evillious for several years and keep his opponents on the run.

Kyle also had skills as a painter developed during his childhood. Tutored in the art, the prince at the time was a prolific artist that worked with landscapes and portraiture, although vulnerable to harsh critique from any superiors in the art world. Despite quitting his art as a teenager and resuming only later into adulthood, the king painted until the end of his life and became renowned as he traveled through the Evillious region.

Character Connections[]

Prim Marlon: Kyle's mother. Kyle hated his mother for her cruel and manipulative ways of keeping him Marlon's King, unable to forgive her for ruining his dreams but unable to break free of her influence. Despite this, after learning the full extent of her treachery, Kyle was unable to believe it and began clinging to other possibilities. After she revealed her plot for herself, he realized his mother was insane and resolved to take responsibility for her deeds.

Ney Phutapie: Kyle's half-sister, as well as perceived ally. Kyle and Ney were amiable acquaintances in childhood, though he was often incensed by her whimsical behavior when she was hired as his Head of Espionage; Kyle would later be greatly shaken to learn the truth of their relationship. Though willing to fight her as an agent of Prim, Kyle was saddened to see Ney taken away from him, recognizing her past innocence, and quickly came to care for her as his sister.

Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche: Kyle's betrothed. Due to their friendship, Kyle was more forgiving of Riliane's tyrannical behavior than others, although he himself had no wish to marry her. Though initially caring for her as a sister, this friendship turned to hate after she demanded the death of Michaela, sparking a desire for vengeance in him. After Allen's death, Kyle became apathetic towards Riliane and wished nothing more to do with her.

Keel Freezis: A good friend of Kyle's. Kyle saw Keel as a trusted friend, dating from childhood, seeing the Freezis home as a safe haven from his duties as king. Knowing the merchant on an intimate level, he often attended Keel's banquets or asked him for favors using his connections. As an extension, Kyle treated Keel's family with hospitality whenever they came to visit.

Michaela: Kyle's love. Kyle developed a crush on Michaela due to her beautiful voice and resemblance to his beloved art tutor, a crush was magnified by the Demon of Lust into a persistent infatuation. Although attempting to start out as just friends with her as she claimed to not understand love enough, this infatuation eventually rose to the point that he desired to abandon his duties to run away with her regardless of her wishes. Her death subsequently caused him great grief and awakened his desire for vengeance; this desire became an all-consuming focus after he was possessed by the Demon of Pride, and he mourned her for many years afterwards even after being free of his possessions.

Germaine Avadonia: An ally during the Lucifenian Revolution and a temporary enemy. Kyle was incensed at Germaine's teasing of him before and after he revealed himself, though was impressed enough with her skills to offer her a place in the annexed Lucifenia's government. He became furious with Germaine when believing she had a role in Michaela's death, but returned to being her ally after he came to his senses.

Yukina Freezis: A friend of Kyle's. Kyle became friends with Yukina as a member of Keel's family, showing her warm hospitality when the latter came to visit. Although initially furious at Yukina's perceived deception of him, after he came to his senses he was grateful to her for her aid. Kyle showed concern for Yukina's well-being and enjoyed spending time with her, choosing to live with her after living out his dream as a painter.

Leonhart Avadonia: An old acquaintance of Kyle's. The Marlon King appeared among those close to him at his funeral. Their relationship was kept secret.

Allen Avadonia: A servant of Riliane. Kyle hated Allen for his claimed role in Michaela's death, physically attacking him due to this. Despite his rage, Kyle was impressed by the servant's dedication to Riliane.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Kyle's name is partially inspired by the name of his representative Vocaloid, KAITO, with Kyle's romanization containing "kai".
  • His surname, Marlon, is a reference to Mammon, the patron demon of Greed.





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