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Kiril Clockworker was a clockworker of the Magic Kingdom Levianta, the fiancé of Elluka Chirclatia, and the older brother of Irina. Created by Seth Twiright from the "reset" Pale Noël, Kiril became an artisan for the Clockworker Family. After Elluka cured him of his Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome, the two became engaged and lived happily together with Irina for a time.


Early History[]

After Seth Twiright transferred Pale Noël's soul into a new body and reset his memories, the ghoul child woke up inside Lunaca Labora where he was greeted by Seth, who gave him the name Kiril.[1] Later, Kiril was adopted by the artisan Clockworker, thus becoming part of the Clockworker Family as a music box craftsman. Living in Lighwatch, he gained fame as the "Clockworker".[2] At some point, Kiril realized he suffered from Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome and began resisting his urges to commit malicious deeds against others.[3] Later on, his father adopted a second ghoul child, Irina.[4] As the girl grew up, she began assisting her brother in creating music boxes in his work.[5] Sometime during the first decade in the Evillious Calendar, Kiril met the local priestess, Elluka Chirclatia, and he fell in love with her, the priestess curing him of his HER symptoms.[6]

When Elluka was expelled from the temple for misconduct, Kiril accepted her as his assistant and they began living together, the two became engaged.[2] Afterward, to express his wish for a happy future for them all, Kiril crafted a music box that played the Clockwork Lullaby's melody, which he gave as a gift to his fiancée and little sister.[7]

Project 'Ma'[]

After Elluka and Irina were selected as two of the potential candidates for the seventh Project 'Ma' in EC 013, met the director of Project 'Ma', Seth Twiright. Noticing their resemblance, Seth claimed to be a ghoul child like him, convincing Kiril he was likewise freed of Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome and trying to save the country from the rampaging HERs through the project.[2] Later on, Kiril witnessed Irina stab Elluka in the back and,[8] devastated, discovered she was a HER.

After Irina was accepted as a project despite the revelation she was a HER, Kiril began suspecting Seth and despaired over their loss;[2] around the same time, the music box he crafted broke. Kiril later attended the ceremony celebrating Irina's coronation; as Irina presented herself as the new Queen before the public on the temple altar, he held a knife under his cloak.[9]


About six months later, Kiril lamented the tragic situation he was in before hearing the voice of what he thought was his beloved Elluka, not knowing that it was Levia pretending to be her. Levia instructed him to resurrect her with Sin and restore everything. Desperate, Kiril took Elluka's corpse and covertly carried her to the forbidden ark in the temple as the voice instructed.[2] He then cast the Clockwork Secret Art on Elluka's corpse, causing it to regenerate. He also cast it on Sin to reverse its time and make it usable, placing his beloved's body in the ark.[10] Unwittingly, Kiril's genetic relation to Seth also allowed him to activate the Black Box Type L within the ark, as Levia hoped all along.

Despite this, the Black Box soon malfunctioned from previous damage and its misuse, causing a massive explosion that destroyed the Magic Kingdom around them.[11] Mortally injured, Kiril was left unconscious in the rubble when the dragon body of Levia-Behemo scooped him up in one of its mouths and flew out of the temple.[10] After the dragon destroyed the kingdom before falling apart, Kiril survived and remained in the ruins.[8] Thanks to the events of the Catastrophe he was also, through unknown means, given all of Seth Twiright's memories.[12]

Castaway of Time[]

"Alice's prophecy. I must ascertain the truth of that. For that is the mission for my atonement that was assigned to me."

To atone for what he'd done, Kiril set about to fulfill the mission of ascertaining the truth of Alice Merry-Go-Round's prophecy. To this end he began creating music boxes that could turn gears of "karma",[13] planning to make twelve in all.[14] As he began to create these music boxes, he learned about the future of the world through their songs, such as the future of his sister Irina following the Catastrophe.[15]

He was later found by the sun god of the Third Period, TALOS. As TALOS initially regarded Kiril as a threat due to the Catastrophe, he attempted to control him, only for Kiril to repeatedly outwit him using his knowledge gained from Seth's memories. The sun god eventually gave up trying to control him and, with TALOS help, Kiril was able to incorporate a Black Box system into the music box he was creating.[12] Over the course of his work, Kiril and TALOS would continue to exchange e-mails with each other.[16]

As time went on, Kiril headed out to the mysterious land of Angolmois to continue his work.[17] As he worked on his fifth music box there, he learned about how Levia was now inhabiting his beloved Elluka's body as "Elluka Clockworker", enraged and grieved by the revelation.[18] As the years went by, Kiril continued his work, proceeding with the compactification of the BB system and acquiring new components for his music boxes,[19] slowly gaining understanding of the world and of Alice's prophecy. As part of that, he determined that Levia would be the one to destroy the world.[20]

Having determined the world's destroyer, Kiril set about trying to determine its savior. In the middle of this, he was interrupted by the arrival of his beloved, Elluka Chirclatia,[21] sent to him in Angolmois by TALOS. Overjoyed with their reunion, Kiril listened in peace to the ninth music box, another one regarding Elluka Clockworker, determining with the real Elluka that Levia could also become a savior if she could regain her humanity.[22] Sometime after their reunion, the two were also finally married.[23]

Over the next two music boxes Kiril learned more about two other "saviors" at the end of the world, Banica Conchita and Irina, contemplating on the imperfect "salvations" they offered.[24] As he was on the cusp of creating the final twelfth music box, the Third Period was destroyed and then saved by Allen and Riliane, leaving Kiril's work incomplete. Later he received an e-mail from TALOS commenting on the state of affairs, suggesting Kiril go meet with any remaining souls in the Third Period he wished to see again or go to the new Fourth Period Allen and Riliane created.[16]

While in Angolmois with his wife, Kiril heard the singing of the other souls as they also prepared to move on to the Fourth Period. He then watched as the gears in the unfinished music box began turning of their own accord, and concluded that he hadn't needed to make them in the first place to make the gears of "karma" turn. Despite this, he resolved to finish the music box to accompany the singing. As he did, however,[25] he had a revelation that there were more than just twelve music boxes to be made. He wrote an e-mail to that effect to TALOS, explaining he was leaving Angolmois with his wife and that he would continue to make music boxes as long as songs existed for them.[23] Afterwards, Kiril and Elluka presumably went out together for parts unknown.


After the twin gods Levia and Behemo incarnated in Elluka's body, thanks to Kiril's usage of Black Box Type L, Levia's amnesic consciousness believed herself to be his beloved. Believing him to be among the many losses incurred by the Levianta Catastrophe he unwittingly caused, the immortal took up the name "Elluka Clockworker" in memory of their engagement and grieved over him during the succeeding centuries.[10]

The surviving Irina blamed Elluka for the catastrophe and her loss of a human body, continuing her rivalry with the fake under the impression she was the same Elluka who took her brother away from her.[2] The Catastrophe was historically labeled as an accident caused during an experiment at the royal institute,[26] and Levianta remained a ruined wasteland for nearly three hundred years before finally being resettled.[27]

Personality and Traits[]

Despite being a HER, Kiril was a kind and optimistic man, well regarded by his peers and caring for his family.[2] Resisting his malicious impulses until eventually being cured of his condition,[3] Kiril hoped for the salvation of the Magic Kingdom Levianta and believed in the good intentions of those around him, such as trusting Seth Twiright's intentions and believing his sister Irina was different from other Ghoul Children.[2] Similarly, after Levianta's destruction, he dedicated himself to atoning for his role in it by helping the world with his karmic music boxes.[13] He seemed to develop a fascination with the fate of the world and a fondness towards many of its inhabitants, particularly at the world's end.[14]

Despite this, Kiril was aware of his dark past as a Ghoul Child and the common tendency for others of his kind to cause havoc.[2] He himself allegedly rampaged through Levianta in his bid to revive Elluka,[6] and displayed a seemingly vengeful side towards his sister and,[9] later, Levia after his beloved's death.[18] Despite this, unlike most HERs Kiril had the capacity to forgive, still regarding Irina as his beloved sister and even forgiving Levia after Elluka was returned to him.[14] In addition, Kiril showed a stubborn streak after Elluka's death in regards to TALOS' attempts to control him,[12] as well as a pragmatism in keeping a gun on hand in case of intruders.[21]

Skills and Abilities[]

Gifted with strong magical potential, Kiril was able to perform the powerful Clockwork Secret Art and use it rejuvenate aged magical devices. Being a clockworker, he was similarly skilled in creating and maintaining magic tools.[10] His skill also extended to being a general artisan, becoming well known among his peers for the music boxes he crafted;[2] after the Catastrophe he began making music boxes which themselves could serve magical tools, through which Kiril was able to monitor the fate of the world around him.[13]

Being a clone of Seth Twiright, Kiril shared Seth's impressive intellect; at the same time, he shared the scientist's poor eyesight and needed to wear glasses.[4] However, unlike Seth, Kiril had the willpower to resist his darker nature as a HER.[3] He was also one of the few humans capable of hearing the voices of Levia and Behemo from within the Sin ark, allowing him to communicate with the twin gods;[10] he also, having the DNA of one of its crewmembers, was one of the few people that could use the technology of the Sin.[11] Following the Catastrophe, Kiril somehow gained all of Seth's memories and employed the knowledge he used to great effect.[12] Due to his unique experience, Kiril was able to exist in Angolmois for hundreds of years as he worked.[14]

Character Connections[]

Elluka Chirclatia: Kiril's fiancée. Coming to love Elluka deeply, as well as owing to her his being cured of HER, Kiril cared for and trusted Elluka enough for the two of them to work together in his shop after her expulsion. Kiril was thrown into a despair after Elluka's death and desperate to get her back; similarly, after the Catastrophe his rage at Levia was only cooled after Elluka was returned to him, and the two lived happily together once more.

Irina Clockworker: Kiril's little sister. Kiril loved and trusted Irina, believing her to be different from others of their kind and not able to succumb to the malice of other Ghoul Children. After her murder of Elluka, Kiril realized her true nature and was inconsolable, questioning the legitimacy of her candidacy to save the kingdom, and even attempted to kill her sometime after the event. Despite this, Kiril returned to loving her and continually monitored her fate, saddened by the incomplete nature of her "salvation" in the end.

Levia: A god who impersonated Kiril's fiancée. As Levia initially tricked Kiril into believing she was his beloved Elluka and caused him to facilitate the Levianta Catastrophe, Kiril was embittered towards Levia and filled with overflowing rage when he learned that she had incarnated into Elluka's body. After being reunited with Elluka and watching Levia regain her humanity as "Elluka Clockworker", Kiril's feelings towards her softened considerably.

Seth Twiright: Kiril's creator. Kiril originally believed that Seth was a Ghoul Child such as himself, and trusted the passionate director of Project 'Ma' as one of the few Ghoul Children to not cause destruction in Levianta. Following the death of his beloved and watching his HER sister be given the crown for the country, the clockworker reluctantly began to believe that even his motives were suspect. After gaining Seth's memories, Kiril used his knowledge for his own purposes.

TALOS: Kiril's later partner. Kiril had a partnership with TALOS that began from his own stubbornness and resistance to being controlled by him, but which later turned warmer. The two exchanged e-mails and Kiril accepted his help with the construction of his karmic music boxes, as well as being genuinely grateful to the god for returning Elluka to him. By the end of the world the two were on good terms, although Kiril realized that Sickle was as of yet still hiding things from him.


Conceptualization and Origins[]

  • The name Kiril is a Slavic derivative of the Greek name Kyrillos, meaning "lordly" or "masterful"; Levianta, his native country, is inspired by Russia.
  • Kiril's name is partially based off his representative Vocaloid, Kiyoteru, with both names sharing the first two letters.




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