"I have no more faith in you all at the magistrate’s office! The criminal who killed Miku…I will find them and kill them myself!"
―Kiji Yarera[src]

Kiji Yarera was an employee of the Yarera-Zusco Firm and Miku Miroku's boyfriend. Assigned to Enbizaka on business, the businessman fell in love with the draper's daughter and entered an intimate relationship. After his beloved's murder, Kiji swore vengeance on her killer, becoming acquainted with Kokutan-douji throughout the investigation.

History[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

"Anyway, the two of them eventually fell in love. Kiji was thinking about making Miku his bride someday, but as I’ve mentioned before her father Kai was completely opposed to them dating, let alone getting married."
―Kagura regarding Kiji and Miku[src]

Kiji was born sometime during the EC 820s as the son of the president of the Yarera-Zusco Firm. Eventually joining the company, he worked at the firm's headquarters in Elphegort. In EC 839, he was sent to Enbizaka, Jakoku as part of a social study to prepare him for inheriting the firm; after arriving in Onigashima, Kiji helped fund the recently burned town's reconstruction. Around that time, he met Miku Miroku and fell in love with the Elphe-looking native. The two eventually began dating despite her father's disapproval, Miku regularly visiting him at the firm's rebuilt trading house.[1]

Enbizaka Murders[edit | edit source]

"…Not much I can protest to that. But that’s why this time we—"
""’This time’? What ‘this time’! Miku is dead thanks to your incompetence! There will never be another ‘this time’! Not for Miku…and not for her unborn child…"
―Uibee and Kiji[src]

Around the time Mei Miroku was found dead in spring of EC 842, Kiji made love to and accidentally impregnated Miku, agreeing to marry her when he learned the news. During the same period, Miku expressed her frustration with the Magistrate's office to Kiji, the investigators not any closer to catching her mother's killer. Deciding to report recent events to his parents, Kiji took a ship back to Elphegort for a month-long trip and told them about his marriage plans.

After returning back to Onigashima a month later, Kiji learned Miku had apparently been murdered like her mother at the harbor and immediately rushed to the Miroku Shop. As soon as he entered, he called out to Kai Miroku about what he had heard and almost got into a fight with him over Miku's death; after the two were separated by a constable, Kiji left the shop. The constable, Uibee, then asked him for his testimony and Kiji angrily mocked him over the Magistrate's office's incompetence in investigating the murders. Declaring he had no faith in the police, he resolved to find his love's killer himself and head back toward the trading house.

Afterward, Kiji directed his employees to conduct their own investigation, relentlessly searching for clues regarding the murderer.[1] He later learned about Kokutan-douji and his companions' arrival in Onigashima. Later, on a lead, Kiji encountered one of Kokutan-douji's friends, Saruteito, and questioned her about her suspicious presence by the cliffside. After briefly discussing her strange speech patterns, Kiji admitted his investigation into the murders and his need for vengeance against the murderer.

He learned, in turn, that the monkey-masked woman was only in Onigashima to find the "blades" her clan spoke of, but that her busybody friend might try to get involved with the investigation himself.[2] Later on, when Kayo Sudou disappeared following the disappearance of Rin Miroku, Kiji put two and two together and, with a group of his cohorts, went to track Kayo down as Miku's murderer.[3]

Cycle of Vengeance[edit | edit source]

Kiji soon found Kokutan-douji and his friends tracking him and his group by the base of Mount Izasa; as his men surrounded them, Kiji listened as Kokutan and Saruteito explained their intentions to talk to Kayo, questioning the evidence on which they believed she was Miku's murderer. Kiji spoke to Saruteito directly, quarreling with her until he finally agreed to allow the three friends to join their party. As they started to head up the mountain, however, Kayo walked down and greeted them, covered in Kai's blood. As Kiji tried to attack her, Kokutan stopped him and Kayo was taken into the custody of the Onigashima magistrate.[3]

During the course of Kiji's investigation, he had learned that Kai was part of a faction of the Crimson Robed Masses, and that it was very likely that he had instigated the fire in Enbizaka which claimed many lives, including those of Kayo's husband and child. He thus determined that the object of his revenge had, herself, been taking revenge on someone else. Knowing of how important Kayo was to Kokutan-douji, Kiji approached the boy after Kayo's trial; as they talked, he learned that Kayo had feigned killing Kai under the delusion that he was her husband.

As such, Kiji told Kokutan the truth of her motivations and speculated that she had feigned madness to prevent the magistrate entering into war with the Crimson Robed Masses. After he finished his explanation, he bid farewell to Kokutan, claiming he had to leave to inherit the Yarera-Zusco Firm. Promising he would one day return to Jakoku, Kiji and Kokutan-douji parted ways.[4]

Personality and Traits[edit | edit source]

"…The Yarera Zusco Firm is currently searching for the culprit of the murders that have occurred in Enbizaka. I won’t rest until he alone…has died by my hand!"

Kiji was a solemn but caring man. Possessing a stern temper, the businessman was normally straight-faced and calm. His restraint behavior was complemented by polite conduct and handsome features. However, despite his outward appearance, he was not emotionless and could be provoked to serious anger.

He had a deep affection for Miku. Finding her Elphe traits attractive, Kiji enjoyed spending time with her and the two trusted each other greatly. After discovering that she was pregnant with his child, the man took full responsibility and agreed to marry the teen. Devastated by the loss of both of them, Kiji became disillusioned with the local authorities and swore vengeance on the killer, hoping to bring the murder to justice himself.[1]

Skills and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Due to his position in the Yarera-Zusco Firm and relation to its president, Kiji had full authority over the employees of the local trading house in Enbizaka; he was also had significant wealth.[1] However, he lacked any apparent martial skills, making him largely helpless against armed opponents.[4]

Character Connections[edit | edit source]

Miku Miroku: Kiji's lover. Kiji grew attracted to Miku immediately, bonding over their similar hair colors and ages. In time he even fell in love with the girl, carrying on a physical relationship with her despite the disapproval of her father and even planning to marry her when learning that she was pregnant with his child. As such, her death and the death of his unborn child devastated him, inciting in him a desire for vengeance against her killer.

Kai Miroku: The father of Kiji's love. Kiji held little need for Kai's approval, dating his daughter despite the hatred that the man had for foreigners. He nonetheless made no effort to further antagonize him, silently weathering his abuse when the grieving man blamed him for Miku's death.

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Conceptualization and Origin[edit | edit source]

  • Kiji's name is pronounced the same as kiji (雉子), the Japanese word for a green pheasant.
  • His friendship with Kokutan-douji is possibly inspired by the tales of Momotarou; one of the talking animals Momotarou befriended was a pheasant.

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