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"What is a king if he can’t devote all of his power to the matter in front of him! What is an emperor! If I was king I wouldn’t have that sort of mentality, not at all."
―Karchess Crim[src]

Karchess Crim, was a Count of the Kingdom of Marlon, and the lover of Queen Yufina. After his beloved had gone missing, Karchess was asked to help investigate the disappearance cases plaguing the Beelzenian Empire. Discovering that Duke Sateriasis Venomania had been the perpetrator, Karchess assassinated the Duke and eloped with Yufina whilst dodging both Beelzenia and Marlon.


Early Life[]

Born in EC 110, Karchess became a count of the Kingdom of Marlon and befriended Baron Tae Conchita. After Prince Martius ascended the throne, Karchess became the favored retainer of his queen, Yufina Marlon, and the two entered into an affair, regularly meeting privately in secret. During this time, Karchess told Tae about the affair.[1]

Venomania Event[]

"Depending on the situation, I may prove to be your savior."
―Karchess to Rajih[src]
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In March of EC 136, Karchess learned the royal couple was departing for the Beelzenian Empire and secretly met with Yufina in the port town of Jamet the day before their departure. After exchanging the usual intimacies, Karchess was reluctant to part with Yufina and begged her to stay a little longer. Touched, Yufina then gave him the golden key pendant she always wore, telling him of its importance and to keep it until she returned.

Interpreting it as payment for breaking off the relationship, Karchess became incensed until Yufina insisted she wouldn't be gone too long and promised to come see him as soon as she returned. Yufina then bid him goodbye and Karchess swiftly departed, waving her goodbye. Later on, Karchess joined the crowd awaiting the royal couple's return at the harbor. Watching as the return ship arrived and its passenger disembarked, Karchess was puzzled to not see Yufina or her husband.

Seeing his acquaintance Leuno Dino, Karchess interrogated him, given the cover story that Yufina was too ill to return and was staying in Beelzenia to recuperate.[1] Refusing to believe the cover story, Karchess hounded Martius once he returned; Martius eventually confessed that Yufina had been abducted in Asmodean. Traveling to Beelzenia to search for her, Karchess was eventually asked by Tae to help him and Princess Maylis Beelzenia with their investigation.

Karchess accepted the offer, traveling to the imperial palace and meeting both Maylis and Tae in person. Telling Maylis about the affair, Karchess was met with her amusement before being allowed by her to help with the investigation. Handed all the documents they had so far, including confidential information regarding Yufina, Karchess agreed to handle them with discretion after being warned by Maylis. He then excused himself and looked through the documents, deciding to start investigating in Mystica.[2]

The Count meeting with Marquis Ferdinand

Later on, Karchess discovered the golden key's unique ability to shapeshift and assumed it was some form of advanced technology.[3] Noticing that Lilien Turner's disappearance in April coincided with local Ferdinand Family's massacre,[4] Karchess traveled to the Ferdinand Mansion in Mystica and met with the Marquis residing there. As they talked, Karchess confirmed that the new marquis had been transferred in as his uncle's replacement following the massacre. The two then discussed the culprit's objective and the possible connection to Lilien's disappearance, the marquis confirming that his uncle and the girl had never interacted.

Karchess then learned no one even saw Lilien leave town, much like in the other disappearance cases. The marquis furthermore told him that a peasant named Rajih Assad who was friends with Lilien had apparently gone mad after her disappearance, claiming Duke Sateriasis Venomania committed both crimes despite no one else seeing the Duke come to Mystica. Interested, Karchess pursued the lead and found Rajih drunk and depressed on the street. Scoffing at his state, Karchess confirmed this was the man he sought and, as he introduced himself, began to question him about Duke Venomania and Lilien.

Karchess finds and questions Rajih

As the embittered Rajih tried to leave, Karchess stopped him and convinced him that they would talk with each other as equals. He then showed Rajih the golden key in his possession, explaining it was a weapon that could kill a demon. After hearing Rajih's full testimony, Karchess sent a report to Maylis of his progress in the past month.[5]

Included in his report were his findings, namely that Duke Venomania was the most suspicious, and that all the people testifying against him were from the Held sect, although acknowledging that they could be merely trying to smear Venomania's name due to the differing accounts. Regardless, Karchess requested Maylis to arrange an audience with Venomania.[2]

Slaying the Demon[]

"So you were the culprit after all, Duke Venomania!"
"You're... a... man...!?"
"It was a magnificent female disguise, wasn’t it? I hadn’t expected it to work so well.
―Karchess and Sateriasis[src]

Once Karchess arrived at the imperial palace himself, he was stopped by Tae at the gates and informed that Maylis had gone missing the day before. They then set out for Asmodean, having tracked Maylis to there. Searching for her as well as her retainer Neruneru Nerune, Karchess and Tae were unable to produce any results.[2]

After Tae was finally able to meet with Venomania, only to be given the cover story that he was still recovering from his family's massacre, Karchess decided to gather more information about Venomania, meeting with the old man Witnis Truth in the town of Lisa-A. After the man, apparently an old guard of the Venomania family, related his history with them, Karchess paid him before leaving.

Later on, Karchess met the mage Elluka Clockworker at his inn in Lasaland, expressing frustration at the imperial siblings' slow action. As Elluka cautioned him with regards to Venomania, Karchess refused to listen to her; she then explained how the golden key pendant Karchess carried was actually a vessel of sin capable of defeating Venomania.

Asked to hand it over to her, Karchess refused. Elluka then left, saying to look for her at her inn should he change his mind.[3] Soon after, Karchess formulated a plan and forged a contract with the Demon of Wrath,[6] transforming the key into a knife. He then disguised himself as Elluka and visited the Duke at his mansion.

Karchess approaches Venomania while in disguise

Impersonating Elluka, he spoke with Venomania, accusing him of being the culprit but also claiming he wanted to join his harem under the pretense of having fallen in love with him. After allowing Venomania to believe he'd exerted his powers over him, Karchess followed the duke into his basement and stabbed him in the chest with the knife once he came too close.

Triumphantly shedding his disguise, Karchess left Venomania to die before searching for Yufina;[3] with all the women freed, including his beloved, Karchess and Yufina fled Asmodean and eloped. With their affair exposed, the two became fugitives of both the Beelzenian Empire and Marlon.[7]

Later Life[]

"Karchess Crim has founded a new country on the island of Marlon–“The Legitimate Country of Marlon”–and has declared war on the Marlon that he used to serve."
―Elluka's notes[src]

In EC 138, Karchess returned to his homeland and launched a coup to establish a legitimate Marlon country. With Yufina considered the one legitimate heir to the Marlon Royal Family, he received the backing of many Marlon nobles and was able to successfully install the new government, overthrowing Martius. Karchess then ascended to the throne as its king and part of the royal family.[7] Later on, Karchess sired children with his wife.[8]

World's End[]

Following his death, Karchess's soul was sent to the Heavenly Yard and remained there. In EC 999, he and the other souls were pulled back to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[9] After Allen and Riliane later created a new world with the Re_birthday function, Karchess participated in the ball at the Lucifenian Royal Palace[10] before being presumably incorporated into the Fourth Period.[11]


Following his death, Karchess was succeeded by his grandchild,[8] and his lineage continued for over eight centuries, including Carlos and Kyle Marlon; the latter adopted "Karchess Crim" as a pen name for his paintings and later using it as his alias during the Lucifenian Revolution.[12] The Golden Key wielded by Karchess was kept in the royal family's possession for several centuries, with tales of Karchess' triumph over Duke Venomania passed down to future generations since that time.[13] Because of his marriage to Yufina, blue hair also became a trait for many of the male members of the Marlon royal family, in contrast with the common black or brown hair found among Marlons.[14]

Personality and Traits[]

"Well then... What am I supposed to do!? Just sit around and do nothing until I have enough clear proof to send the army in!? Those imperial bastards are being pretty slow about this, considering one of their own’s been taken!"
―Karchess to Elluka[src]

Karchess was an emotional but loyal man. Strong-willed and proud, he readily expressed himself and sometimes acted stubborn and childish, such as around Yufina.[1] Following Yufina's disappearance, Karchess tirelessly searched for her, exhausting his resources and using any means necessary. Because of his own tenacity in working for his goals, Karchess was frustrated by others who were slow to act or had given up completely; as part of this, he was not afraid to take risks, as with approaching Sateriasis alone or attempting to overthrow Martius' reign.[3]

Skills and Abilities[]

"I'll show you all of the documents for my investigation up until this point. ...Hop to it. Work hard to find your lover. I'm counting on your tenacity, Karchess Crim."
―Maylis Beelzenia[src]

As an aristocrat from Marlon, Karchess had many connections among the nobility both locally and abroad, and was treated with utmost respect. He was also perceptive, able to parse irrelevant information and focus on what could be potentially useful for him.[5] Combined with a general talent for investigation and planning, and Karchess could work effectively as a detective.[5] His critical thinking made him an adept planner as well, performing diplomacy or devising schemes for his own benefit.[3]

Physically, the Count was rather strong despite his effeminate aura, being able to hold a full-grown man in place with just one arm.[5] Because of these more flamboyant characteristics, the Count was usually underestimated and appeared much weaker than he was.[5] He could also raise his voice to a more high-pitched, feminine tone, allowing him to easily masquerade as a woman if he so desired.[3]

Character Connections[]

Sateriasis Venomania: Karchess's object of pursuit. During his investigation Karchess was suspicious of Duke Venomania, thus following the lead Rajih provided. When he discovered his role in the women's disappearances, particularly Yufina's, he became wrathful towards the duke, taking delight in his eventual death.

Yufina Marlon: Karchess' lover. Karchess was a passionate lover for Yufina, both entering an affair with her and later eloping with her after the Venomania Event. Her disappearance was another motivation for Karchess' interest in the missing women, becoming frantic to track her down, and she had provided him aid beforehand in giving him the Golden Key.

Rajih Assad: Karchess' partner. Karchess saw Rajih as a useful lead in discovering and catching the culprit of all the abductions, although he believed the latter to be pathetic for drinking instead of saving Lilien and for emphasizing their difference in station.

Elluka Clockworker: A fellow investigator of Venomania. Karchess joined forces with Elluka for the sake of defeating Duke Venomania, although he did not take their partnership seriously, deviating from it when he thought necessary. Nonetheless, he was inspired by her appearance and name in creating his female disguise to fool the Duke.

Maylis Beelzenia: Karchess' employer. Karchess was a close enough acquaintance of Maylis that he accepted her request to investigate the women's disappearances, after Tae's recommendation.

Tae Conchita: A friend of Karchess. Karchess and Tae had a good relationship, the latter being one of the few privy to his affair with Yufina and recommending him to Maylis to help with the investigation.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Karchess' surname, Crim, seems to be a reference to "ice cream" (アイスクリーム), the character item of his representative Vocaloid.
  • Karchess's name is partially based off his representative Vocaloid, KAITO, with both names sharing the first two letters.
  • His later surname, Marlon, is a reference to Mammon, the patron demon of Greed.