"No, there’s no need for that. This story is central to you-it directly relates to the scissors."
―Elluka "Ma" Clockworker to Kagura[src]

Kagura Octo was a noble of the Octo Family in Jakoku and the guardian of the Twin Blades of Levianta. Entrusted to guard the vessel from an early age, she was eventually forced to swap bodies with the Demon of Envy, becoming trapped in the blades herself.


Early LifeEdit

"Her mother Kagura was originally the eldest daughter of the magistrate Okuto Gato. When she was sixteen she ran away from home to elope with a man, and thus Kayo was born—that’s what I heard."

In EC 806, Kagura was born the eldest daughter of Gato Octo in Jakoku. Raised by the noble Octo Family, she was eventually tasked with safeguarding the dual cursed blades. In EC 822, the Demon of Envy swapped bodies with her, forcing her spirit into the twin blades. Afterward, the new "Kagura" took the Twin Blades of Levianta and eloped with Nagare Sudou, keeping the scissors with her at their new tailor shop in Enbizaka.

Over the years, Kagura helplessly watched the Sudou Family live their everyday lives, observing Nagare and the demon possessing her body sire and raise their daughter, Kayo. After Gakuga Octo was welcomed into the family years later, the spirit grew skeptical of the man's hedonistic character as he pursued a romance with Kayo. Once Kayo and Gakuga married in January of EC 838, Kagura saw the Demon of Envy transform into a mermaid and leap off a cliff into the sea, leaving her and the scissors behind on the cliff side.[1]

A Witness to TragedyEdit

"Naturally, the people who had died could not return. Neither could the hearts that had been broken by that."
―Kagura regarding Kayo[src]

Afterward, Kayo took possession of the twin blades and Kagura continued following her, watching as her happy life with her husband and their son was eventually destroyed by the great fire that consumed Enbizaka. Helpless in the scissors, she only watched while Kayo was treated for her injuries and then taken in by the Octo Family,[1] the tailor meeting Bufuko Tsukimoto and projecting that the blond maid was her lost son. By EC 842, Kayo was forced to return back home and Kagura watched her struggle to readapt to life in Enbizaka.

Over time, Kagura observed everything that led Kayo down the path of murdering the Miroku family, from swapping bodies with Elluka "Ma" Clockworker,[2] to Kayo becoming obsessed with Kai Miroku, to witnessing Kayo awaken to a strange dream. As events unfolded in Enbizaka, Kagura was soon helpless as Kayo used her scissors to murder Mei, and then Miku.[3] After Kokutan-douji arrived in Enbizaka with his friends, she watched as he moved in with Kayo and the two became close. Kagura was later witness to the murder of Rin Miroku as Kayo used her scissors once again to kill the girl on a beach.[4]

Not long after, Kayo used her scissors to murder Kai Miroku and tear his body apart. Kagura watched her be arrested shortly after and her scissors were confiscated by the magistrate as evidence. Later, Bufuko stole the scissors while in possession of Grim the End; due to close contact with the anti-demon magic of the Golden Key, Kagura's consciousness faded.[5] She was subsequently unaware of Bufuko's meeting with Kokutan shortly after, which ended in her being left behind in Kayo's tailor shop.[6] When her consciousness returned, she listened to hearsay that Kayo had finally been executed and her head put on display.[5]

Telling the TaleEdit

"I’ll say it again. I’m sure that this will become the last time you have a conversation with a living person. So if you have something to say, if you have something you want to tell, I’ll listen now."
―Ma to Kagura[src]

Eventually, Kagura was visited by Ma, who sought a conversation with her not knowing she wasn't the Demon of Envy. Although initially resisting, Kagura heard Ma's intention to destroy her and relented, deciding to tell her everything she had witnessed with Kayo and Enbizaka before she disappeared.[7] Although beginning with a history lesson on Onigashima, Ma's scolding led her to start from the great fire and the losses Kayo suffered of her entire family.[1]

From there, Kagura disclosed everything that she knew to the mage about Kayo, her family, the residents of Enbizaka, and the murders that occurred there. She would occasionally ask Ma her own questions about events and listened whenever Ma interjected on the story, gradually learning other details such as how Kayo's dream had been a prophetic "purple" dream. During their conversation, Kagura continued to keep her identity a secret despite the fact that it was clear she wasn't the demon of sin.[3]

When she described Kayo's murder of Rin Miroku, Kagura learned more from Ma about the demons of sin as the mage became frustrated at having lost the Four Mirrors of Lucifenia. Eventually, she finished her tale by speaking of how Kayo had been arrested, explaining that she'd been executed and clarifying that she only knew that much from hearsay. She learned from Ma how her consciousness had been suppressed by anti-demon magic, and soon after was shocked to learn that Ma had discovered her true identity. Rather than erasing her, Ma collected the scissors to go confront the true Demon of Envy, Rahab Barisol.[5]

Passing OnEdit

Kagura watched again from the scissors as Ma went out to the reef and confronted Rahab, who had taken the appearance of a mermaid in Kagura's body. Following Ma's confrontation with the demon, she had Rahab, albeit still in Kagura's body, return to her original vessel the scissors. Kagura, subsequently, was set free and her disembodied spirit stood on the reef, brushing off Ma's apology for not thinking to let her return to her original body. Although prepared to wander for a time as a ghost, Kagura and Ma were greeted by Bufuko, who was in actuality a god named Behemo.

To Kagura's shock, Behemo offered to give her a lift to the Heavenly Yard, otherwise known to her as "Sukhavati". While the two flew off together, Kagura chatted with Behemo and was further shocked to learn that he was a male, realizing that Inukichi, a boy who had a crush on "Bufuko", was going to be sorely disappointed. She later learned, as they flew towards Onigashima, that they were going to pick up one more person, and she was saddened as Behemo confirmed for her that Kayo would not be going to Sukhavati.

Soon, Behemo and Kagura touched down on Enbizaka's execution grounds, where Kokutan-douji was waiting for them.[8] While Kokutan-douji and Behemo prepared to depart with a cover story to the former's friends, Kagura took one last look around Enbizaka and watched its residents move on from the aftermath of the murders. She returned to Kokutan-douji and Behemo and, after watching Kokutan say goodbye to his friends, she ascended with the two up to Sukhavati. As the ground world fell away, Kagura prayed that somehow Kayo would find happiness, even if her spirit was sent to hell.[9]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"At any rate, for the time being, being these two scissors - or as it may be, being inside the scissors, the sole purpose of my existence is to continue to watch the world pass by."

Kagura was a loyal and observant woman. Demonstrating great respect for family and a strong sense of duty, she obeyed her elders and faithfully watched over the Twin Blades of Levianta during her youth.[1] Having been deprived of her regular everyday life at a young age, Kagura felt isolated and helpless, though alleviating some of her loneliness by watching others live out their lives.[7] Because of this, she despised the Demon of Envy for trapping her in the scissors, though choosing to avoid dwelling on her feelings about her once human life and instead rationalizing it as her having already died.[8]

Having watched Kayo from infancy, Kagura thought of the tailor as her master,[2] and in some ways her daughter,[8] and therefore grew very attached to her.[2] Despite this, she was still horrified by Kayo's terrible murders and vainly tried to stop her despite her hopeless situation.[10] As a result, Kagura believed telling the tailor's life story was the only way to redeem her in anyone's eyes, though she didn't truly understand everything the woman thought or did herself.[7]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"I have no eyes, and I have no ears. And yet despite that, I am able to see and hear what goes on all around Enbizaka, where this tailor shop is located—no, much farther than that; I can perceive the land of Onigashima where Enbizaka sits, and the range of space up to its neighboring country."

Despite her samurai lineage as an Octo, Kagura had no martial talent and therefore lacked any combat abilities.[10] While literate in her native Jakokuese, the girl had no education in foreign languages and was unable to read their scripts.[11] After being forced into the Twin Blades of Levianta, her soul was trapped within the scissors and unable to move freely or directly interact with the average human. However, the spirit could communicate with mages and similarly magically-trained beings. Kagura could also see and hear a large distance from her vessel, allowing her to observe anyone anywhere in Onigashima at her leisure.[7]

Character ConnectionsEdit

Kayo Sudou: The child that was born from Kagura's body. Although having no part in her conception, Kagura came to love Kayo like she was her own daughter as well as considering her her master. As a result she kept watch over her for many years, and was horrified by her helplessness to save the tailor from her crimes.

Ma: The woman who set Kagura free. Kagura initially was angered by Ma swapping bodies with Kayo, believing that she had selfishly helped Kayo along on the path to her madness, although she was convinced to share her story to Ma as atonement for all she'd been unable to do. She later empathized with Ma in their shared hatred of the Demon of Envy.

Demon of Envy: The demon Kagura swapped places with. Due to having her life stolen by the demon, Kagura despised it in spite of watching her, and later her daughter Kayo, with faithful observation.


Conceptualization and OriginEdit

  • Kagura's name is written as 神楽 in Japanese kanji, referring to a theatrical dance commonly performed by Shinto shrine maidens; her last name is written as 奥戸, using the kanji for "mysterious" and "door", respectively.
  • Her surname is derived from the Greek and Roman prefix octo, meaning "eight".



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