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Judgment of Corruption Side Story: Gallerian is a short manga included in Waltz of Evil: The Deadly Sins of Evil Guidebook, released on December 24, 2013. The manga was written by JK (SHDX) and illustrated by Masahiro Ikeno. It covers an event with Chief Justice Gallerian Marlon and demonstrates his corruption in the Dark Star Bureau to achieve his goals.

Plot Summary[]

In the USE Dark Star Bureau courtroom, Chief Justice Gallerian Marlon rules a defendant innocent, to the shock of the court; once again, the wicked laugh and the good cry. Gallerian returns home and listens contemptuously to the radio describe his ruling over the defendant, Scherzer, a leading celebrity charged for assaulting a woman.

Later that night, Gallerian is greeted by Scherzer standing in his study window, where he explains it had been too rowdy for him to visit earlier. Gallerian brushes off his thanks and warns Scherzer to be more respectful of women. Amused, the socialite promises to keep that in mind and departs.

Days later, as Gallerian works, Ma brings up a rumor of women going missing; she adds that Scherzer has been indicated as the culprit, despite current restrictions over the media. When Gallerian inquires further, the playwright debates the uses for kidnapped women and expresses her doubts about the truth of the rumors. Expressing his frustration over Scherzer's lack of discretion, Gallerian grabs a cloak and exits.

He later arrives at a broken down bar and meets with one of Scherzer's subordinates, Bogaerts, who reveals how Scherzer has been kidnapping women and confining them in the basement of his mansion to mimic the Venomania Event, referring to him as a sadist. Some time afterwards, the police swarm the mansion's entrance and discover the missing women, arresting the household staff and calling for Scherzer's arrest. 

On a later night, Scherzer approaches Gallerian in the judge's study, soon to be arrested, and asks that he save him again. Gallerian agrees for ten times the amount of the last bribe, to which the socialite reluctantly consents. After Gallerian inquires after the reason for Scherzer to kidnap women when already so wealthy, Scherzer explains his driving desire to deprive women of their hope, adding that the money gained was killing two birds with one stone. When Gallerian shows disgust at his greed, Scherzer argues that Gallerian is the same, acquitting the worst criminals for money, to which Gallerian cryptically agrees. 

Surrendering the next morning, Scherzer attends his trial. Gallerian prepares to announce his judgment as Bogaerts shouts at the criminal from the stands. Gallerian then announces finding Scherzer guilty of the thirteen charges brought against him, to Scherzer's shock. He is gagged and brought away by the police as he objects, to which Gallerian expresses his contempt.

Gallerian later visits the restrained Scherzer in prison. He announces his intention to explain his reasoning for the verdict; he chides Scherzer on his foolish devotion to his lust and being unaware of the identity of one of the women he kidnapped, revealed to be Bogaerts' niece. Noting how Bogaerts managed Scherzer's financial affairs, the judge explains that, while Scherzer's money for the bribe hadn't been credited to him, Bogaerts made a deal to transfer over Scherzer's entire fortune if the socialite was found guilty.

After mockingly pointing out how money had him make the right choice, Gallerian prepares to leave. Before doing so, he adds that Scherzer's execution and that of his other subordinates had been scheduled for the next day for Bogaerts' convenience. Saying that he would see him in Hell if possible, Gallerian leaves with Scherzer screaming after him through his gag. After arriving home, Gallerian approaches his daughter sitting in a chair and mentally states that it wouldn't be much longer, calling her "Michelle."[1]



Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • The story's title is derived from Judgment of Corruption, elaborating on Gallerian's corruption established in the song.


  • The manga's cover portrays Gallerian with a nearly identical pose to the song Judgment of Corruption; the emblem for the Union State of Evillious can be seen in the background.



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