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"HER is a pathogen. And that pathogen is ‘programmed’ to destroy everything related to the gods. They themselves, and—the world that they made. …Though it seems Seth has forgotten that, now that he’s a demon. But I haven’t. I must pass down ‘punishment’. For that…is the mission given to an HER."

Irina Clockworker, also known as I.R., AB-CIR, Abyss I.R., Julia IR, Julia Abelard, First Santa Claus and Red Cat Sorceress was a powerful sorceress from the Magic Kingdom Levianta. After being mortally injured in the Levianta Catastrophe, the mage inhabited the body of a stuffed red cat and began collecting the vessels of sin. Over the centuries, she orchestrated numerous incidents for her own designs while avoiding her fellow mage, Elluka Clockworker.


Early Life

"Sinful girl who has killed three people, you have been chosen to become the new Ma."
―The words told to Irina after killing Elluka[src]

Originally Alice Merry-Go-Round,[1] Irina was created in BT 004, the twelfth Ghoul Child created by Seth Twiright, and was placed in Magic Kingdom Levianta as the daughter of the artisan Clockworker and the younger sister of Kiril Clockworker, living in Lighwatch as an apprentice craftsman.[2] During this time, she learned the tune of the Clockwork Lullaby.[3] After the priestess Elluka Chirclatia cured Kiril of being a HER, the jealous girl befriended the woman when she moved in with them and became her brother's fiancée.[4] When rumors began sprouting that Elluka had met with the god Held residing in Elphegort,[2] she made it clear to her future family she had never even left Levianta during her entire life.[5]

Irina betrays her future sister-in-law

In EC 013, both Elluka and Irina were selected as potential candidates for Project 'Ma' after being surveyed for their viability.[2] As the time for the final selection drew closer, Seth Twiright whispered to her that she'd be the new Ma if the others were gone and Irina, embracing her true nature as an HER, began plotting to eliminate the other candidates, pushing Ly Li off a cliff to her death and hanging Milky Eights.[6] With the incidents framed as an accident and a suicide, Irina approached Elluka and pleaded they stop fighting, offering her the position of Ma. As Elluka embraced her in gratitude, Irina stabbed Elluka in the back and broke down laughing and crying as she died.

Irina becomes Mem Aleph

The only surviving candidate for the project, Irina was accepted to be the new test subject and Seth Twiright implanted her with the God Seed at the royal institute. When the Magic Kingdom was destroyed about six months later, Irina was caught in the blast; although severely burned, suffering internal bleeding, and losing all her limbs in the destruction, she managed to survive.[5] As she slowly died, Irina was approached by the severely burnt Seth with a red stuffed cat under his arm.[2]

Brought into Seth's underground laboratory Lunaca Labora, Irina had her consciousness transferred into the stuffed red cat,[7] and learned that Seth's specialty was in variable shape memory substances and the application of forbidden transference techniques.[8] Seth left soon after and commanded her to continue the experiment.[9] A few months later, in EC 014,[10] Irina saw seven lights fall in the southern night sky,[11] learning they were the vessels of sin Seth was experimenting to create.

In time, Irina realized her purpose in swearing vengeance against the apparently revived Elluka, whom she perceived as the cause of the destruction of her homeland, her brother, herself, and the children conceived in her womb.[5] Irina thus set herself on a new goal to acquire the vessels of malice to turn people into artificial HERs like how Seth made her,[12] possessing magically potent bodies to make up for her feline body's lack of ability.[13]

The Vessel of Lust

"I shall try to increase my circle of friends."
―I.R. regarding her plan to create more HERs[src]
Chara img5.jpg

Referring to herself as "I.R.", Irina traveled in search of the vessels of sin,[13] creating a vast information network with subordinates within various governments and earning the support of a group within Levin's Behemo sect among other organizations.[14] Throughout her journey, she occasionally visited the Tree of Held in his forest; she also discovered Elluka had become a vessel for the twin gods, Levia-Behemo and planned to eventually steal them from her.[15] Around EC 135, Irina located the sword holding the Demon of Lust in an Asmodean village and destroyed the town.[13]

While there, she discovered Haru Netsuma had strong magical power and possessed the girl's body as her new medium; as the mage attempted to kill Haru's sister, Hakua, the woman's consciousness relapsed and compelled her not to.[16] After collecting the vessel of sin and committing havoc to pass the time I.R. realized she could use the Demon of Lust's contractor to spawn more natural born HERs into the world. In December of EC 135 I.R. chose Duke Ilotte Venomania to be the demon's contractor due to his great influence.

I.R. watching Cherubim make the contract with the demon

Arranging to meet the Duke at his mansion, the mage traveled there on the intended date only to find that the entire household had been massacred, the murderer preparing to commit suicide. Speaking with him, I.R. learned that the man had a facial deformity and had wanted to obtain love. She then offered him the vessel of Lust and instructed him to make a contract with the demon by impaling himself on it. As the man heard the voice of the demon, she explained it meant he had the right to contract with it and watched as the man stabbed himself with the sword.[13]

With the young man christening himself as "Sateriasis Venomania", I.R. introduced herself and agreed to let him keep the sword to gain more power.[17] Later learning the man had been witnessed by someone else, I.R. taught him how to perform the amplification ritual to invoke the sword's memory manipulation power on either sex within the area. Sateriasis then hastily performed the ritual, wiping both his own and the target's memories regarding him.[18] Leaving the amnesic young man to his own devices, I.R. used her connections to set him up as the new Duke of Asmodean while tasking one of her subordinates, Tette Cetera, with handling the aftermath of the incident.[17]

In early January of EC 136, she learned how Venomania had invited a woman, Lukana Octo, into his home; when Lukana later rejected the duke and departed from town, I.R. approached him without her medium and urged him to stop the woman, learning some of Sateriasis' memories had returned. She then insisted he fly after Lukana, as in her current form she was incapable of magic, and watched him subsequently take flight. She then retrieved Haru's body and followed after him to the forest, finding that he had seduced Lukana but was spotted by a terrified bystander.

Incensed, she berated Sateriasis for being seen and then watched as he tried and failed to use his magic to seduce the girl; deciding to go back and discuss future plans, I.R. had them both, as well as Lukana, return to the mansion.[19] There, she explained to the duke the specifics of his contract and, over the next several days, used her information network in order to locate the girl, Mikulia Greeonio from the peasant village of Abito. In February of EC 136, she discussed this information with Venomania and they agreed to pursue the girl together, I.R. leaving Haru's body in Lukana's care.

During the carriage ride to Abito, I.R. watched as Venomania fell asleep and awakened from a nightmare. The two then talked for some time, including I.R. assuring Venomania he was the only one who could hear her speak and explaining she had come as a cat for convenience. The two then talked about Abito and Mikulia, I.R. telling the duke about her connections, before Sateriasis got to bragging about his repeated sexual activities with Lukana and briefly wondered what to do about her suspicious parents. The carriage then arrived in Abito and, as Sateriasis met with the long winded village chief, I.R. went on ahead into the village.

After traversing the village, I.R. found and tailed Mikulia and watched her pray to the forest at the edge of Abito, realizing Mikulia belonged to the Held sect and suspecting Held was disrupting the duke's spell. She was then shocked when Mikulia spotted her, the girl shortly after revealing that she could understand I.R.'s speech as they bickered about I.R. being Venomania's "minion". Sateriasis then arrived and I.R. watched as, despite the Lust spell not working, Mikulia expressed a natural infatuation for the "cool" and demonic duke.

She then sent Sateriasis back to the mansion and stayed behind, inconspicuously leading Mikulia there herself under the cover of night as she questioned her.[20] During this time I.R. learned Mikulia harbored the Demon of Sloth, Eve Moonlit, inside her, hence her ability to understand the cat and be unaffected by Venomania's brainwashing.[14] Once the mage delivered Mikulia to Duke Venomania, she regained control of Haru's body.

Later that night, I.R. joined the other ladies in the basement and oversaw Sateriasis and the other harem women perform the amplification ritual again, stopping Mikulia as she continuously messed up the chant. Following the ritual, I.R. confirmed it had successfully erased everyone's memory of him coming in contact with Mikulia and Lukana and warned Venomania not to be in the public eye too often. She then watched as Venomania left with Mikulia, dryly refusing when he offered for her to join them.[21]

Venomania Event

Afterward, I.R. decided to capture Eve in a proper vessel of sin for her own uses, theorizing the demons and human souls could be made to dwell in objects other than their own with a large amount of magic. She then prepared to make a magic doll in Eve's image to goad the Demon of Sloth into it,[22] gathering the necessary supplies and created a mold for the doll around March. While she was preparing the material for the doll, I.R. was visited by Venomania, come to introduce his new wife Lolan Eve, the dancer of Lisa-A.

The two bickered before Venomania began needling I.R. to tell him about her project, leading to her kicking him out. Once alone, the tired I.R. finished filling in the mold for the doll and mused about Mikulia being ignorant of the "demon" inside of her, and then considered Lukana Octo's great potential as a new medium. A few days after Mirigan Adi came as Venomania's fourth wife, I.R. spotted Marquis Claster Glassred and others at the mention entrance and, without her medium, went to the basement to alert Sateriasis to his visitors.

Three days later, in March, I.R. took her doll mold to the Gine Workshop and used the kiln to craft the puppet in Eve's image. That night, she began heading back to the Venomania Mansion and passed the Glassred manor, where she saw to her consternation that Sateriasis had decided to use the Demon of Lust's power to forcibly steal Gumina from her home and kill everyone else inside. After I.R. returned to the mansion, she prepared the ritual when Sateriasis returned with both Gumina and her bodyguard Carol Shields, letting him wipe the potential witness' memories of what transpired at the mansion.[23]

Sometime after, I.R. heard Tette Cetera's report that Queen Yufina Marlon likely possessed the Golden Key and would be visiting Asmodean as part of her husband's homecoming. She then returned to the mansion to see that the duke had added Hakua Netsuma to his harem, and was quickly smothered in the hysterical woman's embrace as she expressed her joy "Haru" was alive. I.R. insisted Sateriasis get rid of her and, when asked why, had Hakua entrusted to Lukana while she discussed Haru and Hakua's relation in private.

As she got to explaining that she had attacked the girls' village to acquire a vessel of sin, she suddenly recalled the Golden Key and urged Venomania to seduce Yufina, tempting him with the thought of obtaining all seven vessels of sin. Met with Sateriasis' lack of ambition, she then pointed out the possibility that he would one day be caught without more vessels of sin and he reluctantly agreed to go along with the plan.

The two were then interrupted by Lukana, who reported that Hakua was given a room right next door to I.R.; I.R. bemoaned the decision before departing. As Hakua continually attempted to meet with "Haru", I.R. felt Haru's consciousness resurge more and more and kept a wide berth from the harem girl, on one occasion avoiding her by staying only in her cat form.

After Sateriasis successfully abducted Yufina, I.R. approached him the next day in her girl body and demanded the Golden Key. She became incensed to learn that Yufina had no knowledge of the Vessels of Sin, and that there was no key in her personal affects.[16] During their partnership, I.R. revealed to Sateriasis her relation to the famed craftsman, Clockworker.[18]

Journey to Mystica

"...Okay, I guess. Now then, shall you show me what you got, Duke?"
―I.R. when the Duke's "victims" were discovered[src]

In early April of EC 136, I.R. received a lead from Tette that one of the vessels of sin, a spoon, was located in her father's tomb in the Misty Mountains. Learning she needed Sateriasis' power to unlock the tomb, the mage returned to the Venomania mansion and recruited the duke for the trip. Charging Mikulia with watching after Haru, the sorceress hid in Sateriasis' coat and took him to Mystica.

I.R. with the Duke

After Sateriasis found a guide, Lilien Turner, to lead him to the Misty Mountains, I.R. climbed upon the duke's shoulder and continued their journey through the ruins until they arrived at the altar, speaking with him over his revelation that Lukana and Lilien were friends. The two then entered the tomb, where they discovered a stone coffin filled with treasure; as Venomania retracted the spoon from among the riches,[17] I.R. recognized it as one of her father's magical tools and announced it wasn't a vessel of sin, replacing it in the coffin soon after.

After she angrily cursed Tette Cetera for the false lead the two left the tomb and I.R. learned that Venomania planned to stay with Marquis Ferdinand while in Mystica, despite the fact that the marquis was investigating the disappearances. Arriving at the mansion, the sorceress attached herself to Ferdinand's wife. While Sateriasis was out the next day, I.R. discovered the marquis' secret collection of Princess Maylis' possessions and showed them to the duke later that night.

I.R. finds the corpse of Ferdinand

As Sateriasis became infatuated with Maylis' portrait, she explored the mansion and discovered that Venomania had murdered the marquis, as well as the whole household.[18] Several days later, she detached herself from her medium, touring the halls, and saw a visitor discover the bodies.[21] Brushing it off as the Duke's fight, she continued onward until she sensed the duke's demon transformation and began traveling back.

She later found Venomania in the halls and, confirming their battle was finished, left the mansion on his right shoulder. As they discussed the result of his battle, I.R. found them a carriage and reminded Venomania to "reward" Tette for her false information.[24] After they returned to the mansion, I.R. discovered Mikulia playing with her host body, Haru, as if it were a doll. I.R. took the opportunity to gift the girl with the "Clockworker's Doll" instead, to play with until she was ready to move Eve into it.[25]

The End of Venomania

As time went on, I.R.'s information network began to stagnate from a combination of Tette Cetera being added to the harem and her other subordinates losing their nerve with Yufina's disappearance.[25] When one day Lolan Eve's dead body was discovered by Lukana, I.R. took the corpse outside the mansion. Later on, I.R. had Annlee Sweets examine all the women in the harem, learning that Maylis, Mikulia, and Lukana were all pregnant with Venomania's offspring.[26] She also learned Lukana had the unique prophetic dream ability and decided to make her into a new host body.

After Duke Venomania informed I.R. that he'd received a visit from Elluka Clockworker, I.R. clarified that he may be able to use the lust spell to brainwash her as well. Nevertheless, I.R. decided that the duke would soon come to ruin and planned to escape with the vessels. Taking Lukana as her medium, she broke into his storage and took the Clockworker's Doll, as well as the vessel of Lust, before she was interrupted by Venomania.

After explaining her intentions and seeing the duke held her no ill will, I.R. was prepared to leave before he clarified he would not let her take Lukana. After being threatened with a confrontation, I.R. reluctantly conceded to letting him keep Lukana a little longer. With a few parting words to Venomania, she departed from the mansion with Haru, the Clockworker's Doll, and the Venom Sword.[27]

After the Duke's death, I.R. returned to the ruins of the Levia-Behemo Temple and mused over her recent successes. Realizing she had yet to name the sword, the sorceress felt its purple aura and decided to name it the "Venom Sword" in remembrance of Duke Venomania. Afterward, she continued to pursue Lukana to act as her new medium but was later thwarted when Elluka swapped bodies with the tailor instead.[26]

Search for the Glass Vessel

"If a sorcerer's name gets too well known they get too relied on too much, and it becomes a great deal of trouble. So in my case, I change my name periodically."
―AB-CIR and Duke Muzuri[src]
Chara img6C.jpg

Around the turn of the second century EC, while continuing to search for vessels of sin, I.R. learned of the village of Gula, which had been practically wiped out by a disease after the villagers ate a baemu pig containing a red wine glass. Discovering that the sole survivor satiated his appetite for ten years, she determined it was the effects of the Demon of Gluttony magic.[28]

With Haru's resurging consciousness becoming an increasing problem and her identity as "I.R." becoming increasingly infamous, Irina staged a public battle between her and one of her subordinates, Aybee Cee, burning his arm and then possessing him before killing Haru. Using the man for a new body, Irina took the name "AB-CIR" and pretended to be a benevolent mage who had "defeated" I.R. Around that time, she met a thief and became well acquainted with him and the Association organization he worked with. Unable to use her magic with a male body, the sorceress began searching for a new one to replace it.[29]

AB-CIR was, however, able to control Aybee's son, Ron Grapple, using Aybee's magic abilities as an inheritor of the Demon of Gluttony. She thus influenced Ron, who was a servant of the Conchita Family, to accept the baemu with the vessel of Gluttony inside it as a gift for the celebration of the birth of the Conchita daughter Banica in November of EC 296, presumably to curse the household with the Gula disease.[30]

Soon after, AB-CIR passed by the town of Gasto, and, approached by the Conchita family's doctor, agreed to help the family with its plight. She held an audience with the family head, Duke Muzuri Conchita, explaining how the wine glass was the source of the disease. Taking the wine glass, she suggested that although the disease would remain they might be able to survive if they satiated their appetite for ten years as the man in Gula did. Not long after, the amused AB-CIR departed with the wine glass.[28]

Evil Food Eater Conchita

"It seems the bitch has started meddling with one of my pawns. If I can I’d like to take her back."
―Irina interrogating Held[src]

In EC 306, AB-CIR influenced Ron again, this time to hire the twin servants Arte and Pollo to the Conchita Mansion, presumably to orchestrate Banica's possession by the Demon of Gluttony.[30] At some point, AB-CIR met the old thief's pupil Platonic, the newest incarnation of Eve Moonlit within the Clockworker's Doll; detecting her innate magic, she initially sought to have her as a replacement body before finding that she apparently had no magical talent, and instead had her perform multiple jobs for her. AB-CIR was also at some point employed by Lord Somi Hedgehog of Castle Hedgehog in Lioness while looking for the Marlon Spoon.[29]

While serving him, she became fascinated by the lord's sadism and began studying his methods of torture,[15] with it being rumored that she was making him torture and then kill his political prisoners.[29] During her service, AB-CIR was briefly captured by Marlon and the wine glass was taken from her.

With the glass ending up at the Conchita mansion and Banica forging a contracting with its demon in EC 324,[31] AB-CIR hired several burglars to steal it, with each going missing. Platonic having since become an infamous thief that had performed jobs for her in the past, she hired her to steal the wine glass from Banica for a considerable sum. Platonic later reported of her failure to take the glass in the castle's dungeon, explaining that undead soldiers and a pair of malicious twins protected the estate. The two were overheard by the captured Prince Carlos Marlon,[29] and AB-CIR soon arranged for him to infiltrate the mansion in exchange for his freedom.

Having previously killed the famed cook Josef Crim, AB-CIR used the Venom Sword to change Carlos' appearance so that he could impersonate Josef and be hired on as Banica's cook, telling him that the change wasn't permanent. Not long after, "Josef" successfully infiltrated the mansion, although sometime later AB-CIR lost contact with him.[32] Meanwhile, AB-CIR sent Platonic to steal the Twin Blades of Levianta from the Levin Church in Lucifenia, only for Platonic to be captured by Elluka, who'd allegedly been given the blades.[33]

Seeking to take back Platonic, AB-CIR traveled to Elphegort and visited Held again. After greeting him and catching him up on her new identity, she started vandalizing the tree's bark with her cat claws, demanding to know Elluka's whereabouts in order to find her "pawn." Held refused, and the two talked back and forth as AB-CIR continued scratching his face. As she did, she also questioned why Held hadn't told Elluka of her existence, although ultimately receiving no clear answer.

She then returned to her questioning of where Elluka was, to no avail; after "torturing" Held for several minutes, she gave up and left with her medium.[15] In August of EC 325, Platonic escaped from Elluka and took the wine glass with her, with it presumably passing back into AB-CIR's hands.[33] AB-CIR later, however, lost possession of the Venom Sword and the Glass.[34]

Daughter of Fog

"My stepfather had been consumed by his hatred for him. Was that a result of his personality, or instigation from that old woman who had been by his side at the time–Abyss I.R.? I still don't know, even now."
―Yvette in a letter to Yukina Freezis[src]

By the mid fifth century EC, Irina took an old woman as her medium and adopted the new name Abyss I.R. In EC 468, she slaughtered a girl's entire family and took the child as her own. As the child possessed Malice, Abyss I.R. raised her to be a prototype assassin under the prefix "N" and assigned her multiple jobs. After assigning her to kill the Beelzenian fugitive Leonhart Avadonia, Abyss lost contact with the child.[35]

Abyss I.R. later tracked the lost Venom Sword to the orphaned Zenon Octo in Elphegort, a descendant of Duke Venomania. In EC 473, she met the boy and used fire magic to steal the sword from him, leaving him unconscious by the side of the road. She later planned to test the Venom Sword's potency using Zenon, who had by then become a soldier for the Asmodean Emperor under the name "Gast Venom". In EC 477, she arranged for the Head of Intelligence Phutapie to research the boy's past and took a witness from Gast's hometown; the three of them then met with Gast's superior, General Shalgham.

After sharing Phutapie's findings on Gast, Abyss I.R. allowed the witness to confirm the information and that the general's foster daughter, Yvette, shared a great likeness with Gast's dead sister, Sarah. With Shalgham, Abyss I.R. planned for Gast to be influenced by Yvette disguised as Sarah, as well as the Venom Sword, into rebelling against his superiors, Shalgham himself seeking a reason to have Gast legally executed.

At the Misty Mountains, Gast was influenced by the sword to kill the general and Abyss determined the vessel was still potent. On the night before Gast's planned death, Abyss witnessed as Yvette rebelled and killed Shalgham with the vessel of Wrath, the Golden Key, before escaping. Alone, Abyss greeted Gast and taunted him before attacking him with fire magic as she once had before, taking the Venom Sword from his unconscious body.[36]

Dark Conspiracy

"One day during that period, Abyss visited my castle. She offered me her aid towards my ambitions–to make Marlon prosper."
―Prim Marlon[src]

In the early EC 480s, while traversing the Blood Pool region of Marlon, Abyss I.R. came in contact with Queen Prim Marlon and learned that she was a fellow HER, immediately making a partnership with the queen. Aware that King Arth's children would be next in the reincarnation cycle of Hänsel and Gretel, and knowing Prim's past history with Arth, she offered the queen the Venom Sword to seduce Arth with in order to prove herself as a real mage.

Many months later in EC 482, after the pregnant Prim had returned from her trip to Lucifenia, Abyss I.R. returned to the castle and offered to be her partner, on the conditions that the queen help her collect the other vessels of sin and give her a child for magical experimentation. Prim gave Abyss I.R. her own child by Arth after the baby was born, risking a scandal by the girl's blonde hair, and Abyss named the child "Ney".

Over the years, Abyss I.R. served as Prim's court mage, finishing Prim's magical training she begun with Elluka and letting her use the vessels of sin she acquired for her own purposes. She also experimented on Ney for her magical research as well as training the child to become her spy and assassin and reinforcing the girl's loyalty to her mother.She also during this time cast a spell to mask Prim's aging appearance.[34] During this time, Abyss obtained Prim's permission to develop the Special Maneuvers Task Force, training multiple women as elite spies and agents.[37]

In EC 487, Abyss approached the temporary home of Leonhart Avadonia, accompanied by multiple spies from the task force; although hoping to obtain Zita C. Beelzenia, a member of the Beelzenian Imperial Family that Leonhart had kidnapped and raised, she and her forces were quickly defeated by the knight.[38] With the help of Duke Sfarz, the queen and sorceress collected the Marlon Spoon and Glass of Conchita. Once they acquired the vessel of Pride, Abyss I.R. separated the mirror into four smaller hand mirrors.[34]

Twiright Prank

"You're really something too, tricking that pitiful man and having him possessed by a demon."
―Ney to Abyss I.R.[src]

Around EC 489, Abyss set up shop in a Lucifenian market, selling toys in glass bottles. That year, she encountered Arth and his son Prince Alexiel, who purchased a toy before leaving.[39] The following year, Prim asked Abyss to assassinate King Arth and his children, Prince Alexiel and Princess Riliane. Given free range in the task, she used the Glass of Conchita to cause a Gula epidemic in the Beelzenian Empire, goading King Arth into pressing his invasion of the weakened state where he was seemingly infected and killed by the plague the following year. Abyss afterwards agreed to kill Arth's twin heirs with the help of Prim's brother, Presi Rogzé.[34]

Around December of EC 491, she placed the Demon of Gluttony inside the Mirror of Lucifenia and made it difficult for anyone but Presi to exorcise the demon. Abyss also gave Ney one of the four mirrors and tasked her with infiltrating the royal palace and spy on events that transpired for her, planning to trick Presi and have the Demon possess him. She then met with Presi at the royal palace and gave him a letter from Prim telling him to cooperate with her. Believing their plan was to have Alexiel become possessed by the Demon of Pride and elevate both his and Prim's designs, Presi agreed to the arrangement.

Abyss I.R. setting the trap

Afterwards, Abyss showed him the hand mirror and brushed off his skepticism that it was a vessel of sin. As the two talked, Abyss learned that Elluka was at the palace and, with Presi's suggestion, planned to have Riliane and Alexiel possessed at the nearby beach where they often escaped to play. Placing the mirror in a black box and burying it in the sand where they would play, she hid in the Lost Woods and watched as the twins played. Once they found the mirror, she summoned the Demon of Gluttony from the vessel and it possessed Riliane.

A few days later, Abyss I.R. met with Presi in the palace after he attempted to make the princess Arth's heir, weathering his attempts to blame the situation on her and brushing off his suspicion that Riliane wasn't really possessed by a Demon of "Pride". Noting it wouldn't be easy to keep her possession secret, Abyss warned Presi to watch out for Elluka and the Three Heroes before disappearing. Abyss later met with Ney on a hill in the outskirts of Lucifenia, hearing her report that, after Presi became possessed by the demon, Mariam Phutapie had helped Elluka defeat him; she also learned that Elluka had exorcised the demon from Riliane, although it was ultimately pointless without the rest of the four mirrors.

While she thought, she decided to use the same method she had used on Arth to kill Queen Anne and break up the Three Heroes. Afterwards she instructed Ney to remember everything she was taught while she waited in the Lucifenian Royal Palace, and to replant the demon on Riliane.[40] Soon after, she revived the demon in the Glass and conjured another strain of the Gula disease to infect Anne.[34] Also during this time, Irina learned that Elluka had been unaware of Prim's HER nature and unable to cure her, and as a result grew suspicious of her apparent sister-in-law.[5]

Unraveling Conspiracy

In EC 494, after Duke Sfarz was killed by his daughter, Mikina, via the Marlon Spoon, Prim forced the aristocrat to replace her father in their conspiracy and follow Abyss I.R.'s instructions.[41] After Anne's death in January of EC 499, Abyss I.R. agreed to Prim's new ambition to overthrow the Kingdom of Lucifenia and install her son, King Kyle, as a great ruler. With Ney successfully transplanting the Demon of Pride to Princess Riliane,[34] Abyss maintained contact with Mikina through a Very Amazing Green Onion and gave her the Venom Sword;[41] she instructed Mikina to give it to her husband Keel, leading Kyle's possession by the demon.

Once Kyle's sweetheart, Michaela, was discovered to be Elluka's apprentice, Abyss had Ney learn the girl's location from Mikina and assure she was killed during the Green Hunting. Later on, with the success of the Lucifenian Revolution, all of the Three Heroes save for Elluka were killed and Marlon successfully occupied Lucifenia; Abyss I.R. meanwhile omitted to Prim that Princess Riliane had fled to a monastery and taken up the name "Rin" after escaping execution. Abyss then extracted the Demon of Lust from Kyle, only for Queen to have him possessed by the Demon of Pride instead.[34]

In EC 502, Abyss I.R. discovered the fugitive Elluka and her apprentice, Gumillia, infiltrating the Marlon castle; ambushing them, she captured Elluka's body while Gumillia escaped.[42] When Kyle asked to use the Special Maneuvers Task Force for his Witch Hunt later that year, Abyss I.R. was allowed to choose its head, selecting Ney to spearhead the inquisition.[37] In EC 505, Abyss I.R. had Mikina visit the monastery in Lucifenia over the next few months to spy on Rin, considering the child as her next body since she had been demonically possessed.[41] Abyss later gave Ney the Glass of Conchita to use as part of Kyle's planned invasion of Beelzenia.[37]


Over a month later, when Kyle was freed of demonic possession and both Gumillia and the blue-haired king began heading for Marlon, Prim fled to Castle Hedgehog and tasked Abyss with halting Kyle's advance. Using Lukana's body as her medium, "Abyss I.R." was declared dead while she continued her service to Prim.[43] The mage then contracted Captain Yarera and Zusco of the Yarera pirates to abduct Kyle for a substantial reward. Once they set out, Abyss magically grew a Ziz Tiama to an enormous size and sent the massive octopus after Kyle's voyaging ship.[44]

When the attack failed, Abyss I.R. traveled to Bariti and learned Kyle's friends were staying at the Freezis Mansion in Marlon. Arriving at the estate, she impersonated Elluka to all of the Freezis Family before encountering Gumillia. She went to Column Forest with Gumillia to speak with her privately, only to drop the charade and attack her. As Yukina and Germaine Avadonia arrived to intervene, Abyss did battle with all three and attempted to steal Gumillia's body; at that moment, Elluka's spirit wrestled control from Abyss and she was left without a medium.[42]

Cutting Losses

"...Has Mama been taken over by Abyss?"
"Basically, yeah."
―Yukina and Germaine, regarding Mikina[src]

In her cat body, Irina headed after Elluka, Gumillia, Germaine, and Yukina when she was found and taken in by Mikina. She subsequently wandered the mansion with Mikina following behind.[45] Shortly after Kyle, Keel, Yukina, Elluka, and Gumillia left for Lioness a few days later, Abyss I.R. took Mikina as her medium. Donning the Almoga Mobarez mask from Keel's storehouse, she pursued the group and, following Prim's death and Ney's capture, invaded Lioness Castle using the Marlon Spoon. She soon approached the room where Ney and the vessels were being kept and, after knocking out everyone inside, murdered Ney before taking the vessels and fleeing.[34]

Over a week and a half later, Abyss met with Clarith in the Lucifenian monastery under the guise of being Mikina. Four days later, she set out into the coastline near the monastery, hiding her cat body nearby in a beachside shed. While walking along the beach that night, Germaine confronted her after having been sent by Elluka and Gumillia. As she bantered back and forth with Germaine, Abyss noticed Yukina watching the two of them and, briefly, pretended to be a frightened Mikina.

Germaine quickly explained to Yukina the true nature of Abyss I.R.'s possessions and Abyss watched as the woman located her cat body using an inscription mark in her sword. As Germaine made it to the shed, Abyss fled from her hiding place in her cat body and returned to Mikina's shoulder. She then threatened the furious Yukina and Germaine with the Marlon Spoon, before noting how quickly Germaine had recovered from her injuries. Surmising Germaine was a descendant of Banica Conchita, she resolved to take the woman's body.

Once she was confronted again by Yukina, Abyss began to tell the girl about Mikina's involvement in her conspiracy; as Mikina's consciousness resurged and begged her to stop, Abyss I.R. regained her control and instead forced her host to tell Yukina the truth, herself. She also blasted Germaine across the beach when she tried to intervene. Once Mikina finished her story, Abyss regained control invoked the power of the Marlon Spoon enveloping Yukina with its flames; she was suddenly attacked from behind by Rin, interrupting her spell.

After struggling with the nun, she furiously tried to attack again, only for the attack to suddenly be cancelled; realizing that the Demon of Gluttony, which had absorbed Ney, was interfering, Abyss was forced to ditch her medium when Germaine attacked, barely scratching her opponent with her claws. She sprinted away, only for Germaine to skewer her with her thrown rapier. Collapsing in the sand,[41] she played dead and allowed the group think she'd been defeated. Later, Abyss patched up her feline body and escaped.[46]

The Intervening Centuries

"Not bad... I want that body."
―Irina regarding Germaine[src]

In EC 508, Abyss traveled to Holy Levianta and collaborated with Mikhail Asayev,[47] who possessed the Twin Blades of Levianta.[48] She then had Mikhail possessed by the Demon of Envy, influencing the creation of Neo Apocalypse and its subsequent terrorism.[47] While causing the Four Horsemen Incident, she encountered and battled Germaine; after defeating her, Abyss took possession of her body.[49] Although losing the twin blades to Chartette Langley, [50] she eventually reclaimed the Glass of Conchita from Elluka.[46]

Around EC 540, the sorceress travelled to Jakoku, forging a new identity as "Julia IR" and establishing the Crimson Robed Masses as a mage order to serve her. Allying herself with Princess Jahime Hatsune, Julia IR took part in the Jakoku Civil War.[51] In EC 549, she located Chartette and dueled her outside of Enbizaka. After murdering Chartette, she looked up at Sickle, who was observing the fight, before leaving.[46] Following the Hatsune faction's defeat, Julia IR was hunted by Jahime and fled the country.[51]

After she returned to Evillious and obtained Grim the End, Julia IR learned that it was inhabited by Seth Twiright. From him, Irina learned that the woman she believed to be Elluka Chirclatia was actually the god Levia, having entered Elluka Chirclatia's body with Behemo during the Levianta Catastrophe. She also during this time experimented with Eve Moonlit's spirit to remake her into the "Master of the Court," capable of conjuring the Court mental space; she planned to use Eve's ability to her advantage once the world ended.[5]

Père Noël

"Do your chore without complaining! Or should I turn you to ashes instead?"
"Finish before my son comes home."
"Roger... Then please excuse me, First―Er―President."
―Julia Abelard and Gatt Coulomb[src]

Later on, Irina forged her identity as "Julia Abelard" and amassed a large fortune, eventually buying a title of nobility in Lucifenia before running for a position on the senate. In her new identity, Julia encountered Mayrana Blossom in Beelzenia and took her on as an apprentice, teaching her magic, her history with Elluka and the vessels of sin, and how to craft the Rogzé Family variant of Gift.[52]

Julia later formed the criminal organization Père Noël, taking on the codename of "First Santa Claus";[53] Mayrana immediately joined as "Fourth Shadow", tasked with acting as a shadow leader for Julia.[52] Planning to eventually become the Lucifenian Republic's President, Julia began performing good works and promoting her public image, such as in giving gifts to Lucifenian orphans during December.[54]

In EC 593, Julia traveled to the Felix Mansion in Toragay, Elphegort with the Clockworker's Doll, garbed in a cloak. Finding Dr. Marx's wife and newborn child both dead inside,[55] Julia swapped out the baby with the Doll and activated its hypnosis to replace the real Margarita Felix before leaving.[56] Later on, Julia and her apprentice discovered Elluka and her disciple, Gumillia, were posing as Freezis Foundation's CEO Shaw Freezis' dead great-grandchildren: Hanne and Heidemarie Lorre.[52]

During her schemes, Santa and Shadow met the young woman Yuzette Ora and was convinced that she would be a useful ally. After proving their power as actual mages, Julia convinced Yuzette to run away from home and join her criminal organization. Testing Yuzette for magic ability, Julia explained to her all about her ambitions in Père Noël and the history of magic. Finding that Yuzette had no magical abilities, Julia expelled her from her tutelage.

After Yuzette took up residence as a fortune teller in Rollam, however, Julia approached her again with the Venom Sword and offered for her to make a contract with the Demon of Lust, to give her the ability to change someone's face. With this ability, Yuzette was given the code name "Seventh Magician" and the side job of changing clients' faces for a price. When Santa later came in contact with the fugitive Kaidor Blankenheim desiring to forge a new identity,[54] she directed him to Seventh Magician's location in Rollam in exchange for the location of the Blankenheims' Golden Key.[57]

She eventually recruited a new member as "Fifth Pierrot", tasked with assassinations, and Lieutenant General Gatt Coulomb as "Sixth Venom", tasked with cleaning up their activities and acting as her personal aide. Sometime later, she discovered a young boy named Lemy at an orphanage in Rolled and subsequently adopted him, further improving her public image. In EC 606 she took her son to an circus and was shocked to see that the singer there, Rin Chan, had the same appearance as Riliane.[58]

When Julia realized how obsessive and unnerving Mayrana was being in her attempts to imitate her, she ordered Fourth Shadow to take up residence in Calgaround,Merrigod Plateau, far away in Elphegort;[54] there Shadow became the elected mayor there, making it a second base of operations to direct the other members.[52] After the death of Fifth Pierrot, Santa placed Gatt in charge of the organization's assassination missions.[54] In EC 608, she sent Fourth Shadow in her place with a vessel of sin to recruit the financially troubled Marquis Kaspar Blankenheim as "Second Dealer," a black market dealer for Père Noël, and Mayrana directed him in Toragay in Julia's stead.[59]

Around the same time, Kaspar's wife, Margarita Blankenheim, was recruited into the organization as "Third Sleep Princess".[52] Meanwhile, Julia entered the ballot for president and began campaigning in Lucifenia. In December of EC 608, with the upcoming presidential elections, Julia decided to remove any loose ends that could jeopardize her election, sending Sixth Venom to assassinate Seventh Magician and retrieve the Venom Sword from her;[54] when Seventh Magician escaped, Sixth Venom continued to track her.[8]

Toragay Epidemic

"Mayrana and those two did a lot of unauthorized things over in Elphegort. Who ordered you to "kill Elluka Clockworker"?... Margarita, Kaspar, and even Mayrana―I've lost very useful pawns thanks to them."
―First Santa Claus lectures Sixth Venom[src]

In the year EC 609, First Santa Claus had Shadow enact an operation: Transform the Gift poison into an airborne epidemic and then have Second Dealer monopolize a cure developed by Third Sleep Princess for the organization's profit.[56] Later that year, Julia was elected president and gave her inauguration speech with her son Lemy in attendance. Afterwards she attended a party to celebrate her election at the Lucifenian Palace and began dealing with the nation's daily domestic and foreign affairs while continuing to lead Père Noël.

Later on, around mid-August, Julia ordered Mayrana to attack Aceid Deputy Mayor Banner and she fulfilled the mission as "First Santa Claus" on August 15. Santa later learned that Sleep Princess unexpectedly murdered Dealer while experimenting with the poison on August 30, prompting the World Police to investigate.[60] Julia once again contacted Kaidor, who was now posing as Freezis Foundation executive Bruno Marlon;[61] she recruited him as a mole and ordered the high-ranking aide to halt the police investigation before Père Noël's involvement was discovered.

Around the same time, Julia had Mayrana move the organization's underground market to her mansion in Calgaround and retrieve Kaspar's vessel of sin.[56] As the event continued, Julia learned of Elluka and Gumillia's continued involvement in the case under their false aliases and ordered Bruno to dispose of "Hanne" and "Heidemarie" in exchange for becoming Kaspar's replacement as Second Dealer.[61]

That October, Julia learned that Lemy had killed Rin Chan's manager Ton Corpa and was fleeing to Calgaround with Rin Chan, quickly reaching Mayrana's mansion before the children arrived. Praising her adopted son for his deeds, Julia revealed her control over Père Noël and offered Lemy a job as the new Fifth Pierrot, convincing him that the organization was a force for good. Once Lemy accepted, she tasked him with the assassination of Seventh Magician in spite of Gatt's protests.[57]

Following the World Police's quarantine of Toragay, Julia learned of Margarita and Mayor Julia's "disappearances" and left cleaning up the ruined operation to the surviving Sixth Venom. In the meantime, she oversaw Lemy's continued search for Seventh Magician over November as the boy murdered prostitutes nightly.

On November 26, Julia spent the morning reading in the newspapers of the cure for Gift and Bruno becoming a vice president of the Freezis Foundation; soon after, Gatt arrived and reported his success handling the matter with Calgaround's mayor, as well as that he had failed to collect the Clockworker's Doll and assassinate Elluka. Infuriated to hear he had tried to kill Elluka, Julia scolded Gatt over how she had lost so many of her pawns due to him, Margarita, and Mayrana, as well as making clear that no one was to kill Elluka but her. She later ordered him to weed her garden as his punishment. After Gatt stepped out, Julia returned to her own affairs.[59]

Duel of Merrigod Plateau

"I'll be waiting at Merrigod Plateau."
―Irina in her letter to Elluka[src]

In April of EC 610, Julia learned that Lemy had assassinated Seventh Magician but that the brothel owner, claiming to be Third Sleep Princess, wished to meet with her. Meeting the woman, Elluka Clockworker, Julia listened to her story that "Margarita" had allegedly gained control of Elluka's body and was impressed by her apparent ability to hypnotize one of her staff, Elluka's apprentice Gumillia. She subsequently introduced the two into Père Noël as Seventh Magician and Eighth Sniper.

Julia meets with Bruno and Lemy

Three months later, Julia met with their new Second Dealer, Bruno, who gave Lemy his next assassination job to kill the Vice President of the Freezis Foundation, Nob Nicole. During the meeting, Bruno remarked on Lemy's willingness to kill and Julia grew incensed at his implication she had brainwashed the boy.[62] On May 23, Julia attended a meeting with the leaders of the Freezis Foundation and the rest of the Lucifenian parliament in Lucifenian, the intended site of Nob's assassination.

After the meeting, everyone but Julia, Nob, and Bruno retired to eat, leaving Nob open for assassination. Before he could be assassinated by Lemy, however, two World Police investigators burst into the room. They quickly began grilling Bruno and revealed their knowledge of his former identity Kaidor Blankenheim; during this, Julia subtly signaled to Lemy to assassinate Bruno, to no avail. After Kaidor's arrest, Julia sent Lemy away from their mansion during the night while she was put under suspicion and media attention.

During the subsequent morning, Julia breakfasted with Lemy and learned from the boy that Seventh Magician was a traitor planning to flee. In response she sent Gatt with Lemy to apprehend her, although they were too late to prevent her escaping.[63] Later, Julia ordered Gatt to assassinate Kaidor while he was in custody, with the death reported in the newspaper on September 19. Despite his death, Julia continued to face intense suspicion and was forced to announce her resignation as president. Over the next three months, Lemy continued to kill Julia's political opponents.

During the winter of EC 610, Julia learns that Lemy had been shot by Gumillia and held a funeral for her son, burying him while he slowly regenerated from his injuries. Having learned that Magician was actually Elluka, she sent her sister-in-law a letter challenging her to come find her at Merrigod Plateau in Elphegort.[64] She then left the Glass of Conchita at Lemy's grave and a spare set of clothes in anticipation of his recovery and emergence from the earth.[22]

At Merrigod, Irina waited for Elluka's arrival with all of her available vessels of sin, including the Clockworker's Doll. When her opponents finally arrived, she began to duel with Elluka and Gumillia. Not long after, Lemy arrived to the duel and Julia explained to the shocked Elluka how contractors couldn't be killed by ordinary means, mocking her for not knowing this earlier and having survived the other contractors on luck alone. She then continued the duel with Lemy by her side.

After several hours of stalemate, Julia watched as Gumillia shot Lemy with Grim the End transformed into a bullet, killing the boy; horrified, she stopped the duel and cried over his dead body, before being defeated herself.[65] To spare her human body, Irina released her control over Germaine and, in her cat form, prepared to erase "Elluka's" false memories using the black box that Seth prepared in her cat body. Irina then self-destructed and brought herself as well as everyone surrounding her, into Levia's inner psychological world. With Eve Moonlit's spirit, Irina waited at the top of a representation of the Levia-Behemo Temple for Levia, Behemo, and Gumillia.

Irina commands Eve to summon the Court

After revealing to Levia her true identity and explaining the mechanics of the world they were now inhabiting, Irina unveils Eve as the "Master of the Court" and transforms the dimension into the Court. She then declares her intention to destroy everything and conclude her duel with Levia and Behemo. As she prepared to duel, however, the group was interrupted by Banica Conchita arriving with Worldeater. With this new participant to the duel, Irina joined the clash between herself, Levia, Behemo, Gumillia, and Banica. In the process she, Eve, and Levia were merged together into one entity, Ma.[5]

Miniature Garden Girl

Main Article: Master of the Court

Ma, seeking to be a pure being, decided to expel Irina's soul, putting it inside the empty Clockworker's Doll in EC 978.[66] Ma then gave the Doll to Gallerian Marlon, telling him it was his deceased daughter Michelle. Convinced, Gallerian took the Doll in as his "daughter" and began collecting the vessels of sin to save her.[67]

Following Gallerian's death in the Leviantan Civil War, the Doll was transferred to Evil's Theater by Ma,[68] where she was reinvigorated by Gear's sacrifice. Taking up the role of "Master of the Court",[69] the Doll sentenced intruders to death with the hopes of achieving utopia and reuniting with Gallerian.[70] The Doll later became pregnant and gave birth to the twins Adam and Eve before being killed in the world's destruction in EC 999.[66]

World's End

Following the world's end, Irina regained all her previous memories; meeting with Gallerian, Michelle and Gammon Octo, the four of them decided to collaborate to save the world by invoking the Court ending, planning to do so by having Adam and Eve enact a Re_birthday. In order to facilitate this, Irina began utilizing the rebuilt Evil's Theater as her body, housing the other inhabitants.[66]

When Riliane came to the theater to confront her, only to be possessed by Ma, Irina instructed Adam to initiate the Re_birthday and tried to prevent Ma from leaving,[66] only for Ma to escape before the reformatting began.[71] Irina's body then transformed into a Black Box and she, along with everyone inside her, was reformatted.[72] As part of the Court ending, Irina traveled to a repeat of the Third Period, once again becoming Alice Merry-Go-Round.[73]

Personality and Traits

"...Want to be burned to ashes, do you?"
―Irina spouting her favorite curse[src]

Irina was a cruel woman, responsible for countless atrocities. Because she had been born with Hereditary Evil Raiser Syndrome, Irina found amusement in observing the unhappiness of other people, as well gleeful when she caused conflict and sometimes excited by grand acts of violence. Treating people as pawns, Irina had no scruple against any evil act, including torture, experimentation on young children, deception, kidnapping, and murder. As a HER, she also felt compelled to make more of her kind through the vessels of Sin and felt kinship with other HERs such as Prim, her brother, or Lemy. Her condition also made her dead-set on obtaining vengeance against Elluka Clockworker, no matter how long it took or how unreasonable it was.

Despite this, Irina at birth was not aware of her true nature and originally acted as a normal girl, even feeling guilt for her actions, although she scorned this past nature later on. Irina also retained the capacity for friendships and even motherly love, harboring a desire deep down to have a family and children; she always, however, denied these feelings in herself and only ruminated on them late in her life. She similarly believed Venomania should treat his harem respectfully due to being a woman herself, although paradoxically she had no scruple against helping him brainwash more women. Following her experiences as the Master of the Court, Irina gave up her goal of destroying the gods by world's end and formed a plan to revive the world.

Irina as a schemer was calm, collected, and extremely ambitious. She typically did not become too involved in conflicts herself after sowing the seeds of it, and instead preferred to orchestrate events in the control of large organizations. Like her creator, Irina also had an interest in science and was often conducting research and experiments to better understand magic, demons, and the vessels of sin themselves. This competency in her work led to her become outraged when her partners and pawns failed her expectations, although she'd quickly adapt and even see the benefits of the resulting situations.

Occasionally dry and sarcastic, Irina had a habit of threatening to burn her subordinates to ashes when they got on her nerves, although rarely did she punish them with death. Although briefly grieved over the loss of her human body, after becoming a cat Irina began mimicking felines perfectly; fittingly, her favorite drink was milk. As part of mimicry, she maintained to others the façade of being a sorceress that simply doted upon a red cat familiar. Irina could become attached to her host bodies if they were especially useful for her, such as setting Germaine free rather than let her be destroyed in the duel.

Skills and Abilities

"Although she has not received any magical training, the results of an examination of all inhabitants by the Royal Research Institute confirms she holds a high density M factor."
―Excerpt from seventh Project 'Ma' report[src]

Despite never receiving any magical training, Irina was a powerful self-taught sorceress who was ranked second only to Elluka Chirclatia when surveyed for Project 'Ma'.[2] Among her plethora of spells, Irina was able to teleport,[40] unlock doors,[13] levitate, sing spell songs, control animals, and grow the ziz tiama to enormous size.[74] Her favorite spell was to cast powerful fire magic, which was even capable of severely burning someone without killing them;[36] this was due to her being an inheritor of Salem Dunbar.[30] Irina was also knowledgeable about the vessels of sin and could freely use their abilities, as well as move the demons among them as she pleased. She was unable to perform her magic in just her cat body, although she could when using a medium, depending on the capabilities of the host.[19]

As a cat, Irina's particular ability was to be able to steal and control someone else's body as an extension of herself, while maintaining complete control of her actual cat body.[75] As such, she could use her host's unique magical abilities as well as her own, although due to being a woman she was unable to perform magic at all with a male host.[76] Irina similarly could probe through the memories and knowledge of those she controlled.[18] Although Irina could suppress her host's consciousness, even allowing her to leave it "asleep" on the rare cases she left it behind, the host could wrestle back control if strongly enough provoked.[14]

Irina as a stuffed cat could not be killed by damage to the cat body or aging; similarly, her mediums didn't age either and appeared invincible in combat, similarly not bleeding when damaged; this allowed her to exist for over a millennia.[36] As a cat, she could communicate with those possessed by Demons of Sin but sounded like just an ordinary cat to others.[14] Irina was also a skilled artisan, having created the Clockworker's Doll, and was knowledgeable about her family's works.[18]

Outside of physical skills, Irina was a master manipulator to get people to do as she wanted.[14] Likewise, she was extremely skilled in espionage and information gathering, creating vast information networks and maintaining contacts among the criminal underground, corporate elite, and even royalty across the centuries, putting herself in positions of powerful political influence. She similarly was skilled in training elite agents for assassination.[34] Due to her experience with killing, Irina was also adept at analyzing crime scenes.[13]

Character Connections

Seth Twiright: A scientist who aided Irina. Initially working with him under Project 'Ma' and approached by him after the Levianta Catastrophe, Irina acted on his advice towards killing the other candidates to become queen and was again aided by him when nearing death, the two thus having a tentative relationship as partners. Later, she expressed an interest in the scientist's other experiments to spread evil in the world, in particular the Venom Sword.

Kiril Clockworker: Irina's brother. Irina loved Kiril and felt dejected after he was cured of HER and fell in love with Elluka, feeling jealous that the ex-priestess had taken her brother from her. Despite in part killing Elluka to get her brother back, their relationship was shattered after the murder and Irina displayed little regret over his loss of reason and eventual death.

Elluka Clockworker: Irina's sister-in-law. Although growing to become jealous of Elluka during her engagement to Kiril and turning on her during Project 'Ma', Irina initially felt great visceral remorse from killing her. After being injured in the Levianta Catastrophe, however, she became obsessed with achieving revenge for Elluka's perceived role and sought to destroy everything in the sorceress' life to achieve that aim, only referring to their past relationship with mockery from then on.

Gumillia: The apprentice of Irina's enemy. Irina saw Gumillia with hostility as an extension of her hate for Elluka and fought with her, although displayed inattention to the latter and Elluka's relationship, such as referring to her with honorifics that Elluka didn't use.

Sateriasis Venomania: Irina's partner. Impressed by his single-handed massacre, Irina selected the duke for use of a vessel of sin and the two developed a mutual partnership. She was occasionally frustrated by his inexperience with his own abilities and concerned over his dangerously careless acquisition of women. Despite this, Irina was also amused by Venomania's consistently lustful behavior, and over time she grew an unacknowledged fondness for him that made her reluctant to hurt him to obtain Lukana.

Platonic: A thief under Irina's employ. Irina knew Platonic's mentor and was appreciative of the girl's skills in infiltration as well as seeing her useful due to the dregs of Sloth in her body, hiring her on two missions to retrieve the Seven Deadly Sin Vessels. This appreciation for Platonic's skills was deep enough to last even after her first failure to retrieve the Glass of Conchita.

Prim Marlon: Irina's partner. Irina viewed Prim as a means to orchestrate political chaos during the Story of Evil. She maintained a confidential relationship with her, but had no scruple to go against Prim's wishes and manipulate the queen when it proved useful to her end goals. Despite this, she regarded Prim fondly in later centuries as one of her most useful pawns and an HER like her.

Ney Phutapie: Irina's test subject. Irina viewed Ney as a means to further her own ends as an incarnation of Gretel and learn valuable information about the Demon of Gluttony, relying on the girl's connection to Arte.

Lemy Abelard: Irina's adopted son. Initially showing interest in Lemy because of his status as a reincarnation of Hänsel, Irina adopted and cared for the boy as Julia Abelard. Over the course of their relationship she came to develop strong maternal feelings towards Lemy and genuinely loved the boy, although not above using him as a means to further her own ends provided that he stayed alive. She additionally encouraged his true nature as an HER and took offense when others suggested that she brainwashed him into being a killer.

Haru Netsuma: A body Irina used as a medium. Irina recognized Haru's strong magic potential and thus used her as a medium during the Venomania Event. Irina was somewhat limited by what remained of Haru's will, forced to leave Haru's sister Hakua alone. She displayed little personal attachment to the body, however and later discarded it to move on to other hosts.

Lukana Octo: A body Irina targeted as a medium. She recognized the magic potential of Lukana's body, and so wished to use her as a medium rather than Haru. Despite Sateriasis' interference, she persistently and exhaustively pursued Lukana all over the continent; only when Elluka swapped bodies with Lukana, rendering her useless to her purposes, did Irina let up.

Germaine Avadonia: A body Irina inhabited. She originally knew Germaine as an enemy and fought with her; later she saw use in possessing her to become Julia Abelard. Despite having no scruple against using Germaine for many centuries, she grew sentimental towards the woman's body and took steps to ensure that it wouldn't be destroyed when she was done using it.

Held: A god in Irina's acquaintance. Despite Held being her enemy as Elluka's ally, Irina visited him through the centuries and, due to his stationary nature as a tree, felt free to speak with him as she pleased. She nonetheless had no scruple against damaging his physical form to get what she wanted from him, only hesitant to destroy his body from the fear he would do the same to her in his last moments.

Mayrana Blossom: Irina's apprentice. Although finding her to be a useful pawn, Irina gradually became unnerved by Mayrana's obsession with her and constant imitation of her. She similarly was enraged to see how Mayrana's obsession led to the failure of some of her schemes in Père Noël.

Alice Merry-Go-Round: Irina's past self. Irina retained part of Alice's personality, including her strong desire for children.

Master of the Court: One of Irina's reincarnations. As Ma sought to be a pure being, she got rid of Irina by placing her soul into the Clockworker's Doll.


Conceptualization and Origin

  • Irina's name is Slavic, meaning "peace"; Levianta, her native country, is inspired by Russia.
  • Irina's name is partially inspired by the name of her representative Vocaloid, Iroha, with both names sharing the same first two letters and last letter.
  • Her alias as AB-CIR is a reference to her representative Vocaloid; the name Iroha roughly translates as "ABC".
  • Julia's surname, Abelard, is the surname of famous French philosopher Peter Abelard; Lucifenia, the country Julia became president of, is inspired by France.


  • When surveyed for Project 'Ma', Irina's rankings were M=206, O=96, T=83, H=113, E=666, R=153.[2]
  • Her E factor of 666 may be a reference to the Number of the Beast; said number is regarded as a satanic number of evil by biblical scholars.
  • During the second verse of the Ma Survival PV, Irina's portion is juxtaposed with the terms for Sorrow and Anger in the Eight Evil Thoughts, which later evolved into the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • In the Fifth Pierrot PV, First Santa Claus is labeled as an older woman but the statement is crossed out and replaced with the term "sexy beauty" instead.
  • Irina's role in Père Noël follows the twisted "Christmas" theme that surrounds the organization, leading the group as "Santa" and wearing Santa Claus' characteristic red clothes.
  • According to Ma, Irina desired to collect the vessels of sin so that they could grant her a wish.[77]
  • While using an old woman as her medium, Irina refers to the youthful-looking Elluka as her "older sister", much to Ney's confusion.
  • In Epic of Evil: The Daughter of Evil Fanbook, Abyss I.R. was voted as the twenty-sixth most popular character in the The Daughter of Evil Seriesby Japanese fans, along with Shaw Freezis, Mikina Freezis, Eve Moonlit, Sateriasis Venomania, and Trauben Fruit.




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