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"Well that’s good, ain’t it? Always better for someone to be pretty than homely, yanno?"

Inukichi was a villager from Momogengou in Jakoku and Kokutan-douji's closest friend. Hearing about his friend's experience with a mermaid, the young man agreed to join him on his journey to Onigashima, taking part in various adventures.


Early Life[]

Born in Momogengou, Jakoku in the early ninth century EC, Inukichi met Kokutan-douji as a child and became fascinated with his peculiar blond hair and blue eyes, the two quickly becoming close friends.[1] Over the years, Inukichi sought after a number of beautiful women to no avail.[2]

Journey to Onigashima[]

Kokutan-douji's party on their journey

In spring of EC 842, Kokutan-douji told Inukichi that he received a revelation from a mermaid that his true mother was a pink-haired tailor living in Onigashima. Believing the story, he agreed to join his friend in heading to the southern island, hoping to experience foreign culture in Enbizaka. Soon after the two left the village, they were stopped by a woman in a monkey mask, Saruteito XVI of the Rangu Clan. Believing that the legendary blades of her clan were forged in Onigashima, she offered to join the group and the three journeyed out together.

During their travels, the group was attacked by a thief and promptly defeated the bandit. Later on, the group learned about a corrupt magistrate pocketing the people's money on his authority, bringing him to justice before continuing their travels. Later on, the three met a retired crepe silk wholesaler. Afterward, they punished a scoundrel and tattooed playboy. Eventually they departed from the main island and sailed to Onigashima.[1]

A Foreign World[]

Once they finally arrived in Onigashima, Kokutan-douji went to meet the local tailor Kayo Sudou and moved in with her soon after. Inukichi then began looking for a place to stay in Enbizaka while Saruteito began searching for the legendary blades. After meeting Bufuko Tsukimoto, Inukichi fell in love with the maid and decided to join the Freezis Foundation and live at the firm's trading house where she worked; he was quickly hired and moved into the building. During the period, he met the branch manager Perrié Cutie Marlon, Elluka "Ma" Clockworker, and Anan Octo.

Several days later, Inukichi went to the tea house and met with Kokutan-douji, chatting with him about the beautiful Kayo and his friend's lingering uncertainty that she was really his mother. As they ate, Inukichi also told Kokutan-douji about his new job at the Foundation and his crush on the cute Bufuko, before the two discussed Saruteito's search for clues about the legendary blades. Kokutan then related the recent deaths in Enbizaka, only for Inukichi to flatly insist he let it go rather than stick his neck out once again.

As time progressed, Inukichi joined Perrié and Bufuko in searching for the rumored mermaid sighted in the nearby waters, hoping he could get more information about Kokutan-douji's mother out of it; during this time, he also continually failed to gain his crush's attention. Later on, he received some Lucifenian brioche and came by the Sudou Tailor Shop to greet Kokutan-douji, who had assumed the name "Ren" after Kayo's son. Inukichi delivered the brioche to Kayo and, when she left to prepare tea, related to Kokutan-douji his work and search for a mermaid at the Foundation.

Inukichi then listened as his friend related that, although he was already living with Kayo as parent and child, something seemed wrong and that perhaps he hadn't been meant to come to Onigashima specifically to find his mother. After some consideration, Inukichi told him about the missionary Elluka and her reputation for healing minds in Maistia and Evillious with her strange arts. After insisting he talk with her, Inukichi ended up sharing a meal with Kokutan-douji and Kayo before Kayo took her leave.

The Killer of Enbizaka[]

Once Inukichi and Kokutan-douji met with Elluka, the two had a long conversation with her; during it, they heard her opinion that the mermaid had lied and that Kayo wasn't Kokutan's mother after all.[2] Once Kayo had fled Enbizaka following Rin Miroku's disappearance, Inukichi was concerned by Kokutan-douji's depression while waiting for her to return. At work, however, he was overjoyed when Bufuko finally agreed to go on a date with him.

He encountered Saruteito after her meeting with Anan in the trading house; learning that she was going to Kayo's tailor shop, he accompanied her and told her what had occurred with Kokutan. The two found Kokutan still waiting sadly for Kayo at the tailor shop. As Saruteito confronted Kokutan over not going out to find Kayo, Inukichi interrupted to bring up the possibility Elluka had suggested, that the mermaid's tale was a lie. Saruteito then brought up how Kiji Yarera and his men were searching for Kayo on suspicion of murder; when she declared her intention to follow the men and seek out Kayo, Inukichi and then Kokutan both agreed to help her.

After they tracked Kiji and his men to Mount Inasa, Inukichi and his friends were discovered and surrounded by the Yarera-Zusco Firm employees. While Saruteito argued with Kiji about their need to speak with Kayo, Inukichi brought up with Kokutan the option of fighting their way out of the situation. Right after Kiji permitted the three friends to accompany his group up the mountain, Inukichi watched with the rest as Kayo walked down it, completely covered in Kai Miroku's blood. He then witnessed Kayo's subsequent arrest.[3]

Kayo was sentenced to beheading a month later; present for her public execution, Inukichi tried to suggest to Kokutan that they fight to set Kayo free, concerned for his friend having to watch her die. He, along with everyone else, was then shocked when the katana failed to cut off her head, despite the executioner making several attempts.

Later on, Kokutan successfully executed Kayo;[4] afterwards, he told Inukichi and Saruteito that he would be accompanying Bufuko to a foreign country to look for his real parents. With Saruteito, Inukichi bid Kokutan-douji a warm farewell, albeit warning him not to make any moves on his crush. Soon after, Kokutan departed and his group disbanded.[5]

World's End[]

Following his death, Inukichi's soul was sent to the Heavenly Yard, where he reencountered Bufuko, really Behemo Barisol, still mistaking him for a woman. In EC 999, he and the other souls were pulled back to the Third Period as the ground world merged with the Hellish Yard.[6] When all the souls of the Third Period started singing the Clockwork Lullaby to restrain Ma, Inukichi eventually joined in their singing.[7] Later, Inukichi participated in the ball at the Lucifenian Royal Palace[8] before being presumably incorporated into the Fourth Period.[9]

Personality and Traits[]

"Anytime you start working hard like this, there’s almost always a woman involved."
―Kokutan to Inukichi[src]

Inukichi was a laid-back and curious young man, fascinated with foreigners and their culture. As part of this, despite being raised in a village comprised solely of Jakokuese, he didn't find anything off-putting about Kokutan-douji's unique appearance and was happy to play with the child, the two becoming close friends.[1] Inukichi similarly always supported Kokutan-douji regardless of how surreal the circumstances.

At the same time, Inukichi's easygoing attitude made him reluctant to get involved in other people's affairs. Despite this, his motivation dramatically improved when involving a beautiful woman, and the young man usually acted on his crushes. He also demonstrated a strong appetite, eating plenty of food and drawn to stay somewhere if a meal was to be had.[2]

Skills and Abilities[]

Inukichi was a capable fighter, possessing considerable strength since he was young. Despite this, he was apparently unable to wield a sword, unlike Kokutan.[3] He was also decent enough at his work at the Freezis Trade House to be retained as their employee.[2]

Character Connections[]

Kokutan-douji: Inukichi's childhood friend. Inukichi was a loyal friend of Kokutan-douji since childhood; as such, he accompanied him along his journey to Onigashima, although he was occasionally frustrated by his tendency to get himself involved in problems that didn't concern him.

Saruteito: Another companion of Inukichi, Saruteito accompanied Kokutan-douji along his journey to Onigashima.

Bufuko Tsukimoto: A "woman" Inukichi fell in love with. Motivated by Bufuko's beauty, Inukichi joined the Freezis Firm and became employed under Perrié Cutie Marlon.


Conceptualization and Origin[]

  • Inukichi's name is written as 犬吉 in Japanese kanji, using the kanji for "dog" and "good luck" respectively.
  • His friendship with Kokutan-douji is possibly inspired by the tales of Momotarou; one of the talking animals Momotarou befriended was a dog.